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  1. May started really badly, but I'm glad last week's sales have been back to normal. With Brexit looming, I bet many publishers are probably waiting to see what will happen. Oh, distribution sales that used to be few and far between, have really picked up.
  2. That's mine, too. I only downloaded it a week or so ago.
  3. You can upload news images through the Alamy website if FTP doesn't work.
  4. 50% of my sales were under $10. And most of those were distributor sales, too. If it hadn't been for 2 100+ sales, it would've been the worst month (of the last 12).
  5. The idea is not wrong, but it's difficult to achieve sometimes. Saying that, I was at the big Brexit protest a month ago and watched staff photographers from PA and AP. They probably have basic captions pre-loaded, then they transfer the images via wifi to their phones and off they go. I'm sure they will sit down after the event and select a few more pix, but this is how it works nowadays.
  6. Mine have. Uploaded a bunch of pics over Easter. Quite relieved as I used a new camera.
  7. I opted out of Novel Use earlier this month and now I have a NU sale. This is not right. My image has been restricted for this use.
  8. Here are my three images: Women in Power: Caroline Lucas MP, The Green Party, Leanne Wood MP, leader of Plaid Cymru and Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland/leader of the Scottish National Party. Suffragettes Soldiers
  9. Should be in colour. You can always turn it into black & white for stock later.
  10. Slightly down on February and no last week surges. Average month.
  11. It's always a good idea to email them a few days ahead of any events so that they know you will be covering it. Also send an email to them once you have uploaded images. Saying that, I had some images rejected and moved onto reportage through a newsdesk mistake, but I don't want to go into it.
  12. Three from me: Camel feeding Feeding time Getting there
  13. No worries. However, one of the first things I was told when I started out in stock photography: take all declarations of (fabulous) sales with a grain of salt. We don't have many photographers boasting about their sales on Alamy and those on the forum are all very genuine about their ups and downs. But, to be honest, I rather have one $100 sale than 400 poxy little ones.
  14. Maths isn't your strong point, is it? Look at the question you asked.
  15. I had an exclusive use request yesterday which might net me 2000 EUR. It may never happen, but still: how many MS pics would you have to sell in order to reach this amount?
  16. After an abysmal December, January picked up nicely. February was even better both in number of sales and revenue. However, no sales for March as yet, so I'm on the edge.
  17. I don't know if it's just me again, but I have problems inputting the ISBN numbers. Anyone else? DACS have told me that the site is really busy, but I'm struggling big time.
  18. Here's some of my pictures. Love Bones not Bombs Pigs in Love The Courage to Love
  19. I used to go to copy the link address and then paste it into the post via Insert images from URL. Don't find this is working anymore. How do you get to post your pictures? I'm on Google Chrome, also tried Firefox. Nada.
  20. Much better than December which was the low point of the year. No refunds (yet)! Zooms are on the up. To sum it up: better start to the year than anticipated.
  21. The German name for marmot is Murmeltier and one of the English translations for Murmeltier is groundhog.
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