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  1. Holocaust memorial (Yad Vashem) in Jerusalem. German newspaper use for low $$
  2. USA, National Geographic History magazine, July/August 2019 issue Pg. 89, Aerial of the Shirley Plantation, Virginia, Chuck and Pat Blackley
  3. Tom Friedman, an American journalist and author. For magazine use high $$
  4. Its hard to say about quantity of sales being better if you have a large amount of North American images, but I am pretty sure that U.S. photo buyers pay more per image and probably buy more North America content.
  5. Yes, the $$$ "dodo" is getting harder and harder to spot in our sales reports! Had this presentation use for the usual $$ of an old carousel in Mississippi, USA
  6. One of 5 photos sold to the same travel marketing buyer for high $$ each. This one shot on the Colonial Parkway in Tidewater Virginia
  7. Five sales from the same buyer dropped in this morning, all for the same high $$! Nice way to start the week!
  8. Great topic AVPics! My three: 1) Two WWII Veterans at the WWII War Memorial in Washington DC 2) An emotional woman touching the name of a fallen U.S. soldier at the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington DC 3) Night has fallen on a war memorial in Charleston, West Virginia, USA
  9. USA, The Washington Post, Arts and Style section, June 9th, 2019 issue PG. E5, Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct movie, MARKA
  10. This is a super powerful and inspiring image. I could easily see it being used in advertising and being in B&W makes it even that much more awesome!! I wish it was mine!!
  11. The Brown Hotel lobby in Louisville, Kentucky IQ magazine sale for $$$
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