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  1. 2019 was highest revenues ever for me although number of sales have dropped to lowest in 3 years meaning. My price per sale was very good for 2019
  2. Number of sales dropping to lowest level in 3 years, but revenue was a new all time high for me so price per image has been quite decent for 2019
  3. My sales crapped out this month Big fat ZERO for me😩
  4. Every adult can make their own decisions for their own person but This guy is a moron for taking his young boy there
  5. 4 sales for $235 plus a modest $30 DACS so pretty happy for those results
  6. Weird... I just had a second amount show up in Other Payment a tiny $ amount but there’s 2 separate amounts now anyone else had this happen?
  7. “Other Payment” just showed up in Account Balance - assuming its DACS its a modest $$ amount, but still a small bonus
  8. Nothing yet here either i almost begin to think I don’t have anything coming to me
  9. Remember this one that was submitted in a contest and won? best part was the ridicule ones that followed https://www.digitaltrends.com/photography/nikon-photo-contest-fail/
  10. 2 sales for $477 gross pretty happy about getting more $$$ sales recently Thanks Alamy!
  11. another $225 sale just dropped in 2 sales this month so far, both for $225 each i guess its trying to make up for my April and May washout thanks Alamy, keep going!
  12. A nice $225 sale popped in today Thanks Alamy for continuing to get some decent prices still !
  13. Well after an abysmal April and May ( by abysmal I mean ZERO sales) a nice $252 dropped in today to stop the bleeding km hoping for a couple more to make up for the past 2 months,, maybe I’m being greedy, ok I am being greedy
  14. Zero sales for May Ive had zero sales for April and May - pretty discouraging I think I’m going to cry 😢
  15. Not that I’ve ever had great sales, but my sales this year are a lot less than last years - although I have to say that the average price for each sale has been quite good
  16. I never thought that buyers would shop around to save a couple bucks, just from a “time is money” aspect but I have changed my mind recently about that just a few days ago one of my images were zoomed, then the next day, it sold on a micro site as a sub. (The image is RF on both sites) the image is unique in the sense that the buyer had to use a very specific keywords to get the image, so the chance of this being mere coincidence is next to nil so I am convinced that some buyers do take the time to look around and perhaps try to get the cheapest price i may have to rethink my strategy of where to put images for sale and where to exclude them.
  17. Truly sorry to hear this with you and your loved ones wishing you all the best and the strength to go through it Nick
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