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  1. Thanks Carol. I'll bring my bats pee from Charters Towers. My foodie OH said bats Pee-not Noir. LOL!!
  2. You're a dedicated wildlife photographer. It's a good feeling. Do you realise you have found the perfect weapon for the 1.5m social distancing? Bats pee!! Good luck with your op, knowing you you'll be up and running in no time at all.
  3. Gorgeous colour. Did you get peed on much?? 😂😂
  4. It was the only program I used to watch when we lived in a house in Cairns. Loved it. I love everything rural.
  5. Righto Sally. I've gone back only to 1st Jan. 2016 because it's rather tedious and I'm not sure it proves anything. I do not photograph people, so as such, I am not a high seller. You will probably do much better than me. From 01/01/16 to today: Total distro sales of Oz images: 56 (out of 95) Below is sorted by Sold To country Sale Date Gross Subject Sold To Usage 23/10/2018 20.3 Figtree Brazil Book 14/09/2018 20.06 I
  6. Sally, I know that I had 270 distro sales in total but there is no easy way for me to look at what they were. You have started me on an interesting analysis. Yes, one more spreadsheet. I am on the road today but I will get back to you as soon as I can. No problems sharing my data. Bear with me.
  7. Don't forget that if, like me, you're opted out of PU, you're also opted out of most distributors. My distro sales have dried up since I opted out of PU. I just couldn't stomach PU mis-uses. Before anyone asks, I did catch a few and Alamy did chase. I once got a $200 'correction' fee. Use was a CD cover.
  8. If you download the sale report selecting 'date of invoice', it will show you the sales details. NU prices, if that's what this sale is, have always been of that magnitude. That's why I've never been part of the scheme.
  9. Talking about wit, once at Xmas time in London, we were in a very crowded lift at a Tube station. The lift has 2 doors at either end, one for entry, one for exit. Of course there were cheaters who entered through the exit to be first. The booming voice of the lift attendant was heard "Happy Xmas everyone, except those who entered from the back, I hope your turkey burn".
  10. You know what? Yesterday I was looking at my 'Sold Australia' lightbox. I realised that the majority of images includes water in one form or another: beach, waterfall, creek, dam, lake. My beloved Outback doesn't sell much.
  11. Country: Czech Republic ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Editorial website ; Industry Sector: General business services $1.06 net
  12. I remember our boat breaking down in the demented seas of Golfo de Penas in Chile. Quite an experience. Everything was flying, a door crashed to the ground, 2 cows died. The night before, we were all dancing on La Macarena. Then everyone turned green and disappeared in the bowel of the ship, including a macho latino who had to almost be carried away. I am soooo glad I travelled when it was possible and I was fit and healthy.
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