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  1. It opens correctly for me on my Samsung tablet. I can see the Merseyside blog. And I like it. Look forward to reading more Edo.
  2. Crested Pigeon (Ocyphaps lophotes) A rare Yellow-footed Rock Wallaby (Petrogale xanthopus)
  3. Island Lagoon, a vast salt lake near Woomera, South Australia.
  4. This is an old thread that has been resurrected (May 19). By now hopefully, Marb will have been paid. It's always a good idea to start a fresh thread to avoid confusion.
  5. Not spamming but catching up with my uploads. I'll be hitting the road again after this post and won't have Internet for a few days (heading to a bush pub in the middle of nowhere, love those). Sunrise at Arkaroola, South Australia The Goanna, Flinders Ranges, S.A. The Old Ghan Railway, Parachilna, South Australia Red-capped Robin
  6. Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary, South Australia
  7. Hummm... You were as incensed as we were when it happened.
  8. I was bush camping miles away for civilisation. Access is by rough dirt roads only, preferably 4x4. I stayed several hours by this tree waiting for the sky to be right. I was trying light painting with my torch but the beam was too narrow and it was not doing a good job. What happens next? Unbelievably, two 4x4 cars drove past (to top it off, one had a tinnie on the roof!! so far from any water). Their headlights lit the tree perfectly. Moral of the story: always expect the unexpected.
  9. How can we forget? Lots of time and efforts went into uploading,. There was much enthusiasm at the beginning. Then they folded up after a mere 9 months or so, which is nothing for a new agency. They didn't really give it a chance and left us high and dry, very frustrated.
  10. Distributor sale to the Czeck Republic. A whopping $1.03 for me.
  11. Poignant ornament left on the lonely grave of Emma Smith, a 2 year old toddler who died in the bush in the 1860s, Flinders Ranges, South Australia
  12. Hasn't NZ the equivalent of Parental visa Oz has?
  13. The fabulous Horizontal Falls, Western Australia, as documented by David Attenborough. Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Magazines and books Mid $$ It won't pay for the scenic flight but am very pleased it licensed.
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