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  1. Sales have went up because PA gives them away for buttons.
  2. It's now 4th November 2021 since I've managed a gross sale of $20 and September 1st 2021 since I've had one of $50. It's become a welcome distraction if I see one for over $10 bucks these days. Mostly they're all single figure $ which doesn't make the effort worthwhile.
  3. I'm rather tired of Alamy posts promising exciting times ahead. Maybe for PA coffers it is but it never seems to be for contributors.
  4. Quite simply Alamy now owned by PA do not want to sell your images for more. They'd rather set the company up as a discount store similar to £land and take 80% of your earnings.
  5. With less than 500 images I'm going to presume you'll be paying at least 80% commission in July/Aug as per the new contract. It'll be down to how much your gross sales add up to though.
  6. It's so sad that Alamy has come to this. I predict many will leave this year once it's clear how much they are loosing to the combination of rock bottom pricing and commission decreases. There's only so much one can stomach. I don't expect we've seen the last of changes either. #Tipoftheiceberg
  7. Once upon a time I'd have been very pleased with 13 licenses but when it only gives me £21.50 it's pretty much an insult.
  8. Opting out of distribution en mass may bring PA to their senses. (Then again maybe not)
  9. 😂 I must have been in your class at school.
  10. No higher value sales (anything over $50) here since the beginning of September.
  11. Should have the option to change currency too. (yes I know the exchange rate complicates matters) Like you said Sally, we should see what we're earning without having to do calculations.
  12. 9 sales for $70 gross so a whopping £21 in my back pocket. Inspired? No neither am I. Far from it. Sales for the last three months have remained steady but heavens above the prices are crashing through the floor. I have started taking photos again because I enjoy doing it but I wouldn't feel good about myself by adding stock images to Alamy. It looks like sharing on social media will be the winner here. 😔
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