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  1. 17 sales for $588 gross, about average for me. If there is to be a coronavirus downturn, I'm expecting it to show over the next couple of months. Alex
  2. Thanks! (and the older man is holding a toilet roll, too) Alex
  3. Bread delivery in our small town. Taken yesterday while I was volunteer stewarding at our pharmacy (one customer in, one out) Alex
  4. Living deep in the country I have had exactly this dilemma, and eventually came to much the same conclusions as Alan above. I've blogged about it here - https://alexanderramsay.wordpress.com/ Alex
  5. Normally immediate, but last small batch has been waiting since yesterday afternoon Alex
  6. I'm pleased to see that this topic, 'I've fallen off the cliff', is now ranked next to the topic 'Dangers of photography' . . . Alex
  7. 5 sales this month, and cleared fees have updated two or three times so far Alex
  8. Neither good nor bad - 20 sales for $672 gross, an average month for me after a slow start Alex
  9. Ii must have been late last night - I've only just checked
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