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  1. bing.com today Chapel St-Michel d' Aiguilhe, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Le Puy-en-Velay, Haute Loire, Auvergne, France G2W0G8 JAUBERT French Collection / Alamy
  2. I hadn't given the subject of fake filters any thought until recently. Looking at eBay for a Schneider polarizing filter I saw this seller in Hong Kong offering them at around 40% of the retail price. Either there's a massive retail markup in filters or these are fakes.
  3. Thanks for replies. It would be great if "order prints" took the place of "personal use" — with a serious printer as a partner, maybe several of them on different continents. I didn't know about Whitewall, Allan, so thanks for that. Recently I did order a print for my own wall from www.werkladen.de . It appears that marketing my own prints from dondouglas.com might be the best option, although it would involve a lot of getting my act together compared to the pod sites.
  4. A couple years ago, my daughter said she'd like to use one of my images for a print on her office wall. Of course, if it had been for her house I would have just given it to her. Since it was for the office and her employer was paying the bill, I suggested she go through Alamy with their connection to Art.com. Part of my motivation was to see how the process worked. It was a big disappointment. She worked with a person in Alamy's New York office who previously negotiated a great license fee for one of my images and about whom I have nothing but good things to say. In this case, however, he said that Alamy and the photographer would be commissioned on a print of up to 10x13 inches. For anything larger (roughly 2x3 feet in her case, framed) she should just buy a personal use license and deal directly with Art.com. So I got a few bucks on what turned out to be a sale of several hundred. Now, from my location in Europe, I go online to Art.com and see this message: So not only do we make next to nothing on a print sale, we only can make that on sales to American buyers. An old friend and sometime professional cohort of mine is spending his later years running an art gallery in which he does digital printing and framing. His opinion of FAA, Art.com, and similar POD outfits is that, for quality, "you might as well go to Walmart." That leaves me in a quandary as to where to turn for offering prints. I'm not ready to buy a printer and try it myself. Plus, I like the set-and-forget aspect that POD clearinghouses offer. This post is already too long, so I won't get into my experience with FAA and why I'd rather not deal with them. Anyone have suggestions as to the best way to offer prints?
  5. GEO.de https://www.geo.de/natur/tierwelt/21970-bstr-wie-tiere-eine-welt-erfassen-die-uns-verborgen-bleibt Wie Tiere eine Welt erfassen, die uns verborgen bleibt How animals grasp a world that remains hidden from us Elephantnose Fish, Gnathonemus petersii, Congo DRT6H0 Mauritius Images / Reinhard Dirscherl / Alamy RM
  6. National Geographic Traveller / India http://www.natgeotraveller.in/norways-wild-adventureland/ Norway’s Wild Adventureland Local freshly harvested strawberries for sale at market in Norway PHJABY Dmitry Naumov / Alamy / Indiapicture RF
  7. GEO.de https://www.geo.de/reisen/22142-rtkl-tunesien-sidi-bou-said-das-dorf-der-kuenste Traumort des Tages — Sidi Bou Said: Das Dorf der Künste Dream Place of the Day — Sidi Bou Said: The Village of the Arts Sunset view of Sidi Bou Said, Africa, North Africa, Tunisia, Sidi Bou Said J4DB11 Mauritius Images / Aleksandra Kossowska / Alamy RF https://www.geo.de/reisen/reise-inspiration/22112-bstr-die-zehn-schoensten-planetarien-europas Die zehn schönsten Planetarien Europas The ten most beautiful planetariums in Europe Hemisferic and Queen Sofia Arts Palace. City of Arts and Sciences . Architect Santiago Calatrava. Valencia. Comunidad Valencia. Spain. Europe R7RPT3 Mauritius Images / Gonzalo Azumendi / Alamy RM Summer afternoon in Torun old town, Poland. UNESCO World Heritage Site. F23GX1 Mauritius Images / Slawek Staszczuk / Alamy RM
