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  1. Ah, memories.......its predecessor Photography At Work used to be one of our works outings. That and whatever the RPS had on at the Octagon in Spring, a not-too-unpleasant drive along the A4 (not the M4, heaven forbid), morning coffee in Marlborough and lunch at The Hole in the Wall where we were collecting loyalty stamps for a freebie- only ever got 5 out of 6 because the RPS moved to a salt mine in Devizes. It went back to Bath eventually but we never did. Looks like the Hole closed this year as well. Sigh.
  2. Yes and a takedown would be additional to that. It wouldn't negate the infringement. But you could just leave it up and see what happens. Just musing as a matter of law, in the UK or EU, the false claim that it's the poster's own work is a separate infringement as a breach of moral rights (the right of attribution). Not that it helps you, but I once got a settlement on those grounds alone- the image was CC on Wikipedia but the infringer failed to credit me.
  3. You could try sending Wikipedia a DMCA takedown notice. The don't make it easy to do, and they push back, but yours seems like a slam-dunk.
  4. This was a distributor sale which can take a long time to report. If you were paid then the distributor did in fact report, presumably after a reminder. This does not mean that Alamy is untrustworthy.
  5. Buena suerte, ahora tu comision es solo del 20%!
  6. Oh right. Forgot the reading part. No, never heard of him. But he's sure a lot of chief executives all at once. Old news: https://www.pressgazette.co.uk/clive-marshall-appointed-new-pa-group-chief-executive/
  7. I see directors and secretary, but not CEO. A whole day without explanation now. Wonder how the emails will be answered.
  8. Well I think the forum was having a bit of fun about that to to with those who have left including the pedants. But it doesn't mean the supermarket isn't wrong, and if you mean to compare with "at least", then "at least" there is a different usage which I think is correct. it's not But it may be a bit pedantic of me.
  9. Still nothing but tumbleweed in Abingdon..........
  10. There will be very few staying except the highest earners, and even they will probably be motivated to find better deals elsewhere.
  11. 😀In case anyone didn't know, it's a quote from General Buck Turgidson in "Dr. Strangelove".
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