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  1. Good to see some of you are still raking it in. Me, I've had a poor month with 15 sales for $247 gross ($96 net). My other experiments went well this month ($156 and $64 net).
  2. I just think it odd that in order to get my own stats on Alamy, I've got to connect with Facebook.
  3. I wonder if some tech savvy person could explain to me why it takes so long to open the "Your Image" tab in Alamy Measures. I notice that my browser is "sending request to Facebook" while I'm waiting. Is that normal? What's Facebook got to do with Alamy measures? Inquiring minds (mine) would like to know.
  4. The downward trend continues. Not a cliff so much as a black diamond run.
  5. Following on from the cliff thread, I can report a dismal month with 16 sales (good) for $284gross/$112net (terrible). Experiment 1 did OK ($145) while experiment 2 is coming along with only 1/3 of my images ($75).
  6. I claim for UK licenses and for other countries that specify a territory of worldwide. These will also be available in the UK.
  7. I doubt I have that many sales to China. Other agents haven't fallen as flat as Alamy. I have 9 sales so far this month and all are under $20 ($8 net).
  8. Yes. My 10x at the moment won't last, but I get about 3x more income now as Alamy revenue is sliding down. Definitely worthwhile. I've seen enough promising agents bite the dust in the past - the one basket approach doesn't work for me.
  9. I think not. My sales VOLUME in the last five years has been creeping up. My REVENUE has been steadily going down at Alamy. I see no change since last December when I decided to spread my eggs around. I supply Getty too. My wife is always telling me I'm wasting my time submitting to several stock sites. She thinks once it's out there in the "interweb", everyone sees it. That is not my experience.
  10. Yep - bad month. Only $15 so far. Luckily my MS stuff has pulled in 10x that much so far this month. Makes you wonder.
  11. Well, getting the ISSN number is easy peasy if you know which magazine article used your image(s). It's finding those darn articles that is the tough part. I spend about two days every year looking for new stuff. I don't know how I ended up with 60 ISBN/ISSN numbers (total cumulative) so far.
  12. Yeah, it looks like it is age that re-distributes to RH, not alamy. I've stopped uploading to age due to low sales.
  13. Oh - those are images from RH on Alamy. No, I was wondering how at least 7 of my images ended up on RH. I thought of Alamy first, but it could be age. It's not UIG. Micro sites wouldn't count either. So, I'm not sure.
  14. A poor month for me, with 10 sales for $305 ($111 net). My other experiment with the same number of images did better ($142 net). Even number two experiment which ironically requires sRGB images, where I have only 1/3 of the images, beat Alamy this month ($119 net). Micro is beating macro - go figure.
  15. Thanks John. At least I get a percentage out of it.
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