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  1. Has anyone any idea how to identify which programme/channel a TV use was for? Alex
  2. Though I notice that I sold the same image for about the same price last month, so a refund may be in the offing . . .☹️
  3. I don't have many archival images, but (as others have said) I do seem to sell a greater proportion of them than of contemporary pictures, and often at better prices Alex
  4. Very sorry to hear of your family troubles - good luck and a safe journey
  5. It's not necessarily the interesting photographs that are most likely to sell here - look at almost anyone's collection and you'll find endless shopfronts, street signs etc - as photographs these are mostly boring as hell, but there is a demand for them Alex
  6. Don't be too hard on Wales - Alamy has some excellent professional contributors from this side of the border, including at least one with a serious European reputation, and no more orange-hued pictures than you find anywhere else. Cymru am byth! Alex
  7. Just had an email revoking my access to Live News uploads - fair enough, as I'm not a news photographer and only occasionally submit such images. However I notice the new time limit is for submission within one hour of the event, which seems a bit tight to me - anyone else have any thoughts on this? Alex
  8. My fault, I misremembered the name - apologies! It's this - http://www.readymadepictureframe.com/ Alex
  9. Completely agree - I held a amall show last year, timed to coincide with a local music festival which brings a great many people to our small town, of pictures from a recent trip to Iceland. Minimum price was £150 for a framed A3, and to my surprise I covered the entire cost of the trip and of putting on the show. Alex
  10. Try The Real Picture Frame Company - excellent quality at much better than retail prices. There is a minimum order, but it's only about £250. Alex
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