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  1. I had 10 sales on 2 January ... before you get your hopes up, they were for $1.05 each. Proper sales only picked up on Friday.
  2. I bought a Hewlett Packard with a 512 SSD drive, 8GB RAM. Good screen. Haven't looked back yet. Cost 799 EUR. Happy.
  3. Where was the photo first published? Was it on your own website or did you submit it to a photo agency? If you submitted it to a photo agency, check with them first if it has been licenced for the usage you query. Did you submit your photo to the CFA and was it published on their website? If so, as you're a volunteer, they would still own the Copyright. If it was lifted by the party, you have a claim.
  4. I once looked through the slides in my aunt's collection and thought the ones taken in Rome were pretty good. That was until I realised that these slides were taken by professional photographers that were regularly sold on to tourists as souvenirs.
  5. Makes a lot of sense. When I restrict my images for "commercial" use, I always tick advertising AND consumer goods.
  6. Had one that went into QC as well. Was approved early the next morning. Phew.
  7. Just got the book "Shooting the Darkness" based upon the story of local press photographers in Northern Ireland when the troubles broke out. It's based upon the documentary of the same name. Some very powerful images there.
  8. If I'm using high ISO for blue hour pictures, I tend to upload them via the "reportage" route.
  9. I had two submissions waiting in QC when the procedure was changed. Had to contact QC to approve them which they did within 24 hours.
  10. Spotted one of mine on the Guardian online page from the end of November. https://www.theguardian.com/news/2019/nov/27/labour-antisemitism-and-the-chief-rabbi
  11. Average number of sales, but low on revenue. Waiting for a Christmas buying spree...
  12. Oops, just realised, only the latest image went through and the pics I uploaded yesterday are still in the queue.
  13. I just uploaded one image in addition to two batches that I uploaded yesterday. Must have been lucky, as the entire three batches passed QC within three seconds.
  14. Here's my three entries. Blue Boats Wooden Chairs No People
  15. Found yours: https://www.mauritius-images.com/en/search?q=Siena duomo matteo di giovanni
  16. I once bid 1750 pounds on a lens by mistake. It was a typo. Was the three longest hours of my life. Got it for just over 200 pounds in the end.
  17. I dabble in painting. Acrylics and abstracts. 🙂
  18. Most agencies have a $100 threshold for payouts. Just upload more images.
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