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  1. Have you found any Alamy images in February 2019? Ian Dagnall. Craig.
  2. Odd Alamy Measures

    ALAMY- Can we have a forum update on this please?
  3. New commission structure here?

    We've made some changes The Alamy contract has been updated and we're writing to give you notice of these changes. The new contract is here and the key changes are listed here. The changes will come into place on 21st February 2019. We don't need anything from you but we recommend you keep a copy of the contract for your records once you've read it through.
  4. How was your January?

    16 for $323 far too many Dodgy PU sales, Stop them ALAMY. We are all losing sales revenue from this licence. As well as being ripped off by potential misuse of our images. February started with a PU refund Zooms however are on the way up. Craig.
  5. Dry January

    Just had my 11th personal use sale drop in. Not the kind of surge i wanted. PU licenses are unfortunately on the increase.They are set too cheap and the price should be increased. Craig.
  6. Annoying aspect of refund

    ALAMY should impose a refund policy that limits the time period that images can be refunded. Personal use images should be exempt from any kind of refund.
  7. How was your 2018

    Unit sales up 11.6%. Revenue up 5%. Current zoom and CTR stats do not bode well for January and beyond. CTR and zooms have slowly fallen since mid October on my graph.
  8. Have you found any Alamy photographs December Cristina Neacsu Craig.
  9. Have you found any Alamy photographs December Realimage Craig.
  10. Have you found any Alamy photographs December Andrew Paterson Craig.
  11. Commission change - James West comments

    Hmmm, but my motivation is driven by sales and earning money, Both my sales volume and revenue are up on last year. My motivation is now damaged at the thought of lower rewards. 50/50 should be a minimum split Alamy. If we all feel this demotivation and stop uploading, Alamy will die and it will be self inflicted by it's leadership or in this case lack of leadership. Any business watching that video would not hire that man, i wonder how many out takes exist from the making of that video. Someone should have watched it and advised him to delete it. I think Alamy has a lost a lot of key customers and based on all the data it has in front of it, is forecasting a sudden dip in revenue, and to counter that it's decided to rob it's supply chain. A strong leader would deal with this in a positive way, lots of good suggestions and ideas appear in these threads, a listening leader would consider some of these. A good leader needs brains around him to cultivate success, he should listen to the brains in this forum. Ramble and speech over!!
  12. How was your November?

    24 for $555.24.
  13. "Your Alamy portfolio page"

    This looks well good, created a header, created a gallery, then searched for images to put into that gallery, need some more play time with but looks a very useful tool Thank you Alamy. Craig
  14. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    Nottingham forest football ground Norfolk coast Blackpool pier. Craig.
  15. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    Calendar sales dropping in today making the month a lot healthier 👍