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  1. 9 for $439 Best month in quite a while. Two $$$ made up the majority of the total. I'd be a happy man if I achieved those numbers regularly.
  2. A $230 sale today is, I think, my second biggest sale on Alamy. A good month for me I have to say.
  3. I've decided to stockpile images in-case Alamy sells out. πŸ˜‰
  4. It's not biodegradable but it will perish into smaller particles which may find their way into water courses and the sea. Most definitely not good as a substitute mulch in my book and as stated of no benefit to the soil.
  5. Pleased to say my first $$$ sale since last summer dropped in today. A TV use.
  6. Is it planet friendly to be using rubber pellets as a mulch? 😲
  7. I suggested something wasn't quite right in Alamyland last month with poor sales. I had to accept it when Alamy stated everything was normal. OK so maybe it was just me (although it wasn't) or maybe because I only have 5000+ images it was a blip? But when David Kilpatrick of all people with 27500+ images doesn't get a sale in 11 days, there is something not right. I hope it sorts itself out for you David but as we say in Scotland, "I hae me doots".
  8. I read somewhere today that some people regularly take baths with Dettol added. I wonder if Dettol is easier to obtain than bacterial hand wash? As an aside I've always liked the smell of dettol. 😊🌼
  9. The end of month surge provided a parachute for falling off the cliff in February, but it didn't stop my CTR falling to a yearly low. A total of 9 for $68 (exclusive sales) and I have to go back to last summer for a sale over $50. It's not worth the effort really but Alamy's like an itch that needs continuous scratching. It's getting to the painful stage though.
  10. Although that maybe the case it does seem strange that those togs who have largish portfolios have also all of a sudden 'fallen off the cliff'. However if would be churlish of me if I failed to mention that I had an influx of Guardian sales drop in today which made February more presentable even if remuneration still leaves a lot to be desired. So on to March shortly hoping for a medium to large sale which seems like an eternity in coming. $5-10 seems like my staple diet at the moment.
  11. A change in the algorithms then maybe? A number of people have experienced a rather sudden drop off over the last month or two?
  12. Any comments on the apparent sales downturn Alamy ? (to get back to the original topic)
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