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  1. I'm in Farnborough, so just a few miles from Fleet. I'm not sure if anyone else would join! I did wonder about going to the London meet-up, but the price of train tickets puts me off.
  2. I see that your photo was taken in Fleet, Russell - so was my photo of the squirrel - at Fleet Pond. It seems that our local squirrels are particularly fond of destroying trees!
  3. It's certainly causing a lot of damage. I thought they were supposed to store nuts to eat in the winter, not strip bark off of trees! I think the reddish colour is just on the face, and probably emphasised by the sunlight. After reading your comments, I checked I have grey and gray in my keywords i.e. English and American spellings, and I had already included both - always good to be reminded of this! Gillian
  4. Third sale of this image in the last couple of months. A grey squirrel stripping bark on a winter day. Mid $$, Media: Website, app and social media, UK.
  5. Here's three from me. Rolling down a grassy hill. Fascinated by a butterfly. Digging in the dirt with his dog.
  6. Lots of Alamy images in this Sun online article on chocolate bars: https://www.thesun.co.uk/sun-men/9460722/chocolate-bars-ranked-from-worst-to-best/
  7. Thanks very much, John. That looks a strong possibility.
  8. Can anyone identify these flowers please. They are obviously in the daisy family. The closest I have found is beach aster (Erigeron glaucus), but the yellow discs in the middle look a bit smaller, and they were in a garden not on a beach.
  9. 12 for $225 gross. Better than average number of sales, but no decent prices this month - the highest was a disappointing $36.53.
  10. Same here, for the second day this week. A couple of days ago it updated in the early evening.
  11. When a keyword search is carried out, individual words within a phrase will come up. It would be better to delete 'no people' from your keywords, go to the Optional tab in AIM, and tick the '0' box for Number of people in the image. Inevitably, buyers get some inappropriate images coming up in searches due to unforeseen combinations of keywords, as in your social worker example - that's probably unavoidable in many cases.
  12. That's about normal for UK newspaper sales unfortunately.
  13. Yes, updates occur every day of the week. In the UK, I think it usually happens in the early hours of the morning, so photos uploaded by the reportage route at any time during the day or evening should be on sale by the following morning. On the other side of the Atlantic, that will be during the day, so the update could be missed. The 2 sales I reported at the beginning of this thread came in today. As expected, they were for normal stock prices for editorial website i.e. only mid $, not for live news prices. So the main benefit of reportage is speed of getting images on sale.
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