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  1. Log out of the forum and don't sign in when you visit next time. You should see the watermarked photo then.
  2. Did you get the address (upload.alamy.com) for your ftp upload from Alamy? I was given a different one. Why don't you try to upload your first images via the desktop uploader?
  3. Here too. My direct claim has dropped in today, 1 October.
  4. Sales volume, revenue and zooms up from last month. However, looking at the sales of the last 12 months, there is still a downward trend. Good: $$$ are back.
  5. My payments usually arrive within one week. Double-check your bank details etc. If everything is correct with your bank details, contact Alamy via contributors@alamy.com.
  6. Just checked. I had emails in 2017 and 2018. Haven't seen one from 2019, but I might have deleted it. The 2018 one was "wrapped" in a newsletter with the advice they had started the payout.
  7. On their website: "If you submit your claim to us by the deadlines, and provided your details are correct, you should receive your royalty in Autumn 2020. We will be in touch to let you know when to expect payment." They usually send out an email to claimants, provided you claimed yourself and not via an agency.
  8. They will not go on sale unless you add keywords and a caption. It will take about 24 hours before they go on sale. Go to Alamy Image Manager and check it out.
  9. Dreadful month. Had a stretch of 10 days with no sales at all. Worst for sales volume and revenue.
  10. By renaming the folders: YY(YY)MMDD_Location_Keyword And if I'm really lost - which doesn't happen too often - I search for the picture in the Alamy Image Manager. Alamy tells me the date the image was taken and then I can go back to the folder.
  11. I don't want to import a library onto my hard drive - I keep all images I process on external drives. ACR does the edit for me and then I import into PS and save. What can be more simple?
  12. I'm with Mark and geogphotos. ACR and then Photoshop. I simply cannot get my head around Lightroom and I dislike the need to import images first.
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