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  1. I'm very sorry to hear it - my sympathy to his family and friends Alex
  2. OK - nobody here seems to know, but I've tracked down the following from USCO - Publication occurs when copies of a photograph are offered to stock photography agencies for the purpose of licensing those copies to newspapers, magazines, and websites - which seems pretty clear to me. And as far as personal websites go, the following is also fairly clear: If there is a notice on a website in the terms of service for the site or another obvious place indicating that a work or the content on the site cannot be downloaded, printed, or copied, the work or content may be deemed unpublished, because the end user is not authorized to download, print, or otherwise distribute copies I hope this is helpful to others! Alex
  3. A quick question - when registering images with the USCO, are unsold images on a personal website regarded as published or unpublished? And does this also apply to unsold images on Alamy? Alex
  4. I agree - quite a few similars on the first page which ought to be dropped Alex
  5. I've never needed to do this before - but is there any way to see when and how often a given image has sold, without ploughing through years of sales looking for the reference number? Alex
  6. 28 sales for $756 gross. A good average total for me, though many prices were on the low side Alex
  7. Not a dinosaur at all - I believe this was roughly the rule on David Hurn's Magnum course at Newport - 36 exposures and a 50mm lens only to shoot a story. Way to go, I think, but then I'm 69 (started with a Pentax K1000 in 1972) Alex
  8. $190 direct sale just dropped in this morning for an archival pic Alex
  9. Working here too, I think - 33 zooms for September so far (18 for same period in August). But NO SALES so far this month . . . Alex
  10. Can we declare this topic closed? We can all agree the image is of appalling technical quality, most probably because it was shot as a JPEG with in-camera sharpening and contrast pushed to the maximum (though there are other possibilities). If I'm right, it's a common beginner's mistake - the OP now knows where he went wrong and will hopefully change his workflow. Alex
  11. Many thanks - one of the nice things about Alamy is that there's always someone out there who really knows their stuff, and is willing to help Alex
  12. Thank you! They are hard to differentiate for the non-specialist - I was looking at its dorsal markings, which seem to match the Wikipedia description. This was on top of a hill in a lush green pasture, though - no sand for miles - is that a likely habitat for your creature? Alex
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