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  1. No problem. My average price per image so far this year is about $38, which is considerably less than it was once upon a time but not awful. My relatively small collection has grossed me $6K to $10K a year since 2009 when I had enough images to make regular sales (I started submitting mid-2007). Don't know if this helps. You're asking some legitimate questions. Frankly, if I were starting from scratch now, I'd find things very frustrating. Not sure I'd bother at my tender age of 72. However, since you have so many images, it's probably worth a try. Others have offered some very good suggestion
  2. I've never had an image fail because of a little fuzz around the edges, which is usually only visible at 100%. My world is a little fuzzy around the edges anyway. 😎
  3. Yup, the good old days really were the good old days. 😢
  4. Darn. Another conspiracy theory down the drain. 😶
  5. It's a tough call these days, especially if you don't need the money (I do, as little as it usually is). I guess it depends on how many potential headaches you can handle. I used to do a lot of freelance travel writing -- which I combined with photography -- for newspapers and magazines. However, I gave that up when the headaches became too great and the financial rewards too small. I haven't quite reached that point in stock photography yet, but it could happen. I'd say that Alamy is still the best place to be despite all the recent changes and kerfuffles. What the future will bring, though,
  6. My solution with zoom lenses is not to look too closely at the edges. That way I save a lot of cash that I don't have. 😎
  7. Sorry if this is a bit off-topic, but I thought it might be of interest. My Sony 55-210 lens developed fungus, so I picked up a used (barely, if it all) replacement at my local camera store for a very reasonable price. It's like a totally different lens from my old one -- considerably sharper and the IS works much better. It also appears to be better made, with tighter tolerances. Both were assembled in Thailand, so I don't know what the story is with Sony. There is obviously a lot of inconsistency in their manufacturing processes.
  8. That makes sense. Guess I'll always think like a frugal film photographer. I do often take multiple frames to ensure focus. However, I freak out if I have a lot of similar images to weed through. In low-light situations, I generally choose the handheld twilight mode and let the camera do the stacking. Also, my computing power and post-processing patience are both limited to say the least.
  9. What sorts of clients do you think Alamy is aspiring to have now, especially given the new "look"? P.S. Sorry if I'm veering somewhat off-topic.
  10. Just wondering, what do you use 24 fps for? I still seem to be a frugal one-shot-at-a-time person, a holdover from film days I guess.
  11. I guess it's not much different from starting a "go fund me" page and asking for donations, which is what a lot of people do today. That said, demonizing the poor is a very dangerous road to go down IMO. There are plenty of legitimately desperate people living on the streets of big (and rich) cities like Seattle and Vancouver. Sure, there will always be hustlers, but they are the exceptions.
  12. You have some very nice images of local wildlife, nature, etc. It has become a highly competitive area, as you know. Best of luck. The bright green buttons are fine with me as long as they work. Time will tell... 🌳
  13. I'm not much of a food photographer, but here is a recent one of huevos rancheros. They were delicious or "muy rico," as they say in Mexico. I guess you could say that the fried potatoes on the side are a Canadian touch. Also, in Mexico, the eggs are usually fried, not poached. I'm still waiting for someone to order my vegan / vegetarian pho -- it was also very tasty (and loaded with antioxidants).
  14. I haven't really compared results. I find Affinity's RAW conversion controls limited and clunky compared to those of C1 Express for Sony, which is very easy to use.
  15. Affinity definitely is not great for RAW conversion. Otherwise it has more adjustment features than I'll ever need or be able to figure out. It's an amazing bargain IMO.
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