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  1. Orange at Notting Hill Carnival
  2. Lowest number of sales and second lowest gross this year. 14 for $227 gross. Zooms not doing well either at 52 for the month. At least I haven't had any costs since the pandemic hit, as I haven't taken any new photos. So all income is profit. I don't have much motivation.
  3. One of my best months this year mainly due to one substantial $$$ sale bumping up the total. Most sales are in the low $$ or $ ranges. 27 sales for $639 gross.
  4. Thanks for the info. Your monthly numbers have been impressive especially recently while many have struggled.
  5. Is it due to live news going strong? Or is your stock also selling well?
  6. I just had an RF sale for $237. It's an image of a sheep! 51 MB5000 x 3599 pixels2 MB compressed
  7. Large quantity of small value sales. 31 for $502 gross.
  8. Last day of the month doubled total earnings. Still well below average. 18 for $436
  9. Having watched the public information film by Danny Boyle, I am preparing for what is to come 28 days later.
  10. Political polls of 1000 are said to have a margin of error of 3% where the electorate are 10s of millions. So hopefully with 59 votes so far, the margin of error in relation to the 20,000 active Alamy contributors, isn't large enough to make this vote worthless. I also suspect inactive contributors are doing significantly worse as a whole, so this poll is unlikely to represent them.
  11. It is always a bit less, but I was expecting something in the region of 1.29 not 1.327
  12. The current £ - $ exchange rate is 1.277, but today's Alamy payout uses 1.327. I am surprised there is such a large discrepancy, resulting in me receiving £6 less than I expected. I don't remember it ever being this bad previously. This is even more infuriating given Alamy are a British company.
  13. There is also the question of whether a great image at an exhibition also makes for a great stock image and vice versa.
  14. In fairness to the other guy, he has never visited that guy's camera club. He is being presumptuous. I've never been a member of a camera club so can't say for sure what they produce. But he does seem rather harsh and condescending towards camera clubs. The examples he gives as 'camera club' photos, look nice, but certainly look unoriginal and derivative. I can't believe this is the only sort of thing they produce. We can all put our art critic hats on and waffle on about a work of art, testifying to why it is so great. Whether our arguments have validity and credibility and really resonate, is quite another question.
  15. Reminds of when the girl in the Stardust movie boasted that her fiance had been all the way to Ipswich.
  16. The late surge helped my totals greatly, but still well short of previous two months. Total sales: 18 Gross revenue: $623 Net revenue: $249 Images: 13300 After 10 years of resistance, in January I decided to start an extensive MS experiment of my own with the so called "tier 1 ms library". With February the first full month, 1000 images produced $82 net, which included a $19 and a $14 net sale within this total. Maybe this is just a first month fluke, I'll wait and see how it performs going forward before jumping to conclusions.
  17. I put 30k into a UK inflation calculator using 1990 as input date and output result adjusted for inflation today is 73k. If inflation is similar for USA then your current revenue levels are equivalent to a 90% drop.
  18. Hi, I am setting up a poll where you can anonymously share your total net revenues across all your libraries. This is the total received from libraries after they take their cut, but ignores your costs of production. I think it is an interesting subject. The more people vote the more informative it will be. Thanks Andy EDIT: By $, I mean USD.
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