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  1. Thanks. Yes, they are very small, and well camouflaged in heather.
  2. Happy to get my second ever $$$ sale today, and at 50% commission. Just one of those chance sightings while out for a walk. The usage is External information panel - Located in Paid site / Attraction, in the UK.
  3. Ladybird munching on aphids. Magazine use for low $$, distributor sale to Germany.
  4. Metro online: https://metro.co.uk/2019/03/09/women-demand-access-for-safe-and-legal-abortions-in-march-on-belfast-8876587/ Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK, 9 March, 2019. A rally in support of International Women’s Day meeting in Writers Square and marching to City Hall. The rally and March are expected to be one of the biggest in the UK and Ireland with the theme for the month long celebration being ‘The Time is Now - Women Rise Up.’ More than 50 events will take place in Northern Ireland during March in support of International Women’s Day. Credit J Orr/Alamy Live News - Images RXDJJP, RXDJHT and RXDJHK
  5. King Edward's School, Witley, Surrey Usage: Magazines and book, mid $$.
  6. A poor month for me - 3 sales for $61 (on the plus side, I've already beaten that for March and it's only the morning of the 1st!)
  7. British Wildlife magazine February 2019, Volume 30, no. 3. ISSN:0958-0956 Front cover, Basking shark (Cetorhinus maximus), Baltimore, Cork, Ireland, Cultura Creative (RF)/George Karbus Photography, Image ID: PD30R7 P160,Badger Skull with jaws open showing teeth, Papilio/William Middleton, Image ID: ABH5F5 P161,Basking shark, Charles Hood, Image ID: DT5WC0 P171,Artificially created farm pond with flowering vegetation wildlife habitat Cambridgeshire, Nigel Cattlin, Image ID: AR6FRP P179, Oxlip, Julian Eales, Image ID: FYDPT2 P184, Evening primroses (Oenothera Biennis) and marram grass at Dawlish Warren National Nature Reserve, Devon, UK, Ed Pavelin, Image ID: B1CFTD P188, Moonwort (Botrychium lunaria) fronds and spore-bearing spikes Keen of Hamar NNR Unst Shetland Scotland UK Europe June, Krystyna Szulecka, Image ID: C4YMDN P190,Scotland, lighthouse in the Sound of Mull, Photononstop/Brigitte Merle, Image ID: P1YTGF P198, White-tailed Sea Eagle on the Isle of Mull Scotland, Philip Mugridge, Image ID: C4E7AG P220, Fen Orchid - Liparis loeselii Kenfig Dunes, Martin Fowler, Image ID: F1M8HT
  8. Guardian Online 02.02.2019https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2019/feb/02/six-best-wild-runs-trail-running-mountains-forests-ukGY2223 Gillian Pullinger Early morning view at Frensham Flashes in Surrey, England Thanks very much spotting this, Clare. Gillian
  9. 6 for $118 gross. Zooms not too bad in the end. Annoyingly didn't reach threshold for payment due to several reasonable sales not clearing when they should have.
  10. Well, they are reporting them anyway - paying is another matter. I have 2 tiddlers to China, both via distributor, one in July and one in October. Neither has cleared yet.
  11. A UK newspaper sale today - winter sunset at Butser Hill
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