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  1. Pretty fair - 29 sales (highest number for the last year) for $758 gross. Making hay while the sun still shines, I suppose. Alex
  2. I take it that everyone has already emailed Emily Shelley directly, as she suggests in the blog? Has anyone had a response, or at least an acknowledgement? I've had no replies to the two emails I've sent so far. Alex
  3. "Plus if Alamy then states they will only go after all these newly arising infringements if images are exclusive, it gets ridiculous. If I decided to remain exclusive, I'd want to be consulted first if Alamy did indeed decide to chase uses found that were i.e. my own direct (non agency) sales, specifically allowed previously. I do not want any of my client relationships endangered by an Agency contacting them without my consent." Exactly the point I wanted to make. Alex
  4. "By marking Content as Exclusive, you grant Alamy the right to chase third party infringements of the Content without Alamy having to consult you. Where pursuing such infringements if it is found that the Content has been licensed through another licensing platform, Alamy has the right to recoup any fees incurred in the pursuit of any action taken." When I made my images exclusive to Alamy, it was on the understanding that it would not interfere with any sales I might make through my website or as direct requests from my clients. Has this now changed? Can they prevent me selling my own im
  5. Gloomy news on the contract front, but a cheering $206 direct sale just dropped in. Silver linings, etc Alex
  6. Very disappointing, particularly after deceiving many of us into making our images exclusive when they already knew what they intended to do. I won't say it's actually dishonest, but it's certainly sharp practice. Alex
  7. 22 sales for $914 gross - a good month, helped by a couple of three-figure sales Alex
  8. $300 direct sale just now - shaping up to be a good month Alex
  9. What's going on? Two sales (small, but still) today - I don't ever recall getting sales on a Saturday Alex
  10. First ten sales (in 2007) - $1152 gross, taking just under a year Last ten sales - $216 gross, taking just over a week Alex
  11. 23 sales for $621 gross, a reasonable average for me Alex
  12. 24 sales for $773 gross - on the good side of average for me Alex
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