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  1. has Alamy issued GDPR white paper?

    Thanks for this info, Alamy.
  2. My zooms are plummeting since I paused submitting

    I once had a big dip in zooms just as I was uploading loads. Don't think there's a correlation.
  3. Grace, you can put your Landrover pics up on Alamy. You don't have to make them "editorial use only", it'll be enough to say that you don't have a Property Release - as Landrover hold the Copyright to the design".
  4. What have we learned about stock?

    That when I shoot, I already think about keywords. Sad, I know.
  5. I had about 20 pictures on sale - back in 2003. First sale was refunded, but the next ones paid for the new camera outright.
  6. accreditation for event

    If the event is newsworthy, I'd go via the Live News team - news@alamy.com
  7. Well done Colin. :-D
  8. 100000 posts

  9. April up or down?

    Slightly above average in terms of volume and revenue. Half a dozen sales over $100. Average $37, which is not too bad. To sum it up: better than expected.
  10. Alamy survey

    I would like Alamy to chase more unreported usages.
  11. Debenture?

    The prices aren't too bad from where I'm looking.
  12. Have you found any Alamy images in April 2018

    Thank you Clare.
  13. Calf at Lake Titicaca Parade of Sail, River Thames Swan on the Ruhr river floodplains during high water
  14. A dollar per year for each image

    I agree with funkyworm - I shoot lots of catwalk shows, theatre performances and news. You tend to over-submit on these kind of images, too. But then, who knows what the clients are looking for? It might have just been the one you left out ...
  15. Have you found any Alamy images in April 2018

    Just found quite a few Alamy images in this examination paper. http://www.ocr.org.uk/Images/429787-unit-h200-externally-set-task-june-2018.pdf Alamy photographers: fStop Images David Pearson Dinodia Photos Mihai Barbat Chris Hellier Mar Photographics Dennis Hallinen japix Asia Photopress Paul Quayle Andreas Gradin Kathy deWitt Marc Tielemans Helen Sessions Terry Allen ukartpics Tim Graham Sabena Jane Blackbird Peter Horree image-2 Jeff Morgan 11 Don't think they've been reported yet.