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  1. If you really don't want to do it yourself, I have heard of ScanCafe They have been around for a while and pricing seems reasonable. You'll have to do the research on them.
  2. Thanks for the update Paulette, I've been wondering how Betty was doing. Sorry to hear that she had a fall!
  3. USA, The New York Times newspaper, Jan 16th 2022 issue Book Review section....a reuse from Jan 2nd Pg. 5, SInclair Lewis on his wedding day, 1928, Smith Archive
  4. Hi James, I didn't know that the DJI cameras were good enough to pass Alamy's QC. Some nice shots but your caption and tags are lacking in specifics. You are more likely to sell images here that are identifying exactly where they are taken rather than being vague. Tags like "vibrant sky" will be of little use. Think like a reporter who has to get the Who, What, Where, When answers. Even add in the country, city, state, county, town, region, etc... Not sure about how to change your username. Best of luck.
  5. A couple of Personal Use sales today, both for the full $$. This one was taken on the island of St. Lucia (film scan).
  6. A U.K. magazine use for low to mid $$. King Tut's burial mask, Cairo, Egypt
  7. Best wishes and fingers crossed for a great outcome Betty!
  8. Yes, I remember when that happened to you. I too needed a stress test and my cardiologist wanted me to do it chemically and my nurse daughter begged me to do the treadmill even if it hurt. It was after your experience and so I had your story and my daughter's insistence in mind, and so I said, no, I will do the treadmill. I know in your case, you didn't have much of a choice. Oh and BTW, they never told me about possible reactions either.
  9. January has been pretty good so far with 11 sales and two of those are +$$$. On the assignment front, however, I am off to a slow start. Looking at past Januarys, I was much busier. I do have a new assistant working with me and she has been great so far, lots of energy and eager to learn photography! She even went to my old high school...of course only the name and location are the same. They rebuilt the school and I am very certain she had no teachers that I had.
  10. Yes, having a realistic warning of what may be ahead for you is better than being unhappily surprised. I know there are cynics out there but I doubt your doctors would recommend doing this operation if they didn't feel it would be very beneficial for you, in the long run. I am like you in that I hate taking pain meds any more than really needed. When I broke my arm badly a few years ago, what ever they shot me up with really took the edge off and was welcoming, but once in the cast, I was done with pain meds. I hope you are rewarded with lots of nice sales while recovering!!
  11. I hope she will reconsider and let you stay in the car this time 😆
  12. Two U.S. TV uses from the same buyer today, both low $$$. Both of Hot Wheels toys. January and 2022 is off to a decent start!
  13. Stayed there once, one of the prettiest spots in North America!
  14. Many many years ago I had an assignment from Nat Geo Books to photograph a family of peregrine falcons high up on an office building ledge, in Baltimore, where they were nesting. My only option was to shoot through the office building glass. What we did was to cover the entire window with black paper (like seamless paper you can get at a photo store). We then cut little "windows" flaps in the paper and the birds barely noticed me. I wish I had one of these back then. I just had a small rubber lens shade, but it worked.
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