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  1. Thanks! I've spent a long time in India (long ago!) but for one reason or another sadly never made it to Nepal. It remains a dream to hike at least one of the treks, but sadly, can not see it ever happening now - but one can dream and your guides are v useful.
  2. Hello All! Just a quick reminder that we're now into the last week: entries close at midnight (GMT+1) at the end of this week, Sunday 31st May. Fantastic selection of images - this isn't going to be easy!
  3. This isn't advertising by Alamy, it's merely Google scouring webpages created by Alamy's site allowing creation of unique URIs. The link that you have provided can be manipulated in any way whatsoever to achieve whatever result you want. The link goes to https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo/national-trust.html, so change that manually in the address bar of your browser to bring up results of say 'ice cream' by changing the last part of the URI, thus: https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo/ice-cream.html. The last part of the URI is the content of the search bar in the Alamy search. Go and have a play and you'll see what I mean. As long as manipulation of a URI in this way returns genuine content, useful to the end user, Google allows it, thus enabling easy and comprehensive search.
  4. Own-up time: I just linked that website as the first result in the Google search mentioning those two terms. Didn't actually read it. Guilty as charged M'Lud.
  5. IANAL, but instinct says they absolutely have to know - at the very least. A Google search for what you ask will throw up a lot of help: try this for starters: https://www.sallyslack.com/gdpr
  6. Direct comparison with last May. May 2019: 3500 views; 22 zooms; 6 sales May 2020 (extrapolated as of today to get s figure for the whole month - boy, do I have time on my hands!): 2150 views; 15.5 zooms; 0 sales It's the last figure that concerns me. Buyers may well be zooming images/adding them to lightboxes in readiness for a project, but that project may never come to light. And as zooms are down considerably anyway...🙁
  7. Basically, if your images are 'Exclusive to Alamy', they get 50%; if they're not, Alamy get 60%. If the image is sold via a distributor (https://www.alamy.com/terms/contributor.aspx#Distribution); you are left with only 30% (as you have detailed above). The table of commission fees is on the page I have linked. The table also lists the other possibilities (NU, video and affiliate sales). No the discount has nothing to do with any deals that Alamy offers to customers - you wouldn't even know about that - you'd just see lower gross rates (which might lead you to suspect that some kind of deal had been given). You might occasionally see 'iQ sale' mentioned in your sales reports, which is another deal system for returning or regular customers which Alamy set up a few years back. You can opt in or out of selective or all worldwide territories where Alamy has distribution agreements with other agencies - but you can only opt out of all or any each April. So you've missed the boat this year. On your 'dashboard' in AIM (Alamy Image Manager), open up the tab labelled 'Additional revenue options', click on the 'Distribution' option, then select the countries you wish. But as I say, you'll have to wait till next April now. In any case, I have to say that you will find that Germany is one of those for which you are likely to receive the highest fees, so choose carefully!
  8. So once they are in the main pool, you can choose (should you so wish) to remove that restriction. How this affects the inclusion (or otherwise) of your images in the 'new' image packs download option has yet to be clarified.
  9. I think that it may depend upon restrictions set upon images. None of my images are available to licence for PU and the link to the image packs is not available when zooming my images (at least for those I've tried). Others that are available to licence for PU are available to licence within the image packs. Those that have other restrictions on their licensing do not have the link to image packs. If this is the case, then it would appear to be that too broad a brush may have been applied here: not available for PU? So therefore not available for any image pack discounts? I hope not. More likely that this is just a limitation on the web development side, such that if any restrictions have been placed on an image, then the link to the image pack discounts will not display, but that will (hopefully) not restrict the image from being downloaded as part of an image pack within the limitations of that image pack. Sorry - been typing as I think! - so this may not be that clear. Hope that you get my drift? EDIT: this is why you, Paul, LawrensonPhoto may not be seeing the link if you have zoomed your images - they have 'Available for editorial use only' restrictions placed on them.
  10. Yup, it's in the UK, too. Will it work? No idea.
  11. BBC.com, 13th May 2020 Worklife > Psychology > Why we've been saying 'sorry' all wrong PK55EY by Victoria М RK2J3F by Dimitar Gorgev
  12. Lonely Planet, 12th May 2020 Travel News > All Travel News Stories > Europe > Portugal This is how Portugal is planning to safely open hotels and restaurants BE2X15 by imageBROKER
  13. NME, 12th May 2020 News > ‘Bob’s Burgers’ renewed for season 11 2A7X06D by Everett Collection Inc
  14. Chelsea Pensioners, 4th May 2020 From exploding torpedoes to stuffed polar bears: The Royal Military and Naval Exhibitions of 1890 and 1891 FYY999 by KGPA Ltd FYY98E by KGPA Ltd TRWJ9G by KGPA Ltd FYY99P by KGPA Ltd
  15. The National, May 12, 2020 Lifestyle > How to do a home pedicure: recreate the salon experience in your living room TBH7BX by Pixel-shot TBNFNT by Pixel-shot
  16. Science Focus (BBC ), 12th May, 2020 Nature > How do fish end up in isolated bodies of water like lakes? BP22DC by WaterFrame (cropped)
  17. Wine Enthusiast, May 12, 2020 Faced with Global Crises, Wineries Turn to Adaptive Farming and Support Groups M5F1MB by dpa picture alliance
  18. Science Focus (BBC ), 12th May, 2020 Science news > Social isolation triggers cravings in the brain similar to hunger 2BBG0BA by Ariel García Giménez
  19. Zero since 17th March: 56 days without a sniff. CTR is holding up to ~75% of the last 60 mths avg. Not feeling hugely positive at the moment, to be honest.
  20. Thank for following up here: definitely good news. I'll get back to them on Monday.
  21. OK, well deciding on a subject is probably the most challenging part of this. I had decided on ‘Communication’, then discovered that it had been used before – in May 2015! I went through a series of ideas, discovering that everyone had been there before me. So, unless this was to be the June challenge, I had to settle upon something: the subject is ‘Signs’. A form of communication, so I guess I’ve kinda cheated, but hey! Please be as free with the subject as you wish; take it literally or figuratively. From a straight photo of a sign above a shop/store; a symbol of something; a pointer to or from somewhere – or something; a gesture to indicate, express or otherwise communicate something (sign language, perhaps?) Doesn’t have to be human signage, either! Could be related to the plant or animal kingdoms in some way, perhaps? Or even extra-terrestrial! Go wild - really looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Some examples from me... 1. Warning sign 2. Sign of the times 3. Road signs 4. UFO parking EDIT: nearly forgot (well, did forget!), the rules as always are: No more than 3 images per photographer The images must be currently up for licence on Alamy At the end of May, (midnight BST i.e. GMT+1) I will select 8 images from those submitted and place them in a poll for everybody to vote for the winning photo The winner starts the next challenge
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