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  1. Ranking, views, zooms
  2. IMO?

    And IMNSHO - In My Not So Humble Opinion
  3. Ranking, views, zooms

    Every day's a schoolday. I didn't know it was commonly Bluejay, I thought the bluejays* were a sports team! I'd therefore caption: Blue Jay (bluejay) fledgling, Cyanocitta cristata, perched on a branch ... And make sure you keyword both Blue Jay and Bluejay, because the search engine isn't that clever as to read them as the same. *Ha! Now I discover they're the Blue Jays! Hmmm, in the past year (since 1 April 2017) no searches in AoA on Bluejay; one on Bluejays (resulting in a mix of sports and birds, many of the bird photos have no Blue Jays in them, :-( Some are Western Jays, Scrub Jays, one is a Steller's Jay and some have no jays in them at all) More searches on Blue Jay and Blue Jays. Except that the bird in Kelv's photo is a Eurasian Jay (Garrulus glandarius) (normally called simply Jay) So now I'd caption Eurasian Jay, Garrulus glandarius, fledgling, perched on a branch patiently waiting for food in <location>. And I'd put Eurasian Jay, Jay and Garrulus glandarius in the keywords. Also corvid and I'd have a long debate with myself about crow, which is technically correct, as it's a member of the crow family, but when we 'say' Crow, we 'mean' Carrion Crow.
  4. Have you found any Alamy images in April 2018

    I wasn't sure whether to include this post in this thread or to revive the October 2017 thread - I did actually 'find' the images in April 2018, though the article is dated October 25th, 2017. This page (all credited author/alamy): CRNEMF Golden Plovers (background removed) by FLPA B8972D Water Rail by Our Wild Life Photography EG0PTC Greater Scaup by Mike Lane Shag (mine) BCGC8E Barn Owl by Nigel Pye
  5. Quiet out there

    Yeah, I see that and it's almost totally celebs or top international news.
  6. Quiet out there

    Or maybe I opted out way back when I signed up (to get a throwaway addy) and can't remember!
  7. Quiet out there

    I don't get that, I've never heard of it. But mine is a addy, not a one.
  8. Ambiguous new contract clause 4.11

    I still feel like we need a lot more guidance on this issue. IMO, "except in cases of journalism or news reporting or where the consent of any person shown in an Image has been obtained or another legitimate reason exists" is way too vague. Who decides what is 'legitimate' - the man in the Clapham omnibus?
  9. Ambiguous new contract clause 4.11

    I'm sure a 'normal' model release is not a consent to include a name, unless that is specified in the signed contract.
  10. Quiet out there

    After a poor March, nothing here in April, though zooms are recovering, but still below Alamy's average. Some of them are 'only zooms', so trying to keep positive.
  11. Images sold in April (Max. 1 per day)

    Oh, thanks. I had no idea that an annual report was marketing. I thought it was a 'legal necessity' (for certain companies) and classed as 'editorial'. Just one more thing I didn't know - every day's a schoolday. (Admittedly, I was sceptical at first, but then found several links like
  12. Images sold in April (Max. 1 per day)

    Again that mysterious 'use in marketing materials (excludes advertising). Anyone worked out yet how 'marketing materials' can 'exclude advertising'?
  13. New contract clause 4.11.

    Can they? That's not usual with agencies, as they could that way see names, addresses, maybe phone numbers and emails. That would be unacceptable to many, surely.
  14. Ambiguous new contract clause 4.11

    Sorry, I had absolutely no idea that that term isn't in general use until I just googled it. "Something which is written". I've amended the thread title.
  15. Ambiguous new contract clause 4.11

    That is your perfectly reasonable inference, but inferences don't have much legal status. My inference is also perfectly reasonable from what was written, even though I know it isn't what they meant. The member of the public's name may well pertain to the specific image, e.g. "Wee Jeanie McCall dancing at a wedding". I've seen 'members of the public' often named in Live News captions. Are you saying that you think Alamy is saying that has to stop?