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  1. November doldrums?

    Still stuck in the doldrums here as well. The winds picked up a bit last week but then promptly died down. Never did like November much...
  2. AIM Uploader working?

    I switched to FTP recently because the uploader has become really slow and clunky. It took me a couple of tries to get things right with Fikezilla, but now things hum along nicely. FTP is much faster. I'd recommend switching.
  3. Edo in Sevilla . . .

    I hope the Internet fees are lower than they are over here. Felicidades on reaching the big 6K. I thought that In the Shadow of Hercules sounded a bit Henry Miller-ish. And he was a fellow New Yorker who loved Europe, or at least parts of it.
  4. Help with fall flora ID

    Smoke bush does indeed look to be the best fit for #2. Think I'm safe to go with it.
  5. Edo in Sevilla . . .

    I'm getting that impression. Might we look forward to an "Edo of Seville" or "In the Shadow of Hercules" blog down the road?
  6. Help with fall flora ID

    Thanks very much. Smoke bush, which I've never heard of, looks to be a likely suspect. I'll do some more Googling...
  7. Help with fall flora ID

    I think you might have nailed it. Thanks.
  8. Everyday surrealism pics

    I guess this one might qualify as a "surreal selfie".
  9. Help with fall flora ID

    I have a couple of autumn plant images that I'm hoping someone can help me identify. Merci in advance. #1. What caught my eye about this flower was that it was in full bloom in October. Does anyone know what it might be? #2. This plant is sporting its red fall foliage. I have no idea what it is.
  10. Everyday surrealism pics

    I happened upon this gruesome scene in my neighbourhood recently. Hopefully it's no one I knew...
  11. Images Sold in November (one per day per contributor)

    Multiple editorial use, education, high $$
  12. Edo in Sevilla . . .

    I didn't know that Sevilla had such an illustrious Roman past. The ruins at Italica look interesting, well worth a visit.
  13. Edo in Sevilla . . .

    Very nice. It won't be long before they're glued to their smartphones as well.
  14. Edo in Sevilla . . .

    Vivir y apprender. I never knew that. Gracias.
  15. Edo in Sevilla . . .

    BTW, that's a terrific shot of the kids playing cards in the mercado. What did Hercules do in Sevilla to have a street named after him, I wonder.