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  1. Question about out of focus dancers

    Dancers can be a nightmare to photograph at the best of times. Don't worry too much about it.
  2. Got mine in September, but never got the statement. I wrote to them and they emailed me the statement today. Nothing from Alamy yet, though.
  3. If it's Adobe Bridge select the JPEGs you want to resize. Go to "Tools" and select "Photoshop". Then select "Image Processor". Here you can set the sizes you want eg longest sides in pixels and the compression rate. You can do horizontal and vertical resizing at the same time. Click on "Run" and Bridge will resize your photos and put them either in a chosen location or Bridge will create a new folder for those JPEGs.
  4. You mean Adobe Bridge, don't you?
  5. It's very easy and can be done as a batch. Unfortunately, I'm away from my computer now. If no-one jumps in, I'll let you know later tonight.
  6. Thanks everyone. Just heard back from a friend who's able to lend me a light tent. So will check it out and report back. :-D
  7. As Keith and Julie have said: 3000 px longest side is standard. I rarely submit over 3600/4000 px longest side when shooting news. I also save at setting 10 in Photoshop.
  8. I recently needed to photograph a product but found out I had the wrong set up. I've come across light tents since. Are there any you could recommend?
  9. Exclusivity

    Should get a better ranking than non-exclusive ones. If it doesn't make a difference, I might just not bother in the future.
  10. Exclusivity

    There is no "exclusive to Alamy" button for buyers, is there? Or am I (or Alamy) missing something?
  11. Three from me. Yeah baby. Sofa so good. Carnival in Venice
  12. I remember it well. And we had to interpolate our files up to 48MB.
  13. What sale are you most surprised by?

    This one really surprised me for two reasons. 1 - it was sold as a direct sale to Germany as a police promotion picture 2 - and the price (which was really good).
  14. Ah, not yet. Shall be checking on an hourly basis ...