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  1. This sounds like third-world stuff. I don't envy you. Although God willing I haven't been to the doctor for 12 years, when I had frozen shoulder there was no hesitation to send me for the MRI scan. I later discovered it would have cost the NHS about £800. Pretty minor stuff but the chances of my being able to pay for that myself were and are well south of zero. £800 or £80,000, though, we don't have to think about it and don't even know what it costs. I had a course of pills for something minor and happened to have an appointment with a locum doctor who mentioned that it cost €90 per month. I paid £6. My regular doctor even increased the size of the prescription so I got more pills for that £6. Unfortunately if we leave the EU the NHS will be firmly in the sights of the sort of people you're talking about for a trade deal. Along with the chlorinated chicken.
  2. The image of the escalators has a lot of interpolation artefacts. Look at the brickwork and panelling. 7541. Also around the figures. This is a straight QC fail in my book.
  3. I once had a rejection for a tiny watermark I'd included accidentally in LR that was too small to see. I was baffled until QC sent me a crop of it. Could it be something like that? Or a line of pixels from somewhere?
  4. Isn't that a permission you have to set yourself? "allow cookies" or something?
  5. It will be cents, but Americans do occasionally refer to them as "pennies".
  6. I understand there were some odd-cent commission splits in Alamy's favour last month. This is the refund.
  7. You've had an odd number of cents commission split in Alamy's favour. This is the refund.
  8. Good luck with the plumbing, but have you actually still got any of your own blood vessels at all?? I hope she made it....
  9. No, it's the other way around. I've just added "medieval" to quite a few images which had only "mediaeval" , which is the correct spelling in my book. I wouldn't dream of using anything else, expect here, for Americans. OED has them as alternatives. Edit: AoA agrees with you, unfortunately. Perhaps I'll save myself some typing in future.
  10. He has both spellings in the keywords. I usually remember to do it with "mediaeval". Not so often with "colour"- rather a common word. I note with dismay- and alarm- that there are many more search hits for the misspelling of both those words. In the case of "medieval", ten times as many. Some work for me today.
  11. A long enough shutter speed might fix it. But it points up the advantages of flash if you can pick up an Illumitran for £30, as I did. Worth it for any substantial number of images, in my case about 6000. But flash triggering can be chancy, I'll be going to a wireless trigger next time I have some negs to do.
  12. No. Do you understand what you have been told? INGIMAGE is a picture agency. They may have the image because your SS contract allows it to market your images through distributors. This is optional with Alamy.
  13. It's usual for the failed image to be flagged up, but it gets missed occasionally. If you've been submitting for a while you should have a good idea of QC standards and which might be the problem image. It was legitimate to ask why you had no images in the pseudo as it might have explained the rejection. I don't personally use red arrows, but this sort of response doesn't help. BTW you'll notice you're the only contributor here using a dummy account. It shows willing to lay your cards on the table, so to speak. I don't see any other "noisy people".
  14. +1 A case in point; RFKK2G isn't even Venice- it's San Michele in Isola church, with Murano in the background. You don't even have the Rialto bridge captioned so your images won't appear in a search for it. It's a shame because they're well- executed images taken in good weather with blue skies- perfect brochure material. But they won't even be seen.
  15. Some of your subjects have tens of thousands of images on Alamy. Venice has nearly half a million. I have a reasonable rank, but my 170-odd Venice images have made fewer than half a dozen sales in 9 years.
  16. No. Alamy is the agent. If it isn't paid, it doesn't owe you.
  17. Then you're probably stuck with the €50 and it's hardly worth it. It would have been better to be non-committal on the fee (I've settled for £950 for commercial infringement of an image that was available on Alamy and which could have been licensed for the use for far less) but you are where you are. Just for reference, when costs are not awarded it's hardly worth a confessed infringer's while going to court just to argue about the fee.
  18. I think you're interpreting the guidance too tightly. You qualify under (b). Your service is the image licence, your customer is the defendant, he hasn't paid your invoice, so he owes you. The guidance isn't too helpful, but it must be possible for a business to sue another business for an unpaid bill. Under the European system you can raise a claim in your own jurisdiction or his- that's the point. If you start in Scotland, he can apply for it to be moved to Ireland, assuming he tries to defend, and you can object on the grounds of expense. My point was it doesn't cost a lot to start the process. Whether you think €25 or whatever the Scottish fee is for a licence of a few hunderd is up to you. The idea is he will pay up when he sees you're serious. If not, you have to decide whether to continue. But a solicitor with a court judgment against him may have trouble doing his job.
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