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  1. "There is usually a bottle of hand-sanitizer next to the sign-in book so that you can clean your hands afterwards." John, I hope you don't think I've been asleep for the past six months? I carry sanitiser and disposable rubber gloves on me. I wear a mask and have another mask in my pocket. I deal with each moment and all situations as they present themselves. I don't intend to give my personal information to anyone to get a coffee. I don't see that as a solution to anything. I see it as another possible problem. And writing down fake info would be gaming the system and a possible crime. My answer? Don't go out for coffee.
  2. I'm exclusive with Alamy too, Kumar. Been home most of the day. So far, I've not got a single image tagged. 🤒 I went to Pret A Manger yesterday and Rudy’s today to get a coffee. They wanted me to fill out a form. My full name, telephone number, and email, and two other items of info. What? A new government policy, they say. Policy? They want to hand me a possibly germ-ridden pen to write on a germ-ridden sheet of paper to buy a coffee? How does this help control the spread of Covid-19? It’s nonsense!
  3. Ouch! No apologies called for, Bryan. I see many of these posts as conversations that drift from subject to subject. Maybe the tech and critique areas should stay on point, but I post here most of the time.
  4. I am. And shamefully so. I'm going to stop shooting for a week or more and spend some time catching up with my tagging. I do captions and tags after QC passes my images. I do it that way because it feels unnatural for me to work on visual things and language at the same time: left brain, right brain. This is probably neurotic of me, but that's been my pattern. Stay safe, people. Edo
  5. Maybe you were more of a traditionalist back then, Andy. Or do younger toes get cold more easily?
  6. I've not had a sharpness issue with either the RX100/3 or 5 at 70mm. I do not like what I get from either 24-200 zoom on the long ends of my RX100/6 or RX10. However, I don't like the viewfinder on the 5. The 6 pops up and down with one smooth move. The only time I use the rear screen with these pocket Sonys is when at shooting food. For Street I need the visual intimacy of a viewfinder. Different strokes for different folks.
  7. I was just outside a bar, Mark, with the 28-70 on a tripod. 🙂 Allan, I've bought and sold and traded with MPB, a good company. 😀 John, I was too quick in buying. I won't be so quick in selling, if I do sell. A notice in my lobby yesterday says packages can no longer be left. What next? 🤔
  8. I could loan you my 'new' slippers, Paulette. But I'm afraid they might not pass the scrutiny of the virus cops at Customs.
  9. I don't think I'm gonna be able to wear my 'new' slippers hosting any at home social events. Fortunately, I have no such events planned.
  10. "Now it's in my head, I can never lose it." Yes. The one important thing I learned from the ugly, hateful, fearful business of being in combat is—focus on the moment. The past won't help you and you may not have a future.
  11. You are, I'm sure totally ladylike, Gen. But be alert. I've heard that those big salties consider human toes a tasty snack. And I understand the can run over 30 MPH on land.
  12. Gee, I hope you're being too rigid, Niels, although I've never thought of you as rigid. James at Alamy reads my blog and he's never said there was a problem. I wouldn't use anyone else's images. It seems I've hit on two universally interesting issues this week: slippers and the real value of stuff. Every week I think—this is my very last blog. Then somehow I manage to do one more. 🙂
  13. One knife was a 10" chef's knife that was a gift. The other I valued was this Japanese paring knife that cost $95.
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