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  1. With apologies, but my September has already reached the value of most of the month's totals of the year. Only August and then last December are significantly higher. I guess it depends on subjects covered.
  2. Contributor: Charles Polidano / Touch The Skies Image ID: ERJND3 Contributor: Peter Manning Image ID: WB2HC8
  3. Do you receive any kind of statement beforehand, or does it just turn up in your account? I've left Alamy to claim for the uses via them, but have claimed for the first time this year for the uses directly with the publishers.
  4. If it's the QC guidelines that's worrying you, then those figures will be fine. As said, it's the uncompressed image size rather that the saved file size that counts.
  5. Country: Worldwide ; Usage: iQ sale: Single company - multiple use editorial only ; Industry Sector: Media, design & publishing ; Start: 16-September-2019 ; Duration: Unlimited It has been mentioned that US sales return healthy figures, which this has being into the $$$. Such a sad story though. Hopefully this image freezes a moment in time when she was in a better place in her far too short life. 😥
  6. So many adorable faces so far. Here's more:
  7. I carry a spare battery and also a charger, both purchased from a well known on-line auction site. Just check seller's reviews.
  8. I'd like to think that the images are the better for it though, anyway.
  9. 2005 called and wanted my Pentax *ist D back. Before it went I worked through some of the images it had captured which at its maximum size are similar to those, at 72ppi. Never used RAW on my early DSLRs because of the buffering and file sizes filling the affordable low capacity memory cards. As many of the subjects are of the time and couldn't be replicated I thought it was worth the effort processing them and so I've worked on many of them by upscaling for uploading to Alamy. I only sent images which I was happy with at 100% so all of those sent passed.
  10. It was working up to mid-morning, but not since. It had updated to include today's data.
  11. "Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Commercial electronic ; Media: Website, app and social media ; Start: 11-September-2019 ; End: 11-September-2024 ; Additional Details: Websites, apps, social media and blogs (excludes advertising). Worldwide for 5 years." Approaching mid $$ which is a welcome value for a web use, and just 'grabbed' at an event.
  12. We may well be the same person. Has anyone ever seen us in the same room together? vpics: Avpics:
  13. A clear winner there LSP, well done. I hope you have access to the internet to be able to set the September challenge!
  14. Regarding the 'already a tag on one of the images' option, if you're using Chrome (may apply to other browsers but I only use the one) once you've selected and highlighted the first 500, [ctl]+f brings up a word search tool. Search the word you're looking to add to all of them and it'll find it amongst all the tags. Then you can just click on that word to add it to them all.
  15. That's been my mantra in going through old files and dumping them on Alamy. As long as the image is of acceptable quality then anything of an area, place, person or object has gone on. They were of a time, which won't happen again this side of the parallel universe.
  16. My August was the highest revenue month since December, and September has already nearly matched February so will hopefully also turn out to return a healthy figure. Sure hoping that level can continue into the future
  17. Thank you for pointing that out, which was indeed an error on my part. I'll attempt to change that to this coming Sunday night, the 8th, which I hope will be a reasonable length of time for all the votes to come in.
  18. IQ sale, banking sector. A short venture into using a light box a while back, which needs to come out again when time allows.
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