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  1. There's no down side from staying in. I swallow my pride and accept every penny I can get, which over time adds up to very acceptable amounts
  2. Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Editorial website ; Slovenia, Web, One month, Bulk Discount, Flat Rate 'Giveaway'
  3. IQ magazine sale. An image typical of much of my collection as snapped years ago on a jolly before I'd even thought about the idea of stock photography, trawled from an external hard drive and uploaded recently.
  4. You don't need releases for editorial, unless there's something US-specific that's different to the UK.
  5. You've known all this in advance, both in your own situation and of how Alamy works. Surely the value in these images was as news? I'd have thought that once the amount of time had passed that you'd left it that their value as stock would be no different whether they were on sale today or next month.
  6. Being that it's a list of 'unfound' subjects, it's most likely that the ship has sailed and it's just an attempt to plug the gap ready for a potential future customer who may never arrive. It's worth looking at for anything that could be filled locally or otherwise easily without too much effort, but don't go out of your way.
  7. I've set Chrome to launch with a number of tabs to open, including my dashboard and the forum
  8. Six sales so far this month. Four personal use, one presentation and one exam paper. Heading towards $$$ mostly with licences that many choose to opt out of. I tend to think that whether it's $1, $10, $100 or $1000 (OK, $1, $10 or $100) it's better off in my account than not.
  9. Difficult to know where to start. In the last couple of years I've thrown myself at everything - most of which I'd never done before - and now AIM tells me I have 3022 images tagged 'sport'! And it's highlighted how lacking my tags are in emotional references 😞
  10. I'm having a PU start to the month but I'm not knocking. Dollars is dollars.
  11. Or Tommy Smith. You can pass, but don't expect to still have both legs
  12. Having seen five live news images on 'MSM' from the London Marathon on Sunday I'm now finishing off the large number of images taken for stock. I find shots taken at these events have 'legs' and sell for years afterwards, but unusual to have one reported so soon, even though it's just a PU it's still jam.
  13. 25 for $515. Not great. Very low values including live news
  14. According to the graphic that appears when I try to look they're using a spanner to attempt repairs. That could be where they're going wrong
  15. A number of shooters also supply to other agencies in parallel with what they send to Alamy, in particular to R/S which quantity-wise seem to have more success. I believe their cut was lower than that received via sales through Alamy so it could well be an attempt to compete on more level terms by undercutting pricing
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