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  1. 7 sales, $27.62 net, worst month for a long time. Funnily enough, I sold a file via my own website (I don't sell online, the buyer contacted me directly) for $10 - a photo which Alamy wouldn't have accepted because of the camera!
  2. Unthinkable to me, but there must be desperate people in many countries who fall on what seem like cheap meds.
  3. I went back into all my medication photos and as well as the note in the extra information, to the effect that this was a photo of the medication, not the medication itself, which I already had but the desperate or stingy weren't looking at, started all the captions with "A stock photo of ...". So far, so good.
  4. It seems you need to find unreported uses, report it to Alamy, get paid your peanuts ... then they ban you! Worked for me! (OK, that's a 'conspiracy theory', but it's an incredible coincidence that they've used none of my pics since, not even the one they used many, many times and didn't report over 20 of these uses ...)
  5. 5 sales for $47.42 net. Zooms and CTR well down on last four months.
  6. I think you should force them to give you an explanation. It's unlikely to be an explanation you or the rest of us would find acceptable, but at least force them to explain. There can surely be no good reason for a refund after four years.
  7. And unbelievably, after three years, the OP didn't bother to change the totally irrelevant captions!
  8. No surge here. An above-average June for me, but only two smallish sales this month, and my CTR has dipped considerably.
  9. I am, i.e. my Alamy images are exclusive to Alamy, but I'm not a good performer. But I'm not in Live News.
  10. 11 sales for $91 net. Best month for a while. 🙂 Year so far: 36% of total 2019 sales; 34% of gross income.
  11. return per download. The average you net from each individual sale.
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