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  1. Thank you, Mark. Of course I lived here (Oxfordshire) in the '80s. Not just a lawful resident with free healthcare, but my Irish passport will allow me to sidestep many of the restriction of Brexit. Right now, I spend 87% of my time feeling sorry for myself with this broken arm. 🤭
  2. Carol, I was criticising the name, not the coffee itself. Basically, it's just what Italians call caffe latte. Robert, there was a home espresso machine at some of the flats I stayed at in the past two years. I don't see myself moving around with one, not an item for a nomad. I used a French press, drink black Italian coffee with sugar, but just two large mugs in the morning. In NYC, I often had a caffe macchiato in the afternoon. Allan, I see myself as a guest in your country. I'm not here to tell people how to do things, although sometimes I have those thoughts.
  3. I apologise to the people of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland for my comment on Black Friday. I can't recall every hearing it in the States. It's been some time since I've done Christmas. (I still don't like 'flat white', and I'll add 'a stuffed roll' to that.)
  4. No installer now, deleted it maybe, but the app is there. When I try to open/install NIK I have no installation code. I'm not doing any shooting now with my broken arm, pain, and no proper sleep for the past 2.5 weeks. I'll deal with NIK later.
  5. Thank you, dear. I'm too ill right now to focus on this stuff.
  6. I had the same screwup with Nik free version. I had it on PS 2019. When I updated to PS 2021 and 10.15.7 Catalina, 2019 disappeared. I tried to buy Nik on their last sales but I could not install the app. ???
  7. Tony Stone just required contributors to write the basic subject on the (St. Patrick's Cathedral, NYC) and our copyrights stamp.
  8. A great picture, John. And a great story.
  9. A marvel indeed! What great looking kids.
  10. Please, no, MizBrown. Sorry. And I'm too ill to get into a debate. Part of my motivation for this post came from my other recent post, Which? I was surprised to find that some members had their most trouble with culling. I hadn't even thought about that as a problem.
  11. Yeah, Michael, that's true of the Cuban mix sandwich too. Cuba--another place I never got to. 🤔 The sandwich was invented in Florida by immigrant workers.
  12. Mark, I understand why you and others might want to put up more than one capture . . . but please all: don't do that. It kills the concept. And we already have another post like that. Naughty boy! MV, I was saving my po' boy experience for my trip to New Orleans. But I never got to go. So I've never had one. Edo
  13. Save us from those younger offices, Albert. I learned to pay attention to the crusty older sergeants. (me a PJ, not a trooper)
  14. I remember her well, Chuck--great snap. 200mm? Really?
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