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  1. Personally, I think these scratches look man-made. I took some pics of striated rocks next to a glacier in South America a while ago and the rocks were all striated in the same direction and very smooth.
  2. The world "mall" is hardly ever used in the UK. What about shopping and street? Or anything Wim suggests.
  3. Show your newest image

    World Cup time.
  4. Having to pay for links - great. But this surely doesn't mean sharing a link, as a link in itself does not contain copyright information. But if you look at blogs and internet sites linking to articles by displaying the whole article this would make sense. I don't think it will apply to news or editorial photography. Overnight ALL images of stars wearing designer outfits, politicians getting into a Merc outside a meeting or opening a bottle of water would disappear.
  5. I'll have a P please Bob

    Good find, funky. Had some Ps yesterday and didn't even notice. :-)
  6. "Personal Use" Licence Refunds

    With some airlines you have a 24-hour grace period in which you can cancel your ticket free of charge if you have made a mistake etc. Genuine mistakes happen, surely. But if you suddenly realise you don't want it after a fortnight, tough luck.
  7. Before I risk an upload

    You could downsize them to make them sharper.
  8. So how was your May, eh?

    Surprisingly, and despite a nasty refund, I came out slightly above average in terms of revenue and sales - and that was without any news sales.
  9. Photo on Alamy Facebook

    Just saw your comment.
  10. What about offering clients RAW files?

    I shoot 100% RAW and I find that editing RAW files is really easy. I use Bridge and Photoshop and all I do is open them up in ACR, crop, click on removing CA, adjust exposure and remove dust bunnies. In a quick edit I can do a picture in under a minute, providing my computer lets me.
  11. has Alamy issued GDPR white paper?

    Thanks for this info, Alamy.
  12. My zooms are plummeting since I paused submitting

    I once had a big dip in zooms just as I was uploading loads. Don't think there's a correlation.
  13. Grace, you can put your Landrover pics up on Alamy. You don't have to make them "editorial use only", it'll be enough to say that you don't have a Property Release - as Landrover hold the Copyright to the design".