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  1. Newspaper concerned has settled out of court for a decent sum (way more than Alamy would have even attempted to retrieve - and they wouldn't even have tried for infringement). A couple of weeks ago I also received settlement for use of the same image on the Twitter feed of a County Council in Ireland. So why do businesses do this with the low sums which agencies increasingly licence for? I guess that they just chance their arm and feel that they are going to get away with it 90% of the time, so it's ultimately worth it? They can get away with it most of the time, and if it has to go through an agency, then they know that the agency is unlikely to chase - or they will get away with just paying the original fee in any case, so in the long run, it's a no-brainer. Cheat, and if you get caught, there's no penalty. Don't let them get away with it. FYI (and as some handy bookmarks for me) I have posted an article on Image Copyright with some handy links on my website. Good luck all and Happy Easter! 🐰
  2. Ditto - it happens. I was half-expecting it. I had a dry period of 70 days* here between July & Sept last year (my own little drought!), then Feb was my best (gross) month ever on Alamy. Good & bad; Yin & Yang and all that. *Even so, 2018 still turned out to be my best year so far on Alamy (mind you, Live News helped and er, 'nuff said)
  3. Please let us know the result of your conversations with Alamy. Something smells fishy.
  4. I get the impression ('scuse the pun!) that a number of press togs seem to use photo mechanic (sometimes in tandem with LR, as you do). Is it worth the extra investment? I guess that you'll answer inn the positive, otherwise you wouldn't be using it! But what's the primary benefit? Speed? Keywording and captioning? Something else? Sorry to hijack the thread - just looking for a quick reply, if poss. Thanks.
  5. No, you're quite right; it's just that things can sometimes be misinterpreted...and I'm probably not the best at conveying my thoughts clearly at times without seeming very upset! I wanted to make it clear to Alamy staffers that I have found them to be generally extremely helpful.
  6. Well deserved sale, then. I've been very poor at revising the list. Your post has reminded me that I must do better!
  7. Yes, +1. They will know about the reactions here (bad news spreads fast and all that), and I will add my voice to yours. The interactions I have had with all the teams at Alamy over the years - with the odd v. rare exception - have been very positive and I have found them to be courteous and helpful. Customer service is very good here and something that other organisations could learn from. Thanks to Alamy Live News - it's been exciting and fun.
  8. Coincidence? Either way, those threads (inc. the one Philipe started on favourite images uploaded), always add the potential for images to be found. Well done.
  9. 'Which?' magazine? ...or maybe RHS The Garden? Country Walking? Sorry, I'm grasping at straws here.
  10. Divide and rule (not you!) Local knowledge has enabled him to include another aspect into this surely? Environment, plastics, named campaigner. Added value.
  11. Strange, isn't it? I once had a $$$ sale of a field of rape seed for a display in an estate agents (real estate).
  12. Just to clarify... I didn't mean to say that this is a deliberate policy that Alamy have put in place, just that this seems to be it's effect. Same as the commission cut. The two threads concerning the cut revealed lots of rough edges and had various contributors here on the verge of attacking one another - a long way from the general sense of community and well-being that we have tended to have here in the last few years. Alamy have been sadly lacking in the way they approach things. They still possibly remain the best place to be - I imagine that other agencies given the same circumstances would've perhaps been worse? It's just that 'they' seem to have a great idea, which should be thoroughly reviewed and thrashed out among those in charge - but isn't. It's then implemented, then they realise what a gormless error they've (he/she?) made, then back-pedal furiously, knocking down everyone in the process. I just get the feeling that lessons aren't learned. There are a large contingent here, however, who will probably quite rightly tell me to shut up and get my camera out! It's a business, just get on with taking photos. Let Alamy do their side of the business in the way they deem best. I can live with that. I think that both views have their merits. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
  13. +1 It would've shown some respect and assurances that they valued their contributors. Personally, it would've made a huge amount of difference to me - and I wouldn't have had any problem with what they're doing. It's the *way* that it's been done. We're all different.
  14. If you mean do they allow Google to scour the Alamy site in order to place Alamy images in Google search results, then yes. As I recall, up until a few years back, Alamy used to prevent Google from spidering its images, but then began to allow it by not actively disallowing it in its robots.txt file (you can see all the pages Alamy orders Google to ignore - and other search engines which choose to abide by robots.txt rules - on this page). Are you asking about image protection? I wrote a post about that on the Watermarked images on website thread a while back.
  15. Not an easy subject for me! Still... Women in Media Press and other media professionals send stories, images, and video direct to news outlets after a high-profile event Young women (OK, kids!) with an opinion Aldermaston, Berkshire, England, GB, UK. 9th August 2014. A 7 mile (11km) long hand-knitted 'scarf' was unrolled along the route from the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston to AWE Burghfield today, as Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) knitters called for Nuclear weapons system, Trident, and any possible replacement to be scrapped. Young and old joined in the protest. This ahead of an expected Parliamentary vote in 2016 on whether the government should spend over £100 billion on a new nuclear weapons system. Young women in sport Sarah Gunstone of the Bracknell Bees ice hockey team at the annual Wokingham Winter Carnival. Wokingham, Berkshire, England, GB, U.K.
  16. Mmmm, seems to me that Alamy are now unable to manage their 'own' product. The sheer size of the image collection here makes it financially impracticable for them to pursue infringements or licence abuses on their own: without constant reminders from contributors, they don't have the staff or time to dedicate to this (and if you don't alert them, they may never be found in the first place). So the matter of contributors copying others keywords is way down the list and will now never be addressed.
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