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  1. I think it's been over 48 hours, but it seems to be starting to update now - I can see a few of my photos captioned 2 days ago coming through.
  2. Had a welcome flurry of 6 sales today - 3 for presentation/newsletter (UK), and 3 distributor sales to Germany, so no big money unfortunately. This was the best priced licence - mid/high $$ for a German magazine, but I only get 30%: This was one of the presentation/newsletter licences at very low $$ (the rose garden at Loseley Park):
  3. 2 sales reported this morning - one a tiddler for Culture Trip, and this one for high $$ to the US (RF, no other information).
  4. Thanks for sharing this interesting story, Sally. Pigeons are certainly survivors, and not easily deterred, but we tend to forget how important they have been in wartime. It's a shame they're so widely disliked. The pigeon using remembrance poppies for her nest is really poignant.
  5. I quite like this angry-looking owl, which is failing to deter the pigeons!
  6. Guardian online 04 September 2020 Week in Wildlife https://www.theguardian.com/environment/gallery/2020/sep/04/the-week-in-wildlife-in-pictures Red Eft of Eastern Newt (Notophthalmus viridescens) - DuPont State Recreational Forest near Hendersonville, North Carolina, USA, Bill Gozansky, Image ID: 2CDW04M Bull moose Shiras Alces alces shirasi closeup in green forest vegetation, Steve Boice, Image ID: 2CDT1J5
  7. Mine was a little below average with 8 sales for $166 gross. The good news is that I'm due my best ever payment.
  8. A Presentation use sale, low $$ - happy to get any sale on a Bank holiday.
  9. I also had $3.62 other income. The statement says ASCRL payment 2020. Not much, but better than nothing!
  10. It's been a slow month, but had a small sale today - magazine use for $ - which took this year's total gross revenue past last year's total. Blue delphiniums.
  11. I have tried PlantNet, and it seemed to work reasonably well on the few garden plants I've tried to ID. However, I imagine all such apps are of limited use when it comes to identifying specific cultivars, varieties, etc. You mentioned tree bark above - I use the Woodland Trust app for that (it's called British Trees), but I don't know if there's a similar tree ID App across the Atlantic. I have used the iNaturalist app for insects, etc, though I also tend to post them to Facebook groups to get confirmation from experts. I also have lots of wildlife field guides (books) as well, so I can find quite a few in those. Some insects can't be identified to species level from a photo, and require a microscope!
  12. I think iNaturalist Seek is a useful ID app for wild plants and animals, but not for garden flowers or pets and other domesticated animals - these are not natural!
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