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  1. What a good idea, Ian. Two good ideas -- to shoot the little hairy dolls and to turn my question around.
  2. Me, I'm born in Brooklyn, a citizen of the US of A. As such, I can vote for or against The Donald. But . . . I also have a legal Irish passport in my pocket. Which means I am part of the long-standing Special Relationship between Ireland and the UK and I remain part of the EU.
  3. Changed my eye? I don't think so. But shooting stock has expanded my choice of subjects to things I would not be snapping away at otherwise. I'm always looking for very good pictures. With stock, I do as I do with any other subjects that looks photogenic. I evaluate the lighting, the shape, the color, and the action. If the scene suggests a caption it's stock. All types of photography call for a specific approach. Landscapes are not portraits; studio is not Street; and war is not wildlife. I find Stock very interesting.
  4. No snow in Liverpool yet, Bill. But we have fog sitting low on the River Mersey.
  5. 😕 The subject under discussion was unproductive favorite images. Film and cameras are down the hall on the left.
  6. It's not that simple. I have snaps of Rome's other landmarks (the Forum, the Spanish Steps, Trastevere) that are repeat sellers and there's nothing special about them.
  7. I favored the M2 over the M3 too. But that was in my 95% B&W days. I hated K200 and hated K64 too. I was a K25 shooter. 😊
  8. That sounds a lot more important than my snaps of Saint Pete's, Chuck, but just as mysterious.
  9. Do you have images of subjects, photos you really like and had thought to be good stock sellers . . . but they have never sold or even been zoomed? My images of St. Peter's Basilica and Piazza are my own mysterious problem like this. Sure, there are a lot of good captures of this subject. Alamy has 30,029 images of this historic, major landmark. That doesn't seem that many to me. I have 25 captures. I checked the first 12 pages and nothing of mine was there. I've never had a sale or even a zoom. Most of the time, when I do a test search, my pics show up on one of the first three pages. I have a lot of nostalgia concerning Rome, so this situation is very frustrating to me.
  10. I was in that one too, Betty. What I learned from it is not to get involved with a co-op operation. Too many cooks. . . .
  11. Alamy finally gave that young Malaysian fem wrestler a rest from supporting the home page. But there are several other odd details. Maybe it's the weight of 190 million images that's been slowing things down?
  12. Yikes, it's the 22nd day of the month and I had just one small sale. This is my worse month in 5 years. Have any of you been monkeying with my algorithm?
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