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  1. This is an issue I have been in touch with CR but who seem unable to help with. It is aimed particularly at images uploaded during the period that the location field in AIM auto-completed with the Google maps style app. When it did so it completed the address for UK based locations as the long form United Kingdom so I, like many contributors, have many image locations saved as United Kingdom - possibly thousands for me, hundreds of thousands for Alamy? Now, when a customer searches for a subject and then chooses the filter 'UK' those images are not selected. It doesn't recognise United Kingdom as UK, nor for that matter, EU as Europe. So such images will not be purchased. CR seemed to think that having UK as a keyword would trigger the filter, but a few tests on my images would indicate otherwise. Would it not be possible to make changes to the filter such that it can 'see' United Kingdom and EU? I presume that might also go for the long form for USA too?
  2. Can't talk now. I'm hiding behind a hedge ready to pounce 😎
  3. That's easy. TV uses, book, print, Canadian job applications......
  4. If you can zoom in on your image to the section over the front wheel arch it'll possibly give you the exact model, as per:
  5. A quick check is to click on the blue number under your name here on the forum which currently reads as 65. That will bring up all of your images which are currently 'live'. For some reason they aren't always in the same order as your images in AIM, but you should be able to see your latest ones on the first page. If there are any missing then they are images waiting for a database update.Do it again later in the day or the following day and then they should appear.
  6. The database usually updates overnight UK time, but often takes much of the following day, again, UK time. There was a day this week - I think Wednesday - when it didn't complete until early evening so pretty much two days especially if you're in another time zone.
  7. Surely that should always be the first move, just to be sure there hasn't been an error and to get yourself 'in the loop'.
  8. January is struggling, but it has taken me through $25,000 of sales since joining.
  9. A $$$ TV refund, unbalanced by a couple of sub $ nett web giveaways. Not a good trade. Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Editorial website ; Start: 01-December-2019 ; End: 01-December-2024 ;Additional Details: Croatia, Editorial website, Bulk Discount, Flat Rate
  10. Thank you very much. I'm not sure 'fun' is the word, more like masochism! I was very grateful for my many layers, gloves and woolly hat 😀
  11. My offerings. The first two pretty self-explanatory: This one perhaps less so: My images W7GRPX and W7GRN9 depict the same group on a different day rounding on some Sudanese and chanting disgusting anti-Muslim filth.
  12. That would be the logical answer. When a customer searches for a subject they are presented with pages of results and then select the image which best suits their need, whether with or without people or any other aspect within the image. Rather than over complicate a situation by second-guessing such details just let the searcher filter them with their eyes.
  13. I've been away so sorry to have missed this. I'd also say 'The Ox'. This is our year 🤞 YNWA
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