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  1. I totally agree, Michael. Anyway, I'm not by nature a bargain hunter. Unfortuatley, I checked all three Boots in City Centre this morning and none had oximeters in stock. And no, I couldn't order one. I'll check at the 2 Superdrugs later. And folks, I know how to surf the Net. What is found online is theory. The facts are too often different. I have Amazon Prime in the UK. It's not been helpful.
  2. There's an Amazon locker next door to me in the train station. I've tried that one and two others. Amazon has not delivered to any. Getting into my lobby is very iffy.
  3. Thank you, Michael, for that important information. I have a flu and Covid jab scheduled for this coming Saturday. In the BBC article it says the NHS give these gizmos to seniors. I will ask about that. I certainly don't mind paying for one. I'll ask at Boots. I've had cough-variant asthma and hay fever for about 40 years. I can't order things to be delivered at my building.
  4. Bryan, I'm surprised that you are unhappy with most of the lenses for your a6500. All the lenses I have for my Sony a6000 perform very well. That's the 10-18, 50f1.4, 24-105f4, and Sigma 56f1.4. I'll be selling the 24-105 and the 50. Even the bargain-priced 28-70 that Wim suggested when I was in Montreal is plenty sharp. ISO 1600 is as high as I go and LR-C deals with that. I only capture common-access editorial stock now so I have little interested in shooting in dark corners. I think that if people are finding the RX100s awkward, they should use the popup finder and not the back
  5. I have an RX100/5, a 6, and a 7. The auto-focus on the 7 is a big improvement. I started with the 3 and sold my Nikon DSLRs. I also own an a6000 and an RX10. I handhold all my pics made with the tiny Sony, using the IS and flexible ISO instead of a tripod. The noise controller in LR Classic helps. The 5 has a wider aperture, but I've never needed it with the 6 and 7. And their 24-200 zoom range can prove helpful. Lately I've been revisiting subjects with the 10-18 zoom on my a6000. The RX10 is my backup and fun to use sometimes . . . cause it reminds me of a real camera. I would
  6. Hey, wait a minute — nobody's every accused me of that before!
  7. After surfing the Net, I walked over to Bold Street and a little shop that specialises in exotic condiments. They had Geeta's Premium Tomato & Chili Chutney. It, like the jar of mango chutney I got yesterday, is a condiment -- like pesto, salsa, and mustard. I'll try some in a couple of weeks. When I lived in Rome, the culinary high spot of the year was a fresh tomato salad in late summer.
  8. "chutney comes from India, which may explain why it doesn't appear to be available in the USA?" That's exactly right, Bryan. Yanks do not have the long history with Indian that you do. And tomato chutney seems to be a British variant, like pineapple pizza in the States. And thanks for the offer, but a trip to Yorkshire seems unlikely. More likely is another lockdown.
  9. The bacon is evenly cooked, crispy, and tasty. Yum yum! I managed to get some sweet mango chutney at M&S, but no tomato chutney.
  10. This might be a very unwise suggestion . . . but how about wetting the outer crust with water before baking? I've not tried this or thought it trough; I'm thinking out load. But I've changed my way of cooking bacon and it is a great success. I lay the strips out in a frying pan and cover them with water. Cook on a high flame until the water is almost gone. Dump the remaining water, and turn the heat down. Continue to cook until the bacon is done. (I use bacon with no added neutrinos.)
  11. Just one pizza pic, John? I have 105 and Alamy has 338,615. I eat a lot of fish too, Phil. Pekka, that looks tasty but I don't eat processed meat like sausage. And sauerkraut as a side? Sounds interesting. Take note that none of the more dedicated food photographers have commented here. Hmm. About 25% of my port has to do with food. that includes all the aspects, this sign for instance.
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