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  1. You seem to assume it has happened, based on a single use of the word. Betty did not use it herself. Disagreement is not bullying.
  2. I assume that reference is to me. To be fair Betty brought them up herself in some detail, as I pointed out in the sentence in I said I was sorry about it. In a thread about trust in the media it seemed relevant. I will miss Betty and regret her retrospective emnity. I have no problems with my esteem, do not conflate criticism of my political leaders with criticism of me personally, and have not tried to prevent anyone from posting. Disagreement is not bullying nor enmity. It's only a forum- not sure how you "shout down" on one anyway.
  3. How sad to feel the need to use such language.
  4. Well that's alright then. Completely wiped out the virus in the US. Not. Pure, spin-free news for you!
  5. I don't suppose they'll be reading this either How science finally caught up with Trump's playbook – with millions of lives at stake https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/apr/04/trump-coronavirus-science-analysis
  6. Mount Ngauruhoe, Tongariro national park, NZ
  7. Unfortunately I think you've come up with another bit of fake news there.
  8. No idea who you mean. I haven't seen much that strikes me as particularly left-wing.
  9. This means nothing in Europe. We see what we see and we recognise statesmanship when we see it.
  10. That's quite a story- or at least part of one. https://eu.usatoday.com/story/news/2015/04/18/oklahoma-city-photo/25957831/ Lester Larue, a safety coordinator for the Oklahoma Natural Gas Company, also happened to be on the scene that day, he with a company camera because he initially thought the blast was a gas explosion. Later, a Moto-Photo clerk telephoned him to say Newsweek wanted to buy his pictures. Larue earned $14,000 for that photo and more money poured in after that from other sources, according to FamousPictures.org. At the suggestion of his wife, Larue had T-shirts made. His wife urged that the proceeds could go toward a statue depicting the image, according to the Famous Pictures website. But matters turned south when Larue learned Almon Kok had been on television condemning the making of money from her daughter's image. Oklahoma Natural Gas Company raised issue with the fact that the photo now attracting negative publicity was taken with the utility's camera. The company demanded Larue turn over what he'd earned from the photo or leave. He chose to leave the company. You wouldn't hand over your photographs without a court order. Neither willa TV company. Sauce for the goose. http://www.famouspictures.org/oklahoma-city-bombing/ s. The Magazine paid Lester $14,000 for the picture and it appeared on their May 1, 1995, cover. When the magazine hit the stands he became an instant celebrity and people started calling to make deals. Lester was both proud and ashamed of his claim to fame. He would sign magazines on the bottom right corner while blocking the image with his left. He was uncomfortable with the offers of money for photo rights. He worried the picture might be upsetting the baby’s mother. But a couple of weeks after the bombing, he saw Aren Almon, the babies mother, on the evening news saying she was proud her daughter had come to symbolize the innocence of the victims. That was enough for Lester, permission granted. Deals were made, money handed over: statues, posters, coins. His wife suggested T-shirts, with some of the profit going toward a downtown statue of the image. The shirts were only in stores a few days when he saw Aren Almon holding one of his shirts on TV livid that Lester was making money, off the image of her dead child. https://oklahoman.com/article/2555906/gas-firm-wins-lawsuit-over-bombing-pictures Gas Firm Wins Lawsuit Over Bombing Pictures .................. Published: Thu, October 3, 1996 12:00 email BIOG: NAME: UPD: 19 -TEXT- An Oklahoma gas company owns the dramatic photos its employee took last year while on company time covering the Oklahoma City bombing disaster, a judge ruled Wednesday. A nine-page ruling by U.S. District Judge Robin J. Cauthron settled the yearlong copyright dispute between Oklahoma Natural Gas Co. and Lester E. LaRue, a former 32-year ONG employee. ............... "Although (LaRue) was the individual who actually took the photographs, he was acting within the scope of his employment at the time the photographs were taken," Cauthron said in the ruling. The judge also said LaRue told the Canadian Broadcasting Co. last year that he used the company's film and camera while taking the photographs. LaRue's statements, the judge wrote, "were clear and unequivocal that he took these pictures as part of his job." Jerry J. Dunlap, LaRue's attorney, said it is "highly likely" that he will appeal the ruling. Dunlap said he was "terribly disappointed" with the ruling, particularly because ONG's president admitted in a deposition that the photographs bear no relationship to the company's business. ......................... Aren Almon and Fields intervened in the lawsuit, claiming LaRue should have consulted them before selling the photos and causing T-shirts depicting Fields and Baylee Almon to be sold publicly. Attorney Brooks Douglass, representing Aren Almon and Fields, said he has not discussed with his clients what to do with any money derived from the lawsuit. Aren Almon said her attorney advised her not to comment. Douglass said, "Really what they're after is control over how the photograph is used, and that can probably be done by working with ONG now." Sherry said the judge has requested attorneys to determine how much money was earned from the photo rights and what will be done with the proceeds. Dunlap said LaRue will dispute how much money ONG should receive. LaRue earned about $40,000 from the photographs and donated some of that to charity, he said. Most of the money has helped pay for attorney's fees and costs, he said. "Mr. LaRue was not fighting as a matter of greed," Dunlap said. "He was fighting for a principle, which was his right to determine how that photography was to be used and where the money would go." A separate federal lawsuit is pending in which LaRue claims the company wrongfully terminated him during the dispute over the photos. Dunlap does not think the copyright ruling will adversely affect the wrongful termination lawsuit. Sherry said, "This is a sad footnote to a more intense tragedy. No one ever wanted to see Lester lose his job. It did not have to come to this, but sadly, he persisted." All fake news? As an envoi........... https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/the-accidental-photographer/article28511579/ How Charles H Porter IV, the "other photographer", suffers still from PTSD. .................................. If you actually listen with bated breath to what comes out of Trump's mouth, well. As I said earlier he condemns himself with every word. Betty, I'm sorry if this is difficult for you, and your late husband can no longer defend himself, but you let this cat out of the bag yourself.
  11. Quite funny really- the police spend years saying that the press card has no special validity, in order to justify harrassment, and all of a sudden it does!
  12. No reason but your own. You had not done the "attacking or ridicule"- but you knew that. The quote was from what you said in defence of others.
  13. You as in one not you as in you. But you as in you probably knew that already.
  14. Challenged, certainly. Defence of the unspeakable lays you open to that. But not specifically? We're managing. Ed lived in the US until very recently. He was in the midst of it and has a dog in the fight legitimate interest in the discussion- more so possibly than you or I.
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