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  1. I've come to stock photography very late in life (using a range of zero to hopefully seventy-odd years plus old, I'm much nearer the wrong end) so as I may have mentioned most of my near 20,000 images here were taken with no thought to them having any use. Snaps taken on family holidays and trips out taken just to show parents and granny where we've been make up a large percentage of my non-news collection, of which I've spent the last few years trawling through for usable images. This performer outside the Sacré-Cœur in Paris is one such image which I initially thought would be difficult to make acceptable. I only shot jpeg and it was horribly back lit so it took a bit of work but I'm pleased with it and it passed QC today.
  2. Thank you. Like one of those memes that says 'Just f.. Google it', I now remember that I've seen that and could (should) have found that myself
  3. Affiliate Sale; Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Personal use ; Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home use ; Start: 15-August-2019 ; End: 15-August-2024 ; Additional Details: Personal prints, cards and gifts, or reference for artists. Non-commercial use only, not for resale. Affiliate?
  4. Mid $$ Country: Germany ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic ; Print run: up to 10,000 ; Placement: Inside ; Start: 01-July-2019 ; End: 01-July-2024
  5. Mid $$ Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Magazines and books ; Start: 12-August-2019 ; End: 12-August-2024 ;Additional Details: Use in a magazine or book (print and/or digital), inside use, 2,500 circulation, worldwide for 5 years (excludes advertising).
  6. Once home and having more time to select which are the best images and take more time on the editing I'll often replace live images with stock. It's very easy to make incorrect choices 'in the field' so I'd rather they were not there for all time when they can be fixed
  7. Many thanks Wim. It may partly be your profile photo, but you remind me of that 'meme' that would say something like 'I don't always know everything, but when I do, it's everything' 😄
  8. A very hot topic at the moment (see what I did there?). Here in the UK we have weather warnings for wind and rain this weekend, and in Europe they're heading for another spell of extreme heat which I'm sure will affect us too as it did recently. Leaving the challenge as the one word leaves plenty of room for interpretation for those perhaps living in more benign areas. I suppose many would regard UK weather as pretty benign. All relative. As usual, images must come from Alamy and entries close at midnight UK time on 31st August. Some ideas, mostly for fun:
  9. Jumbo jet, jump jet, loop the loop, plane...... I cringe when typing them but it's what they'll get called by Joe Public 🙄
  10. Thanks once again Alan. Now, do I correct the repeated text or worry that doing so would damage its ranking?
  11. Thank you so much. That's a huge surprise given the high quality of the images selected and the fact that I wasn't even sure I'd have anything in my portfolio worth offering up. I'll have a think about the August challenge after I've studied what subjects have been up before as I'm quite new to this area of the forum.
  12. First decent sale of the month, as the only one passing the $$ half way mark. An old live news image. Country: United Kingdom ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic ; Print run: up to 50,000 ; Placement: Inside ; Start: 08-August-2019 ; End: 08-August-2024
  13. The race to the finish line of a top level cycle race as far as a photographer goes is a few milliseconds of blind panic, of jostling elbows and trying not to photograph an elbow, of trying to pick out the rider likely to win from the pack and then hoping the lens does its job. For the winning rider to [appear to] look down said lens is pure icing. Image uploaded immediately but as yet I don't think it's had any takers.
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