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  1. This June is looking very poor for me so far - worst month for a long while. Looking forward to the famous end-of-month surge Alex
  2. I chose not to license my images for PU several months ago, and didn't notice any obvious drop in sales or revenue (though having said that, this month is looking pretty poor so far . . . ) Alex
  3. Just hit 10,000 (and one) on sale. A recent return visit to Iceland managed to push me over the line. Onwards . . . Alex
  4. Zooms and CTR fine, but no sales since the 24th of last month - unusual for me, but there's plenty of time yet Alex
  5. Dehaze is certainly useful - I have the free LR6 version available from Prolost - Prolost Dehaze for Lightroom 6.1 I don't know whether the Adobe version does a better job, but this one seems to work pretty well as a universal or gradient filter Alex
  6. It wouldn't recognise files from any recent camera introduction, I think - my most up-to-date camera is an X-T2 which it can't recognise, but in any case for that I do the DNG conversion using X-Transformer Alex
  7. I'm still happy with standalone LR6 - shoot Raw, always, import and convert to DNG in Lightroom, correct, then possibly export to Photoshop for anything I can't do in LR, and save as JPG for submission to clients or Alamy. I occasionally keep finished TIFFs for exhibition prints. I'm unlikely now to buy any new equipment that LR6 won't recognise. If any one can convince me of the benefits of the latest version of LR, I'm happy to listen! Alex
  8. Currently at exactly 1/3 of last year's sales and nearly halfway through the year already - proportion of revenue a bit better, but still not looking great Alex
  9. Can you let me know a bit more? I could be interested (alex@ramsay.net) Cheers, Alex
  10. 13 sales for $710 gross - roughly average for me Alex
  11. Agreed - I've scarcely picked up my D3 since buying a used D800E, and will probably buy another shortly. Alex
  12. You're welcome - I also use a D800E and other Nikons for my day job, but it's definitely overkill for Alamy! Alex
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