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  1. I had 4 of them this morning. 49 cents net if you are non exclusive.
  2. I think Alamy must tweak the search algorithm from time to time, producing inexplicable outcomes, good for some, bad for others. My zooms averaged a poorly 58.5 over 10 months from November 2018 to August 2019. Since then they have surged to 130 for rolling month for no reason. Waiting to see if it leads to a pick up in sales.
  3. Another 10 zooms overnight pushing my month's rolling to a new high for me of 113
  4. Another crucial factor in this ratio is similars or the number of variations of the same subject.
  5. It was a mechanism thought up for contributors to figure out their relative rank compared to other contributors also taking part. With keyword BHZ added to an image, you do a search for the keyword. In the old days when we had regular changes in Alamy rank, we could get an idea if we had gone up or down by checking how far down the results our image came. I don't know if rank still plays such a big role in search results these days. My BHZ position hasn't moved from page 4 in years.
  6. Something odd going on with my zooms though not complaining. August : 50 September : 81 October : 107
  7. I expect it will fall back soon, but just hit a new high of 104 today.
  8. That sort of event does tend to give a distorted picture. I need to get some shots of Southwold and Walberswick (wherever that is). There is a clear gap in my port. 🤔
  9. Considering your sales have been outperforming this year, it isn't obvious from your Zoom numbers.
  10. If I ignore the mysterious recent surge, then we are pretty similar. I just checked over 12 months from October to October and my average is only 55 (generally not been having a great year).
  11. Some big fluctuations in your averages. Considering your sales are consistently strong and outperform most of us, it is surprising to see some averages as low as 25.
  12. Today my total zooms for the rolling month hit 101. I have been contributing since 2010 and during that time, I reached the 90s on two separate occasions, only to see them fall back again, never breaking 100. A couple of months ago, I was on about 65, but recently there has seen a surprising surge for no obvious reason. I hope they eventually translate into sales. I am curious of the following: 1. What are your current total zooms for the rolling month? 2. What is the highest total zooms you have ever had for the rolling month? 3. When did you achieve your highest? Thanks Andy
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