  8. GEO.de https://www.geo.de/reisen/22131-rtkl-saint-jean-de-luz-baskischer-badeort-mit-viel-charme-und-geschichte Traumort des Tages — Saint-Jean-de-Luz: Baskischer Badeort mit viel Charme und Geschichte Dream place of the day - Saint-Jean-de-Luz: Basque seaside resort with lots of charm and history Port. Saint Jean de Luz. San Juan de Luz. Donibane Lohizune. Atlantic Pyrenees Aquitania Region. Labort (Lapurdi). Basque Country . France RY6XJ7 Mauritius Images / Gonzalo Azumendi / Alamy RM
  9. One thing I have no personal experience with yet, but plan to make a rainy-day project of this winter, is digital slide copying using a wet-mount process. The comparisons of dry vs. wet scanning are impressive: https://wetmounting.com/Pages/SampleScans/halvorson.html Welcome to the forum, Don
  10. When I joined in March of 2014, the initial test upload required four images. Of mine, three passed and one, a 35mm Velvia slide shot on a tripod with a Canon L lens and digitized on a Canon FS4000US slide scanner, failed. Since then, I've only uploaded scanned 35mm as archival and only then when the same shot could not be duplicated today with digital capture. The minimum digital capture at the time was eight megapixels and today it's six. I haven't tested the water yet to see if that change would make the difference between acceptable and not.
  11. National Geographic / Travel https://www.nationalgeographic.com/travel/destinations/north-america/canada/partner-content-eight-canadian-road-trips/ Eight amazing Canadian road trips Canada, View of Dempster Highway and Ogilvie Mountains at Tombstone Territorial Park D7K9RM Westend61 (Fotofeeling )GmbH / Alamy RF https://www.nationalgeographic.com/travel/destinations/north-america/united-states/how-to-visit-most-beautiful-churches-cathedrals/ Divine architecture: Magnificent churches across the U.S. Washington DC - April 12, 2015: Basilica of the National Shrine Catholic Church, Washington DC, USA. KJGWB4 Felix Lipov / Alamy RF The Wayfarers Chapel, designed by Lloyd Wright, Palos Verdes Peninsula, Los Angeles County, California BP74XW Gary Crabbe / Enlightened Images / Alamy RM Saint Louis Cathedral and Jackson Square located in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. C22N8X David R. Frazier Photolibrary, Inc. / Alamy RM SAVANNAH, GEORGIA - November 30, 2016 : Interior of St John the Baptist cathedral on September 5, 2016. The Cathedral was founded around 1791 by the f WBWX8C John Wollwerth / Alamy RF Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, Sacramento CNX4E9 NiKreative / Alamy RM Cathedral of St. John the Divine, head church of Episcopal Diocese of New York. K323FC Felix Lipov / Alamy RF Cathedral of Christ the Light, Oakland, California. C2MF7P Arcaid Images (Tim Griffith) / Alamy RM St Joseph Ukrainian Catholic Church; 5000 North Cumberland Chicago Illinois 60656 USA C04GDE Stan Gregg / Alamy RM
  12. GEO.de https://www.geo.de/reisen/reise-inspiration/22118-bstr-die-schoensten-gotteshaeuser-der-welt Die schönsten Gotteshäuser der Welt The most beautiful churches in the world Saint Basil's Cathedral on Red Square in Moscow, Russia M5CMGH Mauritius Images / Mikolajn / Alamy RF SEVILLE, SPAIN - OCTOBER 30, 2014: Cathedral de Santa Maria de la Sede with the Giralda bell tower in morning dusk. EMFAC2 Mauritius Images / Jozef Sedmak / Alamy RF
  13. GEO.de https://www.geo.de/reisen/reiseziele/22116-bstr-fuenf-gruende-warum-bonn-so-toll-ist Fünf Gründe, warum Bonn so toll ist Five reasons why Bonn is so great Bundesviertel federal government district aerial panoramic view in Bonn city in Germany W1CW9T Mauritius Images / Andrey Khrobostov / Alamy RF
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