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  1. I finally found some time to create my portfolio. It is still a work in progress but here it is: https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/115592.html
  2. I'm sure Milton has the same photogenic opportunities as Alaska or the Galapagos island?
  3. A bit like saying amateurish oil painters of today can produce better art than the old masters because of better paint brushes.
  4. Considering you made 12 sales from just 2600 images last month, are any of us worthy to give a critique?
  5. Apparently microstockers use a tool called stocksubmitter is add to many libraries. You may wish to check it out.
  6. His results would suggest that those that do well on MS may not do well on Alamy. For a similar number of images, in January he made $1000 net on the Tier 1 MS library, but only $12 net on Alamy. I don't know whether vice versa is also true.
  7. Just do the sums then. There is some guess work as I don't know how many of the images are from individuals instead of agencies or how much of the revenue goes to individuals instead of agencies. I assumed $9 million net goes to individual contributors. There are 90,000 of them.
  8. The average contributor if he/she exists has 1000 images and earns $100 net per year. This estimate is based on Alamy's turnover, total images and total contributors, active and non active.
  9. I think she gets more like 1 per year from 50000 images not 10000. I expect Steve Heap is exceptional and he achieves those numbers by submitting to maybe 10 or more libraries including Alamy. Correction: 29 libraries and pod sites! Exhausted just thinking about it. Edit : what I find really shocking is his alamy sales numbers.
  10. Alamy may have shot themselves in the foot. Many of their contributors have resisted micro stock until now.
  11. 19 sales for $508 gross, slightly below long term average but a big improvement from dismal January.
  12. Hello, I currently operate using a UK Limited company that is registered for VAT. When dealing with UK based libraries like Alamy, I receive 20% VAT which I pay to HMRC quarterly. That part is clear. Things get confusing when working internationally. I have joined libraries and POD sites that are not UK based. For example USA, Spain and Australia. I thought I didn't have to worry about VAT for these, but when I asked my accountant for confirmation, he sent back a rather confusing response, saying the rules are complex regarding digital services and suggested I contact each library/pod site for advice. Does anyone have an understanding for this area? Thanks Andy
  13. I don't think it is a good idea. They would risk cannibalising their Trad stock sales and over time be forced to sell everything at lower prices. You argue it should be for a different type of imagery but will that really happen in practice? I remember back in 2010 (I think) when a library called Veer (having renamed itself 'Veer' from a previously well known Trad library Jupiter images), decided to have both Trad pricing and microstock both appearing in the same search results. Things didn't end well for it.
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