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  1. The simple answer is no. I've asked Alamy to mark all of my images as non-exclusive . Not that I sell elsewhere but might in the future. There's simply no advantage to remain exclusive.
  2. They're probably dealing with the backlog of e-mails now. The poor computer will no doubt get blamed again. It's not doing too well in all this heat. 😉
  3. With 5500 images Alamy managed to get me 5 licenses for a total of $44 gross. 4 of those licenses once Alamy took their cut earned me just over £6. Next month Alamy want more of my share and want me to bear more of the risk. Is it worth it? Answers on a postcard. 😒
  4. Thank you. I think you're right. We are a tiny island with many photographers where travel is extremely well covered. Andrew's pics are excellent. There are some genres that can do well it seems. 👍
  5. Lots of folk may not bother about the commission increase and decide to stay with Alamy providing the contract clauses are fixed but that's not my thoughts on it. There is actually no point in staying for less that half. For news you may be in a better position but for stock you're loosing money and you'll lose more in the future. On principle alone I'd find a 20% decrease in revenue hard to swallow. Without photographers Alamy/PA have no business.
  6. I was thinking more like a bonified insurance company but small fee, eg. $5 pa, collected by Alamy but I agree that the extra commission charge could/should pay for it.
  7. I wonder if there's a possibility for an Alamy wide indemnity insurance for a small annual fee collected by Alamy each year. There are supposed to be 180,000 contributors after all?
  8. If they need clarified or reworded they were no good in the first place. Will you also have a rethink on the commission changes as they're wrong too.
  9. I now buy from the milk supplier cutting out the supermarkets. Maybe there's a lesson there?
  10. Through Twitter Alamy actively encourage amateur photographers to join and upload their photographs so to my mind they should accept that not all of them will understand the complex issues of stock sales. Many new contributors struggle with even the basics let alone confusing contract clauses. Anything Alamy can do to simplify and protect their contributors legal rights should be part of their business model but it seems that there is no duty of care for contributors. Alamy seem more interested in protecting buyers and the company than they do for the very people who supply their product. Conf
  11. Just remember that by remaining after the 31st May you will have been deemed to be accepting of the new contract. There's not much time left and I had planned due to the percentage changes, to leave all existing images but refrain from uploading more. However the various other clause changes increase the risk of law suits which let's face it, most 'hobbyists' couldn't afford to challenge, I may be forced to remove all images from the 1st June. I'll just inform Alamy that I don't accept the contract changes and wish to stop all sales from that date. I'm being boxed into a corner and forced to l
  12. It might be easier to e-mail contributor services and instruct them that as you don't agree to the terms of the new contract you wish to remove all images from the start of the new contract date. In that way it becomes their responsibility for any claims that may occur from that date for images that may remain on sale.
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