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  1. Berry nice indeed. Mark's pizza actually looks pretty healthy to me -- lots of antioxidants and perhaps even a whole wheat crust. It looks delicious as well. I wonder if he's offering free home delivery. 🍕
  2. Yes, some clarity would be nice. Lack of transparency usually breeds conspiracy theories. Also, depressing prices like these aren't exactly a good way to motivate contributors, most of whom are here because they don't want to embrace the microstock business model or are fed up with it.
  3. My fear is that Alamy, by licensing images for $0.25, is trying to compete with microstock at their level. This seems like a huge mistake to me. It can only make things worse for everyone. Leaving microstock to the microstock agencies is the best way to go IMO.
  4. Bummer. I believe that it would be covered for all residents in Canada, but I don't know the details.
  5. That's a really good deal. Medical coverage differs from province to province in Canada. Here in BC, you have to pay extra for toric lenses (which I didn't need), however at a substantially reduced cost. No charge for post-op care here either, but I did have to pay for additional pre-op (screening) tests and more complex calculations because I chose a "premium" aspheric monofocal lens that studies have shown develops fewer imperfections ("glistenings"). Hopefully the extra costs will pay off eventually.
  6. My eyesight was deteriorating, but I could have gotten a new pair of goggles and waited a few years. However, lens replacement seemed the better option. In BC, you just have to go to your doctor and say that you would like a cataract operation, and it's a done deal. The procedure and good quality monofocal lenses are completely covered by the provincial healthcare plan. However, if you want a premium lens, such as one to correct astigmatism, you have to pay your surgeon more. This can open the door to a lot of dubious extra costs. As a result of this open-door policy, ophthalmologists are amon
  7. Interesting that there is no mention of a bulk discount in the licensing terms of these puny sales. This just adds to the mystery. 🤔
  8. I would research the historical and symbolic significance of the memorial, so that you can give the image a context that might interest buyers. Otherwise it will remain just an interesting image that probably won't license (I've got more than a few of those unfortunately). Good luck.
  9. Perfect description. That's exactly what struck me right away -- the brilliant whites and blue shift. It's amazing how over the years we get used to stumbling about in a dreary, tobacco-tinted world. Can't believe how much you had to pay. 😮
  10. Similar situation here. This plan has just been announced today for BC. Looks as if I'm in the Phase 3 group (April to June), which isn't that bad. Good point you make about other people getting vaccinated benefiting everyone. Let's hope those vials keep coming...
  11. Yup, ophthalmologists make big bucks. In Canada, they bill the provincial governments for huge amounts every year and then add extra charges, often unwarranted. Apparently, the trend is to have cataract surgery done sooner rather than later, especially since technology has made the operation so much easier. Best of luck. P.S. These are the monofocal lenses that I went for. They get excellent reviews.
  12. That's good to hear. Vaccine rollout in Canada has ground to a virtual halt due to shortages. I have no idea when I'll get jabbed.
  13. Ouch! My operations were covered by the BC government. However, on the advice of my Ophthalmologist, I did shell out for some better quality monofocal lenses (for distance) than the ones provided by the gov. Do you need premium "Toric" lenses to correct astigmatism as well as cataracts? If so, they cost a lot more. I don't know what the situation is like in OZ, but eye surgeons here have a nasty habit of adding extra charges. Caveat emptor!
  14. I had cataract surgery (lens replacement) done on eye #2 earlier this week, and I can now see clearly with both eyes without glasses (a.k.a. "specs"), except for reading and computer work. The changes in brightness, clarity, and colour perception are dramatic, even shocking. It's like going directly from Kodachrome to digital. Even the gloomy Vancouver winter looks a bit less gloomy. It will be interesting to see what effects this change has on my photography and post-processing. If there is anyone out there hesitant about getting their cataracts fixed, don't be. The operation is a piece of ca
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