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  1. Not a great month, but better than my two other sites. 13 sales for $359/143.
  2. I haven't seen much difference between RM and RF at Alamy for a while now. And yes, RM can go for a few cents now.
  3. I had 19 sales for $441/172. Not great, but at least Alamy beat out my two other adventures this month.
  4. Good catch John. That is a pretty intense rainbow. I still had the RAW file on my computer, so I could check. The primary rainbow was indeed there, but not so intense. I remember waiting until the end just hit the Maid of the Mist boat. I must have added a processed rainbow to bump it up that much. The secondary rainbow I can hardly see on the plain RAW file, so that must be artificially enhanced as well. Luckily I remembered to reverse the secondary rainbow spectrum. Hey, you know, this ain't the National Geographic. I figure with stock photography, pumping up the saturati
  5. Traveling with a camper sounds like a terrific way to do travel photography. As for a compact, it doesn't suit me. I love traveling with a tripod. It's great for night shots, taking lots of shots in a crowded place with moving people so I can stitch them out, and mostly, so I can take one shot and know I've nailed it. In my old age I am so wobbly and unbalanced, I need to take lots of shots hand held in hopes one is straight and not blurred. But the Castlerigg outing was hilarious. Picture me sprinting with a camera, tripod, and umbrella, and trying to put it all together at the
  6. It helps if there was a weak rainbow or one just before taking the shot. For a weak rainbow, you can match it and only slightly intensify it and still look natural. In my case at Castlerigg, the rainbow was very intense, and I think I matched what we saw only moments before.
  7. When I was touring England in 2019, we were at Castlerigg Stone Circle on the summer solstice eve. Weather was very unsettled. We waited for sun but eventually moved on. Just as we were driving away, the sun came out with an incredible rainbow. We rushed back driving like crazy and running a sprint. Just as I was extending my tripod, the rainbow disappeared. I was so frustrated I resolved to put in a fake rainbow (not something I usually do). Here is the result: https://www.alamy.com/rainbow-over-castlerigg-stone-circle-on-summer-solstice-eve-with-sun-and-dark-clouds-over-cumbrian-
  8. I had a relatively good month. 17 sales for $674/267. Lot's better than those other places this month.
  9. You might want to back a few horses. Exclusivity is overrated.
  10. Very standard month, unfortunately. 17 sales for 393/150. My other places didn't do any better.
  11. Why not check out Agency X,Y, and Z and then keep all four for maximum returns?
  12. OK, I get it. If the distributor fee is still 40% before that, we lose. That's a bit of a sneaky table. The real "what we earn" should be listed.
  13. For Content sales via Alamy Websites 60% 40% For Content sales via our Distributors after deduction of Distributor fee or commission
  14. This is truly a bad development for those who took pains to set their images as exclusive. This feels a lot like some of the jerking around we got when we had to re-annotate our images to maximize discoverability. But as someone with only non-exclusive images, so far I see little down side from this change for me. In fact, it seems my distributors sales will now net me 40% instead of 30%. As consolation, think of the silver lining: some of you will now be able to submit to other libraries and double or triple your income. I know it's a lot of work, but it is an opportunity.
  15. It's been a while since I could post here, but after those five 10/3 cents sales I got a $221/89 sale today. As Ian said, take the rough with the smooth.
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