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  1. Guardian online.... https://www.theguardian.com/money/2020/aug/13/funeral-directors-overcharging-bereaved-by-at-least-400-watchdog-says Funerals in the UK are significantly more expensive than they should be, the CMA says. Photograph: Andrew Parker/Alamy Stock Photo
  2. No flea ridden cloth from London. ........but a greenhouse . And maybe some Gloucestershire dust ! BTW.... Greenhouses.....they have been selling like hotcakes during the pandemic. So there could be a glut of tomatoes to be eaten soon.....
  3. I went there back in May, to do a delivery to somebody right in the village. The homeowner I delivered to said at first during the pandemic the village was very busy with TV / newspaper media people and annoying tourists. When the initial interest had died down, the village she said had become a much nicer quieter place again ! My photo hasn't licenced ☚ī¸
  4. I am not in the UK newspaper scheme, so pleased this came up today, for UK newspaper use, at quite a higher price than the usual peanuts that they pay to those in the scheme. Neon signs on the exterior of La Bodega Negra. The premises are not a sex club, but a Mexican restaurant & cafe bar. London, UK.
  5. 2nd licence for this..... UK magazine use this time. Wooded scene on Toys Hill in Kent, UK.
  6. Worst month for 6 years ! Worst July for 11 years ! 2 for notalot. Down the pan I'm going.... ....😞
  7. Guardian online.... https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/jul/29/facts-behind-the-uks-green-recovery ..............such as airlines without imposing any climate change obligations is bad policy.’ Photograph: Avpics/Alamy Stock Photo Another aircraft pic usage for Avpics !
  8. What happens if you have a whopper sale, the funds clear, you spend the money, and you then decide to leave Alamy ? Would Alamy come chasing you for the money when you are no longer a contributor ? 🤔
  9. Oh yes. We are nearly neck and neck. I've uploaded quite a few images of late. My driving work has taken me far and wide, so I get some stock opportunities at times. I haven't had to lockdown, plenty of driving work to get me out and about. Quite lucky I suppose. Try not to worry about the 4 week QC wait. Upload some images and continue with other things. When your pictures pass QC, you'll be glad you did send them in. It used to take a few weeks with Alamy in the early years, sending them a CD with TIFF files on, and waiting for the QC to process/check the results. Phil
  10. Commercial electronic use.... Congestion in Snowdonia National Park, Wales, UK.
  11. Cheers guys. Only last month I had my Morris pick up truck MOT'd. Passed without any faults or advisories. Long live the Morris Minor ! 😁
  12. Older vehicles are exempt MOT. Can't remember the criteria now, but my car is 51 years old. MOT not required. Road fund licence (tax)...I have to go thru the process of taxing it, but the fee is 0 , as you stated. Many people with older vehicles do MOT them even tho it's not required, simply for peace of mind. And it may help in your favour if there is an accident. Insurance may want some sort of proof of road worthiness too.
  13. Too often. I wish they just updated the sales once a month. Then I could have my life back !
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