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  1. The 58 remote control is through the micro-USB socket There are some on ebay. The photos of the 68 seem to have that socket- it's under the flap that says "multi" on it. But there isn't a dedicated socket, no.
  2. I don't usually bother with grey skies unless there's no option. But if I can make the sky look dramatic I might have a go. You can usually pull quite a bit out of a RAW, and you can wring a lot out of the tiniest bit of blue with selective saturation in LR. I stop before it goes too turquoise. If you can get the focus away from the sky, that can work- this is a seller. There's even a bit of sky work in it- IIRC the original is solid white.
  3. We had that a couple of weeks ago, but I don't think Ed did. It was pretty warm in the North-East last week, but I think the Pennines got in the way.
  4. I'm with you but often it's cheaper to replace than refurbish. Or some politician gets a bee in their bonnet about old-fashioned dilapidated schools and wham, they've gone.
  5. Didn't work for me. Gruel tonight. Look after the horse..
  6. Beautiful. The one Carter threw Cliff Brumby off. A great modern building barely 40 years old replaced by a hideous pile of tacky pastiches that will look like slums in a decade. IMHO. Still, at least it was only a car park. Worse things have happened. I was! It's OK, Ed, I'm allowed the odd diversion when someone maligns my precious brutalist landmarks! Unfortunately I've only passed through Liverpool in the age of the DLSR, so all I have is this and a bunch of Antony Gormley's statues on Crosby beach. and this- sometimes autocontrast is your friend. You can just make out the Anglican cathedral and the radio tower.
  7. The brambles are usually out of sync, these apples won't be ready till October. But the fallers will crumble alright. No room in the freezer so we just eat them- lasted till April once. No 1 son's OH has a horse so she may get a bootful. There's one tree that will give us a few lbs of sweet ones about now, but you need a boiler suit and machete to get to it so we'll see. I should take some pictures.
  8. No. As I said, 59c, about 47 pence. Waitrose? You're 'avin a larf. We've got 3cwt waiting on trees as well.
  9. Grrr! Not with you on that! The best of these buildings are masterpieces of 20th. century architecture. Here are a few. One is on your doorstep.
  10. UK editorial website, you know the rest. Humorous fee- not funny ha-ha, naturally..
  11. Hah. Just bagged one of those blighters myself. I wonder what I can buy for 47p? I know a C doesn't owe me much but this is ridiculous.
  12. +1 on forgetting discoverability. I rarely get beyond 20 or 30 these days unless pasting from past similars- in which case it's a good idea to have room to do it, which you won't if you cram in tags up to the limit.
  13. Austria magazine, 10000 run inside, mid $$. 3 today- 2 in this magazine. Alas all distro.
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