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  1. Same details as Sharon's above. UK newspaper, June 12-13, 2021, for $ Perhaps there was an issue on Canadian or British Columbia flowers?
  2. It takes a day for the system to update and include any newly keyworded images. If it's been more than 24 hours and you still don't see them showing up, contact alamy.
  3. I agree. I don't see why the image creator can't be consulted first before potential infringements are chased.
  4. I doubt that there's many. And likely the prolific photographers and agencies aren't exclusive anyways, so that very very few will have to paid 50%.
  5. This needs further clarification. What does "except as otherwise notified to Alamy via the System" mean? If the model release indicates the image cannot be used in sensitive ways, is that still binding? If not, I'm removing all of my model released images of friends and family.
  6. I’m not a fan of tiered payment systems. If a client licenses three photographs from three photographers for X dollars each, why should the payments to the photographer depend on how much they have sold before? And in this case, it’s not even how many previous sales (like some other agencies), but how many $$ your images have sold for per year. So those with a small portfolio who have fewer sales will get paid less per sale. Earning less per sale than someone in the next tier which means they’ll have less income which keeps them at that low tier. How is that fair or motivating t
  7. UK, single editorial article, $ Btw I carved the ones on the left and right. 🙂
  8. Thanks. I am feeling optimistic as things can only go up from here 😃.
  9. Zero, zilch, nada! The first month with no licenses in several years. December's CTR the lowest in 2020 as well.
  10. Thanks for the useful tips Wim. I finally went back and fixed a couple of my images. Cheers, Maria
  11. Mine is following a similar trajectory John. Sept-Dec my CTR has been .52, .53, .49 and .25 for this month. Lowest in over a year, and not a sale yet this month.
  12. I notice my images above are looking a little squished. Maybe changes to the forum website has altered how images show up and the way I usually post them (drag them over) isn't the best. What is the current recommended way to post them? Thanks. Maria
  13. I like this topic Bella! I find repeating patterns (especially colourful ones) to be so visually appealing.
  14. I came here to ask the same question. I had 2 refunds for UK travel guide images licensed in June. Both were of Victoria, BC.
  15. 5 licenses, so it was a pretty good month for me. Prices not the greatest, 2 PUs, 2 magazines (Ok $$), and one editorial (sad $).
  16. Small sale for this image showed up Friday. $ Making a couple bucks from my gardening. Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Editorial website Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Image Size: Any size Start: 16 October 2020 End: 16 October 2025 One use in a single editorial article used within the digital versions of a single publication. Digital usage includes archive rights for the lifetime of the article
  17. Hi Kamira, Most of my alamy sales this year are of images I uploaded in previous years. It can take a while before someone is looking for what you have in your portfolio. As has been mentioned, keywording is very important. Always include plurals of objects, even if there is only one in your image. For example, if someone was looking for an image of "antique vehicles in Cuba", they wouldn't find your nice image 2D4MRM0 of an antique car in Havana, because you only have the singular "vehicle" in the keywords. Maria
  18. Here's one: A beautiful sunset on the water, as captured by this cell phone camera.
  19. Yes, I always keyword for plural objects, even if there is just one in the image.
  20. Thanks so much Dave! My mom's cross-stitch made it to television, wow. She passed away last year so knowing her work appeared on the telly makes me happy. Maria
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