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  1. Valencia, Spain?

    It's a mussel montadito, Ed. Actually that was at El Uno de San Roman. The León is slightly plainer. Probably more of a breakfast place. If you love bulls enough to eat them, El Uno does oxtail. They don't muck about with fancy wine glasses either.
  2. Valencia, Spain?

    Seville is pretty flat. Touristy, sure, but it's big enough so you can get out of their way. There are cheap places to eat such as this where they serve this in the shadow of this and the apartments are round shady courtyards like this
  3. Car ID help please

  4. Trafalgar Square Photographer

    Just get on with it. You're a tourist.
  5. Trafalgar Square Photographer

    Meanwhile, we just get on with it under the radar.
  6. Trafalgar Square Photographer

    Twit. Did you take a photo of him? That would really have annoyed him.
  7. Zoom ratio cumulative scores

    The nearer to zero the better.
  8. Court of Justice of the European Union Press Release

    This follows on from the fairly abstruse "communicating to a new public" concept according to the Infosoc directive. It doesn't change much as regards a straight infringement. The pupil using the photograph was covered by whatever fair dealing provisions apply in German law, but the school board then published the essay online. That was the essence of the case. In English law I think it would have been more straightforward. IMO.
  9. "laeso" returns plenty of results, including yours. I think Alamy may already have done the transliteration for you.
  10. Archive- London South Bank in 1979 from the top floor of LCP $$$- rare these days. One of those weird affiliate thingies where I seem to get 38.5%? Wish I had some more of these, but getting there's very expensive.
  11. Help ID this dragonfly

    I think I agree with you, have you been here?
  12. August Challenge - NEWS

    I'm interpreting it as "news or could be news". This was submitted, swan duffing up a labrador Royal Wedding street party patriotic fairy cakes Rugby union, Stade Toulouse v Bordeaux-Bègles, Nov. 4, 2017, from the cheap seats with a 200
  13. Waterways marker id

    There would have been another one the other side of the channel so it was marked at high tide. As Wim says, green on the right, red on the left, from seaward. Presumably it was painted green on the seaward side. Although I don't know why it should be painted yellow on the landward side