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  1. Large marketing package licence for low $$$, taken in Hungerford.
  2. Had a large marketing package licence reported today for just over $200 - my best sale so far this year.
  3. Low $$. This one was also licensed last month - this time they got a discount. Still, it's nice to get a sale this early in the month, especially on a bank holiday weekend. Country: Worldwide ; Usage: iQ sale: Magazine, editorial print or digital use, up to 1/16 page,one time use only, Discounted re-use ; Industry Sector: Media, design & publishing ; Start: 03-May-2021 ; End: 03-May-2023
  4. I don't often do night-time photography, but yesterday I heard that Guildford Cathedral was being illuminated with green lights in the evening, so went and had a try. It was for "Surrey Day", which I'd never heard of before, and the idea of the green colour was to represent Surrey being the most densely wooded county in England. The Cathedral is on top of a hill, so it could be seen all over the town.
  5. 18 for $192.50 gross. Plenty of sales eventually, though none until the 12th April, then a string of disappointingly low price licences came in. Best was a calendar for $39.
  6. It's been a slow month for me, but just had a few editorial newspaper tiddlers drop in, all for $, including these two. Old Amersham Bumblebee on viper's bugloss
  7. British Wildlife magazine, April 2021, Vol 32, No 5 ISSN 0958-0956 Front Cover, Major bee-fly (Bombylius major) feeding on a lesser celandine flower. Julian Brooks, Image ID: BK6WKY P315, Black redstart, (Phoenicurus ochruros), Seaton Hole, Devon. David Pike, Image ID: 2B7995M P316, UK wildlife: Marmalade Hoverflies, Episyrphus balteatus, creating an almost symmetrical pattern on a dandelion flower as they drink nectar in a group. Rebecca Cole, Image ID: W7HY1Y P319, Elder flower in blossom. NJ Murray, Image ID: BFGGK3 P319, Solitary wasp, Argogorytes mysta
  8. Just the one from me. Santa playing a saw.
  9. I've just wrapped my Christmas presents! Looking forward to a small delayed celebration tomorrow - outdoors with a few family members.
  10. I had 17 for $384.75 gross. Happy with the number of sales but average price quite low. Highest was $72 this month.
  11. That's such a shame. I've had a couple of sales in this morning, both low $$, one for a UK magazine and one for an EU magazine, but both shots of bees. This one's a red-tailed bumblebee:
  12. It's good to see the Aussies are trying to look after the flying foxes - I don't know how they can survive the recent high temperatures there. Presentation/newsletter use, UK, for low $$. Meadow brown butterfly on a thistle.
  13. I don't often licence photos of people doing things, but this one dropped in yesterday of a woman roller skiing. Low-mid $$ for websites, apps, social media and blogs.
  14. Go into Alamy Image Manager, click on one of your photos, then scroll down the mandatory information below your keywords to the bottom and it should be there.
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