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  1. Thanks, Jim. It must be Red Robin, as it was definitely taller than me!
  2. Oh, that's interesting. I will check the height that they grow to - this one must have been at least 8 feet tall, I would estimate. Thanks.
  3. Thanks, John. I thought you would know. It was several feet tall, so probably Red Robin.
  4. Can anyone help identify this colourful shrub please?
  5. Hi Alex. A lot of different subjects sell here, including travel and animals, and I think you have some very good, saleable images. However, you will need to do some work on your captions and keywords so that your images are seen by picture buyers. The captions should be individual to each image, and should describe what is in that photograph. For example, you have a lot of images with the caption "Exploring Scotland" and these include buildings, mossy rocks, etc. You need to describe the subject of each image accurately, e.g. state that it is a mossy rock or building, and what is the building, where was it, etc? For animals, you should include scientific names in both the caption and keywords, as a lot of buyers search by those. In general captions carry more weight in searches than keywords, so should be as complete as possible. You seem to have the opposite problem with keywords in that you have included too many irrelevant ones, probably to try to get them discoverable. That really isn't necessary, and may actually damage your rank, as you will get too many irrelevant views. You don't need to include keywords about what camera you used, 42 megapixel, high definition, etc. I suggest you check some of the captions and keywords of some of the successful sellers here to get a better idea. Good luck.
  6. Thanks for choosing one of mine, Jill. That's brightened my day.
  7. A bit better than average with 11 for $253 gross.
  8. Good luck, Mark, and thanks. They're one bird you can get pretty good photos of without a long lens.
  9. Here's a couple of my favourite bird photos. Mallard with duckling: Robin having a bath in my garden:
  10. Thanks, John. I thought they were probably a different species, especially as Texas has such a different climate to the UK.
  11. That's interesting, Betty. I didn't know there were bluebell woods anywhere in the USA.
  12. Great idea, and lovely to see so many wonderful nature images from around the world. A bit of a cliche I know, but they're so beautiful - bluebell woods not too far from home. Another one close to home, a family of swans at sunset.
  13. Slow worm photo sold for $ - editorial website (The Guardian)
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