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  1. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    One for $208 this morning, though sadly it was a distributor sale
  2. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    $193 just dropped in, first 3-figure sale for a while Alex
  3. So how was your May, eh?

    22 sales for $862 gross, a healthy average for me. Only one 3-figure sale, though, and that was a distributor sale too. Alex
  4. signing away rights

    Thanks for your advice, everybody! Alex
  5. signing away rights

    I think the main issue here is one of privacy - the owners want to be completely certain that no images of their property will turn up in inappropriate places. I think it very unlikely that they would consider using the pictures for any commercial purpose. Alex
  6. signing away rights

    Hi - I'm about to do a garden shoot at a private property, the photography being commissioned by the garden designer. I've just been contacted by the owners' representative asking that I sign away my rights jointly to themselves and the designer - the phrase used is "Usage – All rights/Intellectual Property in perpetuity to be assigned to . . . Usually we expect to pay a small fee of course" What are your thoughts on this - and what might be an appropriate fee? I'm thinking at least my day rate for this kind of job, but maybe it should be more? Advice from the hive mind welcome Alex
  7. Which animals are these?

    One Sunday lunch, two pullovers (sorry . . . )
  8. Slow/disappointing month

    One small one here too Alex
  9. Images sold in May (one per day per contributor)

    I'm not surprised! Alex
  10. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    $225 for a US magazine cover, which is nice - but 38.5% to Alamy and 23% affiliate commission (whatever that is) makes a big hole in it. Still, positive news, I guess Alex
  11. April up or down?

    23 sales for $767 gross - slightly up on previous month. Roughly average for me - sales and revenue have been pretty consistent for at least the last twelve months. Alex
  12. A dollar per year for each image

    My gross is almost exactly the same as John's, pretty consistently for the last few years Alex
  13. Critcal Mass

    My sales became pretty consistent when I hit the 5000 image mark (a couple of years back), and have so far remained so, climbing steadily (if modestly) in proportion to my image total. Alex
  14. How was your March 2018?

    21 sales for $675 gross - roughly average for the last twelve months Alex
  15. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    $125 a few days ago - first 3-figure sale for a while Alex