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  1. Country: United Kingdom ; Usage: iQ sale: Newspaper,Editorial print and digital use. cover or inside.One time use only. ; Industry Sector: Media, design & publishing ; Start: 19-April-2019 ; End: 19-April-2021
  2. Had a play with an old (but not that old) image to give an appearance of the first flight crossing of the Atlantic in 1919, and decided recently to upload it given the approaching centenary. Bit of a punt but it paid off. The replica Vimy didn't make many flights before going into a museum so I'm grateful for having captured a usable image, here in 2008. Mid $$ business use.
  3. They shouldn't be altered in any way. Corrected for exposure etc, but not changed from what would be seen as a factual image.
  4. Not in one go though (that'd be a sure fire way of getting kicked off Live News!). I do them as I go, so twenty or thirty at a time from a couple of events, much of which will be batched tags common throughout.
  5. That ^. Sales are hard enough to come by without doing everything you can to align things in your favour. If nothing else remove any words that don't directly apply to that particular image
  6. If anything deserves to go straight into stock it's those. I wonder if they'll still be there tomorrow
  7. Women in the military: When I grow up......... Hopefully the BBC have closed their gender pay gap. Reporting live by phone on scene at Parsons Green bomb:
  8. I've had some images of newspapers removed recently. They were typical images of a newspaper on a table, at an angle. In this case they were issues covering the Concorde crash in France. If they were flat copies it would be more understandable
  9. They've used an algorithm of sorts to decide who gets the 'chop'. Cold, and clearly very fallible.I would have thought it would be worth people like yourself putting forward a case to be re-instated.
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