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  1. Interesting to me is that your net Alamy income is the same as mine, but over at that evil other place you have more than twice my net income. Maybe it's video. Maybe I just need to wait for my Port' to "mature".
  2. Quite a mixed bag above. For me, I had a mediocre month - 18 sales for $554 gross/$207 net. Even my other "experiment" is tanking, with only $150 net this month. It makes me scratch my head in wonder.
  3. Depends what you mean by "all my sales dashboard notifications". For the front of the dashboard, yes, only once every 24 hours. But if you're watching sales by checking "Net revenue sales report" by "Date of Invoice", then I think sales are reported as they come in.
  4. You may be on to something. My steady climb when uploading my port' went into a freefall after I finished for the last two months. Others there have seen a poor June/July as well. So it could be something similar to what we saw here when Alamy changed their algorithm - some winners, some losers. As always, the answer is keep plugging away since we can't do anything about all that anyway.
  5. Wow - good to know those still happen now and then. We just need more now's rather than then's.
  6. June was OK. July was a disaster. 10 sales for $245 gross/$97 net. Although my MS experiment also tanked in July , it did pull in $173 net.
  7. From what I recall Ian, you are against considering MS sites. So was I. The commission change convinced me to spread my eggs a little further afield than I had previously considered. In many respects Alamy has been veering much closer to MS than in the past anyway. I went to the effort of putting my whole port' up at one site and it has paid off. July has been a dismal month at both sites, but the MS site is giving me an income this month three times that of Alamy. I think exclusivity is not in our best interest.
  8. My thinking is that if you have more than 10 tags (and I assume all are relevant) then you will want 10 supertags. You never know the search term that will be used by a customer - the most common or the least common - you would want your image to show up earlier rather than later in a search.
  9. Well, we could probably get a good idea - and many of us have done this when they were (hastily) introduced and did not function as advertised for about 6 months. Want to check for yourself if a search for a supertag puts your image higher up in search results compared to a regular tag? Use the same image and the same search term (many of us used BHZ in the past, but use your own term if you like). Put the term only in the title, only as a tag, only as a supertag on successive days, wait for the collection to update over a day and search for the term and note it's position for these three situations. For added points, mix and match. Try caption and tag, or tag and supertag, or caption and supertag, or all three. Again note the position of the image in search results. Then report your findings here.🙂
  10. Let's face it. In a color managed environment, it will make little noticeable difference. Maybe some microstock sites struggle with this. I don't think a reputable lab should have this problem. I agree aRGB is preferable. Here's a fun fact. That MS site that should know better, very ironically does not accept Adobe RGB images, but asks for sRGB. Go figure.
  11. June turned out to be a normal (as in consistent with past averages) month for me at Alamy. I had 15 sales for $775 gross. With one refund, that was only $282 net. Gross doesn't mean much anymore. Alamy bested that other place for the first time in several months, having had a low month there with only $229 net.
  12. Too late. I was in Scotland last year in June. I just got back now, and yes I'm exhausted. Now I've got about 4 months of work to do.
  13. Thanks so much for your detailed tips. I could sit down at the Shard window and used my dark sweater for glare. Covered most of the landmarks in an exhausting day. Now on to the rest of England for the next two weeks. Cheers
  14. My walking route will take me by most of that stuff, but wow. It's going to be packed and I just won't be able to cover it all. I'm now thinking I'll leave the tripod at the airport hotel.
  15. Thanks all. I'll go for the Shard. I will be walking around with a tripod for twilight shots. Hopefully, I can leave it at the desk, or something, when I go to the top to shoot.
  16. I'm going to be in London for one day on Saturday and wonder if anyone has a suggestion about an aerial view. I probably won't have time for both, but would the London Eye, or the Shard, be the better bet for good photos?
  17. On Demand Download, and Single or Other Download. There's also Enhanced which can be quite high fees, but I haven't seen any of those. We don't know gross. Cut varies from 20-30% depending on sales history. I'm at the second level now, so about 25%. My highest SOD has been $42 net, ODDs are now $2.48 but subs are $0.33 each.
  18. I think you do have enough images. Even if most are editorial, I find that doesn't slow sales down as much as I feared. I found the upload process manageable. I'm trying another one that ironically does not accept AdobeRGB images (or editorial) with much less success. Sales are poor and the upload process saps my will to live. I just like the idea of not having all my eggs in one basket.
  19. Mostly, in terms of downloads. In terms of income, about half and half ($383 Subs vs $356 for ODDs and SODs)
  20. I had a slightly sub-par month here (the new normal?): 18 sales for $586 gross, only $228 for me. My MS experiment is now consistently beating Alamy, with $248 this month.
  21. For a long time I too held out for better prices with low volume versus high volume and low prices. (The low volume low price agents I drop) I now think that if there are a hundred holdouts like me, or a thousand or more, it wouldn't make a difference to prices. So with Alamy's drop in contributor share, I dipped my toe in the MS waters. Just the one agent I picked now produces the same monthly income as Alamy. Yes, it's tough to see the low prices, but the volume is very high, and I've doubled my income. Am I contributing to the downfall of society? I don't think so. I'm adapting.
  22. An understandable reaction. I too had that $1.25 direct sale, with $0.50 to me. It was a " NU Editorial website and app multiple use, in perpetuity". Quite novel indeed.
  23. Yes, it's bad. My third sale of the month today netted me $0.50. I've had 128 of those kind of sales at the other place so far this month.
  24. I had the same for one image of Alcazar. Eight listings, with 3 refunds in the $25-$30 range, so in the end I got two sales.
  25. Your assuming the "Region" means location of publication. I think it means location of purchase. Again, a US publisher can publish a book in the UK, no? They can certainly sell a book in the UK. Then it will be read and copied there too. The Region will be US, but license details indicate country as "Worldwide". John, why fret? Double your numbers and let DACS decide.
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