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  1. Not a dinosaur at all - I believe this was roughly the rule on David Hurn's Magnum course at Newport - 36 exposures and a 50mm lens only to shoot a story. Way to go, I think, but then I'm 69 (started with a Pentax K1000 in 1972) Alex
  2. $190 direct sale just dropped in this morning for an archival pic Alex
  3. Working here too, I think - 33 zooms for September so far (18 for same period in August). But NO SALES so far this month . . . Alex
  4. Can we declare this topic closed? We can all agree the image is of appalling technical quality, most probably because it was shot as a JPEG with in-camera sharpening and contrast pushed to the maximum (though there are other possibilities). If I'm right, it's a common beginner's mistake - the OP now knows where he went wrong and will hopefully change his workflow. Alex
  5. Many thanks - one of the nice things about Alamy is that there's always someone out there who really knows their stuff, and is willing to help Alex
  6. Thank you! They are hard to differentiate for the non-specialist - I was looking at its dorsal markings, which seem to match the Wikipedia description. This was on top of a hill in a lush green pasture, though - no sand for miles - is that a likely habitat for your creature? Alex
  7. 26 for $814 gross - a healthy average for me. Looking on the bright side, the Brexit idiocy means that the exchange rate will be favourable too. Alex
  8. When it comes to accurate captions, I've always toad the line Alex
  9. Alex Ramsay

    New category

    Might it be an idea to have a category for 'Religion'? It doesn't really seem to fit with any of the existing categories (though churches of course go under 'Architecture'). There are a great many subjects (ritual, worship, artefacts, concepts etc) that might be better placed in a category of their own - and it's certainly a very current topic. Alex
  10. $176 direct sale just dropped in for an archival image - first 3-figure sale for several months Alex
  11. Pretty good for me - 31 sales for $938 gross. Average prices low, but in the end it's the bottom line that matters. Alex
  12. And (an earlier point someone made) - regarding sensor spots, when in the Lightroom develop module you need only click on the retouching brush and then tick the 'visualise spots' option which will appear underneath your picture - much the easiest way to ensure a clean image Alex
  13. Let us know how you get on with the X-T2 and the 18-55 - I'm (mostly) pleased with mine, but it does have a tendency to produce unsharp images from time to time - I think the AF can be slow, particularly if I don't use the additional battery pack to save weight when I'm walking Alex
  14. I've just returned from a week walking in the hills of northern Romania, two of us and a guide. We were met everywhere with kindness and hospitality, sometimes in very remote places. A tiny amount of Romanian went a very long way and got us deep into entertaining conversations about farming in our respective countries, the idiocy of Brexit and so on. Everyone we met was pleased to be photographed, when asked. On our last day we walked down into a village known for its distinctive vernacular architecture. We were sitting outside a bar when two large coaches drew up and disgorged crowds of visitors, mostly though not all Chinese. They looked like extras from Apocalypse Now, wearing flak jackets and festooned with cameras with enormously long lenses. They proceeded to spread out through the village, photographing everything and everyone without consent, leaning over fences to shoot people sitting in their gardens, poking cameras into windows - they even photographed us, for some unknown reason. They also casually dropped their rubbish, which we picked up and made them take away. It was a shocking and disturbing thing to see - and, speaking as a photographer, shaming. I don't know what the answer is, but that village and others like it will very soon lose its innocence. Later that evening in the same village I met two men returning from work. I greeted them and asked if I might take a photograph of them. I need hardly say that they refused. Alex
  15. Same here, with no NU and no personal use - doing OK Alex
  16. Agree with Wim's diagnosis - foreground seems sharp enough, but the car should be much more blurred (slower shutter speed) otherwise QC can't tell what you're trying to show Alex
  17. Don't choose, do both - that's the life of a photographer Alex
  18. It could be 'Bishop of Llandaff' - that's one of the most widely grown double red ones Alex
  19. Why not? Blatant copyright theft is in the interests of none of us
  20. Kander and/or Alamy should sue the photographer - the magazine acted in good faith, though I'm surprised the art director didn't recognise the image. Alex
  21. Carbon Copy Cloner at regular intervals to a hard drive which is stored out of the studio Alex
  22. ColorMunki Display (X-rite) about every 2 months seems to keep my iMac on track (I do a fair bit of printing as well as colour-critical work for clients) Alex
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