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  1. A good month for me, with 15 for $556 gross, including one $$$. Zooms and CTR also quite high.
  2. Common lizard with two tails - this can happen when the tail is partially broken but doesn't come off, but a new one also grows from the damaged area. It's a shame that it is partially hidden by the grass, but I was still pleasantly surprised when I got home and noticed this.
  3. Thanks, Steve. This is only on Alamy. Hopefully it will be reported as a new use despite not being credited. It was also in the Guardian a few weeks ago, and that was reported as a single-use license.
  4. Multiple editorial use for low-mid $$. This image of a bee drinking from a bird bath was taken in my garden during the first lockdown, so cost nothing.
  5. I don't think anyone has mentioned that sales here are often reported some months after images have been downloaded, so you might very well end up with more sales from those zooms. People who are used to instant sales at Microstock agencies often expect it to be the same here, but the reporting and payment system at Alamy is very different and you need to be a lot more patient. The prices here vary a lot, and you can get some larger amounts as well as single dollar sales. In future it might be worth uploading some images here that are exclusive, particularly of less common subjects.
  6. That's brilliant, John. A big help as usual. Thanks very much.
  7. I'm struggling to identify these using plant apps, etc, so would be grateful for any help. This one could be Lawson or Leyland cypress possibly It looks like rose hips on this shrub, but they were smaller than the usual dog rose ones I see in the countryside
  8. Affiliate sale to the US -magazines and books, for mid $$. Visited the Weald and Downland open air museum in Sussex a few weeks ago where they film the BBC series The Repair Shop, and was lucky to see them filming the Christmas episode with the barn and scene covered with fake snow. I'm a bit surprised to see a sale to the US, but maybe it's also shown there.
  9. I have had 10 US sales this year out of 124 total sales, and the prices are definitely better. The average gross price of those is $73.5, which is about 2.5X higher than my overall average. They are a variety of subjects, including wildlife, plants, signs and objects, but no travel images - I don't have any images taken in the US. I do try to include American spellings and words in my tags.
  10. Had a few calendar sales reported today. This image sold for near mid$$ (normal calendar), as well as twice for $ (page per day calendars).
  11. You could try phoning 111, the NHS number to get advice on where you can get urgent treatment.
  12. No, I haven't, but it might be similar to this recent thread https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/13574-missing-inside/
  13. Thanks for flagging it up, Martin. I think the problem is that many organisations don't understand what stock photography is. They usually write their photography policies with just big commercial shoots in mind, and obviously it's fair enough that they charge for those. If you ask whether you can do stock photography, they usually don't have an answer, as they haven't considered it.
  14. I think that is probably just for commercial rather than editorial uses, but I'll check I've ticked all the appropriate boxes in AIM. There are tens of thousands of photos taken in the New Forest on Alamy!
  15. Thanks, Steve. That's interesting - I was confused why there are so many different formats, and wasn't sure if this number was of any use for DACS - I let Alamy claim mine, as I often don't find where my images are published, so I've never really looked into it.
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