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  1. Converging lines? What, no bugs, no bees, no butterflies?
  2. Out here in Nomadland, bureaucracy has gotten out of control. A principal of British law is you're innocent until proven guilty. Yet I'm being required to prove my innocence in order to qualify for shelter. I had trouble in Mexico, Canada, Spain, and Ireland too. Even with my Irish passport, they danced me around in circles. That's an awful story about your daughter, Betty. It makes my problems seems so trivial. The NHS has been on my side from the start, but they have been a little busy with some annoying bug of late. Am I going to have to find a lawyer (called a soli
  3. We have a clear winner! The Princess of the Outback came out 4 votes ahead, even though she voted for Kristin, our runner up. And yes, women run the world now! So when Gen comes back out of the Bush, after avoiding hungry saltwater crocodiles, venomous snakes, nasty spiders, boxing kangaroos, box jelly fish, and those seemingly harmless koalas, with their sharp claws, she can tell us all about the next challenge. Thank you all for submitting so many terrific images. And thank you again, Michael V, for all your help. Edo
  4. My attempt to move to a different studio flat has fallen apart. I’ve been in this building with the fire alarm going off and this badly designed flat with its tiny kitchen and wheelchair bathroom for 18 months now. I’ve never been late paying my rent and I’ve not gotten into any drunken brawls in the hallway or the lobby. I assumed my perfect record was enough to guarantee an easy okay in changing apartments. I was wrong. My letting agency has added another thick, pointless layer of bureaucratic BS to the mix. I was supposed to fill out a seven-page questionnaire, giving all my pers
  5. Thanks, Michael. I shall do. Both Michaels, Ventura and MDM, have been archangels for me. Being old and out here in Nomadland, I am thankful.
  6. Sorry, Zeljko, but we can't complicate things further by redoing votes, mistake or no mistake. This situation is very stressful at the moment because I've run into a bureaucratic brick wall trying to change my apartment. Edo
  7. Sally R's accident reminds me of one I had on Heron Island on the Great Barrier Reef. I was shooting near the waterline, and I stepped out on a flat stone that had a covering of dry sand. The top of the sand was dry, but under that it was wet. My feet went out from under me and my head hit the stone and knocked me out for a moment. For a long time now, I wear nothing but New Balance or Skechers trainers (running shoes). They've never slipped on a surface, wet or dry. I can only recall dressing formally for one photography-related interview. That was to see Consuelo Cr
  8. Yikes, I snapped some azaleas an hour ago! They were pink. I asked three passing women what they were. Like me, none of them had a clue. Thanks, John.
  9. Hmmm. Let's just hope that Gen can continue to avoid the thousand and one things in the bush Down Under that can bite and kill you. And . . . I'm wondering why we've heard nothing from Kristin?
  10. Madonna mia! It's still as close as a cat's whiskers.
  11. Yes, Michael, please do set things up for the runoff. I’ll try to be helpful by going to sleep. Night, all. 😔
  12. It's a tie! Both Kristin Cato and Gvallee got 16 votes each. Now what happens? Has there been ties before? I’m not sure if this is policy in our monthly challenge, but I want to make a comment on each of my final eight. Porto: What caught me in this image is the combination of personal delight, function, and danger. He is too close to the edge of that staircase. I was considering Porto as a place to settle, but the city has too many staircases to climb for this old guy. Panda: You would think this little boy might have been afraid of the enormous Panda, but
  13. Misspelling is who I am. But, in fact, I do know what a googly is. I am not tempted to explain it.
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