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  1. Very pleased to wake up to a $$$ sale for museum display
  2. Not really bad but... OH and I are sitting outside our mobile home having dinner. Let's the camera move back and show you the scene. We are in Birdsville, population 115, right in the middle of the Red Centre, i.e. the desert. The place is as flat as a pancake and we are the only ones there. A police car pulls over and the young officer asks us 'are you Rob and Gen ???? Now this is weird. They were just checking on Covid as Birdsville is near a State border but in no official document am I called Gen. I wonder what their source was. Lovely chap by the way.
  3. Fabulous pictures. Now to be there at the right time...
  4. Went to the servo yesterday. Aussie term for petrol station. Headed for the truck diesel bowser in full sun. Picked up the handle Ouch!! Burning hot. Grit my teeth and start pouring. Smoke is coming out of the pump. What?? The more I pour, the more smoke comes out. I'm now in a cloud. Mind gets into overdrive. Searing hot handle, smoke, is this thing about to blow us up to the moon? Quickly put it back, close the cap, ready to drive the hell out of there. OH rushes to servo to tell staff. 'Oh yeah, we're low on fuel, that's why'. Never heard of it.
  5. Gorgeous picture Carol. Their alarm call is certainly LOUD.
  6. Usage: Magazine, Editorial print and digital use. Any size. Inside. One time use only.Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Mid $$
  7. Huntsman Spider Torresian Crow (Corvus orru) and Whistling Kite (Haliastur sphenurus) fighting in the air
  8. I know who's going to squirm. Ain't am wicked... But it IS beautiful. And useful. Huntsman spider.
  9. Thank you Kumar. I think it's only me. A logjam somewhere.
  10. Thank you for looking Wim. Newest images have started to filter through, I think some batches are still missing. Not sure if the Alamy tecchies did something. I will take a closer look tomorrow. My eyes are closing. Thanks again.
  11. My point is that 'New' should return the newest images if I only enter my name in Advanced search. It always has, I've used it regularly. Alamy has passed it on to its tech team.
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