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  1. Some nice-looking food and atmosphere you've captured down there in Amish country, Brian.
  2. You mean leave the city, Betty? Not without a car.
  3. Thank you, Carol. To me, to you, food is about taste. I'm disturbed by all the food ads I see on British TV where food is seen as some kind of fun athletic activity or a wild social event. I would love to take more pictures of flora, but I have zero knowledge to support that. Me gardening? Saints preserve us! I'll leave that to you and others.
  4. Bryan, picture a kid amusing himself with his father's tools.
  5. This sale, at a healthy fee, dropped in today. If you've not been shooting them, I recommend signs as a good third-level stock subject. They account for almost 20% of my sales. Edo >>> and here's a question: Who writes all those ironic one-liners we see these days on restaurants and shops? Copy writers at ad agencies? Hmmm.
  6. It's always a mistake to assume that things shown in movies are correct. In movies, the hero is constantly running down a hallway while several villains fire at him with assault weapons on full-auto . . . yet he doesn't get hit. ??? Also in movies, a hand grenade produces a huge orange-flame in an explosion that can blow up a restaurant. In real life a grenade shows just a small amount of gray smoke and doesn't blow up much. It's the shrapnel that does the damage. And that hero running down the hall? He would be cut to ribbons. I saw 12 Angry Men but don't recall the scene.
  7. James, we both know that your wife is totally right 98.6% of the time. However, in this rare instance, I found your explanation of bullet holes correct and illuminating.
  8. "My tentative theory is that there might have been small arms fire from above, from across the street, which might explain the strange shape of the holes." No way. Those holes are probably made with a small pickax -- the pointed end.
  9. What a day this has been. I saw two people taken away in ambulances, one with a heart attack, the other with an overdose of H. A young girl was doing vigorous CPR on the heart guy when I came around the corner. No response. The cops gave the women with OD a shot but she wasn't responding either. No, I did not take pictures. When I got back to my hotel the electricity was off. It stayed off for 4 hours. But the weather was clear today.
  10. Bullet holes can vary in size and shape, Bryan, but those don't look like bullet holes to me. I don't know of any bullet that would produce those odd shapes. Most would make a roundish hole unless it was a hollow point. The plaque just mentions a security meeting, not a battle. Edo
  11. That's often my story, Lori. Except I only upload 10 to 20 at a time.
  12. . . . uploading to Alamy was fun? (Okey, sort of fun.) Living out of a suitcase does little for upload efficiency. WiFi in hotels is not consistent or the best. I used to upload at night, a last activity on most days. That doesn't work at all anymore. Recently, I've been uploading in the morning. Early. Today that was bad too. FTP is no help. The Apple Store has no answers. And I not asking for help here in the forum. I'm just complaining. 😥 Edo
  13. That makes sense, Michael. Thanks, Allan. I told the trumpet player that I had known Wild Bill Davidson (slightly), since I could tell from his playing that he admired Bill's style.
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