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  1. A guy taking his exercise in a London park, exercising the local parakeets:
  2. Known as WWII pre-decimalisation.
  3. I'll take that over two or three days or more.
  4. Looks to me that the database updated soon after.
  5. In AIM, highlight any image and it's at the bottom: "Download your data NEW If you would like a copy of all file names and related image metadata, then you can request a spreadsheet by clicking the button below. Please note: it may take up to 24 hours for your data to become available. Please check here for updates. Send me my data" As I say, it isn't clear at which point it freezes the data - when you push the button or when someone gets around to it.
  6. Sod's law that would happen tonight, on time for a change. If you hit the [send me my data] button now, I don't know whether that would record the information as it is currently on the database or at a point when someone is in the office. Still a huge job to repopulate though.
  7. $$ web editorial Used in an article to cover this year's event which included an anti-masker protest, with the author pointing out that they were wearing masks to protest against wearing masks.
  8. I've just tested it on an image uploaded yesterday (the database has actually updated!) and it's still there for me,
  9. Fully up to date now, including yesterday's work.
  10. My image "_DSC6523.jpg - 2DBMAH3 Uploaded on : 17 Nov 2020" isn't on the database yet. UK time
  11. I've lost track a little but it's either two or three days behind again. Being as it's the core of Alamy's sales income you would have thought it would be a priority to get a database that works as advertised.
  12. A PU for ROW just dropped in, though they've hammered the price down to half the advertised value.....
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