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  1. As you well know you need more images each year just to stand still.
  2. Put up images buyers want. You've put up 200 since September. I put up 200 last week, and it's a quiet year for me.
  3. Since most PUs are at full price ($20) and my average this year is little more than that, what do I have to lose?
  4. German page-a-day calendar, low mid $$ direct. Nice to see Cs still selling (2012).
  5. Thanks for that one, I've just turned my pointer speed down a notch.
  6. Sure, everyone's got one of these, and I haven't had a zoom on Venice this year, but who cares, Venice is great.
  7. Derisory world distro. EU editorial website 5 years. My cut won't pay the £1.50 one-way train fare.
  8. Thanks, Wim and I sorted this out some days ago by looking at the 1000 Miglia starter list. Some of the gatti liberi of Venice, protected by law. Unfortunately, he's back as well..... Bunga bunga.
  9. Alamy could make their policy CRA compliant, and probably have, but they choose to have a more generous one. Perhaps they consider it better not to have disgruntled customers dissing them all over the internet.
  10. Not been to one of those brown cafés, have you, Wim?
  11. Drinks at Florian's, San Marco, Venice. Great theatre, but bring your best-behaved credit card. Via Garibaldi. We were just having a nice quiet spritz Select when one of those wretched cruise barges sailed past. Grr. The following week one of them squashed a river boat on the Giudecca.
  12. I imagine not- the images are just similar enough, and unusual enough. I notice surprising matches sometimes.
  13. I'm not sure but such a policy might fall foul of the consumer rights act in the UK- it's not usually possible to refuse a refund of an item bought at a distance.
  14. Numbers OK but averages down to about half of last year's.
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