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  1. Search ignores diacritics so I only put them in captions, out of courtesy to the language. But I try to remember to add the "e"s. Edit: I evidently don't try very hard. I have 212 images of Köln but only 28 with koeln in the tags. How popular a search do you think it would be?
  2. I think the Ecomomist would come up as "UK" in net revenue, not US as this one did.
  3. All I can add is that I've had sales to Japan, so presumably the distros do their own translation.
  4. Apparently no-one in the US has ever later successfully disaffirmed a licence they issued as a minor. I don't know anything about US law but it seems to me that unless you disaffirmed on the day you turned 18 you'd stand no chance of reasserting your rights. Any user would probably have a good-faith defence- since, as the guidance says, minors can hold copyright and licence images, how could they know you were a minor who might later change your mind about a licence?
  5. Alamy has already explained this. Surely you know that sales take some months to report. How could the buyer predict that you would restrict the image after he had downloaded it?
  6. Can't you split that up into 2 days? There must be a Motel 6 or something. Shame to miss the opportunity. I remember doing 536 miles in one day once, Newport Beach to Tahoe, and it was a mistake. I did get to see Mt. Whitney though.
  7. I'm with you, Ed. Rarely over 25 nowadays. I leave some free to copy over tags from similar subjects, and some space for when some of my images are missing in a search and I realise I've missed something out, like "uk" or "english". Captions, just what and where and who. Not even all of Kipling's six honest serving men. Usually the caption just gets copied over into tags, split up if required.
  8. What's the weather like? Are there ducks? Or dogs on leads?
  9. I wonder if Stefano is aware of "Which" magazine. What's the image?
  10. So maybe they've just thrown out the baby and the bathwater is still there. Including whatever the baby left in it. I'll get my coat.
  11. Sorry to jump in, but if it's just a bit dusty, air from a blower, or just a clean soft brush. If it's smeared, isopropyl alcohol would do, if you have it, or lens cleaning fluid. I used high proof clear spirit (the sort you drink) once. Next best, distilled water, or if your mains water is soft, that. Just keep the pressure to a minimum. A cotton bud (Q-tip) is a good tool. The surface shouldn't be particularly delicate- it's not like a lens. But treating it like one won't hurt.
  12. Till now I thought Alamy's action was just crass and incompetent. Now, it's shameful as well. Pulling the plug on someone you've actually accredited- I'm speechless.
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