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  1. 4 sales for $54 gross. Views well down but CTR picked up in the last week. I did have an additional PU sale which, surprise, surprise was refunded a few days later. That abuse really has to be stopped.
  2. It's the impact of a growing worldwide recession due to Covid-19 I expect. Certainly my views are well down and zooms a rarity this month. Only 3 low value sales plus a 4th (PU) that was refunded a couple of days later. Whether it picks up later in the year remains to be seen but with increasing restrictions over much of Europe it's not looking great.
  3. Dire month so far. Views well down and only a solitary zoom to date. Sales yes - 4 very low value as of yesterday then today, surprise surprise, a PU sale from last week is refunded. That particular abuse really has to be stopped. Alamy ARE YOU LISTENING - there should be NO refunds on PU sales!!!
  4. At close of play 4 sale for $252 gross. One was a nice $$$ but the other 3 for web use at near micro-stock prices. Views still low but CTR back up so nil desperandum.
  5. A solitary sale for just $25 gross. Views down, zooms down. No great surprise in the present chaos.
  6. 4 for a pitiful $52 gross, two of them being micro prices for web use. Views low but CTR where it usually is so could be worse.
  7. OK given the current situation. 3 sales for $68 gross (of which one was a personal use). Views well down but CTR has held up so could be worse.
  8. 7 for $174 gross with some VERY low fees. Views well down (not unexpected!) but CTR held up surprisingly.
  9. Just 2 for $95 gross - which I consider OK in the current circumstances. Views and zooms well down though, but again, expected.
  10. 6 for $560 gross - a very nice start to the year though did include to $$$ book uses.
  11. No problem with submitting images from M43 cameras. I have uploaded and sold images from: Olympus ePL5, EM5, EM10 Mk2, EM1 Mk1 and EM1Mk2. I've had no issues in low light (my go to lens is the 12-40 PRO) and only minor problems in poor light with the relatively basic kit lenses. Unless you are a bokeh fanatic M43 makes a lovely light and portable kit.
  12. Volume down again but overall best year for income thanks to one very good sale back in the Spring.
  13. Just 2 for $22 gross. At least CTR went up significantly for the month so some hope for next year.
  14. 7 sales for $225 gross bringing total revenue above last year though sales down. Not good to see RM images being sold 'in perpetuity' for $ though.
  15. 5 sales for $141 gross but zooms and views down after a good August.
  16. 3 for £300 gross. One was $$$. Zooms and CTR improved which may or may not be as a result of starting to upload again.
  17. 4 sales for $119 gross. Two were PU uses but for $19.99 so quite reasonable in the current world. Not so happy with a very low $ for a significant web use. Zooms and views now show a downward trend over the last 4 months.
  18. Slow! Two sales for $106 gross though views and zooms improved a bit in the last week.
  19. This month really demonstrates the crazy world that is Alamy! Nothing for the first two weeks, then a couple of $$ sales. Then my biggest sale ever drops in, a book cover for $$$ (as in high - three quarters of the way to $$$$)! This was then followed by an NU which appears to be for a large print on an office wall for low $. Sublime to the ridiculous in the space of two days. Ended the month on 4 for $868 gross, zooms up and views holding.
  20. Worst month for a long time. A mere 2 sales for a grand total of $25.84 gross. Views and zooms on a long term downward trend. Good to see that others are doing a lot better though as it means that the market is not yet dead and things may get better,
  21. Not good! 3 sales for $33 gross. The Telegraph used the same image twice (web and print) and actually paid for both. Like others I also had a Chinese distributor sale for microstock fee. While views are down at least zooms began to pick up in the last 10 days
  22. December was OK - 6 sales for $211 gross though 2 were dubious PU and 1 a distributor. Views and zooms well down though. For the year overall 50 for $1714 gross - both sales and revenue down on last year. For contrast I looked back over the years and realised that my second best year for revenue was actually way back in 2007 when a mere 12 sales generated $1946 gross. Demonstrates just how far prices have fallen!
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