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  1. Hmmm, at least one main rival provides submission briefs, but not usually for the sort of editorial work which is requested here, mostly fully released shoots. And at least one other main rival provides information about searches, which apparently people there find useful.
  2. Maybe, but it's not necessarily what I see when I see how my own photos rank in generic searches.
  3. To be honest, the prices of these packs (other than PU/presentation/newsletters) are better than many of my 'regular' sales.
  4. So are you hinting that you'll get a special deal from Alamy whereby your images will not be included in this scheme? Because otherwise I can't see how you can "not allow some of my images to be licensed this way" without deleting said images.
  5. I don't see that. Is there a separate log-in for a buyer?
  6. On 19/01/2018 at 10:02, geogphotos said: A few years back you would have said that Adobe was not in the business of licensing stock photos. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Adobe had its own stock business (midstock-ish) a few years back, but it didn't do very well and they closed it, then after several years, they acquired another agency and have been developing it. https://www.siliconpublishing.com/blog/2015/06/adobe-stock-the-history
  7. I have questioned refunds before. Usually its the 'thought they were buying the product' answer. If that was the case, and the file wasn't downloaded and Alamy can see that, there can be no possible reason for refusing a refund.
  8. I don't know any other crowd-sourced agency which doesn't allow refunds except for the very low sub-type sales. Therefore it would be a serious competitive disadvantage for Alamy not to allow refunds.
  9. But as refunds are pretty much standard in the industry, (apart from tiny value sales from e.g. SS, which can't be refunded), it would be uncompetitive not to allow them.
  10. Alamy lose the same or more money than we do on refunds. Do you never return a product to a shop or which you bought online? Note: I'm not happy when I get refunds, and there were three last year which were very strange indeed. You may have prompted me to follow them up with Alamy!
  11. It may be that the file is never downloaded. If someone thought they were buying a product, they probably wouldn't download a photo of the product. Presumably Alamy can see if that was the case (that it wasn't downloaded).
  12. Assuming that's what I see for 28p, that would only be if they had a subscription for 350 images a month for £99 month. Not all buyers need/want that many images or to spend £99/mo. It's not as simple as you made out. I get refunds of exclusive images here.
  13. I had a file, refunded the same day it was invoiced (and not repurchased), for a packet of medicine - but it was sold as a presentation or newsletter use.
  14. 7 sales, $89 net. Month ended with a file invoiced and refunded on the same day. Dec CTR unusually high for me, but that doesn't always mean much.
  15. Sales up 19% on 2018 (best year for sales) Gross $$ down 22% on 2018 (4th best year for $$, but quite some way below the 3rd best) I earned 103% more (net) from my 'other place' (with December still to report there) with 13% more files on Alamy. Things are falling fast there too, don't want to give a false impression: just relative figures. (Exclusive pics on each)
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