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  1. Exclusive and Ranking

    They can do this just now, if they're very price conscious. Alamy has said they don't see it happening much. Anecdotal info from suppliers is 'mixed'. Although much is made here of low prices elsewhere, you need to make a commitment to buy a lot of images to get the low prices. At some of the 'other places', if you just want a single image it can cost more than on Alamy, in some cases.
  2. Depressing story

    I think that means that it's a quarterly magazine. How can the placement be inside and inside or cover on the same licence I'm guessing that the licence allows the file to be used for either use. But actually, the placement is specified in this case as being inside (I didn't notice that at first).
  3. Depressing story

    And this is one of my Alamy sales in October: Country: Worldwide Usage: Magazine, editorial print and digital use, cover and/or inside, repeat use within a single issue Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Start: 25 September 2018 End: 25 September 2020 $ 52.41 (gross) ... I could go on. :-(
  4. Depressing story

    Why so? One of my best selling photos on my micro site has sold so many times that it has more than paid for the entire trip to Newfoundland, where it was taken, on its own. And others from that series together have more than doubled that income. I have no files on Alamy which have come even close. I had one Alamy sale netting me $400 not long after I uploaded it, but the file has never sold since. I think that's the only file I've sold on Alamy for anything like the price on Alamy's calculator. Alamy has said officially that it's not the quality or rarity of an image which determines its price, only the discount the buyer has negotiated. And as for what you wrote in the OP (below, sorry for the poor formatting) that's not accurate either. The top three micros all require an extended or enhanced licence for print runs of over 500,000. I'm guessing that the front page of such a publication would maybe encourage them not to cheat, though Time magazine were caught cheating at least twice. (However, when they were caught, they had to pay the full price, not a reduced price like cheats do if caught by us and reported to Alamy.) My highest value single sale in 2018 was via my micro, not via Alamy. Here's the skinny. If you want more average rpd, Alamy is still probably doing better for most people. If you want to be netting 50% of many sale prices (or even 40%), Alamy is the place, and we can opt out of distribution. These are perfectly valid stances. However, if you want a better total net earning, Alamy is almost certainly not the place for that. Last year, my port on Alamy overtook my port on my micro site, so that over the year, I had more or less the same number of files here and there. Yet I netted twice as much on my micro, despite having uploaded exclusively on Alamy for over 2.5 years and adding over 1/3 to my Alamy port in 2018. And despite only getting 30% on my micro, my net was still twice as much. You can well imagine, I have a different strategy for 2019. Note, I'm not pretending all is well in micro-land. My income there is a third of what it was some years back. But there is no point in positing inaccuracies as facts.

    Meanwhile, these are my sales for this month. NB: I'm not in NU: Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Editorial website Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Image Size: Any size Start: 11 February 2019 End: 11 February 2024 $9.38 net Country: Worldwide Usage: Presentation or newsletters, Use in a presentation/talk (eg,Powerpoint and Keynote) or in an editorial newsletter. Start: 11 February 2019 End: 11 February 2024 $6.25 net REFUNDED (on 13th, not rebought) Country: India Usage: Editorial Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic Print run: up to 10,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: 1 page Start: 01 January 2019 End: 01 January 2024 (distributor: $4.01 net) and 2 of: Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Commercial electronic ; Media: Website, app and social media ; Industry Sector: Entertainment & Leisure ; Start: 01-December-2018 ; End: 01-December-2023 ; Duration in perpetuity Each $2.50 net

    In what way "matches up"?

    Yes, but maybe the buyer could /would be more precise than 'cat' or 'dog'. Seems that after the first overwhelming result, they'd either pick something from the first few pages, or narrow down their search. Also we know that larger customers contact Alamy directly to provde them with a curated search.
  8. Alamy measures

    Weeks and months are par for the course at G. The speculation is what proportion is incompetence and what proportion reflects their attitude towards suppliers. Seems their incompetence and arrogance is spreading to other agencies.
  9. Is Alamy turning into a Microstock agency?

    Alamy curating a search for them, as apparently they do (other thread). Though how it can be worth it at these prices beats me, unless they charge a premium for the custom search. (I'm not saying they do, I have no idea.)
  10. Is Alamy turning into a Microstock agency?

    That's what I said, rpd on the micros is lower, but total earnings is likely to be higher or much higher, for most people, except maybe those who mainly sell Live News successfully.
  11. Is Alamy turning into a Microstock agency?

    The average is likely into the dollars, certainly it is for me (though falling), but there can be far more sales, making the total higher. Of course, you can take the stance that you're not going to suport micro prices, which is why I didn't submit there for so long, but overall I've lost a lot of money via that strategy.
  12. Watermark gone from search thums

    Has there been any discussion on here about the fact that the watermark has now gone from search thums? When you hover over them, you get a slightly bigger image, which would be perfectly usable on some blogs and websites. I for one am not happy about this, there's enough bother with images lifted from legitimate buyers without effectively 'giving away' files like this. This way, there isn't even anything to give pause to even the unknowing abuser, which a watermark does.

    Yeah, they might; but realistically, going by precedent at other places, and what's already beeh happening here, they won't. And compared to all the furore at other places, there's just a tiny number of complainers on here.

    My Alamy income is lower than from my 'other place' (a micro). This looks like my third consecutive dire month on Alamy despite increasing my port by over 1/3rd last year. I've certainly given up the idiocy of supplying Alamy alone. That was a wasted 2.5 years. (I am of course aware that my images may not be what Alamy buyers want, but many others say the same, individual Alamy sales might be more, the rpd might be more, but the total earnings ... not so for most.
  15. Is Alamy turning into a Microstock agency?

    For the questions: is Alamy becoming a Microstock site: No, the sales are far lower, even if the rpd is still higher. (I'm not pretending that everything is coming up roses in micro-land) As for NU: the three sales I've had under $1 net were not NU; though I agree that it is clear from reports on the forum and elsewhere that the NU scheme is being abused, with Alamy's complicity. Unless they're using it as an 'introductory offer'. Whatever, if you opt out of NU, you may well still get low sales by other means.