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  1. Usage: Commercial electronic ; Media: Website, app and social media ;
  2. I believe all tags and captions are translated into German on the Alamy German site. So really, there's no excuse for buyers not finding them directly, unless I'm missing something. I haven't checked if those two images are included on the German version site. Gen
  3. 2 Distributor sales to Germany today. Why o why distributor since Alamy has an office in Germany? So far, I have licensed 37 pix to Germany, nearly all of them via distributor. For a travel brochure
  4. ... when you haven't left for Vanuatu yet but are already researching and inputting keywords in Bridge in preparation. ... when you're looking at a scene and keywords pop up in your brain
  5. 3 sales of Lord Lowe Island today for an Australian magazine.
  6. I see what you mean. Very tricky to find the Forum now. I have bookmarked a shortcut to it so hadn't noticed. Looks like Alamy does not want new/potential contributors to know?
  7. What coral bleaching?? This is where I live https://www.blurb.com/books/9387112-cairns
  8. A Saturday sale One of each of the following uses: Presentation, internal communication, student project, business website, small book" In perpetuity. Mid $$
  9. Hi Richard. I'm glad to hear that you're making sales with your birds. Wildlife is not the easiest subject matter to license!! I had a fresh look at Measures for the past year. I agree, 'foliage' is borderline. Bird Singing: 10 searches - 1 sales, so I wouldn't exclude it. Bird Feeding: 16 searches - no sale reported, so I wouldn't exclude it either. Passerines: 1 search - 0 sales. I used to include it, but don't bother anymore. I would disagree with you about location. If you ask anyone for help with an ID, the person will get very upset if you haven't mentioned location. It could be a regional search, like 'Birds of Queensland', 'British Bird'. You're right, the city is over the top. Having said all that, I was flummoxed in the past to see a repeated search for a single keyword 'Wildlife'. Strange I thought, they don't know what they want?? Until I licensed a turtle that had been searched using this exact term. It turned out that the Guardian has a weekly photo gallery 'Wildlife'. They're not fussed about what animal/country, provided the image is eye catching. So much for our efforts!! Nice talking to a fellow bird photographer. Gen
  10. Wires are getting more and more crossed by the minute LOL!! This time I was replying to Phil Robinson. No need to say sorry Bryan, you haven't done or said anything wrong!! Gen
  11. Couldn't agree more but I was replying to Richard on the Birds subject only. Gen
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