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  1. I've admired it respectfully from a distance. Probably with a glass in my hand and I don't mean the field variety.🍷
  2. You can't add more- they're grandfathered in from the old system. If anything it's an impediment to amending tags- if one image in a batch is over the limit, it stops you from adding anything.
  3. A good example of the sort. Waitrose's is a bit softer and easier to drink, Majestic's is very young and will soften in a couple of months. If you like a little bit of bite, I'd pick Majestic's, but Waitrose's is £2 cheaper (£1 if you buy 6🤪🍷). Wish we could share one, Ed.
  4. I know what you mean. It was November as well and a lot warmer than here. Hang on a minute........how can you see my glass of wine? Just a guess🍷?
  5. Wow. Ed, you can occasionally be persuaded to talk the talk, but you certainly walk the walk.
  6. |Ed, I can't compete with that and probably never will, but here's a recent one I like, Vila Nova de Gaia from Cais da Ribeira, Porto.
  7. That's a case of copyright infringement. Whilst copyright is of course property, I said and meant "property rights as such", separate from copyright, that would be covered by a property release.
  8. "there has never been a successful court case in which the image rights of property, as such, have been upheld."
  9. They were of course, originally contact printed from 35mm. films, so somewhere in the abandoned store-room of an old shop.........See Mitchell & Kenyon.
  10. It's worth mentioning that there has never been a successful court case in which the image rights of property, as such, have been upheld. Not even in the US A House’s Right of Publicity https://propertyintangible.com/2010/08/houses-right-of-publicity.html
  11. Silver City Airways https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silver_City_Airways so before 1962 when it became BUA, as seen carrying Morecambe and Wise's Rolls in "That Riveira Touch". Edit: as you say.
  12. I think my "preparation" only took seconds- you may have it by now!
  13. Most contributors tag after QC. Anyway, tags aren't reviewed in QC, only image quality, or in this rare case, content.
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