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  1. Or it could be an ominous warning of things to come.
  2. I'm back in the black too, Iain. I think I might have a sip of something.
  3. My storage fee has just been cancelled and I'm back in the black. Dio Mio! Do we need this extra stress?
  4. Alamy has been closing these storage-fee complaint threads.
  5. Chuck's post, that I just responded to, has disappeared. A $ storage for each image?
  6. Since one of the main reasons I shoot stock is to have something to do, I don't want a lot of auto stuff. I enjoy washing dishes by hand.
  7. An early start this month for me. The tags on the dozen snaps I got at artist Stephen Jones's Sky Art redressing last night will have the tags showing tomorrow. There seems to be an amazing amount of public art here in Liverpool.
  8. After June being the best month I've ever had, July was one of my worst.
  9. Just about all the photogs I interviewed for that Nikon book were stars — Jay Maisel, Henry Wolf, Art Kane, Douglas Kirkland, as well as Eric and Pete and others.
  10. Shouldn't that be posted over in the Good News for Flowers thread?
  11. There's Gen covering the massive length and breath of The Outback and so many of you making your way up and down hills and valleys. I can't remember the last time I walked more than 15 minutes from my front door. I snapped a few pieces of public art in a small church garden near me the other day. When I went back to see if I missed some information about it yesterday, everything was gone; it popped up and then it popped out. Gone. ???
  12. Yeah, I've only had an NHS number for two years. And Michael? Why are they using the term "simple?"
  13. Having once been a guitar player, I don't like hearing that someone's guitar hero has passed. Sorry, Colin. I've been hard at it this morning, trying to establish and use the newish NHS app. There's a key word used on many app download pages that announce trouble. I'm referring to the word "simple." The NHS says this app is simple. I may be a bit simple, but this app is not. As I write this, I am now okay to log on and use the site. Thanks, NHS. 🤪 But I'll need a nap and brandy before I try that. I spent about 2 hours wrestling with this thing this morning. The question
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