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  1. By presidential order... https://www.diyphotography.net/adobe-has-deactivated-all-venezuelan-creative-cloud-accounts-in-response-to-presidential-order/?fbclid=IwAR0kO5fCqEZBBJKZLm3nNIyo53bT_ISh-3QbjqVcDpsI-GSbrjxcLQVAlhM
  2. This should give pixel dimensions and not just file sizes. People downloading person use files probably have no idea for 25MB stands for. The option should show sizes according to usage - eg social media 600x400 or print 3000x2000. For this reason, I have not cast a vote as yet.
  3. July average was just over $40, August down to $33, September just over $21. Volume, almost highest for the last 12 months. Zooms are best ever. Not happy.
  4. 10 is enough, especially for news images.
  5. I'll forward your thank-you note to avpics. 😉
  6. Totally agree. Linking would be better. In the past I liked some images and all I could see was the photographer's name (not even what it was a picture of). I then had to physically copy and paste the filekey to see what it was. I had two images used as front cover, but I don't think they have led to any sales.
  7. Fewer sales than July (which was a good month) but volume comparing well with previous months. Saying that, the first two weeks of August were almost non-existent. July average was just over $40, August down to $33. Almost 25% of sales were under $10. 😞 In all, slightly below average, but pleased that sales picked up from week 3.
  8. 10 years ago Bolivian Altiplano Too hot ...
  9. I know I shouldn't put in keywords in other languages other than English, but sometimes, just sometimes, there is no equivalent in English. Sometimes there are proper foreign "names" that cannot be translated.
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