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  1. A Scorpio, a Hughes, Oxfordshire, and Seville. We have a lot in common. Happy birthday to you.
  2. Boy, you guys are worth your weight in gold. Maybe I will get me a small TV. Yesterday was my 85th birthday. Pret A Manger gave me another free breakfast . . . before they knew it was my birthday! I took the day off. Did zero towards getting more things together. It's nice and warm in my little studio flat but raining outside. 😎
  3. Thanks, Betty. It was taken by a nice Texas woman in San Miguel, a new friend. I'm starting to settle in at my city centre rental studio. Got most of the basics working . . . except for the lighting in the bathroom. I have WiFi but no TV. I tried to get BBC News on my MacBook, but they want me to get a TV license to do that. That costs almost $200US! I listen to the BBC World Service via US NPR. I'll have to figure out how I can watch an occasional film. Poco a poco. By the way, I speak and understand more Spanish than Merseyside English, called Scouse. 😧
  4. God, yes! Why are so many presenters speaking so rapid fire? Slow down and repeat the core of the information three times! Give the step-by-step and avoid tangents.
  5. Oh boy! My son lives in Montreal, and I've been there in winter. brrrrrr!
  6. Yeah, I got the form, Mark. A good system. I'll get it done tomorrow (tomorrow, tomorrow, and tomorrow). Many adjustments to make. I bought a 13.5 tog winter duvet and the heating in the flat works fine. So, unless I venture out, I won't freeze. 😎 I'm finding it impossible to upload to Alamy today. I hope it's a weekend Alamy glitch and not the WiFi in this building.
  7. I don't know if I am required to vote but it seems that I am required to register to vote with the Liverpool City Counsel. Hmmm. This is getting interesting.
  8. Pierre, the past two months are the best I've ever had for sales, although the fees were not strong. ??? Your images look great. Just stay with it and sales will come back. Meanwhile, zip up your coat. The Quebec winter is on its way. Edo
  9. My first sale for November ($$) has some interesting facts about it. It's a Level Three stock image: details like signs and logos. For me, Level One is landmarks, Level Two is Street Life. Food I think of as a separate category, which this subject fits into too. The caption reads: Pizza by the slice red neon sign in a bakery window. But . . . there are only 7 tags and none are supertags. Yeah, I didn't finish the tagging. It slipped through the crack. It's RM. I didn't ID the location but it's NYC. Food for thought about tagging, eh? Edo
  10. The only thing certain about the digital stock business is change. I only shoot common-access editorial images exclusively for Alamy. All of them are RM. I'll keep them that way until there's a good reason not to. Edo
  11. Yikes! Another Edo! Edo (the Original)
  12. I've been here 4 months now, Joseph, so I've got a bit of local experience myself. (Now if I could only put that lamp together. . . .)
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