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  1. Looks like Oxford has a SS subscription and is getting a good deal. Not such a good deal for photographers, I agree.
  2. Lack of sales in general. Since you are doing much better John, maybe there is something to the idea that micro stock cannibalizes sales here. Or this is just the result of pandemic fallout.
  3. Can I just riff on Ian's headline with one of my own? Lack of Sales for Canadian Contributor Of course, nothing new about that, but I feel better getting it off my chest 😄
  4. Oddly, my zooms are not lower than normal. Although it is once again taking AGES to open an image for editing. The Alamy glitch continues. But I must say sales are truly remarkable. After two weeks, I finally got my first sale today for this month: two sales of the same image for 35 cents each. That's right. Net, but still.... Two other places are showing $53 and $61 for me so far this month. Hard to see how Alamy will catch up given recent prices.
  5. I agree. Something is still broken. No sales at all in November. Can somebody please fix that too?😄
  6. I had 10 sales, a DACS TV payment and one large refund. My take home pay for the month is $34. Without the refund that would have been about the same as the $100 I got from each of my other two sites. Those on daylight savings time: remember to turn your clocks back tonight.
  7. Sorry to inject a moan here, but I'm POSITIVE this is not good news: My highest sale this year by far was one $150/60 sale in September. I just got that refunded today. So I'm at -$13 net for the month. Arggh! Thankfully I'm not exclusive to Alamy, otherwise I'd have to start paying them 😁😢
  8. I tried Jaime Franch and found 0 results. When I searched for my name (Gaertner) I got more than 17,000 hits. I had to add Gaertner/Alamy to get 8 hits
  9. Thanks for that. I found ten of mine mostly from alamy in UK magazines.
  10. Hey, I'm not trying to impress anyone. I'm just sharing my experience. Sometimes that can help other people. A couple of years ago you shared your experience with UIG and I signed on as a result. (And while I'm sharing, yes Getty is mostly micro prices but I did get a $3125 gross sale there this year, so one lives in hope.)
  11. Quite right. So far this month I've had two hits at Alamy for $8. The problem I have is I keep looking to check for more when I check my other sites. More positive feedback (and drips) there with $43 and $32 so far this month.
  12. My statement now in too. For Part 1 I got a whopping 1.89 pounds. They also withheld 33.89 pounds for tax. Argh. Now I have to deal with HMRC again to get that reimbursed.
  13. I got a wire transfer Sept 30. I assume it's DACS. It was $479.45, but that's in the almost worthless CAD.
  14. Well, it's October in lots of places now, so here's what I got in September: 13 sales for $362/141. Those months with $1000 gross seem gone for me now. SS did better ($183) and AS did worse ($115). How about you?
  15. No joy in 19 sales for $267 gross ($99 net). Heading into MS territory. SS and AS produced $127 and $147 in August. The RPD are growing closer together: A $5.8, SS $0.76, AS $1.4.
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