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  1. 10 for $129 It's been a horrible year for low value sales but to be entirely honest it's probably down to two things. Lack of originality and a lack of artistic quality. 😞
  2. My point exactly. Once again Alamy gets it wrong. Will they never learn?
  3. If 5*'s were a reward I might be prepared to agree if it was rolled out fairly but it hasn't been. There are many people who haven't been given those extra stars that have never had a QC failure whilst some who have been given them have quite openly said they have failed more than once. So, far from being an incentive it leaves many angry and Alamy don't even seem to care. If they did they would have told us their intentions beforehand.
  4. As I said I was buying it regardless so wasn't too bothered about deals. I just need to learn how to use it now. 🙂
  5. Just bought my first ever sub to Lightroom £9.98 p/m on their BF deal. I'm not sure how much I've saved if anything. I was buying it anyway. Topaz have a Black Friday deal going too. I liked their Mask AI when I tried a trial copy when it first came out but it's not cheap at full price. The whole suite costs $290 on offer.
  6. Last year Alamy warned us that they expected our returns to diminish which they duly have. It's quite obvious to me that Alamy had some facts at their disposal which they were pretty certain of to make that prediction. One might speculate that they new some of their (high content users) customers were leaving for pastures new. They might also have known that they were about to slash pricing. Whatever the facts are it will be a big disappointment for many contributors like myself to see sales remain relatively stable but see revenue plummet like a stone. I know that many are especially unhappy at the almost comical (although no one's laughing) remuneration for newspaper uses. Whilst were being spoon fed $4.91 gross this news paper is probably making annual profits in the millions. This race to the bottom makes stock photography less interesting and more of a chore every year and little offerings like earlier payouts and if you're lucky, getting five stars instead of three is fooling no one. Why anyone these days would get into supplying stock images is beyond me. Rant over.
  7. So sorry to hear about this David, she was truly a beautiful lady. 😥
  8. That's my position too. Some good images not being uploaded because of no live news access. I normally wait and send as reportage. No sales so far down that route.
  9. It's true to say I lost motivation, the changes to Alamy and loss of news upload didn't sit well with me, I also have a severe dislike of keywording, however today is a landmark as I finally hit the 5000 image upload threshold. It's been a long time coming.
  10. 12 for $165 just over half of which were cheapo newspaper sales. I wonder how many billions the newspapers will make this year?
  11. Whereas I've never used FTP and never had a problem with the upload tool.
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