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  1. The posts by @Alamy on the subject are locked, but maybe they'd consider giving us an update on their staffing/lockdown/furlough/working from home situation again to give us an idea as to whether it's impacting the reporting system and other aspects.
  2. It's been an issue at times for a few years. The database seems to glitch sporadically which sometimes effects various other aspects of the Alamy operation, but it's the database 'freezing' and potentially losing sales which is frustrating. In particular Live News images disappearing when they are still very topical subjects is a worry. I've started adding a couple as stock immediately after the event as a 'banker' to cover that possibility now.
  3. I carry a copy of my public liability insurance, which has 'Avpics' as my business. It's not as stone cold definite as a union card but it's got a nod from police officers a couple of times when stopped at protests during COVID. Having said that, on personal health and for not wishing to push my luck I haven't travelled much since March. The virus doesn't respect badges.
  4. Sally: https://www.flickriver.com/search/n6572c/ She left the fleet in May 1973: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/N6572C/647100
  5. Definitely a DC-8. Their DC-8 fleet list : https://www.planelogger.com/Airline/Fleet/National_Airlines/129702#RegistrationList The 72 on the nose could indicate one of the airframes ending in 72, such as N6572C, but that's just a guess. Also, having ground equipment with the company logo would normally indicate a fleet hub, or base, rather than a destination which would have their own equipment.
  6. Low sales here too. I haven't seen any communications from Alamy but bear in mind that we've gone into lockdown again so it's possible that's having a staffing effect.
  7. They belong to somebody, so it's their property. If you can get the dog to understand what it's signing and able to sign then perhaps a model release and a form that you'll act as its agent on the next series of BGT! 😆
  8. Many thanks Bryan. A reminder of better times there, with passengers heading off on holibobs.
  9. A couple I zoomed but didn't include in this month's challenge:
  10. A search of my port returns nearly 3000 images, illustrating so many aspects. I've picked three out almost at random as it was getting too depressing!
  11. I hadn't paid much attention to these licences, so have only just noticed that detail. That could explain a great many seemingly odd uses.
  12. The headline: https://news.sky.com/story/coldwar-steve-i-keep-waiting-for-lawyers-to-get-in-touch-11663162
  13. It's in FAA's Ts & Cs. I'm not prepared to take the risk, in particular for images as those sold where the 'model' is the main subject.
  14. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/global-health/science-and-disease/coronavirus-news-lockdown-vaccine-oxford-covid-uk-deaths-cases/ Brighton, January 7th 2021: Crowds enjoying the beautiful but chilly conditions while walking on Hove seafront Credit: Andrew Hasson/Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2E1JKBM
  15. My first sales of 2021 came in today, and both presentations. Each would need releases to sell on a site such as FAA, which I don't have, so I'm happy to have made the sales especially as one is to the US at full price.
  16. I hadn't noticed that either, but perhaps with so few images he hadn't made any sales in that time, until now?
  17. The question is a little disjointed, but are you saying you had a payment of $122 or showing as $122 due to you against the gross sales of $764? If the former then it may be that the other sales haven't cleared as paid by the customer yet. If the latter then I wouldn't like to guess.
  18. We'll join Boeing in hoping for better fortunes for 2021
  19. 32 for $860. Still awaiting some from August which may have pushed it towards four figures.
  20. Presumably my final sale of 2020, which at $1 nett I hope isn't a sign of any kind. Image taken roughly one month after going digital in 2005, though I'd worked it hard already as it's image number 1278. Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Editorial website ; Industry Sector: Media, design & publishing ; Start: 31-December-2020 ; End: 31-December-2025 ROW
  21. Thanks once again Bryan. I seem to be on a roll of late, all shot on local walks.
  22. https://metro.co.uk/2020/12/30/major-incident-declared-in-essex-as-coronavirus-cases-surge-13822753/ Myself (live news), and Ian Davidson A new covid-19 fast testing centre at the Nightingale Centre, using Lateral Flow Tests opened in Brentwood Essex for people with no symptoms. Brentwood has a high infection rate. Credit: Ian Davidson/Alamy Live News Image ID: 2DWJHFA (from stock)
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