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  1. Yes, Martinborough. Sorry, you can't mouseover to see my captions because I copy the image from AIM. You can do that as soon as they upload- you don't have to wait for the update.
  2. Something Māori and something tasty to round off my New Zealand contribution. Raukawa marae, Ōtaki Corn fritters and bacon. mmm bacon.
  3. You're right about the rainfall- I was surprised. Maybe because they don't have to salt the roads?
  4. Of course I could just have moused over the image and read the caption!
  5. There's no further "assessment" after QC. As you're 11 hours ahead, the update will probably occur during your working day, so images that you're working on may well appear trickle onto sale as you annotate them.
  6. Quite a few of these still left in New Zealand- they don't rot!
  7. I have about 9,500 of those.😀 Seriously, I still don't really know what will go, so I just put up images that I can imagine being searched for and be done with it. I have a not-bad rank so I know they'll appear fairly early given a following wind. If they're not that good and there's a lot of competition, I might not bother, but if they're up to scratch I usually reckon it's better to have a dog in the fight than not. The exception might be some particular interest of mine. Even so I come up gratifyingly high in tight searches. In one recent case that may be because I now have 3% of the entire collection of that niche.
  8. Since the OP didn't actually call we don't know. I was under the impression that the newsdesk was manned around the clock.
  9. Wow...... I had it down as somewhere like Bryce Canyon. Come to think of it, Les Orgues ring a bell- I think we visited them 30 years ago- no photographs though, they cost money!
  10. No, you're not. It's spectacularly insensitive.
  11. I don't know about that. We talked to the chap at the visitor centre- he was on the helicopter crew earlier!- that particular loo only needs emptying about 4 times a year and the job takes about 20 minutes. They don't want people burying waste- it doesn't decompose in the arid environment- so there are a comparatively large number of loos. The DOC consider it a small price to pay to keep the national parks pristine. It certainly wasn't crowded even in midsummer; even our short "hike" takes a few hours so no-one does it casually.
  12. About time you had a bit of Māori Raukawa marae, Ōtaki
  13. Possibly because that particular term is peculiar to the US and Alamy is British? We say "mobile". There are 2 pages of searches on "mobile phone" for the last month alone, and 5 pages for the wildcard.
  14. I just work through images a folder at a time and upload the same way. Before I had five stars it never occurred to me to try to game the system by manipulating batch size. In any case I don't think it makes any difference. Now I have I still work the same way- as far as I'm concerned my images would still pass QC.
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