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  1. Tsst tsst Betty. These are true Robins. Australian Robins 😄 And to my despair, I haven't got a picture of the pink robin yet.
  2. Steve F. Thanks for that but didn't you want the 'Images found in May' thread?
  3. Did you take a picture of me then? May 68, sitting in the middle of the road in Quartin Latin? It is soooo long ago, it was in another life. I was still at school. Once I stayed in a hotel in Tasmania and they played Edith Piaf 'Non je ne regrette rien'. I wonder why... Gen
  4. Thanks for that Chris. I've added them to my wish list. Gen
  5. Not far at all from Paris, I'm from Versailles. I was doing the short commute to l'Opera every day. Luckily that storm will not come our way in Darwin. I have some practise with cyclones in Cairns, we never got a direct hit but even the tail of the cyclone 200km away is impressive. Stay safe Edo and keep enjoying your food. Gen
  6. Don't get me started about the French making you nervous, I left 35 years ago... Another beautifully written, thoughtful piece of writing Edo. I used to work round the corner from Harry's Bar in Paris, a life I'd rather forget. I sympathise with your wondering if old times still inspire modern people. I am experiencing the same in Australia. I am dead keen on reading Australiana books, visiting the places mentioned if possible. It gives me great pleasure but I feel not many people at all are interested in Australian history. Fair enough, it makes ME happy. Edo aficionada.
  7. I feel so sorry for the poor b****ers from Darwin who rushed to camp here for the first weekend after lockdown, and it's 20 degrees. Lots of jumpers, fleece and camp fires. I love the smell of the fires drifting towards us.
  8. I see what you're saying, you're caught in Catch 22. Alamy will not forbid you per se to upload images including foreign words. There are tons of images of foreign signs in the database. I imagine that you will want the Spanish text on your illustrations to be tags. Hence your problem. I don't know the answer.
  9. Hi Fipp You cannot log on or upload to any other site than Alamy.com. Alamy has given the following guidance regarding keywording in a foreign language: Q. Can I caption my images in another language (apart from English)?A. No, although we license images with captions in multiple languages you should only caption them in English. We’ll translate them into other languages using a machine translation system. If you add your own translations it could confuse the system and lead to your images being demoted in the search results. Hope it helps. Gen
  10. I did not mean so quickly!! I'm actually at Douglas Daly but will be in Darwin in the next few days. Given the distances in Oz, me saying I'm in Darwin sounded right. LOL!!. Can you e-mail me at genvallee33 at gmail dot com?
  11. Sorry everyone, pls switch off. Regis, I'm in Darwin. You suggested we could meet. I'm all for it. How can we get in touch?
  12. Very well said Edo. I'm right behind you. Some people spoil it for others.
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