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  1. It surprises me too. However, it's somewhat moot as I don't get any legit image inquiries any longer. As mentioned, I think that gallery descriptions are very important when it comes to SEO. I also have a lot of small galleries with specific subjects/locales, which might (?) help as well.
  2. That's about right. Funny because a lot of my PS galleries still do surprisingly well in Google search results. I now have links to my Alamy collection from my PS site. Perhaps that has resulted in some sales here, but who knows.
  3. I guess the solution, or one possible solution, is to work harder at producing more images -- be they RM or RF -- that photo-buyers will have trouble finding anywhere else and make them exclusive to Alamy. I used to get the types of inquiries for RM images that you mention through my PS website, but they have all dried up now. My PS site used to easily pay for itself every year.
  4. That number sort of rings a bell. The Canadian version of the HP often used Alamy images as well. I knew people who wrote articles for them and didn't get paid anything at all. Hopefully that has changed.
  5. When I was doing freelance writing, I used to joke that all magazines and newspapers needed to do to attract more writers was to lower their pay and grab more rights. This proved to be prophetic as well.
  6. Thanks, Bill. I lurked for quite some time and took a series with different types of people in each image, eventually choosing two for Alamy. I had a feeling that this one had the best chance of licensing. This scene unfolded only three blocks from my front door.
  7. Mexico City is a difficult but fascinating place for photography. I've been there many times. I like your "Made in Jinotega" idea. BTW, these three images look vertically stretched. Wonder why that is.
  8. Have to admit (in all modesty ) that I quite like this image. Book use, high $$, exclusive to Alamy. .
  9. I spoke with someone in a local camera store yesterday, and he told me that are a lot of fake B+W filters floating around as well. It sounds like nothing is sacred now when it comes to the counterfeiters. And I thought Photoshop was the work of the devil... 🥵
  10. This was some of the best homemade apple pie that I've ever eaten. No one has ever taken me up on it, though.
  11. I photograph food-related signs as well. Some have sold, like this one not too long ago:
  12. I don't qualify as a foodie, a chef, or a food photographer. However, I do a bit of casual food photography in restaurants (meals I've ordered myself) and in grocery stores and markets. I've been semi-vegetarian (I do eat some fish and other seafood) most of my adult life, and with the growing interest in consuming more plant-based foods, I've been concentrating on photographing veggie meals and meat alternatives. However, I'm still waiting for someone to order my tofu teriyaki: or my vegetarian pho...
  13. Yes, I consider the quick refund to be an admission of guilt on the seller's part. Nonetheless, there are still good deals to be had from online sellers. I've actually been pleased with most of the photo accessories I've ordered through eBay and Amazon. You win some, you lose some, I guess.
  14. Just by way of an update, the vendor sent me an instant refund via PayPal, so I suppose all's well that ends well. Have learned my lesson, I hope. 🥴 You gets what you pays for...
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