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  1. Edo in San Miguel de Allende

    Ed, Porto is a good choice. My other half lived there and he's raving about it. All the best. Gen
  2. View over Hobart from the Lookout on top of Mount Wellington, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia Travel client. Marketing Package Use.
  3. Hoopoe (Upupa epops), Extremadura, Spain Distributor sale to Turkey.
  4. Canopy crown shyness, Panama Distributor sale to Germany. Again.
  5. Google Analytics

    Although not in Toowoomba, that was me. Gen
  6. Favourite images uploaded - May 2018

    Thank you so much Regis. Well spotted. It's highly unusual for me but it happens!! Have a good day too. Gen
  7. Favourite images uploaded - May 2018

    Port Douglas Carnivale last weekend, illuminations on historic Sugar Wharf, Far North Queensland
  8. List of members reading the Forum

    I raise this topic with Alamy and I just received this reply: "My colleagues managing the forum have explained that this is a technical issue they’re aware of and it has been raised with the forum host so they’re hoping it should be resolved soon." Not that it was bothering me much but being in Australia, the time difference means that not many other contributors are logged on at the same time as me. I like to know if I'm talking to myself. Gen
  9. Museum display
  10. So how was your May, eh?

    24 sales for $695. Strange month. 9 distributors, 2 PU, 2 Presentations. Never had so many distributors. Zooms waaaayyy down. Gen
  11. Ningaloo Coast, World Heritage, Western Australia, Australia
  12. You took a week off and did not bother to read the guidelines? Uploading a phone pic?? And you are complaining about it? Err.... As cbimages mentioned, you obviously did not do any reading how to tag and caption either. 9 days suspension well deserved in my opinion.
  13. Centipede (Lithobius variegatus), UK for a magazine
  14. Favourite images uploaded - May 2018

    Slag heap at ruined Chillagoe smelters, Far North Queensland, Australia Donkey hot water system at Chillagoe Creek Homestead, 'the Fossil House', in the small historic rural town of Chillagoe, Far North Queensland, Australia
  15. Have you found any Alamy images in May 2018

    Thank you Bryan! Glad to see that my efforts to diversify are being rewarded. I was actually brave enough to ask a woman to hold her sausage sizzle for me. Gen