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  1. I used to just drag down a grad filter or burn in with adjustment brush, but I found something better- if there's not much blue in the rest of the image, either reduce the blue luminance or increase blue saturation in the HSL panel.
  2. I think the website is accessible abroad, it's the programmes that are geoblocked for reasons to do with, erm, copyright.
  3. Er, no it isn't, unless you're paying to take photographs! If you'd earned nothing, that would be a reduction of 100%.
  4. Unfortunately severe headaches are now officially a COVID symptom.
  5. A month for QC is pretty awful. Still, at least we know the score now. Even I, a five-star general, was bagged the other week. But they went through overnight.
  6. As always the Fail has got it wrong. In fact Banksy has had one of his EU trademarks invalidated for bad faith. Correct details here http://ipkitten.blogspot.com/2020/09/copyright-is-for-losers-and-so-are.html As it's not about copyright per se it has no bearing on what Alamy will allow to stay up if they're threatened by lawyers.
  7. How about this? Tutakenai Street, Rotorua. https://collection.rotoruamuseum.co.nz/objects/11209 The struts look right, so do the windows on the blue building and the concrete mouldings on the frontage. That would be 60s, I think, there's a Morris Minor. I reckon it's this view. The pitched tile roof is right but the tall modern building has been replaced and the blue one is gone. https://www.google.com/maps/@-38.1384559,176.2515073,3a,75y,325.19h,95.04t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sYF6yj-JZ-pjJkUukMNUFag!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 Must have walked right past it in December.
  8. 😀 Try Courtenay Place, Wellington. There's a good deal of Art Deco there and that blue building on the left rings a bell. There has been a lot of demolition since the 70s. Forget that, Mckenzies was in Willis Street, too narrow. You must have seen this https://timespanner.blogspot.com/2012/04/mckenzies-variety-store-of-my-memory.html
  9. It's only suggested so that you can recover lost data. If you don't need to do that, you can scrap it.
  10. Not quite nature but transplanted from Holland.....OH's birthday chrysanths. Very yellow. I used this one elsewhere to illustrate the advantages of controlled lighting. This is the LR export from RAW, with no processing as such, only default NR and sharpening, not a slider touched. The colour is spot-on.
  11. I'm sure Alamy would do it eventually if asked, but you can select very large batches in image manager- certainly over 1000 at a time, I've just tried- then take off the restrictions in "optional". It takes a while for the batch to compile. Same batch select as in LR- click on the most recent sub, then shift-click on the older one. Just work your way down the sub list. It does sometimes freeze on the very large batches though. Edit: I'm not sure this works. MI says it has selected images but they don't show as such in the right-hand panel.
  12. It doesn't help shearwater directly but my experience is that UK infringers are by now well aware of the IPEC route (or they very rapidly become aware of it!) and know that it's not worth going to court just to quibble about the fee demanded. So one can recover a much higher settlement than Alamy would charge. My best results were between 5 and 10 times what Alamy would have charged to licence the infringing uses. However there is an EU small claims process- it doesn't cover IP as such, but of course one can simply render an invoice and sue on the debt when it isn't paid.
  13. I've modified the letter from EPUK in the past http://www.epuk.org/opinion/stolen-photographs-what-to-do?pg=4 In the UK we now have a small claims court for IP which makes things soemwhat easier.
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