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  1. Thanks William! This was taken from a rooftop deck of a hotel. After I was shooting a bunch photos, I overheard this guy talking to his wife about all the details of this ship that just passed. So I started talking to them and he showed me a ship spotting phone app that has all kinds of info, such as, where the ship is flagged, what it is carrying, where it is coming from and going to etc... He said that they live along the New York City port and view ships every day, from their home, and comes from a line dock workers.
  2. Real nice blog Edo. Love my slippers. In the last 15-20 years, I have had two pairs of "Life is Good" slippers. They have a nice hard sole so I can run out to my car in them, without worry of ruining them. The only reason I had two, I gave my first pair to my ailing father when he needed slippers badly. These are similar to what I have...not sure they are available in the U.K.
  3. USA, The New York Times, online, Sept 19th 2020 For an article on bees' brains, Blickwinkel
  4. A Saturday P.U. for the full U.S. price, low $$. Savannah, Georgia
  5. Many thanks for the spot Bryan! Just waking up here on the eastern side of the U.S.
  6. USA, The New York Times, online, Sept 17th 2020 For an article on the Vikings, Chronicle For an article on tree toxins, Australian nettle tree, Peter Righteous
  7. USA, The New York Times, Sept 13th 2020 Online: in an article on the extinction of a horse species. Mongolia, Nature Picture Library In Print. Pg 1 of a special section called "DealBook" Historical Photo of a copper smelter in Arizona, USA, Glasshouse Images
  8. An early digital pic shot 15 years ago. Presentation use for the full price $$
  9. It sounds like maybe it is just your pilot light that has gone out on the furnace. At my old house, I had to re-light it almost every fall. I just hope you don’t pay a lot if that is the only issue. It is fairly easy but understandable if you are not comfortable doing it yourself.
  10. This image was invoiced twice to the same client and use, so I expect one will get refunded. France magazine use for upper and mid $$. Tho, if they both stick, I won't mind!
  11. A little below normal number of sales and lower values for sure.
  12. Like many others, I got these Travel and Tourism tiddlers today too. I got three ranging from $3 to $5 also. A vineyard in New York state. A concert hall in Maryland A science museum in Baltimore, Maryland
  13. USA, Food Network magazine, October 2020 issue Pg. 18, Photo of avocados on white, could not find. Credit to Alamy only. Pg. 36, Photo of fried chicken on bread, could not find. Credit to Alamy only Pg. 100, Reese's Pieces (pieces cut out), Felix Choo (credit to Alamy only)
  14. Colin, so sorry to hear this news. I have been there. Was able to stay in the "rodeo" for 16yrs, fortunately it was probably the best for both of us and we remain on very good terms. A fitting subject for the challenge...2020 has be been broken is so many ways. My three. 1) An old and broken statue of "Our Lady of Sorrows" in New Mexico, USA 2) A depressed teenager in her bedroom 3) A broken down toy car on a road map
  15. Thank you Sally! I think the magazine has received a fair amount of good response. They were worried about having a face on the cover and only seeing eyes.
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