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  1. OK Marianne, just quick and dirty edits for FB. https://www.facebook.com/gen.froggie/posts/10222743697974702
  2. Thanks Steve. OK, after looooots of editing, here are the results. https://www.facebook.com/gen.froggie/posts/10222743697974702
  3. %!$#😤💩 ☠️ Grrr... I did mention in another thread that we won a $200 voucher to spend on a tourist attraction in Cairns. We chose the helicopter scenic flight over Arlington Reef and Green Island. From previous experience, I wore black clothes to avoid reflections on the heli wind screen and windows. 3 choppers were to leave at the same time. One got a check warning light and had to return to base. Ours left on time. While we were waiting, I had been anxiously watching the weather deteriorate. While it was sunny with a perfect blue sky and white fluffy clouds half
  4. Funny you should say that. In about an hour's time, I'll be hopping in a helicopter for a 30mn scenic flight over the reef and rainforest. The Queensland government came up with a tourism incentive in the form of $200 vouchers for certain tourist attractions, to be won in a lottery. We won one! The rain seems to be holding off, fingers crossed.
  5. Oooh! That's a trip down memory lane! I had forgotten about 'spot use'.
  6. That's a shame. I could just about fit that one in. You can see the distortion on the buildings on the left in particular, but if I were to correct verticals on that one, I would have cropped the rainbow on the right. So I left it as is. Someone liked it.
  7. I should suggest OH to get a workshop. Oh I'm forgetting we live in a motorhome. In any case, I'm the one doing the DIY!! Well done Kumar!
  8. I used my Nikkor 16-35mm lens. A versatile lens which I use a lot, but one has to watch out for distortion at wide range.
  9. This month, 1x presentation to the US, 1x presentation to the EU, 4x presentations to ROW, i.e Australia (not in lockdown ). I have been getting several a month from ROW, regular as clockwork for several months now. Why? Because i dropped out of PU, so they choose the next one down. I have busted enough PU mis-uses in the past not to be cynical. Sorry.
  10. Just look at the number of Presentations reported in the Images Sold thread (I have 6 this month so far). Who could believe it's genuine? But no, when I mentioned it previously on this forum, I was told I should not be complaining. I've never been good at being an ostrich. Sorry.
  11. No worries. It's an easy confusion to make. NU/PU.
  12. Last year, I averaged 17 sales a month with roughly 22,000 images. So far this year, it looks like the average is 18 per month.
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