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  1. My two for $0.97 net to me were for Serbia. Not quite a dollar, so I won't be running for this one.😃
  2. I got the same yesterday for a shot in China. NU - five years in perpetuity
  3. Well, I can say with some certainty that my income for March is down 20% 😉, although my sales numbers are up. 12,700 views, 53 zooms, 20 sales for $658 gross. That's only $256 to me. My MS experiment is going well with $134 this month. So not a replacement, but it does mitigate the drop in commission rate. How was your March?
  4. This is troubling information indeed. SS is famous for letting hundreds of people steal real photographer's images and uploading them as their own. I'd hate to think my images are double posted here. Let us know what SS says please (might want to post over there too).
  5. SS doesn't have a field, but requires location information in the title of editorial images.
  6. John, check your display setting (scale and layout in Win 10). As I say, mine is calibrated too, but these tests, and the more detailed ones I pointed to, will not work at other than 100%, regardless of calibration. Of course, if your display is calibrated, you don't need to worry about that. This is only for those trying to go cheap and eyeball it.
  7. So, if you have your monitor set to 100%, the follow tests should help some: http://www.lagom.nl/lcd-test/
  8. That's a good try Mark. I have a calibrated monitor (Dell 32" 4K). But this test doesn't work for me. Why? Because with a 4K monitor I have to have my display setting at 150% to read text. At 100% the test works fine (I'm at 2.2). All is guesswork without proper calibration, for both light output and color balance. If you get Doc's Dell, buy borrow or steal a simple colorimeter device to calibrate it. If Doc has a calibration profile saved for the display, a jump drive with this may be enough since I find older monitors can be quite stable.
  9. Unlike most apparently, I'm like you. It may hurt in the future, but who knows? I'll deal with it then if I need to.
  10. Is Alamy turning into a Microstock agency? No silly - the real microstock agency has a contributor experience forum in a lighter blue. This one is more of an ocean blue.
  11. You're right, adding hundreds of new images would not compare to adding thousands to a new agent.
  12. wiskerke said: He didn't say it was a good income. It was just as bad as his income here. But with a smaller port, and in a much shorter period of time. _________________ I agree Liz. The average port' size for the month was about half of what I have here. Just starting, I am at the lowest percentage fees, but that will go up in about 3-4 months. My expectation is that longer term I can double my income with two rather than one library. It's a lot of work though - I've hardly shot anything in months.
  13. It's good to see a few stellar months out there, but my experience is similar to yours. One of my worst months (even if it is a short one). I had 13 sales for $305 and one refund, so really $258. That amounts to $111 net. Having started with a MS site mid December, I'm still a few thousand away from getting my whole port up, but already I have about the same net monthly income there ($104).
  14. Even with all those distributors and sub distributors out there, it surprises me how much some images sell at one outlet and not the other, and vice versa. This is likely because customers tend to want all the images they might need in one place. Who wants to run around to boutiques all over town, when the department store has most of what you need? I also don't know what the future holds, but as a contributor, exclusivity has never made much sense to me. Spreading the eggs in at least a few baskets seems more sensible.
  15. Hmm. Must be another place. The one I'm thinking of has a forum identical to this one (accept it works).
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