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  1. This was my second best month of the year and a vast improvement on the previous month which had been the second worst month of the year. 35 sales for $889 gross. Highest: $125 gross Lowest : 21 cents gross!
  2. Average gross revenue of $589 from above average 27 sales.
  3. August was average but September has so far been a cliff drop for both zooms and sales
  4. 24 sales for $655 gross. That's slightly above average for me.
  5. Alamy have always been the best of a bad bunch working in an exploitative industry. They get away with drops in commission because contributors don't have many options other than to give up completely that is. I expect over time, they will increase the threshold at which they pay 20% commission, catching more and more fish in the net. If it is done gradually, they will avoid having the whole of their contributor base in uproar all at the same time. For me personally, I decided to diversify as much as I could several year ago, as I didn't trust any one library not to l
  6. It nothing other than a strategy of divide and conquer after Alamy came under intense pressure last time they tried it. It worked.
  7. Slightly above average but no $$$ sales. 26 for $619 gross.
  8. Poor month with 15 sales for $415 gross. Just one $$$ sale.
  9. I'm not sure this counts as a positve result, but I finally reached £50,000 gross earnings this month. It's taken 11 years!
  10. Poor month for me so far. Just 5 sales all at low prices.
  11. TV sales must be high earners. An average of $120 per sale across your 27 sales is impressive.
  12. A strong month for me. 21 sales for $944 gross. I had 3 $$$ sales with the highest value being $284 gross.
  13. Below average and half what I earned in November or December. 19 sales for $415 gross
  14. Best month of the year if I ignore a very late refund for a $$$ sale I made in July! 33 sales for $893 gross.
  15. I predict this will then tempt Alamy to cut commision rates again.
  16. First the bad news. For most of the month my cleared funds were below the payout threshold. A late spurt got me to $91. I can't remember the last time it was this bad. The good news is that this was the best month of 2020 for revenues with $887 gross from 31 sales. The largest value sale was for $146 gross.
  17. An average month with 20 sales for $527 gross, largest value sale being $125 gross. Also $171 DACS payment from Alamy.
  18. Lowest number of sales and second lowest gross this year. 14 for $227 gross. Zooms not doing well either at 52 for the month. At least I haven't had any costs since the pandemic hit, as I haven't taken any new photos. So all income is profit. I don't have much motivation.
  19. One of my best months this year mainly due to one substantial $$$ sale bumping up the total. Most sales are in the low $$ or $ ranges. 27 sales for $639 gross.
  20. Thanks for the info. Your monthly numbers have been impressive especially recently while many have struggled.
  21. Is it due to live news going strong? Or is your stock also selling well?
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