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  1. The size of your portfolio when you made your first sale

    Joined Alamy on 3rd February 2010 and had to wait until 25 October 2010 for my first sale for $150 gross. By then I had submitted 1857 images. I must have been a very patient person in those days! In year 1 I ended up with only 2 sales. But things started picking up in year 2 with 41 sales.
  2. My zooms are plummeting since I paused submitting

    Maybe I need to do the same, i.e. go back through my old images and submit a few every week.
  3. Hi, For medical reasons I haven't shot any new stock for a couple of months nor submitted anything to Alamy. Over this period my zooms have been in freefall. I don't know if that is a coincidence or not. How is everyone else's rolling zooms total for the month? Are they going strong or are you seeing a significant drop also? I may be wrong but I suspect Alamy may have implemented something that aggressively pushes you back in the search order if you slow or stop submissions. My zooms peaked in October 2017 at about 95 for the month (at the time I had been submitting heavily for several months). They have now just touched a pathetic 41 this month, with no zooms at all the last few days. Andy
  4. Images sold in May (one per day per contributor)

    Lord Mayor's show 2010, and now it finally sells:
  5. April up or down?

    Only small value sales last month. 15 sales for total $364 gross. 2018 continues to under perform 2017 even though I have thousands more images on sale.
  6. No sale!!

    I am asking so I can better appreciate what you are advising. Are you unable to illustrate what you say with one or two of your own images? I am not challenging anything of the sort.
  7. Very disappointing

    An average of 4083 images per year. So (if I've understood correctly) you appear to be saying that you've had very few sales this month from the 40,000 images submitted in the last 10 years, with the bulk of your sales coming from the 9000 images loaded prior to 2008.
  8. Hi All, How do restrictions on selling photographs on POD (Print on Demand) sites compare to the restrictions of licencing images for either commercial or editorial? Would I face the same problems with recognisable people, property, logos etc.? Thanks Andy
  9. No sale!!

    Can you refer us to some of your images that illustrate your point?
  10. You get what you pay for?!!

    My wife's niece got married recently and they were OK with paying £1300 for their photography. She said that was one of the cheaper prices she came across. She and her new husband are young professionals.
  11. Very disappointing

    That is extraordinary. How many images have you added in the last 10 years?
  12. No sale!!

    Your photos look good to me. Many strong images. They are dominated by London which is a highly saturated subject area with 4.8 million images on Alamy. You need a strong rank to compete on the better known sites, so if the last re-rank did affect you negatively even slightly, it might have been have been enough to impact sales. I too am having a disappointing start to 2018, failing to keep up with 2017 with 1000s more images.
  13. Quiet out there

    So there is still life in certain specialised areas. Showbiz maybe? My third sale of the month dropped in today. Distributor at $5-80 gross.
  14. April 2018 Challenge: On The Water

    This thread is a constant reminder of how talented alamy's photographers are. Great images - and I am not one to give praise lightly.
  15. I don't think covering both bases is the same thing as jumping ship.