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  1. Express Fri 14th June www.express.co.uk D224FR Scottish Viewpoint Interior of Prestwick airport MMATP6 Mine Exterior of Prestwick airport
  2. Cold? 18 Celsius? Lucky if we get that in summer here in Scotland. That's T-shirt and shorts weather. lol
  3. I know the feeling. No sales so far this month either. Also I've not had any sales clear for payment in over a month. No payout last month. Lost news access and have hardly uploaded anything since. However like Betty, life hasn't been kind this year and reminds one of the important things to dwell on.
  4. Many thanks Alan, with no sales so far this month it's nice to know there's something in the pipeline. 👍
  5. I think you'll need more than one news sale but you're right it is a catch 22. There needs to be a clear path to achieving LN status.
  6. 10 images for a total $413 gross. Two over $$$ including a news image taken a few days before being kicked out. 😕 So a pleasing month with CTR high, fair prices, but tempered by no payout. Swings and roundabouts.
  7. I wonder if prices for reportage will equate with Live news content?
  8. As James said it may have been to appease those who sell news type images but perhaps not immediately as news but perhaps soon afterwards. The problem with it, as has been mentioned before, is that if it's not being 'pinged' to news desks then submissions, by this route, are still unlikely to sell because newspapers are not going to see them unless they're searching for something specifically. Even then your images still have to compete with all other stock. So, IMHO reportage is next to useless unless you want to get inferior quality images past QC which shouldn't be anyone's intention if serious about photography. It is though the only way I personally can get news type images on sale as quickly as possible, certainly through Alamy. It's not ideal. Much better would be a secondary news section which could be made aware to prospective news buyers whilst keeping the main news section for pushed news items. As with pushed news the secondary news items would join the main stock holding after two days. The setting up of a secondary news upload facility would be that contributors would have a ready made avenue to prove that they could supply timely news items worthy of the main live news upload route, something that is lacking at the moment.
  9. There is still no reason that I can see that you can't upload to 'Live News'. But first I'd contact 'Contributor Services' and explain the circumstances as to why they can't be uploaded within an hour. They're there to help and I'm sure they will do their best to accommodate or advise on a solution. Drop them an e-mail or better still give them a call. Let us know how you get on.
  10. Noticed the bill after posting so definitely not a pipit. I'm gonna plump for House Finch (f)
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