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  1. Number of sales this month is average so far. But the prices. My oh my!!! ☹️
  2. When I first used Photoshelter (having been on the Digital Railroad one before then), I got some great print sales from a show I attended. However, nothing to write home after this. I mainly used Photoshelter as a site to gain accreditations etc. and used it as a portfolio. Cancelled my contract with them over a year ago and they didn't even bother to write back to me asking for reasons.
  3. Good month. Best month for volume (just) and runner up for revenue this year. Average ~$42.24.
  4. Some pics from me. After the Finsbury Park attacks. Refugees welcome Brexit Kids
  5. Although, most agencies rename the files. Totally agree with the rest of the post.
  6. Don't expect to see the payment in your account before 5th July. It always takes a few days to process.
  7. I have the 5D MkII and MkIII and an old 1Ds (the original). A few months ago I bought the new EOS R - it's a cracking little camera (30MP) and produces much sharper files than my old cameras. It's just the AF system that needs adjusting to.
  8. Only been once, walked past the queues, flashed my press card and up I went. Bloody press people.
  9. Vigil for David Bowie Withered crosses with faded poppies In support for Palestine
  10. I'm still trying to work out how the AF works on the EOS R. It does, somehow. First attempt at moving subjects.
  11. Average sales have gone up from $22 last month that had loads of under $10 sales but also 2 above $100 sales to $37 with only a handful of under $10 sales and no plus $100 sales. Result: almost 50% more revenue with slightly fewer sales. In total: average month - or what we should call "the new average".
  12. May started really badly, but I'm glad last week's sales have been back to normal. With Brexit looming, I bet many publishers are probably waiting to see what will happen. Oh, distribution sales that used to be few and far between, have really picked up.
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