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  1. Not sure what causes that but no worries, clicking on it does allow you to see as it should be.
  2. Not arrested but given a fine for setting up a tripod in a parking space on the street near the U.S. Capitol Bldg. It was at night and no one around but this policeman really had it out for me. This was before 9-11 and all the added security we now see around DC. Can't remember how much it was, somewhere between $50 - 100.
  3. Hi All, I am very open to seeing anything that depicts the spirit of the upcoming holidays and it is not just Christmas, could be the New Year, Hanukkah, Kawanza etc.... My examples are mostly Christmas related but don't let that limit you! Please submit up to three photos and they must be from your Alamy collection (still time to shoot new ones!). Can't wait to see what you have! Submissions close at the last second of 2019 (GMT) December 31st!
  4. Many thanks for the votes and thank you Meanderingemu for running this fun challenge. There were so many great images, lots that didn’t make it to the final cut. I will have a new challenge to announce later today.
  5. No, I wish. This was shot for a magazine. I marked the photos Editorial Only.
  6. Had the opportunity to photograph a TV newsroom's weather reporter the other day.
  7. Ack, thought Meanderingemu was referring to my shot....should have read all that more carefully.
  8. Well this was an empty medical office so it was locked and secured. The new tenant let me in to take some photos in there before they built it out for their needs....another medical office.
  9. Honored to make the short list! Thank you! A really good group of images here!
  10. Close to average for both sales and revenue. 18 for $913
  11. USA, The Washington Post, Dec 1st 2019 issue Arts and Style section All on page E10 From the movie Black Panther, AF Archive From the movie Deadpool, AF Archive From the movie Wonder Woman, Moviestore Collection From the movie Aquaman, Hollywood Archive From the movie Wolverine, Sportsphoto
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