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  1. First ten sales (in 2007) - $1152 gross, taking just under a year Last ten sales - $216 gross, taking just over a week Alex
  2. 23 sales for $621 gross, a reasonable average for me Alex
  3. 24 sales for $773 gross - on the good side of average for me Alex
  4. That may be so - presumably whoever that was knew their French slang, as it's also the word for 'to ejaculate' Alex
  5. OK, I can help kick this off - $105 direct sale today Alex
  6. Not much - 10 sales (lowest for at least a year) for $366 gross - well below my average Alex
  7. And, predictably, no sooner had I started this thread than a sale dropped in . . . maybe I should try moaning more often Alex
  8. Anyone else? No sales and one refund during the first two weeks, and then three modest sales on the 15th amounting to the value of the refund. Nothing since then - can't remember whether January is normally so quiet. Alex
  9. How did you manage to post these images? I tried to post mine, but couldn't find a way, even after uploading them to pbase Alex
  10. 253 sales for $8210 gross - sales down for the first time ever, and revenue continuing the gentle slide downward that began in 2018. Happy New Year, all! Alex
  11. 11 sales for $281 gross - a poor end to the year Alex
  12. Pretty consistent for me - 1.06 last January, 1.08 now, with the lowest point being 0.66 in April Alex
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