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  1. Alamy update

    Poco a poco, mates -- ohmygod, I'm not going to start making comments in Spanish now, am I?
  2. My First Sale!!

    Good going, Carlos!
  3. Valencia, Spain?

    T'was you, Ian, who created that first lifeline after the fire. Without that I would have sunk under the weight of things. (Is that a mixed metaphor . . . or a metaphor at all?) Edo
  4. Me, I tend to stay with those little white mushrooms from the supermarket.
  5. Narrow DoF again

    15 to 20 years ago, food magazines were all doing a lot of selective DoF with their tabletop food shots. I shoot a lot of food. I'm interested in cuisine. I work fast, usually doing an overhead view and a dinner's view, and most of my snaps are sharp overall. I work fast because it's my lunch I'm shooting. But I use selective DoF sometimes, when it's called for. Here's one that works, I think: Selective DoF has always been a way to draw attention to the more important part of a scene.
  6. I think you sauté those with a little butter and serve with a nice Chianti.
  7. Valencia, Spain?

    Poco a poco. They call lunch "The Meal," I understand. Hopefully, all the bars will be the right bar. I don't eat dinner, and I've been taking a daily 30-minute siesta since Rome in 1965. It says "European Union" in both English and Gaelic across the cover of my new passport.
  8. Valencia, Spain?

    You have my years on Earth correct, Jeff. And willing or not, the adventure is about to begin! Thank you all for wishing me well, and for all the help that was given in that first scary month. Eduardo Ruan (A bit of Spanish and some Irish there)
  9. Valencia, Spain?

    My Irish passport just arrived in the post!
  10. Valencia, Spain?

    Autumn is approaching, yet here I sit still waiting for those Irish boyos to send me my passport. (Wait -- I'm an Irish boyo.) We've had perfect summer weather here in this attractive French Canadian city, while folks were having their brains melted in Seville. Yes, I have settled on Seville for the immediate future. Heat, heath care, residency will be dealt with when I'm there waving my EU passport around. I will fly to Lisbon, spend two days, then fly to Seville. Summer and the killer heat will be 8 months away when I arrive. Poco a poco, as they say in Spain. I've been taking a daily Spanish lesson on Duolingo, but then I go out and hear French all day. How does Seville brake down? Walkability: When I do a virtual Google Map street-by-street walk around Seville, I see a mostly flat city and almost nothing that turns me off. Culture: history seems to have left a mostly positive mark on Seville. Cost: consider that a beer in any restaurant in NYC now costs $6 to $9. In Seville it costs $1.40. Cuisine: Seville might be the best restaurant and tapas bar city in Spain, and although it's not on the coast, grilled fresh fish is a main stay. Climate: No, Seville is not Shangri-la. I will quote Mark Twain. "Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it." Stock Subjects: Seville is ultra photogenic to my eyes and interests. Does it sell? We'll see. People often use the term "touristy"as a negative thing, but tourism is what drives the economy in much of Southern Europe, and there would not be the competitive mix of places to eat without it. Nowhere is more totally touristy than where I lived in Little Italy in New York. And I'm a city boy; when it's too quite I can't sleep. Edo
  11. MPBdotCom

    Discount code? Hmm. Don't know what that is, Douglas, but I will say that MPB are terrific people to deal with. I've sold, bought, and traded with their office in NYC. I will be buying a used Sony FE 28-70 for the a6000 (Wim's suggestion) from their UK office once I get settled at my wherever in Europe. Edo
  12. This $17 Pizza Margherita that I had in NYC just sold for $11. So you might say that it just cost me $6US. Hmm.
  13. Cloud experts wanted

    I would include "cumulous" also, John. Being accurate is important, but these terms might also be used by buyers looking for an attractive cloud image who may not be cloud experts either.
  14. That's certainly food for thought, Graham. And I will give it some. Edo