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  1. Glad to hear that you're enjoying Montreal. It's a unique city -- a little piece of Europe in the middle North America. I toy with the idea of moving back there every now an then but the thought of winter puts me off. Unfortunately, all than pleasant chirping turns to chattering (of the teeth) for several months of the year.
  2. I have one of those. They come in handy. I didn't get mine on Rue McGill, though.
  3. porridge

    Sounds like a sticky mess to me. Is there a Mount Porridge somewhere in the UK, in Scotland perhaps? That could be what the buyer was looking for.
  4. porridge

    I'm a big fan of porridge (a.k.a. oatmeal), so I was heartened to see it included in Alamy's latest Stock Photo Requests e-mail. However, a search for "bowl of porridge" brings up over 15K images. Does this mean that buyers have been unable to find what they need, even with this number of images to choose from? Am I missing something? Then again, my morning bowl of porridge doesn't exactly look like the flowery one featured in the blog post.
  5. Montage how to do it help sought

    There is a helpful fellow named Bill who probably knows all about this stuff. Hopefully, your quaint little village won't end up looking like my village:
  6. Another low point?

    My lowest sale this month (by far) is a direct sale, not a distributor one -- not uncommon IME.
  7. I got the e-mail as well.
  8. Narrow DoF again

    Thanks for all the free psychotherapy. I included one of the images in a batch yesterday, and it has already passed QC. Don't know why I still get nervous about this stuff. It must be some lingering trauma from my time wallowing in the Sin Bin.
  9. Narrow DoF again

    Wow! That's putting a fine point on things.
  10. Another low point?

    I too no longer quote exact figures. What is most disconcerting about electronic use sales these days is that the more rights granted, the lower the price. At least it often seems that way since the download price for website and other electronic use (blogs, apps, social media) for five years still appears to be $49.99, which seems fair. However, "in perpetuity" electronic licenses often go for a small fraction of that. A sign of the competitive times I guess...
  11. Narrow DoF again

    Thanks for the hint. These are images of baked goods -- cookies, sweet buns, etc. -- so no spoons. I'm not much of a food photographer as you can tell. However, I occasionally grab a few shots when passing by something that looks tasty.
  12. Narrow DoF again

    Even after all these years, I'm still hesitant about uploading images with a very shallow depth-of-field. How narrow can the plane of focus be? I have a couple of close-up images of food, each with a very narrow area/band (less than 10% of the frame) in focus part way into the bottom of the frame. I've downsized them to minimum file size, and they look OK to me. Nonetheless, I still get the jitters, plus my shrink is still on summer holiday.
  13. Cloud experts wanted

    I came across a number of websites listing adjectives used to describe clouds, from the simple to the very complex. P.S. The Describing Words website looks as if it could be useful for keywording.
  14. Cloud experts wanted

    Thanks, I forgot "fluffy" (the cloud, not the kitten).