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  1. Perpetuity option for RM editorial?

    Are you sure about that? I don't see a five-year limit on personal use or presentation/newsletter use, only on the other uses (website, books and mags, etc.).
  2. Perpetuity option for RM editorial?

    The five-year time limit will be removed for ordinary RF licenses, but it will will remain for the preset options. The five-year limit will apply to new RF "editorial only" images if the buyer selects one of the pre-determined licensing options, otherwise it won't apply. It's confusing alright, but I guess Alamy wants to make it easy for clients who don't mind the time limit.
  3. Perpetuity option for RM editorial?

    Those are preset options that are the same for both RF and RM images, so you can't change them. If the buyer wants a longer duration, they will have to either choose another RF license and pay more or contact Alamy.
  4. Perpetuity option for RM editorial?

    Yes, that's right -- just make the changes that you described. It will take about 24 hours for them to take effect.
  5. Perpetuity option for RM editorial?

    Alamy negotiates usage terms individually with its customers. That's why you don't see "in perpetuity" as an option. Also, Alamy's RM license is very flexible -- it's really a hybrid RM/RF licensing model. P.S. You can always make your images RF editorial (check the "For editorial use only" box in the image manager) if you want to ensure that there isn't a time limit.
  6. Are Your Zooms Falling?

    Yes, managing to tread water is the big challenge now, it seems.
  7. Are Your Zooms Falling?

    From the roof of The White House maybe.
  8. I used FTP (FileZilla) to upload a small batch yesterday, and they went through very quickly. I gave up on the Web uploader a couple of months ago and won't be going back.
  9. Are Your Zooms Falling?

    I just did the same comparison for 1-18 January: views -- 54 fewer in 2019 zooms - 7 fewer in 2019 (18 in 2018 vs. 11 in 2019) So things have been a bit slower this Jan. Good month for sales so far, however.
  10. Are Your Zooms Falling?

    Only 11 zooms so far this month. I think it's probably just a seasonal dip. I find that zooms tend to pick up as the year goes on and then taper off into Nov. and Dec. Then again, the world might be scheduled to come to an end in 2019.
  11. What price range for TV use?

    To be fair, it has been a number of years since I made a TV sale on my own. I used to ask for at least $150 -- which seemed fair to me -- and I don't remember anyone balking. The fees for editorial TV licenses on the Alamy calculator are a lot lower than that.
  12. What price range for TV use?

    I'm surprised at how low it is.
  13. What price range for TV use?

    Most recent ones on Alamy were low and mid $$. Used to be higher once upon a time. I've made some TV use sales on my own and have always quoted $$$ and got what I asked for.
  14. Dry January

    The buyer might have wanted to pay in Canadian dollars because of the unfavourable (for us) exchange rate. Definitely a weird month for zooms for me as well -- i.e. very few. However, I've already reached my monthly average of 11 sales.
  15. Images sold in January

    Travel brochure, low $$, distributor sale