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  1. Since the pandemic started, it has become commonplace around here, in DC, and in the U.S. in general, I believe, that most restaurants have ditched the physical menu and you just point your phone’s camera at a QR code and that will bring up a menu….no apps to download. That, I think, is brilliant! I am sure the restaurants keep paper menus handy for those who may not have a smart phone. Betty, that would really irk me too. And Ed, a complicated app would sending me running out the door too!
  2. I love these. Love the mix of hard and soft edges. Beautiful countryside scenes. Well done!
  3. A couple of I.Q. U.K. editorial magazine uses (same buyer) for low to mid $$. Both of the Colonial Parkway in Virginia, USA
  4. A U.S. IQ Editorial use for near mid $$. An early digital shot of my daughter, back when I did shoots just for sake of stock.
  5. USA, The New York Times newspaper, June 13th 2021 issue Front section Pg. 14, "Noah's Ark", Ipswich, Suffolk, UK, David Johnson
  6. Windows 10 Password screen wallpaper Verona, Italy, Volha Kavalenkava Panther Media GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo (poss another frame as there were some similars)
  7. USA, Parade magazine, June 13th 2021 issue COVER, RV's at Big Sur, California, Ron Niebrugge Pg. 11, RV at Monument Valley, Utah, Ian Dagnall
  8. This is all a sad point in our collective stock world. Whether or not you stay or go, it will never be like it was (as life has a way being like that). Sad to see the Alamy forum family break up some. I have enjoyed each and everyone of you. Lots of great characters and wonderful insight and knowledge spread around. While I have never met a single one of you, I feel I know some of you so well that we have become old friends. I am planning to stay but mostly because I see nowhere else that is any better and don't have the time or desire to move my nearly 10,000 images elsewhere. My portf
  9. Have only been shooting stock when I am out shooting jobs and the other day I had a portrait to do in Georgetown, in Washington DC at this spot along the C&O Canal. Not the best light but a pretty scene.
  10. USA, Cooks Illustrated magazine, Jul/Aug 2021 issue Pg. 26, Coconut tree, Design Pics Inc Pg. 26, Soybeans, Nigel Cattlin Pg. 26, Sesamum Indicum Plant (sesame seed producing plant), Blickwinkel Pg. 26, Rice plant, Blickwinkel (possibly not this one, hard to tell...such a small detail was used Pg. 26, Walnut Tree nut, Matthijs Wetterauw (credited to Yoshiyuki Kaneko)
  11. U.S. TV use for high $$. The National Institutes of Health campus aerial, Bethesda, Maryland
  12. Congrats again Paulette! Nice challenge subject. My three 1) Three generations of women 2) A family photo opp with Lady Liberty in New York's Central Park 3) A family out apple picking
  13. Looks like Culture Trip uses for mid $. Both from Baltimore, Maryland
  14. I remember that book! That is quite the venerable list of photographers from that era!!
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