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  1. There were pool halls in Brooklyn, as there are pool halls here. In the '80s in Oxfordshire I played Bar Billiards. Now, as you see above, it's Virtual Pool. But that's not much fun because players can't use effective English. We (I) scratch all the time. Grrrrrrr.
  2. I had my hair cut down to the skin just before the shutdowns. I hope it doesn't get '60s-long before this situation ends. If I had a dog or a cat, we could have long meaningful conversations. I tried talking to the Herring gulls that settle on the building marquee out my window. They were oblivious and rude. I'm doing a lot of hand laundry and getting pretty good at it. I use Dr. Beckmann's Non-bio Travel Wash. I could use a dartboard in here. Or maybe a pool table. If this goes on long enough, I might become the next Hurricane Higgins.
  3. I spent a lot of time today carefully trimming my beard. Stange behavior, since I'm the only person who sees me except at a supermarket check-out where I'm wearing a mask.
  4. His songs are still with us, Jean-Francois. This was Liverpool City Centre yesterday, a lovely spring day. The building with the dome is Town Hall and this street is lined with restaurants and small hotels. Everything is shut down with not another person in sight.
  5. Sounds good, Bryan. I'm keeping busy too. Trying to solve tech problems but failing, talking to myself in Italian, playing virtual pool, bugging people through emails, ignoring how old I look, worrying, fretting, walking around in a blue paper mask, lusting for Sally cheese, trying to remember the Tai Chi moves, and worrying. Oh, I said that.
  6. Sally, is your place anywhere near Wild Wales? I'm gonna need some of that cheese and maybe a tomato to go with Dyn's beer.
  7. 40 pints of home-brewed beer? No wonder you call it Wild Wales.
  8. You're popular with me, John; you introduced to John Smith's ale. Alamy did send me an email about deleting the Pandemic post. Gmail and everything else is moving more slowly.
  9. Cleaning the flat! What a great idea. But I must think about it first. Hmm. Yes, Allan, "I'm Gone" is also gone. Our virtual house is being cleaned. Edo
  10. My very long, toxic PANDEMIC thread is gone. Poof! LOL I have no problem with that, but I wonder why there was no notice nor statement? I guess they're busy.
  11. Here you are, Bryan. https://edostrange.blogspot.com/2020/04/people-pictures.html
  12. Don't worry about being unpopular, Steve. Everyone in the forum is unpopular with someone right now.
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