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  1. We have a winner..by a dog's nose! It was was a close race between Doc's Cuban Man and Colblimp's Man and His Dog. It's over to you Colin!! Congrats! And thank you to all who voted, I think we have a record of over 60 votes!! I am sorry I couldn't put more images in the final cut, so many were worthy! It was a joy to go through them all and heartache to cull them down to only 8! Michael
  2. My last submission, the other day, went thru instantly (currently 5 stars)
  3. USA, The New York Times (print), Mar 7th 2021 issue Book Review section Pg. 13, Illustration of Joan of Arc 1429, ClassicStock (Alamy credit only)
  4. I would agree that that is how we all see or judge photos (art) but we subconsciously take into consideration much of what Steve F listed.
  5. Don't forget, what one person finds pleasing and beautiful, another can find it irritating and dull...for a whole host of reasons
  6. For four years, I was the moderator of an annual travel photo competition (for a North American group of travel writers and photographers) and it would take in about 1,500 submitted images to be juried. Part of my job was to find three qualified judges to pick the winners. Each year they would be different people and most were magazine or newspaper editors, who select travel images as part of their work...or I would find travel photographers who were not part of this organization. These were people who edit at or took travel images for a living. Well every year, without fail, after the sho
  7. That brings up a good question. Does the "New" button bring up the newest uploads or most recent taken based on metadata? Ah. just found the answer to my question. When you mouse over the "New" button, it says that images are sorted by date taken.
  8. I have never understood why dental is separated from all other medical health issues, so most people have to buy stand alone dental insurance or pay out of pocket. At least that is the case in the U.S.
  9. We have a "horse race" going on here! So please vote if you haven't yet! I love a close competition but we still have 5 days yet til the poll closes.
  10. I know it seems odd but Alamy treats Stockimo as a separate entity and wants to keep it that way. I don’t make the rules, just try to play by them.
  11. Hi Sarah, Sorry but Stockimo can't be discussed on this Alamy forum. You will need to contact Stockimo directly with a question or maybe there is a users group on Facebook. Michael
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