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2 hours ago, Isacco said:

Thank you for the advice. I really appreciate it!

I can't pay for models in order to have model releases. Is it enough to have editorial photos with people? Or is this license too restrictive?

Why would you need a model?  Look at other contrib's ports and you'll see what to shoot.  'People', 'doing' and 'things' should be your mantra.  Forget releases, you don't need them for editorial.  Just shoot people,  mark everything as RM and watch the sales roll in.

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Thank you Doc, losdemas, Betty, Colblimp for the suggestion! 🙂


Indeed, until now I've always avoided photos with people because I can't afford models and I thought that an editorial license was too restrictive for buyers.


But I'll change the strategy, then! 🙂

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