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  1. As I've said numerous times, I'm in the stock photo production business. I let Alamy handle the licensing and pricing.
  2. There are a lot of complexities here. That deal, convenio espacial, seems very fair. Unfortunately, I can't afford it. I see no viable chose whichever direction I turn. The long-time spacial relationship between the UK and Ireland will not disappear with Brexit. It's a separate matter. Will it change? Who knows? I could probably have health coverage in either the UK or Ireland . . . but I can't afford to live in either.
  3. Mark, I am a valid EU Irish passport holder. But I am not, nor have I ever been, a valid resident of Ireland or any EU nation. So I have not paid into the system . . . therefor I cannot get health insurance in Spain. I need a valid EHC but I can't get one. Yes, if I get hit by a bus tomorrow, they will take care of me. But without health insurance, I cannot get a resident visa. If I were to get private health insurance I could get the visa. But I can't afford the premiums for private health insurance. At my age, if they would give it to me, it's very expensive.
  4. Legally, I can't move to Mexico. I found that out while I in San Miguel de Allende for two months. And I can't get healthcare in Spain. And . . . Ireland is looking less and less likely.
  5. Just to say, Paulette -- I was two nights in Nashville a long time ago. It was very expensive and I hated it. 🤨 Knoxville I don't know. My wife was from Bristol.
  6. Curiouser and curiouser this is getting. John, over here now it's grass pollen. Probably there too. I need some sleep and to focus.
  7. Thanks, Michael Is that link, that site, talking to expats settling in Ireland . . . or is it also aimed at Irish citizens? I'm dragging feet on all these matters this week, ironically because I'm suffering from an extreme hay fever attack and can't sleep or focus.
  8. I'm not looking for the friendliest place in the UK. I won't be moving back to England. My remark about "a good conversation" was an offhand comment. What's important is: I'm an Irish EU citizen, I need healthcare, I will not have a car, I need to be able to walk not take a bus to basic places. It's beginning to look as if I can't afford any of that. What's important is finding a survival plan.
  9. Oh my. I won't have a car and I don't want to be in the suburbs busing into the city. This is starting to look like one step forward, two steps back. The apartment hunting and research I mean. We Irish are talkers, and I really need to have a conversation once in a while.
  10. Thanks, fellow Irish people. (Ignore my Brooklyn accent.) Is this wrong, do you think? https://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/in/Galway I'm paying 700 a month here in Seville. I found some flats advertised for less than that in Galway. My ancestors are from Sligo. It rains some in Ireland, does it? Hmmm. I was wondering how they get that intensive green in the fields.
  11. Do any of you know what Galway is like to live and do editorial stock? Edo
  12. Angelo's is owned by some Amici di Amici in Florida, I don't know if they will ever open that place again. Little Italy had a good run, 100 years. Basta!
  13. Yes, it will be super hot, John. Cecile, my stepdaughter was in NYC last week and snapped some pics of my building. After 14 months, there are still vacate notices on the entrance. That means nobody is allowed in the building. No work has been done on Angelo's, the restaurant on the ground floor where the fire started. It's 146 Mulberry Street. I sold my rent stabilized lease to the landlord last July. I will not be going back to the city.
  14. Those are indeed Mute Swan. One must be careful not to get too close to their signets (young ones), as both the mother and dad will aggressively wave you off.
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