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  1. Just passed total sales volume for last year. Revenue so far just a few hundred dollars below last year's total. Alex
  2. Excellent, by my standards - 39 sales for $1443 gross. A lot of low prices, but it's the bottom line that matters. Alex
  3. Dear David - I'm very sorry to hear of your loss - what an awful time for you. Alex
  4. 9 sales dropped in this morning - looks as if the end-of-month surge is here Alex
  5. I don't know what QC are taking these days, but today's submission passed in under 10 minutes . . . Alex
  6. Uplet allows you to post easily from a desktop Mac. I doubt there are any advantages in Instagram for stock photography, but it's a good tool for promoting a website. Alex
  7. Clever and amusing work, though! (so long as he buys the right licences) Alex
  8. Perhaps you could use a grey card next time you shoot a subject like this? Alex
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