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  1. There are always city parks, of course. However, I imagine that "autumn colours" season doesn't last very long in Liverpool, and it wouldn't be anything like eastern US and Canada. That said, you never know what you might find... P.S. Urban "farmers' markets" and the like are always productive subjects in the fall.
  2. My theory is Professor Plum did it with his dagger. 🧐 The professor usually does his dirty work in the library, but it was closed on that particular day, so he took out his anger on the nearest wall.
  3. I'm not sure that Flora is going to be too happy about your implying that she has a big learning curve. 😀 Signs are definitely worthwhile subjects. I've had had some surprisingly good sales of signs, flora too. A shot of a plant growing at the bottom of our front steps licensed for $$$ a few weeks ago. I've got a number of other "backyard" flower and plant images that have sold as well. I'm somewhat botanically challenged, so I tend to shoot first and ask questions later. Thank goodness for all those plant experts on the forum who kindly share their expertise.
  4. You certainly see fewer and fewer young people with "real" cameras these days. Everyone seems to be using a phone. Also, as evidenced by questions asked by new Alamy contributors, a lot of young people entering stock photography don't understand how traditional imaging licensing works. They've been brought up in the "grab and use right away" digital culture. Rights managed licensing must make no sense to them at all. That said, I still don't know what an XBox is. 😶 P.S. Is an XBox anything like a LunchBox? I had one of those when I was a kid. 😄
  5. Yes, I think they probably feel more comfortable with the crowdsourced, instant gratification business model.
  6. The wall looks as if it might have been patched up with new concrete (or whatever the white-ish stuff is), and there appear to be holes in it as well suggesting that they might have been made not too long ago. Vandalism with a sharp tool perhaps?
  7. My German sales are almost all distributor sales and surprisingly low for such a rich country.
  8. Don't feel too bad. If we think image prices are low now, imagine what they will be like in 20-30 years from now. 🤓
  9. Your ability to work well with people shows in your images, Michael. It's a gift. In my other "retirement" job, I tutor high school students, so I'm also interacting with people regularly. I guess that makes me a bit of a part-time hybrid. Having my picture taken is anathema to me as well, but this works in the opposite way for me -- i.e. I'm not very good at putting subjects at ease. I could never have been a portrait photographer.
  10. Multiple educational editorial use, upper $$, direct, exclusive to Alamy Homelessness in Vancouver, Canada
  11. I know you're not asking for help. However, I'm wondering why FTP isn't working out. Inconsistent WiFi to blame perhaps?
  12. Konica was a Japanese company that made both cameras and film. They merged with Minolta in 2003 to become Konica Minolta. Sony eventually bought Minolta and inherited their camera technology. The first Sony DSLR's were based on Minolta designs, and the first Sony lenses for DSLR's were really rebranded Minoltas.
  13. Don't forget that the forum is a very small sampling. There are 1000's of Alamy contributors, most of whom we've artfully managed to scare away. 😎
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