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  1. Am I the only one who has noticed the online uploader behaving strangely? The last few uploads of mine have more images listed than I uploaded. On careful inspection, some of my images are duplicated, with a space and three random numbers prefixing my file name, as well as images with my correct file names. After a lot of cogitation, the system deletes the files with my correct file names. I'm hoping Alamy are fixing this.
  2. Hey, no need to red arrow the messenger. That was tongue in cheek 😋
  3. Philanthropy - yes. All good causes. Here's another one to consider: the poor photographers that supply Alamy images. Roll back the latest commission cut and I'll cheer along with the rest of your fans.
  4. One option I haven't tried (because all my images are non-exlusive) is to set two similar images with either tag (one exclusive the other non-exclusive) and see where they land in a search result.
  5. Not a good month for me. 12 sales for $388 gross, $150 net. About the same as that other place ($144 net).
  6. OK, got it. I suppose, for what I want, a bluetooth mouse on the couch may work. I may look into that.
  7. I spend a lot of time on my desktop processing pictures, and would like to spend more time on my couch with my tablet (Galaxy Tab A with s-pen) for annotating images. Betty - I think you had asked about something similar a while back. My main problem is the mouse equivalent of clicking and dragging using my finger (or pen). For example, clicking and dragging to combined two keywords into a phrase. I'm actually more bothered by another site that requires KWs to be listed in priority sequence, which requires a lot of "clicking and dragging" to get them in the right order. Can this be done on a tablet when on a website like Alamy, not a special app?
  8. Interesting to me is that your net Alamy income is the same as mine, but over at that evil other place you have more than twice my net income. Maybe it's video. Maybe I just need to wait for my Port' to "mature".
  9. Quite a mixed bag above. For me, I had a mediocre month - 18 sales for $554 gross/$207 net. Even my other "experiment" is tanking, with only $150 net this month. It makes me scratch my head in wonder.
  10. Depends what you mean by "all my sales dashboard notifications". For the front of the dashboard, yes, only once every 24 hours. But if you're watching sales by checking "Net revenue sales report" by "Date of Invoice", then I think sales are reported as they come in.
  11. You may be on to something. My steady climb when uploading my port' went into a freefall after I finished for the last two months. Others there have seen a poor June/July as well. So it could be something similar to what we saw here when Alamy changed their algorithm - some winners, some losers. As always, the answer is keep plugging away since we can't do anything about all that anyway.
  12. Wow - good to know those still happen now and then. We just need more now's rather than then's.
  13. June was OK. July was a disaster. 10 sales for $245 gross/$97 net. Although my MS experiment also tanked in July , it did pull in $173 net.
  14. From what I recall Ian, you are against considering MS sites. So was I. The commission change convinced me to spread my eggs a little further afield than I had previously considered. In many respects Alamy has been veering much closer to MS than in the past anyway. I went to the effort of putting my whole port' up at one site and it has paid off. July has been a dismal month at both sites, but the MS site is giving me an income this month three times that of Alamy. I think exclusivity is not in our best interest.
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