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  1. The Tate Britain show was actually last year, but good to know that it can be seen again later this year. There is also a show of his landscapes currently on at Hauser & Wirth in Somerset. Alex
  2. Mediocre - 18 sales (about average) for $479 gross (lowest total for the last twelve months). Alex
  3. Very low double figures Country: Worldwide Usage: Presentation or newsletters, Use in a presentation/talk (eg,Powerpoint and Keynote) or in a newsletter. Start: 27 January 2020 End: 27 January 2025
  4. Induro CT13 carbon fibre tripod. Not keen on Acratech - I found mine hard to use in cold weather (and the tension needed constant readjustment), so replaced it with an Arca-Swiss Monoball, which has performed faultlessly. Alex
  5. I've had a simple wordpress.com blog for a good few years now, posting very occasionally as Alex Ramsay Photography - which was reasonably popular among my friends and acquaintances, who liked the pictures, until I started going in for political rants (with fewer pics) about a certain shameful episode in this country's recent history. I think I shall start posting again soon, but staying (largely) off politics and concentrating on pictures. Alex
  6. First sale in 2007, immediately refunded and then sold again for twice the price. Medium format transparency.
  7. 279 sales for $9206 gross - compared to 2018, sales up very slightly and revenue very slightly down. Alex
  8. Mediocre - 20 sales for $477 gross - average number of sales but below average revenue. Alex
  9. Two excellent months followed by a trickle in December Alex
  10. I admit I haven't tried it, but I would be surprised if you could pull a file from a single 16mm frame that would pass QC these days. Alex
  11. Just passed total sales volume for last year. Revenue so far just a few hundred dollars below last year's total. Alex
  12. Excellent, by my standards - 39 sales for $1443 gross. A lot of low prices, but it's the bottom line that matters. Alex
  13. Dear David - I'm very sorry to hear of your loss - what an awful time for you. Alex
  14. 9 sales dropped in this morning - looks as if the end-of-month surge is here Alex
  15. I don't know what QC are taking these days, but today's submission passed in under 10 minutes . . . Alex
  16. Uplet allows you to post easily from a desktop Mac. I doubt there are any advantages in Instagram for stock photography, but it's a good tool for promoting a website. Alex
  17. Clever and amusing work, though! (so long as he buys the right licences) Alex
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