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  1. Remember this one that was submitted in a contest and won? best part was the ridicule ones that followed https://www.digitaltrends.com/photography/nikon-photo-contest-fail/
  2. 2 sales for $477 gross pretty happy about getting more $$$ sales recently Thanks Alamy!
  3. another $225 sale just dropped in 2 sales this month so far, both for $225 each i guess its trying to make up for my April and May washout thanks Alamy, keep going!
  4. A nice $225 sale popped in today Thanks Alamy for continuing to get some decent prices still !
  5. Well after an abysmal April and May ( by abysmal I mean ZERO sales) a nice $252 dropped in today to stop the bleeding km hoping for a couple more to make up for the past 2 months,, maybe I’m being greedy, ok I am being greedy
  6. Zero sales for May Ive had zero sales for April and May - pretty discouraging I think I’m going to cry 😢
  7. Not that I’ve ever had great sales, but my sales this year are a lot less than last years - although I have to say that the average price for each sale has been quite good
  8. I never thought that buyers would shop around to save a couple bucks, just from a “time is money” aspect but I have changed my mind recently about that just a few days ago one of my images were zoomed, then the next day, it sold on a micro site as a sub. (The image is RF on both sites) the image is unique in the sense that the buyer had to use a very specific keywords to get the image, so the chance of this being mere coincidence is next to nil so I am convinced that some buyers do take the time to look around and perhaps try to get the cheapest price i may have to rethink my strategy of where to put images for sale and where to exclude them.
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