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  1. I'm not sure what a glum perm is. I once had a bad perm - very frizzy. If it's about mood, I thinking about the weather more that the single sad sale I've had this month. We've broken rainfall records and 2 more "atmospheric rivers" on the way. But nice to see you folks on the forum!
  2. In this case, I had seen November 2021 in the caption on the images, not under "date taken". Looking at them again, I see the date taken is actually February 2018. anna182016, it is important to caption your images accurately.
  3. It's a difficult question to answer and it depends on what kinds of images are in demand. I find editorial images and travel images sell the best for me. But particular travel images may be more in demand than others. By way I noticed some images of a child in the snow in your portfolio and the caption indicates it's in Vancouver in Nov 2021. Just wondering where this was as I'm in Vancouver and I haven't yet seen any snow. Perhaps indicate the neighbourhood in your image.
  4. I forgot, thanks for the reminder Paulette.
  5. I'm listening to the downpour outside (with another rainfall warning) and reading about weather forecasts, ha. I find in Vancouver the tv weather reports will mainly focus on the weather in our province, but sometimes talk about storm systems heading our way that affect the American West coast as well. But I mainly use my phone app for weather anyways, with cities listed for friends and family across Canada and the U.S. Fan of k.d. lang and Jane Siberry as well, saw k.d. in a summertime outdoor concert a few years back and she was wonderful. Sorry, I just realized thi
  6. Only two, and small ones at that. Net under $10. 😔 But enough past sales have paid up to get a payout this month, which is good.
  7. Last week I found one of my own images and a several alamy images in this Conde Nast Traveller article about tea: https://www.cntraveller.in/web-stories/10-tea-rituals-around-world/ TRH4XN Ilan Amihai Chinese Tea Ceremony. Male server prepares the traditional tea. photographed in Chengdu, Sichuan, China FMCPK2 Hemis Senegal, Sahel, Ferlo region, Widou Thiengoly, Peul woman R98K5G Aliksander Mazukevich Lamayuru, India - June 21, 2017: Yuru Kabgyat Buddhist festival at Lamayuru Gompa, Ladakh. Lamayuru monastery festival is a Buddhist cer
  8. I can still see the home page. Edit: Just discovered if I hover over my image number to the left it turns green too.
  9. Agree, I don't understand the font. The same letter is both super wide and super narrow in different locations. Not very appealing to my eyes.
  10. 2nd best month this year for me, with 4 sales, including a decent textbook sale. A nice change after several months of poor performance.
  11. Harbour Ferry in Victoria, BC Presentation and/or Webinars
  12. Two of vineyards in the Niagara region of Ontario V And a vineyard in the Okanagan area of British Columbia:
  13. Thanks for the info on the peas. I had to look up what mangetout peas were - we just call them snow peas. Good to know another name for them because I'm growing some for the Fall now (green, not purple).
  14. I also wanted to say thanks for all your help John. And as a garden person, I like to browse your pics on occasion because there's always something interesting I may want to have in my garden (like those purple pea pods!).
  15. Mine did too. I'm happy, it's been at least a couple months since my last one. Was stuck at $46 for a while. Seems like a lot of sales cleared in July, even some older ones.
  16. I just checked my Alamy measures and the graph is completely flat and all my stats are 0. 😬 Anyone else having this issue?
  17. I have a similar old iMac, purchased mid 2011. I'm currently running El Capitan and Photoshop CS5. I may upgrade to High Sierra but not sure if CS5 will work on it. All my other programs are running fine so maybe I shouldn't bother upgrading the OS.
  18. A travel one, low $. I spotted it online last week. Pretty good article though, on restaurants in Sedona, AZ. No other alamy photos spotted in it. https://theculturetrip.com/north-america/usa/arizona/articles/sedona-s-10-best-restaurants-local-eateries/ Start: 10 August 2021 End: 10 August 2026 Editorial website and app multiple use, in perpetuity
  19. Same details as Sharon's above. UK newspaper, June 12-13, 2021, for $ Perhaps there was an issue on Canadian or British Columbia flowers?
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