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  1. Edo in San Miguel de Allende

    Rebecca, I've been to Mexico City and to all the countries in Central America except Nicaragua and Belize doing photo shoots. I was headed for Nicaragua on the day they had the big earthquake in the '70s. We flew on the Costa Rica. With few exceptions, I've been everywhere in South America too. All interesting places to visit, but I do not want to move down there.
  2. Edo in San Miguel de Allende

    Gen, Porto is now off the list -- too many hills, and its hard to find small apartments for rent, says my local contact. Faro in the Algarve? I may have to ask to sleep on your saltwater crocodile bench. Edo
  3. Small camera for North Korea

    Better autofocus on the 100/5, Wim? That's interesting, because I have a lot of trouble with the autofocus on my 100/3, always shooting extra frames and using the two-step shutter press.
  4. Slow/disappointing month

    A deer in the backyard! That's wonderful. Ah . . . I saw a dog yesterday.
  5. Edo in San Miguel de Allende

    I lived in Rome in the '60s. It was wonderful back then. I was last there in 2008. The city has too many crushing problems now: too crowded, too expensive, a political zoo, and many others. I'm from New York, but Rome will always be my spiritual home. Edo
  6. Who Are We?

    Very interesting, Jeff and John. I'm glad I started this post.
  7. Edo in San Miguel de Allende

    November? Hmm. Check the weather for rain, if you're on a photo shoot.. I like the general look of the year-round weather in Porto -- not too cold in winter, not too hot in summer. But I'm not looking for Shangri-La. I had a haircut here in San Miguel today It cost me 50 pesos, which is $2.46US. A haircut in NYC costs $35 and up.
  8. Edo in San Miguel de Allende

    Hi, Jenny! If you send me an email, we are then in contact. I'm edoruan@gmail.com I'm on my way back to NYC June 30th, so I'm unable to fully focused on what comes after all I have to do there to close down my past. Then I'll be totally about Porto. Do you think I can find a small rental flat there for about 400 to 500 euros a month? Edo
  9. Edo in San Miguel de Allende

    I'll moving from here at the end of the month and will be in NYC for a couple of weeks to settle selling my lease and vacating my flat. Poco a poco.
  10. Who Are We?

    That's what I need to do, Kumar, reduce evil stress. Constant stress can damage the immune system, and mine used to be very strong. My background story of how I got into photography is on my blog: http://edoruan2.blogspot.com But let me add, before I traded that guitar for a Nikon F, I had never owned a camera or had photography as a hobby -- I became a pro overnight. I did draw and even paint as a kid. Edo
  11. Who Are We?

    Nah, a pro can be an enthusiast too. And newbies are often too enthusiastic.
  12. Who Are We?

    I used the term 'hobbyist' instead of 'amateur' but both can sound dismissive. Amateur shooters can be very good, but they don't have to deal with clients or assignment pressures that pros do. The younger me used to like that pressure. The senior me does not.
  13. When I pop my clogs...

    Good to know, Funky. Don't like it when traditions vanish. Pop pop!
  14. When I pop my clogs...

    I think the Dutch wear clogs, but do they pop them? They may not even wear them anymore. I'll have tp check with Wim. My favorite Brit saying from my Oxfordshire days was, "Pull the other one, it's got bells on it." Mark, are saying we can't leave the earnings from Alamy to others???
  15. Just Passed QC so saying HI!

    Welcome to Alamy, people. May you prosper. Edo