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  1. I think your dashboard only shows 3 unless and until you're promoted to 5.
  2. That is how it works. A refund comes off your balance so if it puts it into the red you have to wait for more sales to get you back into the black. That most be quite unusual though, it's never happened to me.
  3. Bear in mind Alamy is not a specialist agency. I assume they still exist.
  4. I've had book covers, but I don't use categories. Buyers can work in out.
  5. I can just see lait écrémé. Including au chocolat. Skimmed milk (in bags- interesting).
  6. Got the Oxford. Very efficient setup at a pharmacist a mile away. And a doctor who appreciated my T-shirt with the unverified health claim. It's now my vaccination clothing of choice. I feel a bit tired now but that may be down to waking up early. Anyway if there are any side-effects I intend to blame the wine.
  7. It's starting to sound familiar to someone who has just had his EU nationality, not to put too fine a point on it, stolen. In its place is nothing. We now need various documents and there's a 90-day limit on stays in the EU. It's cold outside.
  8. He appears to be wearing an extra winter woolie.
  9. I did get a phone call a month ago but they thought I was a carer in whatever priority group and I didn't know if the call was kosher, because they'd only had my mobile number for a few days so I rang off. It checked out with the surgery so I felt such a fewl🤪 Note to self, trust NHS. Anyway what's a few weeks in the scheme etc. I booked last Wednesday. In on Saturday.
  10. Well I have one next week but they're coming here, so rather less of an outing. They want to shoot at an archive which is closed for the duration, so leafy Woodford will have to do. My invite letter- but it was dated the 24th. last and I've already booked on a tipoff from a friend. 5-star general but these got pulled in for QC this time. Edit: no worries, passed just now.
  11. Well, the sausage, bacon and the egg were there, but using the bap as a vehicle, if you like. The quality was fine, they're doing their best. I suppose you could even go down again for seconds, but these days you have to take it back to your room in splendid isolation. But it got me through to boxed beef curry on set at about 1430. With salad and ginger sponge. Also boxed.
  12. It's 4 times as much as I make from photography, that's what it is. Oh and yes, I am a grandad, honorary.
  13. To and from location. Most cast and crew were local or in hotels. But if a film needs a Steenbeck on set in the UK nowadays, it needs me, and you can see how many people were on that train. Besides, I'd had a test the day before. For cast and crew it's bi-weekly.
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