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  1. I notice at the end of May (42% of the year) I wrote that I was at 63.5% of 2018's sales but 42% of 2018's income (gross). Now, 62.5% of the year, I'm at 78% of sales volume (poor June, July and only 1 small sale so far in August) and 51% of 2018's income (gross). First 10 sales (gross) starting in 2009 and counting forwards: $50.19 $48.30 $70.10 $61.12 $208.41 $29.44 $75.77 $216.17 $67.27 $162.41 Total $989.44 gross. $552.07 net (and as it happens my #11 was $500 of which I received $300) Most recent 10 (gross, going backwards) $14.12 $32.13 $4.84 $4.69 $19.99 $15.99 $12.50 $40.00 $18.38 $4.90 Total $167.54 gross $83.69 net, which is c15% of the net of my first ten sales. Hardly worth the shoe leather, really.
  2. In answer to the question in the title: "No, not one bit". Four of my last five months were poor, and I just had my first sale of this month pop in netting me $7.06. All of my Alamy images are de facto Alamy exclusive, though I've had to mark some as not exclusive due to e.g. statues taking up more the 1/3 of the image.
  3. Offhand I can remember a sale of about $50 to an American infringer (a pukka newspaper, AFAICS), and 22 x teeny totie value ones* of the same image to the Daily Fail. Far more they opted not to pursue, but these would have been difficult for anyone to pursue because of location. And that %^^&*$ infringing lawyer who wouldn't reply to them or to me, and took down in the end. *Much less than they'd have had to pay if they'd licensed them properly at the time. Made me furious. They normally take ages and you often have to prod them before they tell you they're not taking it further, but sometimes time can be of the essence when pursuing.
  4. According to our contract, Alamy is supposed to get first dibs with chasing up infringements - but in your case, they seem to have declined to take up that option.
  5. I've always found it random whether more of mine of the same subject are shown, or a set of related or apparently random (maybe badly keyworded/captioned, maybe the usual malgorithms) pics by other artists..or a set of mine above the keywords and those from others below them In the admittedly few times I've tried clicking on one of their images I never see one of mine reciprocated, but that is a very small sample. I just looked at one of my pics. It has no related pics, by me or anyone else yet I have a small series, and I've seen rival pics of other examples from the same series. So who knows? Further clicking shows few of my recent pics have similars on the page. Anyway, as noted in another thread, it seems that different people may see different search results, so it's possible (?) that different people might see different related/unrelated images by the same author/other authors, or no other pics at all.
  6. Thanks, Paulette. Odd that I can't find my own file there, given that I easily checked my keywords via IM. I realise it's an Austrian site, but Siena Duomo is Sieno Duomo, and there are a few pics there on a search for Siena Duomo.
  7. As in other thread, one by me and one by Paul Quayle on this page: https://www.srf.ch/kultur/kunst/staunen-in-siena-ein-boden-wird-zum-kunstevent I can't find Paul's pic from that page on Alamy, presumably he thought of keywords I didn't and vice versa. I don't see it on a reverse image search via FF either. At last: found it, it's EWC3DJ
  8. Is Mauritius Images an Alamy distributor? I just found pics by me and by Paul Quayle on this page, both credited Mauritius Images/Our Name/Alamy. https://www.srf.ch/kultur/kunst/staunen-in-siena-ein-boden-wird-zum-kunstevent Yet when I search Siena Duomo, neither of these pics are in Mauritius Images. https://www.mauritius-images.com/en/search?q=Siena duomo (Dotto Siena Cathedral) Anyone got any light to shed?
  9. Another poor month. 6 sales for $45 net, an average of $7.50. ( A PU was my second-highest sale of the month) At 7 months into the year (58.3%), I'm at 76.5% of last year's total sales, but only 51% of 2018's gross income.
  10. Tried disabling my anti-virus, and a different browser, but the installer still won't download. Never mind, I'm sure I'll survive without it.
  11. I have read that it can be a concern and you might have to keep tabs on them and contact them individually and personally. Apart from anything else, if the 'parent' agency has gone, how would one be credited with any sales?
  12. Could be, though I'm not seeing a message to that effect. Or it could be Firefox, I'll try another browser and report back (not right now, though)
  13. If you have another outlet and the pictures are different enough (if you want your Alamy pics to be exclusive) why not split the images between here and elsewhere? Or if there is a specialist magazine, you could approach them directly, though that would likely do better if you wrote an article to go with the images. An Alamywhack could earn you a nice amount, could go for peanuts to a big buyer or not sell at all. Better to spread your bets if possible.
  14. The downloads always record as failed, except when that particular error happens when the download doesn't even start. Added: I shouild have said this is when trying to download the installer.
  15. I tried to download this at least eight times on Sunday, constantly getting an error, or else nothing at all happened. Tried again today and got a blank pop up and an error message. https://www.dropbox.com/s/rdkgm7kp1tw5787/On1 Error.jpg?dl=0
  16. It so happens for three Tuesdays in a row I had to change busses directly outside one of the locations on Alamy's wanted list. The weather/light was bad all three times, but not only are several permanent things in front of it blocking the 'wanted' building, but each time, morning and afternoon, there was a big white van parked in what looked like a custom-built space right in front of the building, and I suspect it had never moved over the 15-day period.
  17. Way back in the day I remember a visiting education expert coming to talk to us (teachers). Of an afternoon's talk, all I remember is two off-topic anecdotes, one of which was him saying (it being the beginning of computer plagiarism), tongue in cheek, "The smarter ones will delete "Copyright Encarta". For Young People: Encarta was an early electronic dictionary put out by Microsoft (on a CD-Rom IIRC), before Wikipedia.
  18. And my pittance of the day: Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Editorial website ; Start: 28-June-2019 ; End: 28-June-2024 ; Additional Details: One use in a single editorial article used within web versions of titles from the same group. Digital usage includes archive rights for the lifetime of the article. Country: United Kingdom Price: Under $5 gross. Not NU, not an exciting image, and the light is what it was, but the buyer still chose it over any opposition. Actually, that pic sold previously and was then copied quite a bit, so I guess I should be glad someone paid for it.
  19. Given how much he hates disses Scotland, that would be an image almost as unlikely as Nessie herself.
  20. That means nothing in this forum. This is about Alamy stock selling right now, in 2019, where rarity means nothing, the buyer discount means all (sometimes even with Live News). When did you last make an image which has made you over $180k? I mean when was the image made, not when did it aggregate $180k. Or are you really saying, but afraid to say it right out, "If you don't want small prices, don't sell on Alamy"? BTW, I have a bus pass and know as well as you do that "Wisdom comes with Age, but sometimes Age comes alone".
  21. I'm sure a lot of people hire people to tag and upload their work, or get a spouse to do so.That is not infringement.However, the buck stops with the photographer. Also there are people who have joint accounts and image factories, who must come to some arrangement to pool their work and upload them as one entity.
  22. Who knows indeed? You might hope there would be some sort of new file boost, else these would never be seen in large searches.
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