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  1. The motors are pretty inexpensive but they do fail. Worth salvaging (not hard to do) unless of course the stripped gear is the one pressed onto the motor shaft! Edit: see what you mean, the gearbox is connected. Not sure if I've replaced just the motor.
  2. One by one all my Alamy bookmark menu logos are turning from little black tiles into bilious green circles. There are eleven of them. Yech.
  3. Only PU, but at least it was full price. Nice to see this finally go, and on a Saturday too.
  4. 🤩 Can't match that, pond's too muddy, just got a bit of Herb Robert.......much sharper this year......shame the click-through doesn't seem to work now. This one does though: https://postimg.cc/4nhpx1gZ
  5. I used get it in the neck when challenging this and other sorts of stuff, which is what the blocked list is for, so I was going to suggest you watch out, but you've had coronavirus twice, so you'll probably be able to put up with that sort of noise. Disappointed but no longer surprised here. I'm trying to avoid it, but of course if it's challenged I can't avoid the quotes! Not that it shouldn't be to save anyone's feelings.
  6. You may already have checked this, but the licence detail gives the territory licensed, but if you burrow down into "net revenue", you get where the sale came from ("Region) as well. My guess is that a good few of these will say "US". About a quarter of mine do.
  7. We're assuming you're in the UK with this advice, have found the image by chance. Have you also joined the forum specifically to ask about it? I don't know how common it is, but what doesn't "happen often" is for a professional photographer to get rid of negatives. Original transparencies may well have gone to clients, but I think it would be less common for negs. I certainly still have all mine, not a huge number admittedly, back to the late 70s. I think OP parting with the last print in 1993 probably precludes that. OP, the date on the image would probably come from
  8. 😀No getting away from it though- the buttons are all that colour. So is my bookmark avatar now.
  9. Not the best kind of sales you want (ok, they're the worst kind), but hey, that's what we do, even when it's not why we do it. You can always give the proceeds to one of his causes or something.
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