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  1. Not the best kind of sales you want (ok, they're the worst kind), but hey, that's what we do, even when it's not why we do it. You can always give the proceeds to one of his causes or something.
  2. A horrid thought. But 5-star generals do bypass QC- perhaps you've had a promotion. I've had 18 images waiting in MI for a couple of months. CBA.
  3. Then they bypassed QC. Five minutes is as near straight through as it gets- I'm a 5-star general and they're rarely that fast.
  4. I read "browser". Doh. You might type really really fast though.
  5. Proud recipients of an IgNobel prize, but it's quite prevalent elsewhere in England at the moment, accounts for quite a bit...... I can think of a few who wouldn't recognise metacognition if its mandibles were in conjunction with their posteriors.
  6. Easier that way than the time I was asked to remove the father..........after the album was delivered. Before digital it was a scissors deal. I ran away from that job as soon as I decently could.
  7. Yes, it's tending to the purple there now. BTW Andy's account is still up, don't know if he's asked for it to be removed or he's just staying away. Shame either way.
  8. Outrageous. If Alamy doesn't want them used it should take them off. Or is it a convenient bear trap.
  9. I'm not even going to look to see if I've got a piece of that action. I'd prefer a poke in the eye with a burnt stick.
  10. The way I read that answer, which seems to me a fair one, the answer to your original question is "no". The tier formula applies only to licence fees. The contract refers only to "content sales". There is a separate clause referring to collecting societies. FWIW I wouldn't myself expect DACS royalties to count towards tiers. Of course I could be wrong.
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