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  1. I tried Firefox today and it was much better. I don't know if its because of Firefox or whether things are working today regardless.
  2. Are Your Zooms Falling?

    Jan 1 to 18 2018 Views 8792 Zooms 46 Jan 1 to 18 2019 Views 7169 Zooms 17
  3. Are Your Zooms Falling?

    Yes, as I said in my 'Zooms collapsed' thread a couple of weeks ago. Gone from a peak of 97 in October to 21 for rolling month last week. CTR gone way below alamy average too.
  4. I tried Safari and Chrome. I guess I could try Firefox too (I need to download it).
  5. Do you use a PC or a MAC? It took me several hours and many attempts yesterday just to upload 15 images.
  6. I don't know if it a coincidence or not, but after I bought a new MacBook Pro running macOS Mojave, I am struggling to upload images via AIM. Most of the time it just sits there on image 1 and does nothing no matter how long I wait. After many attempts it may eventually succeed but it is very painful even for a small number of images. Has anyone else experienced this problem recently? Anyone else using the same setup as me? Andy
  7. Dry January

    I can't use $ to describe the amounts I have been receiving this month as that would be an exaggeration of the sums involved.
  8. The Pros and Cons of Culling Our Collections

    Is there any advantage to outroght culling over creating another pseudo to put culled images in?
  9. Tips to improve Alamy Sales ?

    He says so here:
  10. Tips to improve Alamy Sales ?

    There is a big delay between uploading images and getting sales reported. It took 9 months before my first sale was reported. 15 sales in the first year is extraordinary. If you are disappointed then it is because you set your goals very high. The stock industry is highly competitive and saturated these days.
  11. Tips to improve Alamy Sales ?

    15 sales is extraordinary for someone who joined less than as year ago with only 1423 images. What is your secret?
  12. Images sold in January

    Maybe an interesting comparison between your numbers and mine. I hit 1000 sales a few months ago (currently on 1085) but my total revenues are only half yours.
  13. Images sold in January

    I had a direct sale from Alamy today that makes microstock look generous. I really don't understand what they were thinking when they agreed that price. My lowest ever on Alamy.
  14. CAMBRIDGE meet up of Alamy contributors

    Yes I mean Feb 6th
  15. CAMBRIDGE meet up of Alamy contributors

    Hi Allan, Can you add me to the list for next meeting? Andy