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  1. I typed in 'crowd' and it came back with hundreds of images illustrating people mostly being very anti-social! Some happier ones: Color Run finale event: Pillow fighting in Trafalgar Square: Sadiq Khan taking a selfie with fans at a march 4 women rally:
  2. Only as a part of shopping trips or exercising.
  3. Can I ask why not? It's a great image of the time.
  4. Even after around a thousand deaths reported in 24hr I still feel that the gravity of the situation isn't appreciated due in part to the lack of visual coverage. It might seem gruesome, but seeing the effects the virus is having would help to get the point across and may in fact save lives.
  5. It's purely an ego thing, but I've seen my pseudo name rolling past in the credits of a tv program for the first time, rather than just Alamy. Feels pretty cool.
  6. We have a local guy who runs a spoof news web and Facebook page and has built up a great reputation with the quality of the items, some of which has caught out the national press. It incorrectly gets branded as fake news, which I hate. He has taken the helm of the Essex Coronavirus Action campaign which has been of great use in the community. His offering:
  7. After. It was sights like this which prompted the escalation into lockdown.
  8. Unlike one of my sales, also with a 70-200
  9. Southend has largely heeded the advice on a sunny day, at least yesterday, but that doesn't seem to have been repeated elsewhere/doesn't fit the media's agenda (delete as applicable).
  10. That's my look on it too. I'll take every penny/cent that's going and be grateful for it.
  11. I remember an incident where a contributor had taken a huge amount of time removing the airline colour scheme from an airliner to produce an all white anonymous aircraft but was upset that they couldn't offer it on Alamy as 'no property' because it was still clearly a Boeing/Airbus machine. I wouldn't fancy taking on their lawyers!
  12. Yes. Both taken locally, a short walk away.
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