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  1. Are Your Zooms Falling?

    Sorry I missed your earlier post on this, Andrew. So there is something afoot. I just had a zoom turn into a sale, but that doesn't happen often. I do like having zooms to see what people are interested in.
  2. Are Your Zooms Falling?

    A few months ago I had 52 zooms. Today I show just 10. ???
  3. Difficulty uploading happens from time to time with me. When I go back to it later, it works. I don't think your computer is the problem. Edo
  4. The Pros and Cons of Culling Our Collections

    Dave Brubeck used to travel with just two pairs of socks.
  5. The Pros and Cons of Culling Our Collections

    Okay, gang You've convinced me to do no culling, even if that was not the intent of some. And I have no plans to go through my sock drawer. Edo
  6. The Pros and Cons of Culling Our Collections

    I can't find your email, Paulette. Could you please send one at edoruan@gmail.com? I have sometime I want to tell you. Edo
  7. The Pros and Cons of Culling Our Collections

    Different maybe, not better. I did a few years as a PJ, so I have a feel for what you do. I don't see the point of deleting images, but I await someone who will show me the error of my ways.
  8. The Pros and Cons of Culling Our Collections

    I'm very much in tune with those thoughts, Paulette. Although I don't tend to upload images I hate. I shoot a lot of subjects that do not interest me personally, but that's general editorial stock shooting. I often return to subjects, but I don't post more than 2 similars from one shooting. Edo
  9. The Pros and Cons of Culling Our Collections

    I see no dross in your collection, Andy, and I hope I have very little in mine. I'm trying to find reasons other than similars and guessing about sales as to why people think they will improve things by deleting images. Edo
  10. What do you think? I've been reluctant to do any culling. In recent years I've been a lot more careful with what I send to QC, but I rarely delete anything. Edo
  11. Hi!

    Добро пожаловать на форум, Игорь
  12. Sony RX100

    I use wrist straps on both my RX100 6 and a6000. I have a regular shoulder strap on my RX10 'cause it's like a DSLR. With the wrist straps I don't feel they need any extra grips. Cecile, I have Sony light plastic screen covers.
  13. I'm keying this on my old Pro 13" After failing (mostly) with migration via cable from another Mac and with restoring with Time Machine, I've managed to upload most of my most needed apps step-by-step manually as Michael suggested. MDM for President of the Irish part of Spain! Edo
  14. Rights Managed or Royalty Free?

    Betty has it right. All my images are RM, but I don't click on "editorial only." I just say I have no model or property releases. Edo