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  1. I think this one has come up before but it showed up today on my Windows 10 password screen Nov 28th 2020 Nikko, Japan, Sean Pavone
  2. This is tough. Like asking who is your favorite kid. This one does come to mind as it just came together so nicely. I stumbled on this coffee shop in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana that was having an informal Cajun music jam session. I felt like it said so much about the sense of place. I was on an assignment from a U.S. newspaper travel section and they ran this the full top half of the opening page of that section, which just made my day!
  3. USA, Parade magazine, Nov 29th 2020 issue Pg. 6, Joe Exotic of the Tiger King tv show, The Hollywood Archive Pg. 17, Glenn Close from the moive, The Wife, The Moviestore Collection
  4. True, it isn’t all that big but what you don’t see are the East Wing and West Wing. And I believe there are two sub floors and a floor above the floor with the windows, that top floor has more living space for the family, not bedrooms, but more like casual areas like dens and play areas for kids.
  5. USA, Travel + Leisure magazine, Dec 2020 issue Pg. 14, Mexico City, Cathyrose Melloan
  6. Oh yes, me too! I used the Cradoc software as well and the noisy dot matrix printer. A good friend of mine created a competitive program called Power Software for captioning and I started using that. He kept giving me free versions as long as I helped him find the bugs in the program. I got pretty good at that system...but a lot less information on a slide mount then what we can add to our photos today!
  7. USA, The New York Times online Nov 26th 2020 For an article on underground fresh water rivers on the Big Island of Hawaii, Bryan Lowry
  8. A personal use ($$) of Dr Francis Collins, the Director of the National Institutes of Health in the U.S.
  9. Thinking about, I am a visual person and writing was never my strong suit....it uses a different area of the brain, I suppose, an area that gets pretty rusty. I do enjoy the post shoot image processing, it can be somewhat like being in a darkroom (without all the messy chemicals). I loved the darkroom process, back in the day!
  10. Yes, pay for use, absolutely! Long before the digital era, I submitted film photos, to a magazine, for a stock request they had. All the film was returned and they said that none was used. Well someone had written a note on one of the transparency mounts saying "Scan the sky". When I saw the magazine, I sure did recognize the sky in this two page spread was mine! I called the photo editor and she seemed upset that I wanted to be paid but they did. Sadly tho, I didn't hear from that magazine for a while. Well, she has long since gone and now that magazine is my biggest client! I shoot for
  11. For me, it’s the tagging and captioning. Well at least that is the part I least enjoy and find it a real chore!
  12. I took opiates with my broken arm. I mostly took them at night to help sleep but I hated how groggy I felt throughout the next morning, not to mention, they can make you constipated. So I only used them when I REALLY needed it. Not sure about in the U.K., doctors here can only prescribe around 10 at a time so you can't get too much into a mess with them. Only a quack doctor would keep prescribing them to the same patient. My daughter, the nurse, was always very concerned about me taking them....I kept reassuring her that I was in no danger of getting addicted.
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