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  1. I've not heard of anyone being sued by a cow, but I guess there's always a first time. 🐄 P.S. Due to the recent contract kerfuffle, I've probably overdone it myself on some images. I'll most likely go back and do some unclicking as well. Check out a few other big agencies with curated collections and see what kind of images they have marked for editorial use. I often do that.
  2. When people aren't recognizable, I generally don't check the "for editorial use only" box. One of my few half-decent licenses last month was for a marketing package. The image had people in it, but I photographed them from behind (i.e. they weren't recognizable). Had I had checked the editorial only box, I wouldn't have made the sale (I assume). This is something to consider IMO, especially since so many editorial use sales are tiny these days
  3. Rosie is probably the one to ask about Platinum. 😁
  4. The same conspiratorial thought passed thru my mind...
  5. Best of luck. I started uploading when they first started up (can't remember when that was). Made a couple of OK sales right away, and then everything died when the hordes arrived and started undercutting each other.
  6. I deleted almost all my PF images when making things "exclusive" here. Now that fiasco has fizzled out, I don't think I'll put them back up. Only ever made a couple of sales there over the years. It's a bit of a WOT IMO. Perhaps PF works better for UK photographers.
  7. Glad to hear that things are back to "normal." But wha' happened exactly? Why did "storage fees" suddenly appear out of the blue? "Enquiring minds want to know." (please) 😉
  8. There are fewer of us now, which doesn't mean that we are going to make less noise. 🕵️‍♂️
  9. Interesting article. I'm leaning more in Calendula direction after reading it, although I suppose "my flower" might be some kind of hybrid. This could end up being another "pretty flower" pic. I now have quite a few of those.
  10. Yes, this seems more serious than the last one -- but I'm starting to sound like Chicken Little again. Time will tell... Can't remember, did the uncleared balance glitch show up on a weekend as well?
  11. Thanks. I've got Seek on my phone. Shall have a look at Google Lens. Yes, the flower looks like it could be either -- story of my life. 🙃 Or are Calendula and Pot Marigold one in the same?
  12. I'm with you. We already pay to be here. Let's assume it's just a false alarm... 😬
  13. Thanks, Lori. It certainly does look like a pot marigold. What app's do you use BTW? UPDATE: Or is it Calendula?
  14. Nothing would surprise me at this point. The stock photo world has become so crazy and competitive that anything is possible.
  15. I prefer to do selective stemming myself, as big a pain as it can be. The problem with AI is that often it turns out to be exactly what its name says it is. 😉
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