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  1. I haven't noticed any affiliate charges yet. Where would they turn up?
  2. So-so month with 29 sales (yeah!) and only $204 net which includes $16 for DACS TV. I'm not even looking at gross to see how much more Alamy and others are making on my sales.
  3. First of all, I like your images. They will sell. More at MS sites, but you will have sales here. IF you up your game on captioning and keywording. I did as Joseph did. I picked one image at random: 2GR0G48 Some appealing fresh fish. What kind? Find out and add both common and Latin names. Adding keywords like shrimp, crab, oyster, octopus, lobster, restaurant.... will kill your sales.
  4. Is that DACS? I got one for $16, which I assume is for DACS TV usage (since I claim other DACS usage myself).
  5. Hey Betty, I saw your image of The Skirvin on my BBC news app, from BBC Travel posted 4 days ago. Article by Ross Kenneth Urken. Beautiful shot Betty.
  6. That is certainly worth celebrating. Congratulations.
  7. While waiting for the trick or treaters... I had 15 sales for $621/215. Not bad, and beats the other places.
  8. No North America sales yet for me this month. In fact, few sales of any kind. My $35 for six sales is a third of normal and other sites so far this month.
  9. You mean green is the new pink? Plus, is it really all about movement (video)? As long as they don't forget us stills contributors.
  10. I especially like that magenta afterglow on my retina when I leave the page. Careful... staring at the green light for too long could be hazardous....😁
  11. I agree about the lens hood. I always use one. I don't like camera straps. Never use them. They get in my way. I use a tripod a lot. So I have a toploader bag from which I can quickly whip out my camera. It also make a good support for the camera if I use it on my chest with a harness.
  12. I rarely look at the dashboard. I keep the "Net revenue sales report" page open and use the Excel download option to get the sums for gross and net from the spreadsheet. But I agree that Alamy could make it easier.
  13. I have to admit it's been a pretty good month at the big A. 26 sales for $932/362. Above the new normal for me. Only half that at the other two places.
  14. Not a great month, but better than my two other sites. 13 sales for $359/143.
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