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  1. Looks like a good self defence device—a kung fu zoom.
  2. Olivier has everything he turns his hand to nailed.
  3. As usual, I agree with Steve. I do think you are a photographer and have a good eye, RJ.
  4. Allan, the salmon was bought at M&S and labelled Wild Pacific salmon not Scottish farmed. Hmm. Wild has more mercury than farmed but farmed can have other problems and has less taste. (I had two glasses of Pinot Noir since I drink light red wine with game fish. White is fine too but a decent white is more expensive.)
  5. Mark, you said awhile back that you were not going to upload your tasty pizza snap because there are so many pizza images on Alamy. Upload it. My pizza snaps are nothing special, but I've had 12 pizza sales. If you don't play, you can't win. Let me repeat my "rules" for food images: I aim for the style point between studio-perfect and casual reality. My food must look tasty. Meal pictures do best if they are simple. Here's my lunch yesterday at home.
  6. Are you looking for a positive point of view? Listen to May Willis's simple advice: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-sussex-56085858
  7. Thank you for the many approvals of my Broadway sale. A tip for anyone going to NYC: spend more time in the Theatre District with your camera than trying to get something worthwhile of the Brooklyn Bridge. Congratulations to Andy and Andy in West Cork. They both show up and get the news. Just before the first lockdown, Alamy sent me one of those notices that said I could not submit Live News snaps. At the time, I wasn't doing any news. But with the pandemic, I was shooting the kind of empty street images that should have been Live News not Stock. A lesson learned -- too late.
  8. Just three sales so far as we get towards the end of the month but this one went for $$$.
  9. Phil, when I lived in DFW working for American Airlines, they never had winters like this. The problem was those 100 degree days in summer. We did sometimes get what was called a "Blue Northern," icy weather that came down across the heartland from Canada. I remember a couple of impressive hail storms too. I liked the Texans I dealt with. I'm a streetwise guy from Brooklyn and I found most Texans had courtly manners.
  10. Kos, I have almost 9,000 images on Alamy and there is not one that I have either a model release or property release for. I just shoot common access editorial subjects. And, yes, I do make regular sales. Paris awaits!!!
  11. "Nobody is forced to supply micro stock. Nobody is forced to sign up to Alamy Novel Use." No, but photogaphers have been misled into doing both.
  12. Normally, I don't quarrel with Alamy about their pricing. Novel Use is the exception to that. I opted out of it long ago. PU sales I like. In the two months I spent in Puerto Vallarta, every thing I saw was worth a lot more than a dime.
  13. I hope Phil Duff and our other Texas contributors are surviving the wicked winter storms.
  14. In the lockdown, it's one step forward and two steps back. I bounced out today to try another nearby takeaway but found it closed. That was the TexMex place. They were open yesterday . . . but maybe just to do some fixing up. ??? I went up the road to Rudy's and found them closed too. The nice Italian chef opened the locked door and told me they opened to customers at 4PM. Hmm. My takeaway enthusiasm of yesterday is gone. 🤔
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