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  1. Just been notified of a refund to a client, the original sale date being the 20th April 2020 - eighteen months ago. Surely there should be some kind of cutoff point - six months, or a year at most - after which a client can no longer decide they don't want to use the image? Alex
  2. 18 sales for $411 gross. Sales volume about average but revenue very low. Alex
  3. And to make things a little more discouraging, just had a $91 sale from June refunded, then re-sold for $90, but this time with 60% commission deducted instead of the original 50% . . .
  4. Unless things pick up very soon, this is shaping to be the worst month I've had in years. Anyone else? Alex
  5. Can anyone recommend a reliable UK lab for printing poster-size images (48" or more) at a modest price? The lab I normally use provides excellent archival prints at an appropriately premium price - this time I need something much cheaper for temporary display, not for sale Thanks, Alex
  6. If you're only shooting for Alamy, I suggest saving your money - it's only on very rare occasions that bigger files translate to better sales (once, I think, in my 14 years with Alamy). I use D810s for work, (secondhand from MPB) and an RX100 for Alamy, and couldn't wish for better cameras, but then I do make 2-metre prints quite often. The really useful thing about the Nikon sensors is the ability to crop heavily if required, along with ISO invariance (though a number of other cameras also possess this quality). I'm 71, by the way, and have no intention of giving up any time soon
  7. Excellent - 27 sales for $1274 gross, including 4 $$$ sales. Not sure whether it's my best month ever, but certainly well up there. Alex
  8. Just received a couple of small payments described simply as 'other income', without reference to an image - anyone know what these might be? Alex
  9. Just returned from holiday to find a $250 and a $200 direct sale dropped in on the 27th, after the contract change unfortunately. Alex
  10. $125 direct sale just dropped in, making a total of $275 so far today - and the sun is shining! Alex
  11. $106 (affiliate) sale as the first of the month - good way to start Alex
  12. 28 sales for $716 gross - a pretty good month overall Alex
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