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  1. CTR has crashed and burned. Zooms are few and far between but most worrying are views down by 1/2 to 2/3rds. Can we have a change of algorithm please? πŸ˜’
  2. That is just unbelievable. There's no way Alamy should be paying back more than it received, and most certainly you shouldn't be out of pocket. That makes me angry. 😠
  3. Same hear, I'd love another, but I have a D610 for back-up which doesn't see light very often now because the D850 is so sharp. The sharpness is the standard all DSLR's should be.
  4. Another pitiful month I'm afraid. 6 for $64 gross and no monthly payout.
  5. Spent a lot of time on that beach. Caught a few sea trout there too.πŸ™‚
  6. If I remove March which was a bit of a blip, my last seven months gross looks like this. $129, $111, $59, $68, $59, $31, $40. If this progresses I'll need some minus columns. It's hard keeping motivated to be honest. CTR isn't too bad currently at 0.63. The lockdown hasn't helped but results have been going south for quite a while now. I think a further decrease in commission would just about finish off my efforts here at Alamy. It just wouldn't make any sense to continue. The once expected end of month surge has become a few little newspaper sales and that's more or less it. Sorry to be downbeat but that's the truth of it. πŸ˜” One little chink of light has been regaining News upload status. Maybe that will produce results through time. We'll see.
  7. Down by approx 1/2 of last years midway figures. I'm not sure if it's a Covid 19 reaction or Alamy leaving me behind due to a combination of algorithm changes and sheer volume of images. I've also questioned my ability to produce what's required for stock. Time will tell.
  8. That brought a smile to my face. 3 days? ☺️
  9. I haven't lost interest entirely but I do know how you feel. 5 for $32 bucks gross is pretty disheartening.
  10. We'll these are extraordinary times I'm sure you'll agree and some patience and understanding may be required, however saying that I agree that waiting a month can be frustrating. You could drop customer services an e-mail with your concerns, i'm sure they'll be only too happy to help with your problems. I note that you've already e-mailed. Try again. They're usually quite prompt.
  11. Perhaps if you post the "flimsy explanation" we can add meat to the bones?
  12. Hi Bryan, I'd just like to thank you for your unwavering contribution to this thread. I'm not featured often but it is appreciated. πŸ‘
  13. 5 for $59. Barely ticking over. I'm pessimistic about May too.
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