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  1. $211 for a calendar sale to Japan - distributor sale, unfortunately, but still Alex
  2. Yes - several of my books have been translated and published in Germany Alex
  3. An excellent month, 22 sales for $1405 gross, nearly all direct sales. Alex
  4. Tight crop on Facebook here - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10157618319674880&set=a.10150108733844880&type=3&theater
  5. Thanks Andre, you could well be right!
  6. Alas, this was in Iceland and the car was moving at a fair lick, so no further information possible!
  7. Can anyone identify this car? I'm hopeless with them. (Click on the image for full size, this one appears squashed) Thanks, Alex
  8. Has anyone any idea how to identify which programme/channel a TV use was for? Alex
  9. Though I notice that I sold the same image for about the same price last month, so a refund may be in the offing . . .☹️
  10. I don't have many archival images, but (as others have said) I do seem to sell a greater proportion of them than of contemporary pictures, and often at better prices Alex
  11. Very sorry to hear of your family troubles - good luck and a safe journey
  12. It's not necessarily the interesting photographs that are most likely to sell here - look at almost anyone's collection and you'll find endless shopfronts, street signs etc - as photographs these are mostly boring as hell, but there is a demand for them Alex
  13. Don't be too hard on Wales - Alamy has some excellent professional contributors from this side of the border, including at least one with a serious European reputation, and no more orange-hued pictures than you find anywhere else. Cymru am byth! Alex
  14. Just had an email revoking my access to Live News uploads - fair enough, as I'm not a news photographer and only occasionally submit such images. However I notice the new time limit is for submission within one hour of the event, which seems a bit tight to me - anyone else have any thoughts on this? Alex
  15. My fault, I misremembered the name - apologies! It's this - http://www.readymadepictureframe.com/ Alex
  16. Completely agree - I held a amall show last year, timed to coincide with a local music festival which brings a great many people to our small town, of pictures from a recent trip to Iceland. Minimum price was £150 for a framed A3, and to my surprise I covered the entire cost of the trip and of putting on the show. Alex
  17. Try The Real Picture Frame Company - excellent quality at much better than retail prices. There is a minimum order, but it's only about £250. Alex
  18. $125 direct sale this morning for one of my early (B-) pictures Alex
  19. Very good - 28 sales for $1026 gross, a sudden rush after a very slow start to the month. Well above average for both sales and revenue. Alex
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