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  1. One affiliate fee of $527 for a political drive-around billboard brought my total to 10 for $719. My best month for some time.
  2. Try not to underexpose at higher ISO as that does tend to induce excess noise. Better to slightly overexpose then pull it back in post process.
  3. Good business for Alamy but for the contributor not so much.
  4. Nothing special but given the OP's dreadful figures I'll take it. 8 for $184
  5. My opinion and it is only that is that if the main subject is properly exposed or if it cannot be reasonably expected to 'cram in' the exposure latitude of the image then it is acceptable to have blown out areas. Blown out areas should not be detriment to the overall image though.
  6. I'm not sure things are picking up, at least not for me. Congrats on the sales though. 👍
  7. I use Transfer 2, View NX-i, Capture NX 2 and Capture NX-D, I also have Elements 12 and Lightroom Classic none of which I find intuitive to use. I jump between the Capture editing programs in my workflow and only use Elements and Lightroom for the odd job that they can't handle. The capture programs are simple to use which suits my luddite tendencies. I shall have a look at NX Studio to see what it offers. Thanks for posting this. 👍
  8. I thought the whole point of continuous auto focus was that you don't need to "pump" the button? Using the D850 I don't have to. 🤔
  9. The 5th annual International Roma day celebrations. Didn't sell as news but better late than never.
  10. Seems like there was a second incident. https://www.thecanary.co/exclusive/2021/02/01/uk-police-just-arrested-two-journalists-in-one-week/
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