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  1. They're not RAW. Alamy provides jpegs only. In any case, the image size of an unresized jpeg is the same as the RAW from which it is derived. If you don't get that yet, look at the link again.
  2. Forgive me for posting two, but they are a pair. Afew more pennies from Heaven, I mean Slovenia...... Gijón, Asturias, model of the Roman baths Revillagigedo Palace OH is the blonde in the pink trousers.
  3. VW's response seems to be a "substantial part" defence, or would be under English law. I don't know how far this would get them under moral rights, which is what AWW really seems to mind about- he doesn't want people to think he's associated with VW. Denmark doesn't have freedom of panorama for public art.
  4. Looks like €157/month for convenio especial after a year's resident registration. http://www.andaluciaspanishhomes.com/blog/article/683/ I suspect an awful lot of expats are winging it on an E111. Including the turkeys who voted for Christmas, of whom apparently there are quite a few. Cognitive dissonance or what?
  5. Still in, I had two tiny ones today as well, 2 years old so could have been the same deal. First sales from this set of images, though, IIRC, so hey ho.
  6. I see, sorry to pry, Ed. I suppose your UK residence is too long ago? We joined the EU in 1973. I wouldn't have a clue how to find out, but you could try writing to the NHS.
  7. Surely you qualify under the EU reciprocal arrangements, EU tourists do, or is the problem that you haven't been EU resident for long enough. The form to get is E111. It might only be for temporary visitors.
  8. I've used FZ for years and also ignore the "insecure" warning. I don't think image data is readily hackable, or even useful if it were, but I'd accept the risk for the tremendous convenience of FTP anyway. Just make sure you drag and drop carefully- I did once drop an "archive" sub into "stock" by accident.
  9. As Joseph says, I don't think frame grabs from video, even HD, can possibly pass QC, even if they were sharp enough.. The pixel count is very low, especially when downsampled from a larger sensor. HD is actually only 1080x1920- about 2MP. The minimum for Alamy is 6MP.
  10. I said nothing about "artificially over-cooking" and stand by my comment.It should have been obvious to an accountant, of all people, that I was referring to pre-trading expenditure. Wholly and necessarily, yes, but as you know not "exclusively" for the self-employed. If you can show a business purpose, you may well be entitled to the deduction. I quote from the HMRC handbook https://www.gov.uk/hmrc-internal-manuals/business-income-manual/bim37600 "A non-trade or private purpose precludes deduction in full where there is no objective yardstick by which any trade element can be distinguished from the non-trade element. " ........ "you should not interpret S34(1)(a) ITTOIA 2005 and S54(1)(a) CTA 2009 as requiring that the whole of the expenditure be incurred wholly and exclusively for the purposes of the trade, profession or vocation. " (my emphasis). As to "challenge", on the one occasion on which I was investigated (a double-counting error in a pension contribution) my expenses for exactly the suggested reasons were not challenged. Of course, you know better, and so you should at your hourly rate. But it's not the only advice that can be given.
  11. Bear in mind that in the first couple of years of a new business showing a taxable profit is quite careless.
  12. There are guidelines but of course it's not the Revenue's duty to minimise your tax bill. Just think about how much of your time was devoted to photography overall.
  13. I was wondering about that. I couldn't track it down, though the 176 hasn't moved. But the background didn't look like the roundabout with the substation on it- it looks quite small- and the shopping centre car park is signposted off to the left. I think you must be right, though, it's the only bit of road with a central reservation.
  14. It means that you've ticked all the boxes included the maximum amount of information, including, we think, at least 45 tags and all 10 supertags. Including so many is unnecessary, irrelevant and may be harmful to your search ranking.
  15. Strictly speaking, without having to account for tax. You can reasonably apportion expenses that are shared between private and business use. But some expenses are wholly allowable, such as equipment and repairs. In short, if you can carry on your business without incurring an expense, it may be allowable in whole or part. If you can't, it is, in whole. Likewise if you travel somwhere specifically for business.
  16. That hadn't occurred to me before, but it looks that way! No, these were student days, I must have stood on something and waited for people to stop looking at me. Or there was a walkway or something.
  17. Bus stop, Elephant & Castle, 1979. TV use, worldwide unlimited transmissions, 10 years. High mid $$. Wish I had a bunch more of these. Time for a rummage.
  18. For computer screens I just use the household glass cleaner, the sort with a bit of vinegar in it. And a fluffy rabbit screen wipe with a chamois tummy.
  19. For a few years I didn't even have to remember where I took them. Then Sony stole my GPS.
  20. 😀 nice try, Ed, but no, we drink ethyl alcohol (ethanol). You can't drink isoprop. The molecules are in the wrong order. The official name is isopropanol, to avoid confusion. Although IME the only way to avoid confusion completely is not to drink it. It's a great film cleaner- I've used it to get splicing tape residue off 16mm.- but hard on the hands. The analytical grade stuff is dried to get rid of the water so it doesn't actually wet the film at all. I've occasional used high-proof vodka on a surface that can take water.
  21. A softer light source can do wonders- your biggest softbox as close as you can manage. About the only cleaner that doesn't leave a residue or attack plastic is isopropyl alcohol, but I'm cheating on that- OH is a research chemist and I have analytical grade isoprop.
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