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  1. No joy in 19 sales for $267 gross ($99 net). Heading into MS territory. SS and AS produced $127 and $147 in August. The RPD are growing closer together: A $5.8, SS $0.76, AS $1.4.
  2. In that case, I better spring into action to get my $3.62
  3. I wonder if the people getting US payback are letting Alamy do their DACS claims. I'm not, so I wonder if that's why I see no payment.
  4. I didn't know the US had a payback scheme for copyright. The American Society for Collective Rights Licensing. I wonder why I don't see any "other" income for me. Has anyone signed up for this directly?
  5. Right you are. Clearing the cache did it. Thanks
  6. After a day, I still can't see my dashboard. Anybody else?
  7. Yes, Getty is mostly MS as well. Except this year I had one sale for over $3000 gross. So I'm not going to bite the hand that feeds me. As for Alamy: I'm now up to $20 this month on 7 sales. That looks a lot like MS to me. While SS/AS is up to $86/$87. Yes, this income is not going make or break my finances. But I'm not going to throw money away either.
  8. No big fan of MS here, but I don't see what SS has to do with Unsplash. I tried real hard to stick with Alamy and other macro stock sites for many years. Most have fallen away although I still supply Getty too. This month, so far, I have $5 net at Alamy on two sales. Not that different from microstock. So far this month I have at SS $79 (58 sales) and at AS $86 (34 sales). The future is here. Like any sensible business person, I will follow the money.
  9. Only 9 sales for $229 gross/$91 net. Beat by SS at $96 and for a switch, this month AS was the winner at $102. All small potatoes.
  10. Before I joined some MS sites, it was once a day. There's so much action on those sites that I tend to keep them open and click about 5 times per day. Since Alamy is also open, I tend to click here too, usually to no avail.
  11. PU? I wish. None out of 6 piddly sales so far. Sadly for me, MS is leaving Alamy in the dust this month.
  12. Well, two weeks in and only two sales. I'm officially in the doldrums. Or the cliff got a lot steeper. Even my two other MS efforts have each yielded more than twice the revenue so far this month compared to here.
  13. The licensing structure at SS changed. There are all kinds of different subscription models. Some pay better, and there are some bulk packages that give 10 cents even to the highest level of submitter. I had a good month with more On Demand and Single and Other sales.
  14. I'm glad to see some are getting very good results this month. Alas, not me. 10 sales for $235 gross, $92 net. Even AS with less than half my images got $72. In spite of the drama, SS even came in with $156 net. I have to wonder how many good performers are exclusive. I'm not.
  15. No joy at Alamy. Only 68 sales for $1800 gross. Doubled, that's still half the income of any previous year (other than 2006 when I started).
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