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  1. Post your positive results in 2019 here! :)

    A $225 popped in today and if had sold tomorrow, I would have gotten 20% less! A non-exclusive image.
  2. Favourite photos uploaded February 2019

    A couple more from my recent trip
  3. Images sold in February 2019

    Taiwan magazine use $$
  4. Have you found any Alamy images in February 2019?

    USA, National Geographic History magazine, Mar/Apr 2019 issue (continued) Pg. 68, Interior of the Lobkowitz Palace, Vienna, Austria, Vario Images GmbH & Co.KG (credit to Alamy only) Pg.70, Heiligenstadt House near Wein, Austria, Home of Beethoven, Volkerpreussor (credit to Alamy only) Pg. 71, Theater an der Wein, Vienna, Austria, Hackenberg-Photo-Cologne (credit to Alamy only) Pg. 81, Joseph Pulitzer, Could be one of two contributors with identical images (credit to Alamy only) Pg. 82, Remember the Maine sheet music cover (credit to alamy only) three contributors with the identical image Pg. 87, Cuban Rebels 1898, Photo 12 Pgs. 90-91, Ay Khanom, Afghanistan, Danita Delimont Pg. 94, Tearoom, Ay Khanom, Afghanistan, Kenneth Garrett
  5. Have you found any Alamy images in February 2019?

    USA, National Geographic History magazine, Mar/Apr 2019 issue Pg. 6, Illustration of Franz Anton Mesmer, Science History Images (credit to Alamy only so it could be from another contributor) Pg. 9, Photo of a "baquet" at the Museum of Medicine and Pharmacy in Lyon, France but could not find (credit to Alamy only) Pgs. 14-15 two page full bleed, Konya Plain, Catalhoyuk, Turkey, Marion Bull Pg. 16, Aerial of Catalhoyuk, Turkey, Images and Stories Pg. s 20-21, Ancient clay figure, Catalhoyuk, Turkey, Vincent J. Musi Pg. 22, Skeletal remains of a child, Catalhoyuk, Turkey, Vinvent J. Musi Pg. 24, Bull skull art, (credit to Alamy only and cannot find) Pg. 36, Apollo statue (cut out) from the Delphi Archaeological Museum, Greece, Ken Welsh Pg. 38, The reconstructed Athenian Treasury, Delphi, Greece, Reynold Mainse Pg. 51, Painting of Copernicus, National Geographic Creative/Alamy Pg. 56, Triquetrum astronomy intrument, Robert Milert Will continue in another post since I may exceed the number of photos allowed
  6. Images sold in February 2019

    Bill, at least you got a little bit of money back on the price of the room!
  7. Images sold in February 2019

    A decent fee for a book use! $$$ Taken in Egypt
  8. Have you found any Alamy images in February 2019?

    USA, The New York Times newspaper, Feb 17th 2019 issue Book Review section Pg. 8, Virginia Woolf, Pictorial Press Ltd The New Times Magazine Pgs. 42-43, ERA 1103 UNIVAC 2 Calculating Machine ca. 1955 , Hum Images
  9. With only about 6% of my roughly 8,000 photos on Alamy being non-exclusive, is there a way to mark all exclusive and then go back and change those that are not exclusive? Apologies if this was cover already or elsewhere on the Forum. In AIM, I do not see a filter for exclusive or non-exclusive...or "select all" when I click on my main psuedo. Thanks in advance for any help! Michael
  10. Images sold in February 2019

    Commercial Electronic Use.....Very low $
  11. Have you found any Alamy images in February 2019?

    USA, The Washington Post, Travel section (print and online), Feb 17th 2019 issue Pg. F4, Ceiling of the Chicago Cultural Center, Jose Vilchez
  12. February 2019 Challenge: "What is Love?"

    These are all LOVELY Photos! Keep em coming!! Hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day....if that is something you do. I spent mine on an 11 hour shoot for a new museum in Washington DC.....I need a do nothing weekend....lots of pics to edit tho.
  13. Favourite photos uploaded February 2019

    Slowly getting my Greece and Italy photos up and annotated on Alamy. One more from the Acropolis.
  14. Have you found any Alamy images in February 2019?

    USA, Food Network magazine, March 2019 issue All photos are credited to Alamy only Pg. 18, Bananas Foster (cut out), Tim Hill Pg. 18, Yellow flower-shaped cookies (could not find) Pg. 18, Eggs in peppers (cut out), Svetlana Foote Pg. 24, Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing (cut out), Betty LaRue (love finding a fellow Forum member's photo!!) Pg. 24, Doritos Cool Ranch chips, Helen Sessions (it pays to shoot your groceries!) Pg. 31, "funeral potatoes" (cut out), Zoonar GmbH Pg. 52, Dinosaur pasta (cut out), Polina Krylova