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  1. This thread is for reporting sales, not whining about fees.
  2. Just had a look at my vineyard images. Some are marked as property some aren't. It depends whether I got around to doing it. Even if you identify the einzellage, most are owned by many growers, so I probably wouldn't worry about an image taken from a right of way. Thinking again, if I've identified the grower, I mark it as property.
  3. Jessops hasn't been decent value for years. A rocket blower off ebay for a few pounds will do the job. You'll need a confirmed address for Paypal, though.
  4. I find that most searches leading to sales are very specific, so your accurate tagging is very important.
  5. ht's hard to imagine getting a copyright royalty in the US without suing somebody.😉
  6. Apart from wanting to be relatively settled, I wouldn't worry too much about that per se. Mail from the NHS is never critical. I think I've had two letters from the NHS in 30 years.
  7. I'd simply assumed that the newer sensor was at least as good at high ISO as the A58's. Sorry if I'm wrong. I've been getting downsized 3200s past QC with the appropriate NR. RAWs, of course- the previous A55 could sometimes squeak through at 3200 in twilight mode (the one that merges a number of jpegs) but I've never needed to use it with the A58.
  8. As I explained above, that's also a breach of contract because the image is not accurately annotated.
  9. What you can do about it is have phrase tags, where relevant, because they have higher search significance. "bill wood" as a phrase tag appears first in that search- it's the name of an artist, and repeated in the caption.
  10. Yes, Alamy say it makes the collection "unstable", which is a fair comment, I suppose. MS will delete images if there's a good reason- duplicate or reprocessing I can think of, and I've had it done; a potential legal issue maybe. Ed's look like reprocessing.
  11. Alamy deprecate the removal of tags in case someone has the image on their lightbox, and it's actually a breach of contract. I was ticked off for recommending it a while ago. If you need a duplicate image removed, member services will do it- just send them the pairs of image references.
  12. Evidently a master of disguise, as suggested by your avatar.
  13. I expect it's the new publication matching percentages kicking in. With the emphasis on the kicking. I'm expecting a big drop next year as well when the VG Bildkunst one-off goes away.
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