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  1. Love those robins! We have an abundance of them here in the Mid-Atlantic, worms are so plentiful. Was going through some of my Caribbean images and I thought this would qualify for nice nature pic. A blooming flamboyant tree on the island of Nevis.
  2. Baked more banana walnut bread today and had a nice hour long Skype call with an Italian cousin in Puglia, Italy. We were born in the same year and have always been close, but technology has made it so much easier for us to be even closer and it is a big plus that she speaks English perfectly (an English teacher in her town) and I speak just enough Italian to get myself into trouble! Marianne, I have a photographer friend who also went to Smith College, tho I think she graduated after you. Her name is Sarah Hampton (tho I don't think Hampton was her given surname). She was living in NYC but has moved back up to Northhampton, MA. Judging by her photos, it looks like Smith is beautiful campus!
  3. USA, The New York Times newspaper (print and online) May 24th 2020 edition Sunday Business section Pg. 1 (very large use), Black wolf, Frenchwildlifephotographer
  4. Well, thank you. The wind was so strong that day that it was easy for the birds to hover. I second the "Amazing" compliment. It has such a 3D feel to it and that one puffin looks like it's doing a swan dive. Well done!
  5. But even newer films have stills scattered over a bunch of outlets and contributors.
  6. What I don't get is that often, like in the case of the photo above, the exact same movie still is on Alamy from a variety of contributors. These are not public domain, so how do so many get their hands on these photos and, presumably, have the rights to sell them.
  7. USA, The New Yorker magazine, May 25, 2020 issue Pg.8, From the movie, Stroszek. TCD/Prod.DB/Alamy
  8. An atomic bomb replica at Los Alamos, New Mexico. Sold thru a Serbian Distributor for web use for low $
  9. New to me too John. No idea Not in the NU scheme.
  10. Yes, these little tiddler sales can be very annoying and discouraging but there are some good sales over $100 sales out there as well. I had a $1 sale the other day....my lowest ever. It was an "Academic Faculty Pack" sale. I got 40 cents. But also I have had a couple $100+ sales this month too!
  11. Older photos with my daughter in them have been selling this month (3 altogether). I suppose I should give her a cut of money but she makes well more than I do now! This one sold thru a Russian Federation distributor for very near $$$.
  12. Also in the USA and got paid via direct deposit to my bank. I believe it cleared around the 6th.
  13. Gen, I had to look up your Aussie expression, too funny! I love regional idioms. Same for me, when it comes to pictures of me. It will be tough to convince future generations that I existed 😬. Much prefer being behind the camera. Betty, very nice pic of you and your daughter! Tho I have a pet peeve about taking photos of people with sunglasses on. Not seeing the eyes takes so much from the photo. Occasionally I photograph people who wear transition glasses and they can get quite dark outside. If they insist on wearing them, then I have them put the glasses in their pocket for a while and then I get about 30 sec to a minute before they get too dark. Having said all that, in your case, the photo looks great and it works for where you! A tropical beach!! Hope it sells!
  14. Could it be connected to Little Richard and his recent death? Tutti Frutti was the title of his first bit hit song.
  15. Me too! And speaking of Mexican, I just made some veggie enchiladas for lunch (not from a box)!
  16. Not sure I could go for that one. IMHO, breakfast and pizza should stay apart.
  17. Agreed, the Margherita is pizza at its best...my go to at any Neapolitan style pizzeria. Or when it Italy!
  18. USA, The New York Times, May 17th 2020 issue Book Review section Pg. 10, Historical Photo of Dorothy Sayers, Pictorial Press LTD The New York Times Style Magazine Pg. 63, A Chinese Tang era painting, Art Collection 4
  19. A rare Sunday sale posted. A law library sold for worldwide web use for low$$.
  20. I can really relate to this blog Edo! My father was an Italian American by way of Egypt. He had Italian parents in Cairo and so he had plenty of pasta growing up, as well as Middle Eastern food. So when he came to America to go to college, he married my American mom and kicked her out of the kitchen as soon as he saw the food she was going to make. So we grew up on Italian and Middle Eastern dishes. No complaints here! But when my Italian relatives come to visit and I let them have their way in my kitchen, the dishes are a bit different. They tend to keep things and ingredients very simple. We tend to want to throw as much as we can into dish. My cousins are horrified by what we toss on a pizza. Once while visiting family in Puglia, Italy, we were out at a pizzeria and my kids were young and they wanted to put some Parmesan cheese on their pizza. So I asked for some and my cousin jumped up from the table to apologize to the shop owner and explained that these people were American! The woman laughed, shrugged her shoulders and handed me a small bowl of grated cheese. One evening, a thought came to me, thinking about all the wacky things we add to traditional dishes. I said to my cousin that maybe one reason that many innovations come out of America is that we are made up of so many cultures and backgrounds that everything becomes a fusion of styles and tastes. We are not afraid to break from tradition. So as much as I love the classic dishes of Italy, I also love trying new things. Buon appetito
  21. Thanks Betty! I think that is my bee! As for the turtle, it is close but mine don’t have that red “ear” marking.
  22. I agree with you for the most part but I definitely do not use the word shoot in a situation where it could be misunderstood. I once did a portrait shoot of Hillary Clinton and when I arrived, I was smart enough not to say, “I am here to shoot Hillary Clinton”.
  23. Thanks Betty. Definitely not a snapping type. The ones I saw that day were a type of common pond turtle....just don’t know which one. Some I shot (photographed) had yellow stripes down the neck. They could be terrapin turtles. I should add that I have encountered snapping turtles and you don’t want to mess with one, they can easily take a finger off!
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