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  1. Still no replacement sale so awaiting response from contributor relations.
  2. Same here pic used in FT, will flag this Monday if another sale is not reinstated. I have not normally experienced a gap like this between refund and resale? Craig.
  3. 5 $$ sales this morning so Alamy is not dying for me. You only get out what you put in.
  4. Most images????. You need to make your work flow watertight, so all your images pass. I went through this a long time ago, and the fail of a batch feels personal, so it should motivate you to be your own Q.C and be really disciplined in your camera settings and use of all the sliders in the processing software. Do that and you will not fail. Craig.
  5. They have not suddenly decided to reject a whole batch upload because one image failed, that is the Q.C policy. None of your images should fail the test, you are responsible for ensuring your images pass all the Q.C criteria. Move on, correct the failed image and upload again. Craig.
  6. 2 more just dropped in so this post is a tad early. (US sales)
  7. Thank you for the spot Steve,you do a sterling job, definitely via Alamy. All my images are set to exclusive at the moment. Craig.
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