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  1. You are one of Alamys biggest success stories, so much so that Alamy use your story as PR to recruit newbie contributors. But even you aren't making a living wholly from stock on Alamy, even with 55k images. So what chance does a newbie have just starting out? Also Live news doesn't count as stock and is not an option for most contributors anyway.
  2. I would certainly keep a record of your journeys so you can explain how you came up with that value if you had to.
  3. Though my revenues from stock are not particularly high, I have been running it as a business. So I count all legitimate expenses including travel costs. I don't have a travel card so not in same situation. Maybe you need to judge what % of the travel using that card is for stock and use that % of the cost as expense.
  4. Some years ago I thought we may reach a point where worsening prices and total revenues earned would drastically reduce supply of new images thus supporting prices. If it was no longer cost effective to produce stock then many would stop. This hasn't happened to a significant level. Too many hobbyists who ignore financial costs and happy to give their time for free or pros who have already discounted costs as part of other work.
  5. I understood the question being about Alamy only. Backyard Silver guy submits to 30 or more microstock libraries, stock images and footage. With 10000 images on alamy, he only earns tiny amounts. Even with revenue before costs of $35k he is reluctant to say he is able to make a living out of stock (according to one of his blog entries).
  6. Submit a thousand quality varied images and you may achieve your goal of $2 net per week, or even more if you are better than average.
  7. Though accurate stats are hard to come by, I believe it is an impossibility for 99% of existing contributors to make a living by contributing exclusively to Alamy. That figure would rise to 100% for new contributors just starting out. To the best of my knowledge, none of the very best performers on this forum earn enough solely from Alamy. Most photography professionals use stock as just one revenue stream.
  8. These are microstock prices without the subscription model. If a buyer wanted to license an image on microstock without being tied into a subscription package tying them in for a period of time for a number of downloads, then the gross value is pretty similar to this.
  9. Whether advertising the fact is a good idea depends on what % of the collection is exclusive. If majority is non exclusive they risk sinking prices further for the majority.
  10. Flying high at Manly, Sydney Australia. Ignoring the no diving sign at the Serpentine, London.
  11. 23 sales for a dismal $363 gross. $146 net. My average in 2018 was $530 gross, so yet another poor month in 2019. As I said elsewhere my gross total over 4 months in 2019 equals the first 3 months of 2018. So going rapidly backwards while adding more images.
  12. As there is no such thing as a typical contributor I can't see how that was ever true except for maybe a small subset of contributors. Maybe it applied to the 'average' contributor once upon a time.
  13. I expect you are referring to "Doc" Kumar? He has done amazingly well on Alamy compared to most and for the size of his port. I may be mistaken, but I think he told me once that even he doesn't cover his stock shooting costs from his Alamy income. Also I think even he may be experiencing a downturn this year compared to 2018. Don't quote me on that one as I don't know for sure. I reached approximately the same gross revenue on April 27th this year, as I did at the end of March last year, so running nearly a month behind with many more images and have also been wacked by the 40% thing.
  14. Thanks for including my lifeguard. Andy
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