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  1. The Smithsonian African American Museum of History and Culture in Washington DC. An IQ sale for an editorial book for low to mid $$
  2. It is so sad that scammers have turned our phones into weapons. I too rarely answer a call that I don't recognize with the caller i.d. Being self employed and working from home, this makes things a bit more difficult but thankfully, probably more than 95% of my photo shoots come to me via email or sometimes text.
  3. USA, The New York Times newspaper, Jan 19th 2020 issue Book Review section Pg. 10, Cienfuegos, Cuba, imageBROKER Pg. 13, From Thomas Browne's book, Religio Medici, Chronicle (poss from another Alamy contributor since it was credited to Alamy only)
  4. The altering was blurring out the “offensive” words....so it was obvious that there were words under the blur. If they had removed the words so it looked like they never existed, then it would have been much worse. But it sounds like they have reversed course and will remove the blurs and put photo back up and show it as it was taken.
  5. I seriously doubt that a premium collection would work all that well at Alamy. At least not for me. Of my 8000+ photos, not sure how many, if any, would be considered “premium”. And I fear that all the rest would be devalued ever more.
  6. Well let’s avoid a political or religious discussion. Other than the sign referenced above, also signs with female anatomy words were also blurred out out for this exhibition. I can more understand the latter being blurred for the exhibition since I believe this was open to people of all ages. I am much more concerned if the photos were altered forever in the archives....I don’t think that has happened.
  7. Steve, I haven’t looked at your keywords but be sure to include, grocery cart and carts. That’s what we call them in the U.S. I think this could sell on this side of the pond 😃
  8. A later afternoon sale dropped in of the U.S. Capitol building. Commercial web use for mid $$
  9. An old iron factory in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. Editorial web use for $
  10. USA, New York Times for a piece about insects and gravity, Jan 15th 2020 issue Grasshopper clinging to a twig, EyeEm
  11. I don’t worry so much about similars. I upload as many as I feel covers the subject, so long as they are not nearly identical. As for revisiting a subject or place, I really consider those photos new and different.
  12. Your boot description sounds very similar to Sorel. I just looked them up in Wikipedia and found that the Sorel boot came from an Ontario based company called the Kaufman Rubber Company. So your K boot is probably from Kaufman. In the coldest weather and in deep snow, my feet have never been cold in them!
  13. My posts in this thread are nearly all from print uses I find, so no links. I will probably stop posting in this thread if the consensus is to not post photos. I personally don’t mind my photos posted but rarely are mine found and reported.
  14. Thanks Harry, I used the Nikon Coolscan (model 4000 I believe). it was uploaded back in 2005 so not sure it would pass QC in the normal route now. The scanner died some time ago ☹️
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