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  1. I was there in 1995 as a backpacker. It is frightening to think that it was 25 years ago!
  2. I started 2012 on approx 4000 images and ended it on approx 6000 I started 2019 on 10600 and ended it on 13289
  3. 2019 compared to 2018 2019: Total sales: 249 Gross earnings: $5616 Net earnings: $2637 2018: Total sales: 224 Gross earnings: $6313 Net earnings: $3077 Total sales increased by 11% Gross earnings decreased by 11% Net earnings decreased by 14.3% (a strong November and December prevented an even worse outcome) My total net earnings are now back at the level they were in 2012.
  4. 32 sales for $748 gross. Best month from a disappointing year.
  5. My own figures illustrate the damage that Alamy's % royalty cuts can have on net earnings. I joined in February 2010 and enthusiastically submitted and grew earnings in the early years. In 2012, my gross earnings were $4508 from 111 sales. But because we were getting 60%, that gave me $2705 net (for simplicity I am ignoring distributor sales) Fast forward to 2019 (and two royalty cuts later). Gross earning stand at $5616 from 249 sales, but if all my images are non exclusive that gives only $2246 net. Not all my images are non exclusive but the above shows the effect on earnings if they were.
  6. Possibly though I hope there's even better to come in the next couple of months in relation to the surge in zooms you mentioned. December is proving to be my best month from a disappointing year.
  7. I can't compete with 33 but I had 13 today, which is probably the most sales I have had in 1 day.
  8. An impressive 33 sales but no large values and many PU. Largest $103 gross. Total revenues $664 gross
  9. Cumberland street at Woodbridge, Suffolk. England. Tinside pool at Plymouth Hoe on the seafront. Devon, England. UK. Slea head drive, Dingle peninsula, County Kerry, Republic of Ireland.
  10. I had 4 of them this morning. 49 cents net if you are non exclusive.
  11. I think Alamy must tweak the search algorithm from time to time, producing inexplicable outcomes, good for some, bad for others. My zooms averaged a poorly 58.5 over 10 months from November 2018 to August 2019. Since then they have surged to 130 for rolling month for no reason. Waiting to see if it leads to a pick up in sales.
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