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  1. USA, The Washington Post (print), Travel section, Oct 20th 2019 issue Photos credited to Alamy only Pg, F2, Hickman Natural Bridge, Utah, Tom Till Pg. F2, Kolob Canyon, Utah, Ian Dagnall Pg. F2, Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo, Japan, Patrick Batchelder
  2. View of the Mississippi River from a passenger airplane (keep a camera handy while flying!). Indoor display for a healthy $$$!
  3. I believe that murals are okay but must be marked for editorial use only.
  4. Completely agree! Pubs tend to be cozy and warm and have the possibility of good food and music.
  5. USA, National Geographic History magazine, Nov/Dec 2019 issue Pg. 5, Ashkelon, Israel, V. Dorosz Pg. 81, Mural depicting slaves, Ouidah, Benin, Michele Burgess Pgs. 90-91, The Central Terrace of Teyuna, Colombia, Rui Freitas (Alamy credit only) Pg. 92, Stone stairway in Teyuna, Colombia, Panther Media GmbH (Alamy credit only)
  6. Dr Francis Collins, head of the U.S. National Institutes of Health. Norway book use for low $$
  7. USA, Food Network magazine, Nov 2019 issue Pg. 8, Farro, Picture Partners (credit to Alamy only) Pg. 140, Explorer Laudonniere, Too many contributors have this same image so I don't know which one (credit to Alamy only)
  8. Photo of my son more than ten years ago. RF sale to Brazil for a book use. Low $$
  9. Volunteers with Habitat for Humanity" working on house. Education use for low $$$
  10. The Vatican Library. Worldwide magazine/book use for mid $$
  11. USA, The Washington Post (print), Oct 13th 2019 edition Arts & Style section Pg E12, Still from the movie, Sound of Music, Allstar Picture Library Travel section Pg. F2, Perast village on the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro, Jack Malipan Travel Photography (credit to Alamy only) Pg. F2, Dubrovnik, Croatia, Philip Berryman (credit to Alamy only)
  12. An abandoned roadway in central Pennsylvania, USA. Editorial web use for low $$
  13. Congrats Ognyan! So glad you decided to take on the challenge of the Challenge! Love your topic. Here are my three: 1) Sunset clouds reflecting in a parking lot 2) Museum reflection in Washington DC 3) Rooftop Pool Scene
  14. Yes, I think so. We may need to add, when a challenge starts, that one must be able to run the next challenge, if you win. In other words don’t enter if you can’t or are unwilling to run the challenge the next month.
  15. USA, AARP magazine, Oct/Nov 2019 issue Pg.1, Julie Andrews, PictureLux/The Hollywood Archive Pg 57, Cobh, Cork, Ireland, David Creedon Pg. 58, The Observatory in Armagh, Northern Ireland, Eye Ubiquitous There were some other Alamy photos in this issue that I could not find.
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