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  1. US Editorial web use for mid $$. A Trump owned golf resort in Virginia (USA).
  2. A couple of sales have come in today. Both were for low to mid $$. This one was for an EU editorial web use.
  3. USA, The Washington Post, September 19th 2021 issue Book Review section Pg. 16, Anna Dostoyevskaya, Sputnik
  4. Yep like a roller coaster alright. After two really nice months, I feel like I am almost free falling with my hands up in the air. Never did like roller coasters. It’s good to see that some people are having a good month! One thing that is making a bad month at Alamy, not so depressing, is that this might end up being my best ever month for assignment work.
  5. A lousy month for me so far. Have had some sales but all low fees. I even had one sale reported today that was refunded immediately...so the sale was posted and refunded at the same time...why bother posting it at all?
  6. Windows 10 password screen wallpaper, September 17th 2021 Newcastle, England, Robert Cole
  7. I haven’t shot anything strictly for the sake of stock but will upload photos that can be stock worthy, from assignment shoots.
  8. Standard for the 50s and 60s, my father and my friends' fathers were all pretty much hands off with the kids. I was much more hands on with my two. Did as much diaper changing as their mom, did most of the cooking and laundry and plenty of cleaning....but I would say that most of my childhood male friends were similar to me with doing a lot more then their dads. I think everyone is better off for it! Of course one big difference, is that today most wives/moms I know, work full time too.
  9. Agreed, one of the best photo journalists ever. Got to see a show of his work in a small town in Maine, I happened on it by chance. I had to do a double take when I saw his name outside a small gallery. The highlight of that trip!
  10. USA, Food Network magazine, October 2021 issue Pg. 18, Sambal Oelek (bowl cut out), Handmade Pictures Pg. 34, Bagel (cut out just the "everything bagel"), Suzanne Itzko
  11. Windows 10 password login wallpaper, Sept 13th 2021 Iceland Beach, Myron Standret
  12. Still have a little more than 2.5 weeks of September....fingers crossed!
  13. Been slow for me as well. I have some sales but fewer than usual and at low fees.
  14. I have never been to India but I have heard that McDonald's there have vegan (or at least vegetarian) burgers....for obvious reasons
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