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  1. It does, Jenny. I need neither heat nor AC right now since the temperature runs from about 17C to 22. At night I'm under a duvet. But I see what you mean. They didn't install air conditioning. They installed a flexible heating system. How is your summer going?
  2. I believe it was apple and rhubarb but I'll tag it rhubarb since you can't see the apple. I got pudding in the in the tags, Sally. I do that too, Michael. But it was in Galway somewhere -- too much trouble to track down now and I didn't like it anyway. John, I pointed at it and they handed it to me. I didn't like it and I don't like the image. Thank you all. You're very . . . sweet. 🍰
  3. I spent last summer (2018) in Montreal. The weather was perfect. For the natives, I think warm is considered "really hot."
  4. Taste it . . . I mean if it's not belladonna.
  5. Ohmygosh -- the temperature has jumped up to 15C! It's raining out and there's a wind off the river . . . but . . . do you think I should turn on the AC? I mean it's July, right? Summer. These nice hotel folks have spent all that money to install AC for the hot British summer, right? 15 degrees celsius? That's about 58 F. (Where did I put that sweater?) Back in the '80s, I recall that only Marks and Spencer had AC. I also recall that they actually had to turn it on one week.
  6. Nope, not tiramisu, Alan. Which in Italian means "pick me up" or "lift me up". Matt, I think you're right. I saw this dessert a lot in Galway, and I sort of recall them saying it was cheesecake. But it did not taste anything like New York cheesecake. And yeah, the crumble was much better. Hmmm. Or order some of Alan's tiramisu. 😎
  7. Crumble is right, Allan -- I remember now! Thanks. In the top pic, that's whipped cream with a strawberry on the upper right. On the lower left, it's . . . ? Edo
  8. Gen, I didn't say I was going to stop posting. I said, "This will be my last post on the subject of my homelessness. Thank you all for your help and interest." I hope you get your own situation sorted out soon. You are one good pro shooter, my dear. Edo
  9. Yeah, I ate both of these . . . but I don't know what they were.
  10. I've heard that about the military. I hope they've sorted out some of these problems by now. My brother was in the Air Force. Being able to speak English is great. This is English of a sort that the locals speak here, right? Even on TV news now, you almost never hear a posh Oxbridge accent. It's all downmarket speak. I have no intention of going back to Spain . . . but if I did, I would go to a place on the Costa del Sol or Costa Brava where summer temperatures usually max at 85F, not 105 as in Seville. And speaking of the weather, would you believe that both of the last two hotels I've stayed in here have AC in the rooms. ??? AC with max temps of 65F? The Brits have gone totally bonkers.
  11. Please keep us informed of your positive progress. I shall, Allan. But don't hold your breath until that happens.
  12. Deb, the biggest critical point that could be made about your portfolio is this: you have been a contributor to Alamy for over a decade, yet you have contributed just 297 images. That's not gonna cut it. To get regular sales on Alamy, you must shoot and submit images regularly.
  13. It's been almost 17 months now since I started reporting on the aftermath of the fire in my building on Mulberry Street in New York. After spending 2 months in a friend's loft in Brooklyn and 2 months in a rental flat in Mexico, waiting for my building to be reopened, it became clear that that was not going to happen. So in July 2018 I sold the lease of my rent-stabilized apartment and began looking for a new home. I had not expected that this situation would still be my reality a year later . . . with no solution in sight. I don't know what will happen next. So . . . enough is enough. This will be my last post on the subject of my homelessness. Thank you all for your help and interest. Edo
  14. An enquiry? Oh. Bob, what is it you think I do all day?
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