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  1. Been in place for some considerable time now: Affiliate program [sic]
  2. Yes, I know - as do most of those who licence images and most other agencies. Shouldn't be allowed.
  3. Via a forum on another stock site, I notice that Google now display copyright owner's info - where that information is written into, and retained in, IPTC fields. Click on your image to view larger, then click the 'Image Credits' link under the image and the relevant IPTC info will pop up - see screenshot below. Where a photo library chooses to retain and/or incorporate your IPTC info within the image, that info will also show. E.g. : "Image credits Credit:Danny Callcut Copyright:Copyright 2015 Danny Callcut / ***stocklibrary. All Rights Reserved Information extracted from IPTC Photo Metadata"
  4. Why, thank you, kind sir! 😊 Yes, always seems to be busy here. I'd love to get back with some time and with the opportunity to get to places in less busy hours and with more chances to choose the light. Haven't been to DK since 2015 and not going to make it before Halloween (trying hard to keep this non-political!) sadly. 😞 So I'll be keeping off your turf for a while yet! DK has served me well for image sales - perhaps surprising for such a small country - but such a wealth of great photographic subjects. And such lovely people! 😉😊
  5. Presentation Rundetaarn or Round Tower, Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe
  6. Possibly the account holder believing that they can get out of any potential copyright issues by stating that they are giving credit to the original source?
  7. As well as a screenshot, always check if the page is on the 'Wayback Machine' (Web Archive). If it's not, then you can save the page as it is seen on the day. Revisit later and save again each and every time should they decide to make changes. Then it is there in perpetuity - with timestamps. Their homepage lists extensions for various browsers + apps and has the 'Save Page Now' feature. I invoiced a social media infringement on Twitter. Posts there are readily and easily saved at the Web Archive.
  8. As per several above; mine, too, received on 6th August.
  9. Sorry to be so curt but...upload some photos! I haven't even bothered looking at your port - they could be the best in the world, but it's irrelevant. 66 images is nothing on Alamy: according to the homepage today, you are competing with 168,289,010 images. With just 66, you'll be lucky if your grandchildren see a sale here. EDIT: OK, just taken a very quick look at your port. You need to address your captions and tags (keywords). E.g. R8K29R: 'one of the beautiful bird in this world', is not a useful caption to anyone, nor are 'animal head', 'animal wing' or 'beak' useful tags - unless you have concentrated your photo on that part of the bird. What is the bird and its Latin name? Compare your pictures of these subjects to others and consider how they have captioned and tagged their images, then address how you can improve yours. Aside from all this, wildlife is extremely well covered here, with some world-class shots, even if you 'repair' your captions and tags, you'll need 000's more images and a year or two more to compete. Good luck.
  10. The term 'Personal Use' seems about as straightforward to me as can be. I simply cannot believe that those who abuse it do not know what they are doing, or that adjusting the written usage terms will therefore make the slightest difference to those who license in this way: intending to abuse the licence. Which is why I opted out some considerable time ago.
  11. BBC1 - UK TV Pointless, 23.07.19 Just missed the show, but caught the credits: Stills by Alamy Prod co: Remarkable, part of the EndemolShine Group
  12. Aussie newspaper; print and digital use; low price. Reported on July 1st. May be behind a paywall, but if anyone does spot it, I'd be grateful to know where - thanks!
  13. New Scientist, Environment, 22 May 2019 Plastic straws will be banned in England from April 2020 DY2CJ8 by D. Callcut (cropped)
  14. Cleared total = $51 on the last day of the month! I'll take what I can get right now. 😂
  15. An old 'Live News' photo never used till now. RM: multiple use/unlimited duration 🙄 Aldermaston-Burghfield, Berkshire, England, GB, UK.. 9th August 2014. A 7 mile (11km) long hand-knitted 'scarf' was unrolled along the route from the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston to AWE Burghfield today, as Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) knitters called for Nuclear weapons system, Trident, and any possible replacement to be scrapped. This ahead of an expected Parliamentary vote in 2016 on whether the government should spend over £100 billion on a new nuclear weapons system. Credit: Danny Callcut / Alamy Live News Country: Worldwide Usage: Single company - multiple use editorial only. Editorial print + digital use. Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Start: 27 June 2019 Duration: Unlimited
  16. Likewise: Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire I, too, thought of estate agents. Do the licence terms contradict themselves? A little ambiguous. Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Internal newsletter ; Print run: Unlimited ; Start: 25-June-2019 ; End: 25-June-2024 ; Additional Details: Use in a location guide for a home owner. Archival rights. Includes repeat use. Mine was RM (as are all my images). So little difference these days.
  17. Country Life, May 26, 2019 - ISSN 0045-8856 How four of the greatest writers in history thrived in their garden sheds https://www.countrylife.co.uk/interiors/four-greatest-writers-history-thrived-garden-sheds-196599 The first is most likely... E0KPTN by Keystone Press ...but could even be a mistaken credit from G**** F4TCEP by parkerphotography GW5G7J by D. Callcut (mine) EDIT: Whoops, missed one: F7R5NG by The National Trust Photolibrary (no comment)
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