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  1. In Image Manager look under 'optional' and you'll see the 'delete image' option at the bottom of the column Alex
  2. Agreed - much the same experience here (like Michael, largely exclusive to Alamy) Alex
  3. Can anyone tell me the breed of this handsome fellow?
  4. 23 sales for $845 gross - a reasonable average for me Alex
  5. I'd get a swirly bokeh effect too, if I was surrounded by that much weed . . . Alex
  6. I only started to get (fairly) consistent sales from my very random portfolio once I was over 5000 images, though I don't think any very definite conclusions can be drawn from that Alex
  7. Pretty normal here too, I'm afraid - 8 so far, half good, half tiny Alex
  8. 18 sales for $558 gross, not quite the worst month this year but not far above it either. A very slow month just rescued by two three-figure sales right at the end. Alex
  9. Thanks for all your advice - the client was happy to accept my suggestion of €250. Alex
  10. Just had an enquiry about using one of my pictures at 4m x 3m for a cultural exhibition in Germany - anyone got any thoughts about an appropriate fee to ask? Alex
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