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  1. And they paid peanuts to their authors as well. My other half worked for 10 years for Lonely Planet.
  2. 1. The 'Hot Potatoes' playing during the Jazz Festival in Kiama, New South Wales, Australia 2. Salsa dancing during the Brisbane Music Festival 3. Dragon boat regatta, Lake Illawarra, New South Wales, Australia
  3. Are you sure? We can see 25. Look at the blue number under your avatar on this page.
  4. I always had itchy feet, all my life. I did visit Gerald Durrell zoo in Jersey.
  5. Thank you Paulette. I put it in a fish tank with plants from the pond for a few shots before releasing him. I was amazed at my find. I had never heard of this species before. It was so exciting! I also have multiple sales of frogs from that pond. It cost me nothing as it was my weekend house across... well the pond... from the UK.
  6. I found this newt in my pond in Normandy (France). Alpine Newt (Triturus alpestris).
  7. Pun intended haha... It was quite a thrill to see it at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens in Cape Town. All the birds there were new to me. Lots of pretty ones. Strangely, after a long hiatus in bird licenses, I sold 7 since the beginning of the year. I hope the trend continues.
  8. My birds seem to be taking off again. Mid $$ to the US. Websites, apps, social media and blogs (excludes advertising).
  9. Alright, true story. At some stage during pioneering days in Australia, there was a fashion for Irish names. People were changing their names by deed poll. There was even a guy named O'Smith. Someone asked him 'o'Smith!! Where did you get your name from?'. He replied 'Same place as the opossum'. I love my old books where we can laugh at a joke told over a hundred years ago.
  10. I didn't have 6 sales in April. This THREAD shows the first 6 reported sales for April. People at home doing Presentations?? C'mon... I had 4 Presentations last month, and 9 since the beginning of the year. I busted quite a few PU/Presentations in the past. I wish I could share your view Ian but...
  11. This is getting absolutely ridiculous. 5 out of the first 6 sales of the month are either PU or Presentation. Hello?????
  12. A flat? Lucky you! Walking space in our motorhome is about 6m x 1m. We've been staying put for about 6 weeks now and by the look of it, it will be another 6 months. The good thing is that we are in a vast very sparsely populated State, Northern Territory, with only a handful of coronavirus cases (22), 19 of which in Darwin which is over thousand kms from us. We also have a copious amount of white wine, we made sure of that. And Internet. I'm so glad I took my big screen on our travels, I can learn more and play with Photoshop. We had planned to isolate ourselves in a vast 1 million hectare homestead in the wilderness but they closed down roads and restricted travel. There are numerous remote aboriginal communities around which have to be protected from the devastating virus if they ever get it. As for taking pictures, I'm limited to walking around the near empty campsite where I found countless beautiful bugs which brought me back to macro photography. I keep switching between macro and bird photography. When I lose patience with one, I switch to the other. Patience is the order of the day. It could be a lot lot worse. At least so far, we're healthy.
  13. Thank you. I love it too. It was a sunrise cruise in a billabong. The sun rising through the mist, the wildlife awakening, an early fisherman drifting in a boat through the mist, it was a magical atmosphere. I want to do that cruise again. I was just about to but life decided otherwise...
  14. You're a man of reefs and mountains Olivier.
  15. What did I say? No further new species to be discovered? That's what Jurgen Otto said months ago. And today, this. 5 out of 7 new species are your way in WA. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-04-02/seven-new-species-of-peacock-spider-discovered/12110306
  16. Every year they have the Let's Dance Carinda Festival there. I find it amazing given the town's remoteness.
  17. Are you familiar with the peacock spiders mating dance? It's extraordinary. There are quite a few videos. Here's one by Jurgen Otto.
  18. Spencer's Goanna (Varanus spenceri) Redback Spider (Latrodectus hasseltii) guarding its egg sac
  19. Dreaming is healthy. You can have tremendous fun and success in Australia as well. Lots of wildlife out here, from birds to mammals, macropods, reptiles. Drop bears as well 😉
  20. The location was almost correct. It happened in 2009, an escapee from the Tipperary Station zoo. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2009-11-16/nt-man-shoots-pygmy-hippo-by-mistake/1145336
  21. Thank you William, I'm glad you had a good time at the zoo. Didn't they have a mini-hippo escapee who got shot from Halls Gap Zoo? Wildlife photography is quite addictive, it's a pleasant challenge requiring patience. I don't know why, it's the only thing I'm patient at!! Can't explain. You'll have fun with a 500mm except with air travel but I guess with the current situation, it's not going to happen any time soon. Congratulations on your nugget. I, too, have found some, only they're chicken!! Seriously, I visited quite a few opal mining towns recently, fossicking is a seriously hard activity. Well done!
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