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  1. Post your positive results in 2019 here! :)

    Just noticed I'm exactly one dollar over $50,000 total sales since starting in 2007 - a modest landmark. Alex
  2. Forum update

    When did the 'recent profile visitors' section stop working? Just noticed mine seems to have been inactive since last April. Has it been discontinued, or is it to do with the general forum/measures issues? Alex
  3. Alamy measures

    Yes, nearly everyone. Plenty about it on the forum.
  4. Second Camera

    I'd go with the RX100, too - I have the MkII version, and see no reason to change it. Alex
  5. 500 sales

    You've done twice as well as me with a quarter the number of pictures - well done!
  6. New commission structure here?

    Those are spectacular (and famous) NASA/Hubble space images you are selling - are they really out of copyright and available for anyone to sell under their own name?
  7. Slide Copying

    How did you set it up, as a matter of interest? Alex
  8. How was your January?

    18 sales for $505 gross. On the low side of average for me, but overall better than expected after a very slow start to the month. First month since I withdrew from PU sales, too - not yet sure whether that has had an impact. Alex
  9. Submissions

    OK, caught up again now - just had the email for this morning's submissions
  10. Submissions

    Interesting new variant - just had the QC pass email, but my images are still showing as awaiting QC! Alex
  11. Submissions

    Same here
  12. Stock or Love?

    One of my daughters was born on the day the Berlin Wall fell . . . family first, even then! That's why I'm not a photojournalist, I suppose Alex
  13. Slide Copying

    Thanks for all your replies - I think I've now tried every possible combination of lens and bellows extension. The Illumitran bellows is simply not usable with a full-frame DSLR such as the D800, even with the top bellows mount removed. It can be made to work with a mirrorless body and a 50mm enlarger lens. I'll go back to using it without the bellows, with a separate copy stand and a micro-Nikkor, which will also let me copy medium format trannys more easily. A secondary problem is the very high flash intensity (designed for very slow copy film, somewhere around 6 ISO!) - fortunately this can be solved with the aid of a 75mm square gel filter, 3 stop ND, inserted under the opal diffuser. Alex
  14. Dry January

    Very slow start - which is why I began this thread - but it's picked up over the last week, and looks like being a fair average month for me Alex
  15. Slide Copying

    Yes, the excess thickness of the D800 is only a few mm. I had been hoping to use the bellows with an enlarging lens as these lenses are designed, for obvious reasons, to give a very flat field.