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  1. I'd expect faster than that, maybe 3-4 MBps (yours is about 1.3) but my profile speed is about 60Mbps. Your files are a bit bigger than mine. Yes, it does two in parallel. About half an hour usually.
  2. Alamy parameters here Plenty of info on the Filezilla site though it it a bit techy. I'll follow this thread if you want to ask a question, which I will answer if I can remember how I did it!
  3. Enhancing Photo Images

    I'm entirely self-taught in digital imaging, so that's all I can recommend, except to say that your best single improvement would be to start shooting in RAW. There is much more scope for processing than with jpegs. For example, an overexposed sky- and you seem to have a few of those- is all but gone in jpeg, just like a colour slide, whereas you can usually recover a lot of detail in RAW, a bit like a negative. As Sally says, LR can be set up to do some of the heavy lifting for you. But exactly what to do- that's something we've all had to invest time and money in learning, and we don't all share it for free. Over time you will come to recognise what has been done to an image yourself. As Chuck says, it's common sense that you shouldn't alter news images, certainly no more than you would have done when making a b/w print. Some of the Reuters guidelines seem to be even more restrictive than that.
  4. Filezilla just works. Download it, set up the parameters from Alamy (you do need your password- not sure I remember mine!) and off you go. If you've got time to wait for web uploads, you've got time to set up FZ. Happy to help if needed.
  5. No idea, but since FTP takes a few seconds per image, I don't see the point. You can switch to another tab without affecting the upload anyway.
  6. Favourite photos in October '18

    Malzbier in Köln, made by one of the Kölsch breweries, presumably when they have nothing better to do. Google's no help BTW- it's malt extract, not brown ale. OH started counting her units and ordered some of this. The waiter called it "Schweinefraβ". They call a spade a spade. Holocaust memorial on the wall of the Jewish cemetery, Battonnstraße, Frankfurt. The stones are traditionally put on gravestones but of course they have none. I learnt later that one of the names is Anne Frank's. She was born here.
  7. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    I sold a picture on a Saturday. Of some shoes.
  8. No. Warranty 4.2 (i) You are the Copyright Owner of the Images or have authority from the Copyright Owner to enter into the Contract
  9. The fail reason can occasionally be mistaken- they may simply be SoLD, forum shorthand for soft and lacking definition. Would you have expected them to pass otherwise? If you post a 100% crop here opinions can be offered
  10. Duration and uses

    That's reassuring.
  11. Duration and uses

    I think it's just telling you the publication frequency and it's for a single use. The 5 years is just to cover archive.
  12. Those are RF sales. We don't get enough licence detail for you to do your own claim. Alamy has that info so presumably it can. I have very few RFs- that's one of the reasons. I do my own claim so can't answer the other question.
  13. Apart from the new arrangement forced on DACS by the CLA where uses are matched up directly, I don't think that's how DACS works. If the use falls into the categories covered by the scheme, it qualifies. ISBN/ISSN numbers also count. DACS can tell from the sales summary and net revenue report which uses are qualifying and which aren't. Those that are go on your tally to determine which payment level you get. It's cumulative, so you can get into a higher category with time.
  14. I just send in a sales summary and DACS decides what's eligible. All I itemise myself are any ISBN/ISSN numbers. It takes 20 minutes.
  15. Edo in Sevilla . . .

    Have you tried Airbnb, Edo? I haven't looked closely but there seem to be some reasonable options there, short-term.