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  1. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    Woke up this morning, found myself not dead. No sales today though
  2. Stock Photo Requests

    I can't find where I've seen it, but I'm pretty sure they ask you to let them know that you've uploaded a subject specifically for that purpose.
  3. Question about out of focus dancers

    Maybe look at it from the perspective of the buyer. Does the blur add or detract from the image? If there's enough of the image that's sharp then it'll probably get past QC as they wouldn't take into account the context of the image.
  4. Other income

    Yes, with details as this example, for RM. Values are usually good too. Country: World Excluding USAUsage: EditorialMedia: Television (editorial)Print run: Unlimited transmissionsPlacement: Use within body of showStart: 27 September 2018End: 27 September 2028All media, worldwide excluding US for 10 years
  5. Other income

    For the purpose of next year's forum search engine: DACS payment date, DACS DACS DACS alert. When will DACS be paid. What is DACS and when is it due.
  6. https://www.dacs.org.uk/for-artists/payback/frequently-asked-questions#FAQ236 How it works is fairly straightforward, but finding the information is what puts me off. We're indebted to the eagle-eyed forum members that report finding Alamy images but even then it's a tiny proportion of those that get used. I fear that if I claimed from the small proportion of uses that I know the details of then the amount I'd get paid would be smaller than that I receive from Alamy - and that for additional work that I'd put in making the claim.
  7. Mine too, for slightly less than your figure. Previous years have been far less which is why I've decided to leave Alamy to do the work. Now I may have to reconsider.
  8. Favourite photos in October '18

    Yes, and I've uploaded one for stock. This image was part of a Live News batch from the day uploaded in a rush with minimal editing, and the frustrations of trying to find a signal and a safe area to work. I had to abandon one upload when fighting broke out close by.
  9. Subscription Sales?

    And there was a large batch of NU sales recently of which a couple were mine, for a similar value. Anger, incredulity followed by a deep swallow. It's not as if pulling out of the lower value schemes will force the customer to purchase at a higher value, they'll just buy someone else's. Lose, lose
  10. Changes to Alamy Contract

    Little has changed since I (perhaps blindly) signed up. I'm not aware of any of my images having been given away for free. Perhaps we wouldn't have been advised of such an event if so, and only time will tell on whether that happens in the future. I wasn't happy being one of the many that suffered a NU sale a short while ago but have to accept that was part of my agreement with Alamy. There aren't many industries left that aren't being driven into the ground so why should this one be any different? If I had my time again I'd go into banking where you're rewarded for success, failure or downright criminal irresponsibility.
  11. Changes to Alamy Contract

    As broken as your internet connection I'm guessing
  12. Forum gone down?

    Confusing question (in said forum), and tags?
  13. Favourite photos in October '18

    They attacked and broke through the hugely outnumbered police line. You have to ask what they thought the consequences of such action would be.
  14. Favourite photos in October '18

    I'm not sure whether it's acceptable to pick sides in such a situation, but I have to say that the look on the guy's face gets no sympathy from me.