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  1. Fair enough. For a trip like this where you're together 24/7, you HAVE to be into the same things or you'll kill each other!!
  2. I don't have the answer to that Betty. The reef was very beautiful, the whole palette of blue and turquoise hues.
  3. My RV is actually easy to retreat to if I choose to. It's cozy, spacious enough and I have everything I need: my laptop, cameras, big fridge/freezer, bar, shower/toilets, plenty of books, games we play at Happy Hour. I see it as having a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, sitting room and the front cab. With its rigid walls, I can sit inside and not hear a sound from the outside. It's actually very cozy when it rains, like a cocoon. When we wake up in the morning, there is this overwelming feeling of freedom. No deadline, no destination written in stone. What do we feel like doing today?
  4. Not me! I'm a born nomad! Every day something new. Every day new people. New adventures. New places. New stories. There's hardly a day when we don't feel blessed. But I realise it's not for everyone.
  5. I used to have one based on AoA but no more. As I'm full time on the road, I research beforehand the highlights of the next town, see how it's covered on Alamy, and I take it from there. Sometimes the weather is c**p and off goes my list.
  6. The trip to Lady Musgrave Island on the Great Barrier Reef yesterday was out of this world. I am still under the spell. First we went snorkelling over the reef, then did a glass bottom boat ride where we saw turtles, then a walk on the island where a colony of white-capped noddies are currently nesting. Wow! Another jewel in the crown of Australia. Shame I can't upload my GoPro pictures to Alamy, I like them. https://www.facebook.com/gen.froggie/posts/10222394824253077 For those into marine biology, our guide informed us of an interesting fact... The bech
  7. 7 sales dropped in yesterday, it has to be my record in one day (I don't do live news). 6 were Presentations (ROW and US)... 5 were of beaches in Australia. 2 were flowers. Here's one of each.
  8. Thank you Sally. That spot is so photogenic, it's hard to get it wrong. I noticed that I mostly license pictures of beaches in Australia. I have another 4 tonight!!
  9. Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Book, print and/or e-book $$
  10. Found it!! We're booked for a day trip tomorrow to an inland on the Outer reef of the Great Barrier Reef. Great I thought, I'll use my new toy, a half-in half-out dome for my GoPro while snorkelling. Now where is it?? There are only a few cupboards (and 3 photo bags) in my motorhome. I go through everything twice. Nothing. I dismantle my bed for the third time, it can only be there, I go through all the fishing gear [why doesn't he sell this stuff, he never even caught a sardine...] and at last, tucked in a corner right at the back near the tools, here it is! Shots won't be for Alamy of course
  11. I know, I refrain from posting in the good news thread because I feel for you guys. Hopefully with vaccinations under way, the end of restrictions is in sight? Or most of them at least. It will be a while for international travel to resume in Oz. The ban had interesting consequences: as Australians can't holiday abroad (Bali, etc), there has been huge demand for motorhomes and caravans. There isn't enough RVs available.
  12. Silhouette of a female kangaroo with a joey in her pouch at sunrise. Being a side on image, I had to clone a dodgy shape sticking out of the pouch to avoid double-takes....
  13. Hard to believe but I've had this view from my bed for the past 4 days! Camped by the estuary of the Kolan River, Miara, Queensland, Australia This is sunrise (5am).
  14. Yeah!! An image with people in it. Pat on the back. Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Commercial electronic ; Media: Website, app and social media Low $$
  15. Very happy for you Michael. My favourite mantra once again: there's always a silver lining.
  16. In Australia, Queensland does not have daylight savings. Other States do. It always starts the first Sunday in October.
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  18. You have 6 images live already, so there's no problems uploading single pix if you want to. Tip: you have two typos in your tags for image EC3YCN9. I haven't looked at the others.
  19. Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Commercial electronic ; Media: Website, app and social media $$
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