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Well, I can say with some certainty that my income for March is down 20% 😉, although my sales numbers are up.


12,700 views, 53 zooms, 20 sales for $658 gross.  That's only $256 to me.

My MS experiment is going well with $134 this month.  So not a replacement, but it does mitigate the drop in commission rate.

How was your March?


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Below average month for me with nine sales for $266 gross. However, thanks to very good months in Jan. and Feb., sales and gross income for the first quarter of 2019 are both up considerably from the same time period last year.

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Below long term average at $426 gross or more importantly $182 net for me. Thats from 17 sales.


Terrible quarter overall with gross total well below last year plus getting hit with the drop in commision rate.


This is after doubling my port over the last two years!

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Dreadful. 7 sales averaging $7.56 net (Total c$53 net)

All exclusive, except, annoyingly, for a statue which takes up more than a third of the photo so doesn't 'count' as exclusive!

Paused uploading here for a while to see what happens. Resumed uploading to my micro, but after 2.5 years of uploading only here, my ranking there has fallen - big mistake I made. One sale at my Micro last month netted me 40% more than this entire month on Alamy. (sure, there were the insulting small sales there too, but overall ...)

25% of the year in, I have 33% of last year's sales, which would be good, but revenue is 21% of 2018.

CTR very low.

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This month really demonstrates the crazy world that is Alamy! Nothing for the first two weeks, then a couple of $$ sales. Then my biggest sale ever drops in, a book cover for $$$ (as in high - three quarters of the way to $$$$)! This was then followed by an NU which appears to be for a large print on an office wall for low $. Sublime to the ridiculous in the space of two days.


Ended the month on 4 for $868 gross, zooms up and views holding.

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  1. . Prices were good though. I'm looking forward to a productive spring. 


I'm having nothing but trouble posting in the forum these days -- am I the only one??? I type 2 graphs and they vanish?


Like Mark, March was my worst sale month in 4 years. 

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