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  1. One of my specialist subjects is aviation in many aspects, which sometimes will include remembrance flypasts. Emotional times for many and sometimes difficult to photograph, both physically and emotionally. So anything that could be termed as remembering or honouring those that have gone, or something from the past being remembered or celebrated. Please submit up to three and they must be yours and on Alamy! Submissions will close June 30th at midnight GMT.
  2. Thanks once again. It was a gift of a situation in many ways, crying out to be monochromed to highlight the rainfall. Now I need to work out what to do next!
  3. Managed to get lucky with the eye contact again. I'd love to say she recognises me, but of course she'll have never seen my face without a camera in the way.
  4. Guardian online 5 June 2019 https://www.theguardian.com/cities/2019/jun/05/great-views-booze-is-london-ready-for-its-biggest-ever-party-boat A boat passes by the City of London at night. Photograph: Patrik Slezak/Alamy MAMCHG A floating pub on the Thames. Photograph: Peter Sterling/Alamy Stock Photo KD7989
  5. Wow, thank you very much for selecting that image. I found that whole event an incredible experience, of people overcoming adversity. A little bit rain isn't going to put them off!
  6. and of course the flypast at 13:00 which would be great to view from a raised location but may be a busy time with like minded people doing the same
  7. That applies to many locations which tends to get ignored looking at the Alamy portfolio, and seems to be a bit of a grey area for editorial. There are other situations such as airport customs gates where photography is banned but they get taken and sold, and I've yet to hear of an Alamy contributor being hauled off to the Tower. After seeing some sold I've taken the decision to upload some Disneyland shots, so hopefully the Gendarmerie won't come a knocking
  8. I'd also say The Shard because of the extra height, and because you can be up there for as long as you like. Imagine being at the top of its arc in the London Eye just as it gets overcast, to then change to bright sunlight when it deposits you back on the ground.
  9. Zooms are linked with interest in your images, in that they are perhaps being considered for purchase. A step in the right direction.
  10. Putting this here as it doesn't deserve a thread of its own. A number of Alamy contributors covered this story with quality uploads, so the Evening Standard choose to use an image which if you join the dots you can make out an image: https://www.standard.co.uk/go/london/attractions/spitfire-london-bridge-d-day-75th-anniversary-a4155951.html?fbclid=IwAR3k8mfsaxUeK6csV_J_F06yhCIBJAbhPzpr3vRF8vLOMoWQBQYpLmcFZM0 Go figure 😞
  11. 33 for $552. Probably my lowest ever average per image, not helped by the plummeting Live News prices
  12. I wish! Of 30 sales for May, 12 were for lower amounts than PU so I'd gladly swap them. Even Live News web is lower than full price PU now
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