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  1. Am I the Ed you're referring to, Michael? (As Edo I can only be confused with a historic period in Japan or a restaurant chain.) Crazy as it seems, I now have two 13" MacBooks, a Pro and an Air. I bought the newer Air in a panic when Apple recalled my Pro and told me that the fix would take 6 to 7 weeks. I've never had any problems adjusting to the Retina screen. It's been a year now. Yes, I did have a rare QC fail a few weeks ago, the first one with a MacBook. That had to do with the fur on a Spanish Water Dog, a sperate, special issue. I look at images at 100%. If I feel that I must look at 200%, the image gets deleted. The next Spanish Water Dog I snap will be in cross lighting. Edo
  2. The only box on either page that I might not fill in is Secondary category if I can't think of one.
  3. Jon, you have some excellent PJ pics in your port. It's been many years since I did that kind of work. You get right in the middle of things. Bravo! May I suggest that for routine stock you open up the shadows some and then balance by adding a little contrast. I do that in LR. Edo
  4. Let me know when you're coming, Doc, and we can get together for some tapas. edoruan@gmail.com
  5. Has The Parakeet Equality Society heard about this hat feather thing, Mark? OK, OK, I'll get back on the subject and give some advice to Young, our OP. Young, Stock is a long game. We've both been at it for a decade. We both should have uploaded at least 10 to 12 K images at this point. I only have 6,000. And you have just 4,000. You don't shoot enough. And as has already been said, being sloppy about composition is not going to work in your favor. A very good stock image has strong lighting, shape, color, and gesture. And understand that you're not going to get rich doing this. If you need or want to shoot mainly when you travel, you can't even expect to turn a profit. I lived in Summertown and Woodstock in the '80s. There are lots of stock subjects available in Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds. Good luck.
  6. Thanks, Andy -- that's what I thought. I don't do News anymore myself. It's too much like . . . work. You understand it and do a pro job. I think it was John in Vancouver who was implying that RF is the unavoidable future. Maybe, but all my images are RM and will remain so as long as possible. My sales numbers are not bad and my prices better. In Brooklyn, they call a man bag a man purse. In Oxford, I heard one guy call them Nancy bags. I have a pink and green Domke with a fetching flower motif on one side I could let you have for a very attractive price. You would be the Talk of Cork. Edo
  7. Yes, Ian . . . but we haven't experienced the summer yet.
  8. Some of you will remember me saying before I came to Spain that I wanted to find a furnished apartment that was no more than a 15-minute walk from a simple, affordable restaurant or two and a market. That seems funny now because right outside the gate to my building there is a pizzeria and across the street is a small supermarket. And within 2-to-3 minutes there are about 20 pretty good places to eat. For those of you who know Seville, I'm at the southeast corner of the Alameda de Hercules, a lively, pleasant tourist area. A 15-minute walk south would take me through the main shopping streets to the Cathedral of Seville. Someone said it's always about three things: location, location, location. I've got location. Edo 😎
  9. Please don't post anything more in Edo in Seville. I can't do anything there. John, I once played at a Brooklyn club with Jimmy Smith. I remember the solid bass line he was putting down with his feet.
  10. Hey, I want to see Wim with those purple things sticking out of his ears!
  11. https://www.accuradio.com/?name=Classical Relaxation&b0=Classical&b1=Beautiful Music This is what I have playing on my MacBook early in the morning and late at night, John. I don't do loud anymore. AccuRadio has endless variety and I take advantage of this if I'm on the computer during the day. I too love Bach, except for his (and all) organ music. Vivaldi is a more cheerful Barque composer . . . but then he's Italian. I'm going to moving over to Seville 2019 now. Edo
  12. I'm having nothing but trouble posting here lately. Paragraphs disappear and when I put a link to a music clip all hell broke loose. And I could find no way to delete it. Edo
  13. I was in Montreal from mid-July until early October last year and had perfect weather. My ex-stepson is married to a lady from a Quebequa family who was one of the original fur-trading settlers. She is a terrific person. I taught Hanny to play the guitar when he was a kid and he became a well-known fusion bass player with a French-British group.
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