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  1. I've never seen an Alamy credit in a Canadian newspaper. However, other Canadian contributors have mentioned spotting them. It's difficult to beat Mexican newspapers and tabloids for gruesome images. I love Mexico, but it has a real dark side.
  2. Can't help you there... That said, many of the reported newspaper images look as if they might be of interest mainly within the UK, with the exception of Meg and Harry shots of course. 😁
  3. Good luck with Capture One. I've been experimenting with Capture One Express for Sony (free). I quite like it in a lot of respects. However, there seem to be some issues. Noise reduction in Capture One is not nearly as good as with DxO Optics Pro, which I use most of the time. The default sharpening is a bit too high in Capture One. In addition, I find the catalog confusing and somewhat annoying, and it doesn't seem possible to disable it (in the Express version anyway). I've also seen some weird, noise-like colouring in images after applying saturation. Some of the problems I've mentioned no doubt have to do with user (me) error, so I'll keep on practising...
  4. I'm not exactly sure what you're asking, but very few of my sales are to the UK. I see only one or two UK newspaper sales per year, and they are always very low.
  5. Not a big financial reward for your creative work, but a terrific idea.
  6. That's good to hear. I too have now got everything up and running on the new Windows 10 machine. The transition went more smoothly than expected. Windows 10 seems fairly easy to get along with so far. All I have left to do now is pop in a conventional HD for storage, and I should be good until the next upheaval. ðŸĪŠ
  7. I'm not a noise expert, nor am I familiar with Fuji JPEGs; however, the unedited version looks fine to me. It shouldn't have any QC problems.
  8. Yes, they are darker. I'd use a larger font if possible, though.
  9. I'm in the bush to your right. Shhh... here they come. ðŸĪ
  10. The links to the left of your homepage picture are difficult to see/read on my monitor, which might just say something about my eyesight.
  11. Thanks. Do you like the white background? I find that text and images stick out more against a black background.
  12. Still haven't taken the plunge into the new templates. I see that info on the "About" and custom pages doesn't transfer, which is rather inconvenient. I have links on those pages, so I guess I'll have to copy the HTML. Does that work out OK? It has probably been about ten years since I set up my PS website. Consequently, I need to rethink the whole thing at this point. Procrastinating... 😐
  13. That's right. I think we can't help but bring our "eye" to whatever we happen to be photographing. That said, "shooting for stock" has given a lot of us a black eye in recent years. ðŸ˜Ŧ
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