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  1. Are Your Zooms Falling?

    Sales are slow this month, as statistically expected, but zooms seem on track: Jan 2018: 72 Jan 2019: 52 so far Gen
  2. Annoying drop down box in AIM Tag box

    I don't get it either with Chrome. Strange one. Gen
  3. Images sold in January

    Thank you Khan. We were waiting for lightning in the distance but I thought it wasn't going to work. So I switched to wide angle. The light was amazing and the tide just right. Gen
  4. Share your contributor portfolios

    Ah yes, but I haven't been to French Polynesia. One day maybe. I'm in tomorrow's lottery draw.
  5. Images sold in January

    Distro to Germany
  6. Images sold in January

    Distro to Germany
  7. Dry January

    It's all very mysterious. 3 times is also my ratio.
  8. Dry January

    That's the one. Are you sure the dates are the same? I got: x5 from 01 Jan 18 to 01 Jan 19 = $$ x3 from 01 Dec 18 to 01 Dec 19 = $ This might be telling us that prices for 2019 will go down through this distributor. Gen
  9. Dry January

    If you're impatient like me, you don't need to wait. Just download the csv Excel file. All details are there. My 8 to Germany are a bit strange: it looks like 5 are for future dates and 3 for the past year. Gen
  10. Images sold in January

    Country: Germany ; Usage: Direct mail and brochures ; Media: Travel brochures ; Industry Sector: General business services ; Print run: up to 20,000 ; Low distro
  11. Dry January

    Were they to Germany? I had 8 today. Ah if they spoke English... they wouldn't need to use a distributor... Alternatively, they could use the German office.
  12. Meet and Shoot - Sydney

    Sorry, Cairns is a bit far...
  13. Favourite photos uploaded January 2019

    Trumpetting my efforts to take pictures of people... Crocodile spotting river cruise Bat spotting outside lava tubes
  14. Alamy! You can't be serious. It's been pointed out many times that software translation is GOBBLEDYGOOK. When will you start listening???