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  1. Imposters syndrome (again)

    I'm not sure what you mean by a "share", but I know from the prices I get for my images that I'm doing something wrong. I'm not creative and can't produce those beautiful images that some people can churn out with monotonous regularity. Self-doubt is my middle name. I do try hard though, well I did up until the commission announcement. I may lack creative instinct but I'm not stupid, I know when I'm being taken for a ride. If I knew which direction to take I'd be off outta here. Joining the world's worst photographer club.
  2. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    Would you say this may be deliberate? I have a suspicious mind.
  3. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    Quite ironic really that with such bad news I've started off this month with 5 sales over the 7 days. Bitter sweet.
  4. Commission change - James West comments

    Sorry, but my incentive, if I read you correctly, is to stay, redouble my efforts and hope there's enough time before the next cut to get back to where I was? Seriously?
  5. Commission change - James West comments

    To be fair it's no different to removing images altogether. At least this way he/she can reverse the situation quickly if he/she wants to. No?
  6. Commission change - James West comments

    What are you proposing Wim, Bill? Just accept this 20% cut and take our medicine? As a first step until I decide whether to quit or not I've removed exclusivity for all my images. I'll decide what else to do in good time. I never joined the distributor scheme because I didn't like the split and I couldn't trust distributors to report honestly like I did with Alamy. Now Alamy have trashed the trust I had in them. Maybe it shows I'm not a good judge of character, I dunno, but I'm still angry and disappointed nevertheless.
  7. Commission change - James West comments

    I know you like to see what EPUK are saying. They published this link
  8. Commission change - James West comments

    I agree with 1 and 2 but not 3 and 4. I'd remove en-mass the imported agency images that don't conform to Alamy QC and keywording requirements. They're just a millstone round Alamy's neck. IMO
  9. Commission change - James West comments

    James it's OK for you to think change things up and grow, but that's twice now you've introduced retrograde changes to my contract percentage. I fail to see where my perceived growth has come from? Every year contributors complain that in order to achieve the same income they have to produce more and more images. All we can hope for is to tread water. So every time you reduce our percentage that is our new top line. I never really get to see the growth, just lower prices and lower commission rates. Where is the incentive. You admit that you have been naive and that you have learned, I don't think you have. I think you've just made your biggest mistake. i.e. Forgetting the very people who produce and have consistently grown this company's income. You have not only put this at risk you have trashed and betrayed the partnership which we all bought into. I ask you to reconsider, find some other way.
  10. Commission structure single thread

    When supermarkets squeezed the dairy farmers I started getting my milk delivered straight from the farmers. If I could do the same with stock I would.
  11. Commission structure single thread

    I now want to be non exclusive to Alamy but finding somewhere that will accept my type of image portfolio may be impossible. I won't know until I start looking I suppose but if anyone has suggestions in the meantime feel free. What I do know is that Alamy don't get exclusive for 40%
  12. Commission structure single thread

    It'd be interesting to see how may images are pulled over the next month.
  13. Commission structure single thread

    Never used the arrows before but I'm using one now for James West and Alamy.
  14. Commission structure single thread

    Got to agree. Disgusted with Alamy.