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  1. Post your positive results in 2019 here! :)

    Pleased that a $187 sale dropped in today for what I can only describe as a 'run of the mill' image.
  2. Depressing story

    Alamy encourage us to submit images as RF because "clients are increasingly asking for them" but I don't for the reasons given above. I'm lead to believe that RF images once commanded better rates of commission but if that's not the case any longer why would anyone give images away for life and for beer money? Am I missing something or is it just plain crazy? I'm not surprised clients want more RF.
  3. No sales, no zooms, no views

    Yes there's been no pseudo updates since Thursday's, but I've just had my first sale of the month so Alamy is still "ticking over".
  4. Mine was used in December, I guess I can wait till end Feb-beginning March. Thanks
  5. Any feedback from Alamy over these uses? I have one in there but unsure if I should wait the three months or report it now.
  6. 500 sales

    Nice one Mark.
  7. AIM update notes - **Updated Jan 2019**

    Having cleared cache I now have it with chrome.
  8. AIM update notes - **Updated Jan 2019**

    E-mail sent James
  9. Is the forum behaving oddly for anyone else?

    Very badly this morning.
  10. How was your January?

    14 for $231. Nine of those coming in the end of month (newspaper prices) sunami for a measly $72. As months go I've had worse, sadly.
  11. Stock or Love?

    It'll be odd if they finally confirm the divorce on Feb 14th
  12. AIM update notes - **Updated Jan 2019**

    Restarted PC but still no sign of it.
  13. AIM update notes - **Updated Jan 2019**

    Bit of confusion here, but like tarsierspectral said there is no non-exclusive selection possible under the attributes heading, (or at least we can't see it) just exclusive. For this to be helpful we need both selection options.
  14. Stock or Love?

    Time to stamp your authority on that new family of yours.