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  1. I was relaxed about this- until yesterday! Someone was kind enough to post a tweet where an image of mine was used outside the terms of the PU. MS are dealing with that. I then thought it wise to check all my recent presentations as they're getting on for 10% of my sales. By volume of course- by revenue, not on your life! Anyway I found an ebay seller of film memorabilia selling copies of my Hill Valley Courthouse. Posing as a potential buyer I got him to admit he'd been sent it by a customer- presumably the holder of one of the 2 presentation licences. He's subsequently sold at least 2 copies at £20 a pop! Ebay have taken it down, but he's posing as a private seller so I can't get his address. I've asked this question of MS- what's the point of opting out of PU (as I do with all my archive) when a crook can just buy presentation at the same price in the UK? I'm not expecting an answer.
  2. Super black leopard photos

    My "layman" comment was not directed at you, but I'm no sure how one was supposed to interpret "I'm not convinced" in any way other than that you did doubt its veracity.
  3. Super black leopard photos

    Will this do? When the sightings have been confirmed by a PhD specialist in large carnivores from San Diego Zoo, I think that carries more weight than a layman's "somehow". Why do you need to doubt the evidence of your own eyes?
  4. Super black leopard photos

    I don't think you should be suggesting what would amount to deception. There's no reason to doubt this chap's bona fides- he's been doing this stuff for some time. For the BBC, no less.
  5. Images sold in February 2019

    Alamy confirmed it's a misuse of a presentation licence. He admitted licensing it, then deleted it. So I'm hoping he gets a bigger invoice now. He also sells copies of his collages so I'll be checking mine don't appear, though it's unlikely now. Second misuse today- someone with (I think) a presentation licence selling copies as film memorabilia on ebay. Ebay will hopefully take it down but he's already made sales so I have to find him first. I'm starting to believe the forum about abuse. ps. He's blocked me. I'm flattered. I was polite of course. It'll save me a lot of time not having to check up on him.
  6. Unfortunately this would put you in breach of contract. Alamy specifically warns against it on page 1 of this thread.
  7. General search from AIM

    A set of mine for a subject that isn't well covered on Alamy is there.
  8. General search from AIM

    Yes, it looks like a small subset of images(maybe 100 or so?) repeating. Odd. It might be worth trying a few other characters. If I have nothing better to do. Come to think of it' I'm sure I've clipped the hash key before, in error for "enter", and this hasn't happened. Maybe it'll go away again.
  9. General search from AIM

    I don't know if we're supposed to be able to do this, but if you put a hash after the search term in AIM, you get results from the entire collection, including your own. Just the image and reference, not tags, of course. I mistyped and thought it was a mistake at first.
  10. Super black leopard photos

    He's presumably used a slow enough shutter speed for the moonlight to register, in which case that's the ambient light exposure showing through the flash exposure.
  11. Favourite photos uploaded February 2019

    A friend had one in the 80s. It was like riding in a tin can. Classic cars are great, but practical? Hmm. Life's too short to grease the suspension.
  12. Slide Copying

    Sounds like a good retrofit for the Illumitran. No vignetting or bother about which DSLRs trigger the flash and which don't. If I had any film left to scan I'd think about it.
  13. Alamy measures

    Measures has been bust for so long I though you meant these.
  14. Images sold in February 2019

    Commercial electronic. Getting cheaper by the month. My home town- not something I readily admit nowadays.