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  1. It's been a while since I could post here, but after those five 10/3 cents sales I got a $221/89 sale today. As Ian said, take the rough with the smooth.
  2. Looks like a bulk deal again. I'm sure I'm not alone. Seven low sales, with 5 of them for 10 cents, 3 cents to me. Says ROW, but may be China.
  3. Yes, but just think: they all have green discoverability! (just kidding) I've had the same thing where I had 70 keywords and deleting 21 just to add 1 is too much trouble. But I use the keyword generator to provide suggestions, so I can choose to add only those which are appropriate. For travel work, it's not so important. For objects or more conceptual stuff it can be a good aid.
  4. Not sure what you mean by "keyword generator". There are quite a few free ones out there that I have used. In my case, I can often use help in coming up with alternative keywords to the main ones I can think of. Sometimes I'm amazed at what didn't come to mind (or maybe I shouldn't be, I'm getting old after all). Here is one I use the most to generate related keywords. It often gives me 5-6 I didn't think of. (just put in your main keywords instead of "Toronto city skyline") http://www.mykeyworder.com/keywords?tags=Toronto+city+skyline&submit=Find+Keywords
  5. Oddly, John, I find 40% a rough and ready approximation too. Except I'm 100% non-exclusive, so instead of being just over 40% like you, I'm just under 40% due to those distributors, as Jorge points out.
  6. I hear you. And to compare results here with most other sites, one needs to know the net income. But as others have said, Alamy make it very easy to report gross income. A tally of net income requires downloading the spreadsheet. For those so inclined, both would be welcome.
  7. High volume, low value. I had17 sales for $128/51. Alamy is running at half to 1/3 of the output of MS sites. My yearly income is holding steady only because of alternative stock income.
  8. I couldn't agree more. Waiting... waiting... You'll be the first to know if anything comes in.🙂
  9. My portfolio is under-performing by comparison: Average 13/mo for 1.1/mo//1000.
  10. I totally get the frustration about PU. I feel like I'm in another world though. So far this month, out of 11 sales, two PU sales for $15 and $20 gross, are by far my highest prices. Sad.
  11. Yes, the four to China were distribution sales. The 25/10 RM sale was another direct sale of an image of Puerto Vallarta for an editorial website (no novel use anywhere).
  12. My four were also RF to China. But I also had one RM for 25/10 cents. None mention novel use. I wonder what the explanation for this is. Is Alamy's new logo: "Microstock without the volume"?
  13. Well, Colin, I just saw this, and you have me beat. I posted my 5c sale today in the "new low" thread. Looks like a bulk deal for Alamy. Not so much bulk for us.
  14. Hold the presses.... a new lower low.... I just got 4 sales from $0.05 to $0.19 net. That's right: 15 cents with 5 cents to me. Very novel indeed.
  15. I haven't seen any real movement in BHZ position in years now.
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