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  1. USA, The New York Times newspaper, August 18th 2019 issue Sunday Styles section, Pg. 7 Pamela Anderson in "Baywatch" tv show, Credit to Alamy only so it could be from a few different contributors. The New York Times Sunday Style Magazine, Pg. 116, Jain Temple in Gujarat, Palitana, India, SFM Titti Soldati
  2. Joined in 2005, but only one sale late in that year. The rest were from 2006. $54 199 200 347 285 480 198 118 85 85 The last ten sales 154 50 7 85 120 34 34 200 58 239 Different times for sure!
  3. USA, The New Yorker magazine, Aug 19th 2019 issue Pg. 10, From the movie "The Round-Up", Photo 12
  4. USA, The Washington Post, Style section, Aug 18th 2019 issue Pg C1, Peanuts cartoon image, Photo 12
  5. Monhegan Island, Maine, USA (Sony RX10 iii). Travel brochure use for $$$
  6. Years ago, when I had a non Apple phone, I had an app called Google Goggles and it sounds like a similar offering. With that tho, you had take a picture of something, while using that app, and it would attempt to identify it.
  7. I am on target to meet last year's totals for both volume and revenue. I hope they can be beat tho!
  8. Sales have been quiet all week and then a +$200 sale dropped in this morning! A direct exclusive image too! Thanks Alamy, I needed that.
  9. USA, The Washington Post, Metro section, Aug 12th 2019 Pg. B3, Brass bed frame, George Robinson
  10. USA, The New York Times newspaper, Book Review section, August 11th 2019 issue Pg. 10, Mural in Delta, Colorado, Witold Skrypczak
  11. Looks like blue was fashion trend of the day! Good looking bunch, too bad Lisa didn’t jump in the shot.
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