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  1. Good to hear from you Betty, I was thinking about you. Although you had a very tough time, it's also good to see that your post is in the 'Good thing that happened to you' section!! Now all you need is patience, the pain will eventually fade. All the best. Gen
  2. My muscles should be bulging soon then yeah? Which reminds me of a joke I saw recently: Why is Miss Universe always from Earth? 😀
  3. Go to your Dashboard Alamy Measures All Of Alamy (AKA AoA)
  4. Farm sitting continued: 12 eggs yesterday, 11 today, 6 boxes of 12 eggs in the fridge. It's no yolk 😂
  5. No thank you. I would be sick for sure. The beauty with us Grey Nomads is that we can follow the sun all year round in Oz. The forecast for this week where I am is between 33C and 37C. Perfect. I will investigate the swimming pool tomorrow. I feel for you guys. Sending you some sunshine.
  6. I haven't got an oven in our motorhome, only a grill, and limited freezer space. I much prefer freezing all sorts of meat and use the eggs fresh. As our farm sit is only 10 days, I guess I will leave quite a few egg boxes with the owners. They chose to have so many chooks that they don't know how many they have. Plus there are two new broods of countless little chicks. Their problem.
  7. It certainly is a new experience! We just took the 4x4 ute (a driving experience in its own right with its old fashioned 4WD system and clunky noises everywhere) to the dam and threw in nets to catch yabbies. We took the smaller dog with us but the big one wouldn't come. I tried to lift her up onto the seat but no joy so she stayed behind. Meanwhile, 8 new eggs today. Not EGGstatic!!
  8. Our farm sitting is not going too well. As revenge for having been deserted by their owners, the dogs killed a chook and brought it to us. Got the message... They will also only eat if I handfeed them. And as I said, one is a cross Mastiff/Great Dane. They are very affectionate with us though. Alpacas and cows OK so far. More dreaded EGGS!
  9. I experienced worse in your country: 52C (125.6F) in Death Valley. It was horrendous but at least, it wasn't humid.
  10. I like your images. Just out of curiosity, I presume you have a commercial drone license? I love my drone and have good images but no commercial license, so I don't upload them to Alamy. I do have recreational licenses where needed which gives me the right to fly it but not to sell the images.
  11. Quite frankly, it is unbearable. You can't breathe. You just try to cool down by any means. Swimming, aircon, shower, cool drinks. My ideal temperature is like today, 33C. Very pleasant except for the flies.
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