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  1. Post your positive results in 2019 here! :)

    Timing! Well done!
  2. Post your positive results in 2019 here! :)

    The kind of modesty I like! We'll done - here's to another 50k for you, but much quicker this time!
  3. DACS 2019

    Oh Gawd, please tell me that I'm not the only (slow, lazy) idiot on Earth! Just went to DACS to submit my publication history, knowing that the cut-off date was today, and see that "Publication History submissions have now closed." Nooooooo! I've been working on Internet Time for at least fifteen years and presumed that i had until midnight to submit my claim. It appears not C'est la Vie, (say the old folks). Bugger, say I.
  4. Presentation Use

    Just wanted to post a thumbs-up to Alamy. I alerted them to abuse of a presentation licence back at the beginning of Nov '18. They resolved this with the buyer at the end of December - the additional fee making the total sale worth more than 5x the original licence fee. Although it may be difficult to track and prove abuses - and not all such reports have achieved success when reporting to Alamy - I wanted to post thanks when due as well as moans....and also to point out that it is worth hunting these abuses down!
  5. Post your positive results in 2019 here! :)

    Nearly posted an earlier sale today (small coffee without sugar - or milk, bring your own cup, sort of price) in the 'How Low Can You Go' thread or similar...then my best value sale in 22 months (approaching $200) popped in. Marketing, large business, so much lower than it would've been a few years back, but hey, it's balanced things out and made my weekend.
  6. Please fix the forum

  7. Images sold in February 2019

    There seem to be an awful lot of licenses to Germany of late!
  8. Personal opinion - especially given Alamy's post in this thread - just not worth the hassle.
  9. Images sold in February 2019

    Distribution Country: Germany ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Television (editorial) ; Print run: up to 1 transmission ; Placement: Use within body of show ; Start: 01-January-2019 ; End: 01-January-2020 ; Additional Details: Bulk Discount, Flat Rate Anybody else had a recent German TV sale with similar terms? Would be interesting to get an idea of what Bulk Discount means in terms of licence price agreed.
  10. After the farce of personal use, then presentation use, is Normal Use the new Novel Use? Country: United Kingdom ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic ; Print run: up to 500,000 ; Placement: Inside ; Start: 01-December-2018 ; End: 01-December-2023 ; Additional Details: Duration: 3 months. Any placement: Inside or cover. ...for a fee that makes you dream of the PU sales that I barred a few months back. Seriously. I feel a little sick. I'm setting up a new business (wise move in these times) and searching for suitable images, I cannot get a one-off MS download for double the price that this licensed for.
  11. How was your January?

    3 for 86.

  13. What does NU stand for? (ironic)

    No Niels, I have never been in NU or the UKNS and am opted in to only limited Distribution markets. I also opted out of PU a number of months ago. The majority of my images are not unique to Alamy, so very soon I will only be getting 40% of such derisory fees. All the more reason to spread your wares around, IMHO.
  14. Typical!

    Snow? What's that?!
  15. Is the forum behaving oddly for anyone else?

    Wasn't going to bother to read this thread until it just began to happen to me! Karma?! 😂
  16. Does anyone know who 'E-Feat Film Prodn Co' might be? I had a license for a 'Worldwide' TV usage last month naming this production company in the details, but a Google search using variations of this name produces nothing aside from a similar license by forum contributor, IanButty, which was posted to a password-protected area of his own site. Ian hasn't posted here in a year, anyway, so not sure if he'll read this. Anyone else know? Thanks.
  17. Full fact freebies

    Full fact usages are paid. Alamy stumps up the cost. As far as I recall, a usage I had last year was mid $$.
  18. What price range for TV use?

    Only one TV sale via Alamy last year for $$$
  19. Thanks SShep, 3rd sale reported in these threads over 6 years! 😂 - every little helps! ISSN, too - you're a 🌟
  20. Guitar, Drum and Bass On Bass... Tina Weymouth BBC4, 18th Jan 2019 'Alamy Ltd.' listed among suppliers of archive images. Great programme for all musos here, BTW.
  21. key words and title

    Yes, you can. In fact, it's advisable!
  22. How many did you upload in 2018?

    324. ~10 sold during the year, of which four were taken as news, three sold as active LiveNews at the time and on a couple of occasions since.
  23. OK, staying in and waiting for Jools Holland to start (UK reference, sorry to those outside the UK!) Despite a lot of moaning from me about low prices and licensing abuse (expect this to expand to include references to % in the New Year!), 2018 was my best year here, both in number of licenses and $ totals. I actually passed my 2017 totals around June, then things slowed considerably. The average licence value ,though, slipped yet again to its lowest ever (~$36 gross). Sale volume was helped and sales value was helped considerably by my first Live News sales. At least I know where my future efforts should be directed here on Alamy! December saw 4 sales for $129, the last of which appears to be a relicense of an abused presentation sale (I've yet to confirm this with Alamy). The total for the year was 54 sales for $1,945. Edit: Happy and prosperous New Year to all!
  24. ...and it won't be from such a website. Worrying about how they may have sourced the photos, though.
  25. License- what?

    It appears that they are trying to wriggle out of the licensing abuse of PU/presentation sales and therefore avoid all the subsequent hassle and workload when these are brought to their attention. By bundling usages in this way, it makes it far more difficult to ascertain if a buyer has misused a cheap licence. By creating such nonsense licences as this for RM images, they don't need contributors to declare content for sale as RF, it's almost being done by default.