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  1. I'd forward the email to Alamy contributors@alamy.com. I'm sure there's something phishy going on.
  2. Surprisingly, best month of the year so far. Revenue has steadily gone up from November last year. 3 $$$ sales and relatively low number on sub 10$ sales. Average $44.
  3. I disagree. Some photographer will set their price at $100 per image whilst others, that don't rely on photography income, will undercut this big time. You'll end up with microstock prices.
  4. Thanks Kumar, couldn't have said it better. Very disappointed for everyone although not much will change for me.
  5. If you don't want your image ideas stolen, don't put them on sale.
  6. Sales volume has been steady for a couple of months now and revenue has gone up since November last year. Average just over $32. Highest sale was $103.28, lowest $1.29 (before commission). My zooms have tanked.
  7. Almost idential to December, January and February. However, sales volume is up, but revenue has virtually stayed the same. Only one $$$ sale.
  8. I used to shoot RAW + JPEG on my old 1DS, but ended up getting too many processing errors. I'm only shooting RAW files now. I tend to select the images in Photoshop Bridge and process them in Photoshop ACR. The latest update also seems to allow you to set up your own standard settings.
  9. They wouldn't have blinked if it you had used an iPhone. Sad times.
  10. All very much average for me in terms of volume and revenue. Really nothing to write home about.
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