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  1. I've had plenty of lower value sales for general uses, so for now I've kept the boxes unchecked. In any case, a deliberate thief would just tick 'presentation use'.
  2. It's not even a consideration for you. None of the micros have any facility for live news.
  3. @OP, one thing I notice is that on your default page, you have a lot of photos of lone golfers, unreleased. Of course, that's OK for editorial use, but that's a subject of which there are very many released images, which are far more sellable, and of course are 'posed' for multiple attractiveness to and uses for buyers. I'd suggest (tentatively) that it might not be as worth your while making that sort of image, unless newsworthy: named (known or up-and-coming) players in a competition, or even practising. For example, on Alamy alone, there are 5694 hits on 'one golfer' model released, and 1406 both model and property released.
  4. Could be normal fluctuation. If you read other stock forums, most people report earning much more on micro than on Alamy, which is the case for me*. That can be borne out by looking at the monthly thread here, where it's often shocking how little most people are earning (bearing in mine most people report gross earnings) with large, diverse and good ports - and that includes those who are happy with their sales. *I'm waiting for my May earnings report from my one micro site. May might be the first month where Alamy out-earns it, usually it's c2x the other way. (Different files on each.) People who sell on Alamy prefer a model of a larger sale per download, whereas micro submitters prefer a larger total per month. But perhaps you're new on the block in micro too, in which case I have to say the glory days there were around 2011/2. After that, I and most others experienced a sharp downfall in sales and earnings. Video held on for a few years more, but is now on the slide too, according to what I read. For me, this year on Alamy has been up and down. More sales, lower earnings. Only one sale so far this month. Overall, probably oversupply everywhere.
  5. Why not? RF is just a licence type, and many Alamy RM licenses nowadays are very near to being RF. I can't see how RF and brand names are connected? (I know Alamy formerly didn't sell RF-editorial, but that has changed)
  6. It's just one more unexplained 'thing'. (Like what does that licence for 'marketing, excludes advertising' mean?) If we don't say we have a property release, it shows as no property release on the file page, even if we have indicated 'no property'. What difference does ticking the box 'property' actually make, if we don't have a release? I tend to err on the side of caution, and just tick property, no release, even if I'm pretty certain it doesn't need a release, e.g. something which is well out of copyright.
  7. And shows that it's not necessarily worth making a special journey to shoot for Alamy Needs, as it may only be a tiny value end use. OK if something is in your town, or you happen to be passing. At best, it's a lucky dip.
  8. I use it for extra security in a few occasions, e.g. where the rules talk about 'no commercial photography', then go into all the details about if you want to shoot commercially you need to organise in advance, select a location, then they'll give you an assistant and a time slot, and clearly they mean a big shoot with models, lighting rigs etc., and not someone shooting for editorial stock. Also when one or two people are dominant in the image.
  9. Remember that 'date of invoice' doesn't necessarily (or even often?) mean date of sale. So sales reported in June could have been made in March or earlier. That said, after a good-for-me May, my first reported sale in June was this morning.
  10. That was my first thought, but my second, unworthy, thought was: we don't need the competition. Stay in England!
  11. That's probably best. You can be required not to use a tripod in a public place if it's thought to be obstructing others. Be aware that a surprising number of ordinary streets in London are actually privately owned and it's at least theorically possible that you could be legally told to desist from photographing, as the normal 'photogaphing from a public space' allowance doesn't apply. There are lists of these online, by borough, but it would be difficult to memorise them!
  12. You should contact Alamy first (assuming Alamy licensed your image to Windows Spotlight). It might also be worth contacting Microsoft. Take screenshots. Pursuing payment on an international infringement could be very expensive for you, and as I found on a case I had recently, expenses aren't always granted even if you win the case, so you could be out a lot of money on legal fees for a small payout. Tread carefully - I consulted an internatial IP lawyer and that was her advice. I do understand that there's an important principle at stake. There are some third-party websites which might take this up for you, I haven't tried them, but you might get some recommendations - or otherwise - from people who have. I guess it would be most useful to discover which successfully pursued infringements in Russia.
  13. A much better month for me, but none of the big sales reported by others. 15 sales, $208 net. For anyone who's interested: (Age of files sold) B - 8 C - 1 D - 1 J - 1 M - 1 P - 3 And while at the end of April, my 2019 total was 50% of 2018 and $$ was 28%; now I'm at 63.5% of 2018's sales and 42% of 2018's income. Alamy is such a roller-coaster! CTR by month's end was about average for me. For the past several months, my zooms at the beginning of the month have been poor, then have improved in the second half.
  14. According to a Stockimo tweet earlier today, a lot of people had signed up, so they had an inspection backlog.
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