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  1. That may be useful for such thing as loss of income and damages, but NHS treatment is paid out of taxation- you don't have to sue just to pay for treatment, and you can't be bankrupted by medical bills either. You should try it. As a country I mean.
  2. I gave you a smiley.........then I realised it was Tony Hadley out of Spandau Ballet- Gold- what happed to 38 years!!!!!!
  3. I dunno, I might try Liverpool, seemed like a nice place when I was last there- for 22 hours. Better when someone else was paying, though.
  4. Well, since half my sales are dependent on unrestricted international travel, and the current regulations will turn a border crossing into an expensive medical experiment, not much.
  5. Vous avez peu mots clés anglais, et trop sont hors du sujet. Pur un agence anglais on n'utilise pas de mots français. Alamy fera la traduction.
  6. May I suggest that Michael uses a casting vote if there's another tie.
  7. So.......are you going to sue Network Rail or your cobbler....?
  8. You have a number of RF images (I noticed vehicles and houses) without property releases, which I have always believed is contrary to Alamy's rules for RF.
  9. You're also quoting US law- Alamy is a British company FWIW and fair use and transformation are pretty unique to the US. They certainly don't apply as you suggest in the UK or EU. Restoration isn't transformation and doesn't give rise to a new copyright- there's settled English law on this. You may have missed the point that it's a breach of contract to upload material you don't own the rights to. Also, if you've copied them off the internet, you must be relying on the original uploaders having no rights to them- the same applies to you.
  10. DON'T READ THIS AT LUNCHTIME. An unpleasant ailment of horses and the like. Their insides are basically in a bag, not supported as ours are.. They can't vomit, so if they eat something bad they can get in a bad way writhing about. The blood supply is cut off, cue blood poisoning. A vet can investigate with a very long rubber glove ( if you see a vet with brown arms, it's not necessarily suntan🤪............) Son's fiancée's horse has it. It was caught early so all should be well.
  11. I used one when I started out. Those older images are now the most difficult ones to add new tags to, because the limit is 50 and they are overtagged! More recently they have come and gone- the one I've used most recently is microstock keyword tool but that's not really a recommendation- as the name suggests it doesn't suit our business that well and it's very US-centric. I would only use it for a brand-new and unusual subject. Otherwise as you build up numbers you can cut-and-paste basic sets of tags for similar subjects, or, as others do, use hierarchies in Lightroom. But really,
  12. I think Webby may be onto this. bbc.co.uk is geoblocked outside the UK because it's supported by the licence fee which is only paid by UK residents. This is why you can't legitimately watch BBC shows outside the UK. bbc.com is separate and funded by advertising and the BBC's trading companies so it's available everywhere, but those particular images are hosted on bbc.co.uk and so blocked. It may be a mistake.
  13. I'll risk a recommendation here. I've used FF since about 2005 and I've never been back to IE. Copying over all your bookmarks is dead easy- and you can still run other browsers as well. I still use Chrome as it's a but smoother on maps on my machine
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