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  1. Should be painless nowadays- they don't swab anymore (it was never necessary according to my pharmacist) and when they did, the pain was caused by the cold alcohol from the swab being injected into your arm! Seriously for my flu vaccination, being poked with a fork hurt more. I tried it.
  2. You've inspired my to try my weekly pizza tonight. I've prelit a dinner plate then I'll pop it on the marble slab (must preheat that) and whisk it into the studio. Just hope OH doesn't get too impatient🤩
  3. Unless the publisher credits by name it doesn't work. Many don't. You get the option in Google to choose the exact string you typed in, but in any case, I got no results at all for that string.
  4. That. You're already ahead of most of the beginners who ask that question here. 3400x5100 is way over the minimum of 6MP..
  5. It's in the Sun as well, it comes up in this search https://www.google.com/search?sxsrf=ALeKk02OcQV6b69V7otOI5d9yAmK3rtNhQ:1611257513518&q=soil&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&tbs=simg:CAESkAIJNtk3wcDcVe4ahAILELCMpwgaYgpgCAMSKN0V3hWLFbgVyBWDHvwd4BWNFf4dkD_10OdYp9zmJP_1E3mj_1VKZE_1mT8aMLAC2DvzQ19Ft0QCMUtMaQcKXbucgOO1qy5UcqRCSZoDb-DO_1Ny4bca8HurUO-rD7SAEDAsQjq7-CBoKCggIARIERlsLfQwLEJ3twQkafQoWCgRzb2ls2qWI9gMKCggvbS8wOWR2NwoZCgdsZWlzdXJl2qWI9gMKCggvbS8wNGczcgoXCgNmdW7apYj2AwwKCi9tLzBkczk5bGgKFgoEdHJlZdqliPYDCgoIL20vMDdqN3IKFwoFdHJhaWzapYj2AwoKCC9tLzBobTAzDA&fir=qLF0Jl0vIwmj
  6. What geog said leaving out the rock type, presumably. With a precise location so that the buyer can relate it to a geological map as MDM says.
  7. Doesn't that mean that you would have to redo your PS work if you wanted to revisit an image? When you save a TIFF exported from LR, it keeps its layers and appears next to the RAW in the LR filmstrip.
  8. I used to do this but it's no longer really necessary as I only have a few qualifiers, and as you say the publlication matching is more important now anyway. You can search "alamy (your name) -alamy.com -alamy.de -alamyimages.fr" (on Google) to exclude results on Alamy itself. Include as many of the internatioanl sites as you can be bothered with- I usually don't.
  9. OH was in One Of Those Moods so a nice half-bottle of Rhône with the sausage and chips. After we'd finished the Merlot.
  10. There's no doubting the copy would be sharp, but the original probably won't be at postcard size.
  11. Some life has to go on. Unlike the first time essential non-food shops are open. Garages are open. I collect the car after MoT work today for example. The film and TV industries can operate, fortunately for me.
  12. That doesn't make it out of copyright! Do you mean "exclusive"?
  13. Yes, but it needs to be very old. 70 years after the death of the photographer is a long time. Even though the period used to be shorter, I wouldn't personally be happy marking anything after about 1920 as being out of copyright without knowing for sure. The last war is certainly not long enough.
  14. Suburban garden. The heliotrope used to be under the canopy of a copper beech out front. I pollarded the beech last year, so it is still there but the canopy isn't. I suspect the heliotrope thinks it still is. Except of course, thinking about it, it flowers in December when there are no leaves anyway. Hmm. There will be cuckoo flower, bluebells and green alkanet later. The primroses grow out of the edges of the path and raised beds. We mow round them. January is pretty early for them. I wonder if this one got surprised when it was frosty last week. It was milder earlier. We don't do
  15. I wouldn't buy that- it might force me to eat a burger in front of the press
  16. Absent knowledge of our GP system I expect Ed has taken what he was first offered. I understand it is possible to have a choice but it may involve a wait. Or perhaps he just fancies a trip out to a nice hotel- I probably would! Not that you can do anything hotelly there like have afternoon tea. But you might be able to do in April. Sorry Ed, you can speak for yourself perfectly well, but I have heard about this in the press- there is a choice but you have to know how to exercise it.
  17. No idea. Perhaps you should ask. But I don't think many countries have an arrangement such as Payback.
  18. Those of us who claim direct via DACS get a payment from Bildkunst in Germany. So it's not one way.
  19. I thought you were referring to collecting societies in general. Alamy only claims through DACS.
  20. If your images are of genuine historical interest, and not just old, you can apply for archive privileges and bypass QC. https://www.alamy.com/registration/archive_upload_apply.aspx
  21. They don't and aren't AFAICS. As per my post, you can sign up for ADAGP if you want to. I imagine the bank charges paid by a non-UK resident to get a DACS payment are much the same. It shares with those who are eligible. We take our income from licences all over the world, after all.
  22. You can sign up for ADAGP- it might be worth it if you have a lot of images published in France, and you think it might cover the €15 membership share and £20 for each bank transfer!
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