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  1. So basically the difference between old and new isn't as extreme as it first appears, due to the fact that it took a long time for early letters A to F to get used up and so covered a far longer time period than new letters. Having said that, old images have still been selling better than new, with 62% of images generating 76% of sales. You have given many good reasons for why that might be. There is also the initial delay between submitting, licensing and reporting of sales. With many libraries, old images gradually get sent to the back of searches as they age forcing contributors to stay on the treadmill constantly adding more. It doesn't appear to be the case with Alamy. In fact one of your comments may be suggesting the opposite: I am certainly surprised by this: BUT interestingly my older images retained their better ranking, and my new images took on the worse ranking. I wonder if this 'feature' is widespread across all contributors.
  2. Thanks for your really detailed response. I'll read and process in more detail tomorrow.
  3. With 79 sales your results are impressive as always, but what I find interesting is that the large majority of sales are from old images A to F; with only 19 sales from G onwards and just 4 sales that are M onwards. I am curious to understand if this is because you don't have many recent images or is it because old images sell better. How many of your images are G to W? How many of your images are M to W?
  4. Putting "premium images" on RH is a gamble that isn't paying off for me currently. I have slightly more images than you on there and my May statement had 2 sales for 44p net. Both distributor from big G. On the subject of microstock, for nearly 10 years I have been one of those fighting against the tide. Recently I've done the odd experiment with small numbers of images. For example only 7 images on the 'Tier 1 MS site' earned me $11 net last year. But with prices getting so low on Trad stock agencies, I don't know whether there is any point in resisting anymore - as I don't see much of a difference. A year ago I submitted my RM images to another Trad stock library, which then distributed them to big G and several other places. I am talking trad stock RM not ms. I recently received my quarterly statement with 164 sales. A handful were good prices with one grossing $$$$, but after both libraries got their teeth into it I got just $190 from that one sale. What was really shocking though, was that 140 out of 164, were below $10 gross and many below $1. The lowest one earned me just 3 cents.
  5. This is just a theory, but I suspect that Alamy may have used much of their cash grab from non exclusives to focus more on the North American market. This is resulting in those whose ports are best suited for North America doing better, while the rest of us are languishing this year. I draw this from what James West said in his infamous Youtube video where he said "it worked last time around" (i.e. in 2012 when they opened the US office from their previous royalty cut). Also from some of what the other James said during the Cambridge meeting, implying the Alamy brand could do with better exposure in the USA. Also, though not particularly scientific I get the impression that more doom and gloom on this forum, is coming from this side of the pond, while more positive posts (like Rick's) are coming from the other side.
  6. Probably in the same way as $$$ have become rare on Alamy. There used to be a huge gulf between Trad and micro prices. Now looking at my Trad agency statements, I can't see a big difference. I don't count subs as they aren't a like for like comparision with Alamy.
  7. My average net on alamy is currently $8 net from 91 sales this year, so interesting to compare. Excluding subs (which are all about super high volume) , I don't think the difference is that great these days.
  8. What does ODD and SOD stand for? What is the gross license amount for non subs? I am wondering how close to Alamy's dwindling price level they are.
  9. After a solid 2018, 2019 is fast becoming a trainwreck that shows no signs of improvement.
  10. You are one of Alamys biggest success stories, so much so that Alamy use your story as PR to recruit newbie contributors. But even you aren't making a living wholly from stock on Alamy, even with 55k images. So what chance does a newbie have just starting out? Also Live news doesn't count as stock and is not an option for most contributors anyway.
  11. I would certainly keep a record of your journeys so you can explain how you came up with that value if you had to.
  12. Though my revenues from stock are not particularly high, I have been running it as a business. So I count all legitimate expenses including travel costs. I don't have a travel card so not in same situation. Maybe you need to judge what % of the travel using that card is for stock and use that % of the cost as expense.
  13. Some years ago I thought we may reach a point where worsening prices and total revenues earned would drastically reduce supply of new images thus supporting prices. If it was no longer cost effective to produce stock then many would stop. This hasn't happened to a significant level. Too many hobbyists who ignore financial costs and happy to give their time for free or pros who have already discounted costs as part of other work.
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