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  1. Ah yes but my version doesn't involve expenditure- bellows from the Illumitran and pennies for the lens.. My IS is kaput anyway.
  2. Precisely what I did with an unsold series. Apart from that the captions should be identical so they can be searched on. Additionally you could put all the image references in the tags of all the images.
  3. IIRC there was some mention of Alamy now charging for this.
  4. Well the Tamron is out of my league and quite a bit used but I hear good things about the old Minolta 100. Meanwhile I've just hacksawed and chiselled (don't ask) myself a 150 from the same stable as the 100. Quite a good lens looking at the chart. Working distance is a bit far though. Haven't seen the darkling beetle again yet. I wouldn't dream of doing anything unpleasant to an insect. Ooh. Just seen a 90 for about £120. Perhaps it's time to show it to someone special as it is my birthday soon. From Japan though.
  5. I didn't think of moving it! Thanks, John. I'm tempted by a Minolta 100mm. macro now, using the bellows is a bit slow and the focus on the process lens goes AWOL below about f11. There seem to be plenty in Japan, but £130 is £130 and it will never pay for itself. BTW is that focus stacked or straight? Mine was static enough. Wonder if he's still there.
  6. I got two frames of this chap as he moved a lot slower than the bees, and the other one was closer, but one should always choose the lesser of two weevils.......... It probably isn't one, but before I get my coat, could John please identify it? On a nettle-leaved bellflower.
  7. Interesting what gets left around on the internet. An architect left a pdf of a photocopy of a centre spread of my Apollo Pavilion image lying around and I eventually collected nearly four figures from a supplier they sent it to. Unfortunately I never got the architect because he died and going after a grieving widow, even a rich grieving widow, was a bit too much even for me. I could always be sure it was my image because a small urinating dog was missing from it- it had been lost in the fold.
  8. I'm not aware of images failing for lack of EXIF data, but in any case you can't "delete" a submission- you'll just have to sit it out and reupload. Bear in mind that with the pandemic restrictions you may be waiting weeks.
  9. Not only has Ed been there, done that and got the T-shirt, I think he might have invented T-shirts.
  10. Have you got your priorities right or what!
  11. I'm very concerned for you or anyone in the Americas south of the 49th. The other day OH had a college supervision Zoom meeting with a Floridian student who is back home and she, the Floridian, sounded, if not actually scared, at least very apprehensive because she feels she cannot rely on her leaders or even her healthcare system to protect her. Truly terrifying. Please be as careful as you can.
  12. I couldn't find a convenient point to get a line-level output so I've just taken it from the speaker output to the mic input on the PC and level it up in Audacity. Then a 1kHz start mark, a bit of hum reduction and bingo. Delivery the file by Wetransfer and money in the bank next day. I still get a kick out of just watching the sprockets go by.
  13. Well, I have uncleared sales back to October, and since then over 20% of those that should have cleared haven't. In current circumstances I wonder how many ever will.
  14. Zoom beer tasting. You know what- this one is going on Alamy.🍸
  15. Maybe, but in my case the process lens is designed for fairly short subject distances (though not that short!). The advent of mirrorless is supposed to have put up the second-hand price of classic glass up now you don't have to worry about flange focal depth anymore.
  16. If there were the slightest possibility of them I'm sure the licensee would ask for the details to be withheld. I've only read the requotes on this but I would hope and assume that banknote production is a little too sophisticated for a forger to be able to derive any information whatever from an image which may eventually, in greatly altered form, constitute part of a design. This is the sort of interesting licence that I would hope a contributor would be able to tell us about without worrying about vanishingly improbable consequences.
  17. Yes, the chap I'm doing the work for actually has one but it's not working as well as mine! Steenbeck were never intended to output sound for recording- you went to a dubbing suite to do that, but they're long gone, so I've made some modifications so it plugs into the PC.
  18. That one was just the long end of the 18-55 kit lens. For closer stuff, an old 100mm process lens hot glued specially adapted to a set of BPM bellows that came with my Illumitran. Usually at f11 or 16. It's handy enough to use hand-held if you have a steady hand. That's a lot of hands. I can get up to about 130mm. of extension which is just over 1:1 on APS but the DOF is tiny of course. The lens goes AWOL below 16- really awful. I had been using an enlarging lens but it had a focus shift when stopped down (pretty useless for enlarging but there you are). The process lens was one of a set my brother got at a market for next to nothing so I at least owe him a drink. It would adapt nicely to mirrorless I imagine. The 100mm. is about the size of a Leica prime lens but the others are huge.
  19. Thanks again, John. I didn't think I'd be captionless for long. Not up to your standard, of course, but it was opportunistic out on the patio with the long end of the 55-200. Not the sharpest tool in the box.
  20. Hoverfly on a white nettle-leaved bellflower this morning. A lovely bit of dappled shade......and a Lastolite gold reflector. I've got campanula trachelium, thanks John, but any chance of an ID on the hoverfly..........? I was so pleased to get the oil-film dichroism (made-up description) on the wings. Zoom in to see.
  21. +1 in many cases. Not to say you shouldn't try your best, but it's not my job to decide on the best image- it's the buyer's. If it's competently executed and can do a job of illustration, it goes up.
  22. Sorry to hear it, Ed. I'm finding flowers and whatnot quite relaxing. See the nature thread. It's easier in our own garden, but you might find something. Most of our flowers are wild, so it's the sort of thing you might find. Liverpool must have open spaces, or gardens.
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