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  1. I look at digital images which are sharper than what I used to produce but have all the color richness of television. So I pump the saturation, etc., and it looks like pumped saturation. So I run it by Silkypix film tastes and that's better but I still come back to the [apparent] fact than when it comes to color richness, nothing beats chemistry. Not like I'm going back, just sayin'.
  2. I was in a Facebook conversation with a friend in Kerala who was my guide there years ago. I mentioned some photos I'd taken of a sort of procession in a village on Vembanad Lake but hadn't uploaded as archival since the village and people still exist. He said the society, infrastructure and many other aspects had changed a lot since then so the same photos couldn't be duplicated on digital today. To me, that's the test as to whether it qualifies as archival. So now, part of my Covid-19 activity is digitizing old slides (that and venturing as far as the back yard to shoot bugs and flowers). Is that the question you were asking?
  3. My rank rose from three to five stars during a period when I was submitting very little due to a sour attitude that came from hardly having any sales for months. So I also wonder how much frequency of uploads has to do with it. Lately my uploads of current images have been sailing through as fast as the archival shots. I attributed it to the fact that I've had no QC failures since my first test shots and the Alamy staff is very busy with newer contributors combined with whatever workflow problems Covid-19 presents.
  4. A keyword suggestion if it helps... it's spelled Finasterid in Germany.
  5. Country: Worldwide Usage: Magazine or book, Editorial use in a single magazine or book (print and/or digital), inside use, 2,500 circulation, worldwide. Start: 09 June 2020 Duration: In perpetuity Mid-$$
  6. One for $66. After a disastrous 2019, especially the latter half of it, I'm back on track this year with roughly one sale per thousand images per month and an average fee of $36.
  7. Country: Worldwide Usage: Single company - multiple educational editorial use only Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Start: 27 May 2020 Duration: Unlimited mid-$$
  8. Thanks, sooth. It is a smaller bank, but I've had no problems with Alamy payments in the past. Update: got a reply from Alamy finance. Apparently it was sent by Alamy on schedule, so it fell through some crack in the banking system and will get sorted eventually.
  9. Thanks for the reply, Michael. I've received direct deposits at the same bank in the past, also within the first week. No doubt it's a bad time to be bothering Alamy with such problems, but I'll write to them.
  10. Have you been paid this month? On 1 May I got the customary message saying a payment was on its way and would arrive within nine days. So far, it hasn't. I went to my account to confirm that my (American) bank details were correct. A question posed to member services got a Covid-related form letter response, which is understandable. If others are having the same problem, I'll leave it alone. If it's just me, I'll try again to reach Alamy to see what the problem is.
  11. At the risk of boring you, I'll relate a little story. Going on four decades ago, I had a studio in northern California. Being in the “wine country” as it were, beverage accounts were a mainstay. I did a couple of photos for one winery with the understanding that the owner had unlimited use of the photos delivered and I could use any outtakes at will. Everyone was happy. Then a photographer who didn't get the account paid me a visit and explained that unlimited usage for only $1,000 a shot plus film and expenses was way too cheap. (Those were the days.) He said that what we call RF these days should be a lot more expensive. Of course he was right. The fact is, if RF were a lot more expensive on Alamy, I'd be a lot more interested in it. As it is currently, the foods company mentioned above would have gotten all their uses under one, probably much smaller, invoice amount if the terms were RF rather than RM. To bore you further, a decade earlier than that I did a television commercial for a radio broadcasting company. In it there was a couple enjoying a picnic and drinking beverages from silver stemware. The lawsuit claimed that it was made to look like the young female model was consuming an alcoholic beverage. That was a stretch, but it was also a problem. That's why I said above that, “the people were enjoying wholesome outdoor recreation, nobody doing anything embarrassing, touting a product, etc.” Whether a model release is needed has to do with whether people are recognizable, as even a finger might be recognizable, but also whether it damages or demeans them in some way or appears to use their likeness in promotion of a commercial product or enterprise. http://dondouglas.com/ P.S., in this case, Spacecadet does speak for me. I have a couple of image sets that outsell the others and bring out my jealous netherself when it comes to showing them off in this context.
  12. It was the latter. There are people in the image. I indicated that model releases would be possible to get on those nearest the camera, not on several more distant. They decided not to bother with it. The shot is people enjoying wholesome outdoor recreation, nobody doing anything embarrassing, touting a product, etc. It's basically just a snapshot I took after the "real" photography was done earlier at dawn.
  13. It was for several commercial uses: television commercial, corporate film, presentation, website. The buyer was a foods company in the Upper Midwest. Over two years it grossed over $3K, an amount they wouldn't have paid for editorial use.
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