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  1. Trade in or sell privately?

    Odd no-one has mentioned Kijiji. That's what I use for all my photo gear. No shipping, and Toronto is a big enough market so that if you have patience, you'll get a reasonable amount.
  2. A dollar per year for each image

    Hah, John, we must think alike. I too had $1/1000 images in my response too, before I corrected myself on proofing. On another note: for a quick comparison, gross income does very well, mostly because it is so easy to see. Take the dashboard amount from the graph and take 1000 images off for every year going back. Calculating net is too much bother.
  3. A dollar per year for each image

    From 2007 to 2012, I made more than $1 gross per image per year - about $2-3. From 2013 to 2017, I was at about $1/image/yr, but the downward trend continues year over year. It may be lower going forward.
  4. How was your March 2018?

    March came in like a lamb and went out like a lion. A good month for sales, not so much for zooms: 12,100 views, 41 zooms, 23 sales, $1103 gross.
  5. Good Friday -- licenses or no licenses in past?

    Wow, 3 sales so far on Good Friday. I didn't expect that. Plus one was for $300. A nice Easter gift.
  6. Tips from the Alamy stand at the Photography Show

    Well, not exactly, apparently. This would of course be useful to many, including me, but here is what I got back from CR: "This has been taken out of context and this isn’t a regular Alamy service we can provide. We can very occasionally do this for some photographers if they have a very large batch of images they need to supertag but it’s not something we can do automatically for each individual submission." For a high tech company one wonders why such a simple script could not be written for those that ask for it.
  7. Do You Shoot Street Art and Murals?

    I had a few "murals" left after the last cleanup by Alamy. The one historic "mural" this time didn't need the keyword so I removed it and changed the image to RM, with property but no release. I think that is still better than editorial only - let the user decide.
  8. February over already?

    Well, you were right John - it wasn't quite over. Very unusually, another $20 sale popped in this afternoon. So 18 for $365. Still not good.
  9. February over already?

    February is gone. So is winter in Toronto, apparently. Decent number of sales this month (17), but oh my goodness, very low amounts (down to $3.52 gross) for a total of $345. Minus a refund of $115 from back in December. Argghh!
  10. Start a new account

    Allan, it seems more likely that with no sales at all, the new (mean rank) pseudo will be the one with a higher rank. Let the lower ranked pseudo get stripped of performing images so that at least one pseudo moves up and build on that one. But hey - we're all guessing here. With no performance, I can see the need to make some changes.
  11. Start a new account

    Martin is right, of course. My thinking is that switching an image to the good pseudo as soon as an image is zoomed, will help because if it does sell shortly, the new sale counts towards the good pseudo. And if it got zoomed once, it is more likely to get zoomed again, also contributing to the new pseudo. As for the sales, it may well be too late to affect the new pseudo even if I get it on the morning of the invoice. But it is more likely to sell again too.
  12. Here is another site that gives an assessment of LCD monitor quality: WARNING: Both the above site, and the one recommended by Rico, will not work if you have a high rez monitor set to a display size >100%. I have my 32" 4K monitor set to 150% in order to be able to read text. For example, with this 150% setting, the gamma test in Rico's link is wrong. The center block is too dark. Only when I temporarily reset the display to 100% will this test show that my monitor gamma is indeed exactly 2.2 as specified during calibration.
  13. I'm pretty sure a monitor "factory calibrated" to 100% sRGB just means the monitor can theoretically reproduce all the colors in the sRGB gamut. That is not the same as color calibration. The color balance may still be off out of the box and will certainly change over time. Regular (monthly) use of a hardware calibrator is essential for accurate results.
  14. Start a new account

    Provided you fix and edit annotation for your zoomed/sold images, yes, that should work. You might want to change the pseudo as soon as the image sells or is zoomed, so you might want to check every day to move those images ASAP to your top pseudo. (I have no idea if that makes a difference, but that's what I do)
  15. Start a new account

    You might need to wait for more than a few weeks. A new pseudo starts with a mid-field rank. But I'm confident that new action on those images will move the rank of your new pseudo up in a few months.