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  1. Here's three from me. 1) Grey seal pup 2) Phone box decorated for Red Nose Day charity 3) Morris dancers "Fool"
  2. Although in the UK they are restricted to coastal dunes and sandy heaths, they are in more variable habitats in the south of their range, including grasslands. They would need a few bare patches to lay their eggs. The green flanks on your lizard identify it as a male sand lizard in peak breeding condition.
  3. That's a great result. I hope you don't mind, but I just clicked on your image number to get an idea of what you are photographing, and noticed an error in your lizard identification towards the bottom of the first page - Image W5AD6B - it is actually a sand lizard (Lacerta agilis). I recognised it straightaway as I am a reptile surveyor and we have them in my area of southern England.
  4. Looking for uses of my own photos on Google, I found one in this newly published travel book - Lonely Planet's Ultimate United Kingdom Travelist. On google books, I can only see a preview (not including my image), and unfortunately I can't see the photo credits page, but there are a few Alamy images visible: Derwent Isle near Keswick on Derwent Water in the Lake District National Park in Cumbria, England. Angus McComiskey, Image MG5526 London UK. 13 April 2014 London Virgin Money Marathon runners circling the Cutty Sark clipper ship in Greenwich during race Credit: John Henshall/Alamy Live News. Image JMH6150 Path in the Forest of Dean, with trees in full, bright, spring, leafy, green, Gloucestershire, England, UK. Travellinglight, Image G2TTHA Newly restored Standard No. 76017 is seen on a Matt/Warwick photo charter at the Mid Hants Railway on 13 November 2016. Robert Falconer, Image HWC9ER England, Somerset, Wookey Hole, Wookey Hole Caves. Steve Vidler, Image D1028B Blicking Hall illuminated at night taken by the road side in Norfolk. Chris Herring, Image BPB4N5 UK, England, Yorkshire, Wensleydale, Middleham - The interior of Middleham Castle, located in the small town of Middleham, Edwin Remsberg, Image H8P61D There will probably be others in the book, so it's worth checking if you're in a bookshop. I don't think mine has been reported as a sale yet.
  5. 22 sales for $267. Highest number of sales ever, and also zooms, but poor average revenue. Many of them were personal use licenses, which are only about $11 in the UK. Highest was $32, and that was a distributor sale. Hoping to get some higher price sales soon - it's been a couple of months now with all low prices.
  6. Looking at my last year's sales, I have 7 sales where US is the region. Of these, 3 were of a yacht moored by a Puerto Rican island (50$ for a travel guide, $49 for a marketing package -travel client, and $22 for an editorial website). The other 4 were taken in the UK. The subjects were quite varied, and not of obvious interest to a US market. They were a blue tit pecking at a window ($60 for a book), a row of JCB diggers (42$ for multiple editorial uses), a birdwatcher on a bicycle ($45 for editorial website, apps, social media, etc), and a world war 2 memorial in Hayling Island ($19.99 personal use). The average sale price is definitely higher in the US than in the UK, but I find it hard to draw any conclusions about what to shoot in the UK or Europe for the US market.
  7. British Wildlife magazine, vol 30, no 6, August 2019, ISSN 0958-0956 P398, Agriotypidae (Agriotypus armatus, Agriotypus abnormis), parasitized larva of a caddis fly with silk ribbon, Germany. blickwinkel/ H. Bellmann/F. Hecker, Image ID: TR61R5 P407, Common swift (Apus apus) flying to a nest box with its throat pouch bulging with insects it has caught to feed its chicks, Hilperton, Wiltshire, UK. Nick Upton, Image ID: KN2JMA P418, Aerial view of a mixed broadleaved wood in autumn Norfolk UK. David Tipling, Image ID: BPHX4D P419, Thursley Common National Nature Reserve, Thursley, Surrey, UK. SFL Travel. Image ID: C50FPR P424, Male White-faced Darter Dragonfly (Leucorrhinia dubia). Whixall Moss National Nature Reserve, Shropshire, England. Richard Becker, Image ID: BY22G6 P424, Argent and Sable Moth, Rheumaptera hastate. David Whitaker, Image ID: ARTY71 P433, Newly born White Park Bos taurus calf and mother Berkshire UK. Malcolm Schuyl, Image ID: A352HB P434, Red Squirrel - Sciurus vulgaris - eating a monkey nut National Trust Reserve at Formby Point Lancashire. Wildlife in Pixels, Image ID: B0CHHP P458, 4pm Saturday 16th June 2018. Magor Marsh Nature Reserve, Magor, South Wales. UK weather rain storms spoil the planned Family Fun Day and kids Bioblitz. David Broadbent, Image ID: P3J162 P461, A field of 9' (3m) tall mature Miscanthus × giganteus, or Elephant Grass, growing in an experiment in bio-fuel generation at Aberystwyth University IBERS (Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences) wales UK. greenwales, Image ID: F96MGK
  8. I have seen some of your amazing bird photos in the images sold thread, Gen. It's a shame if your sales of exotic birds are drying up. It shouldn't really matter when they were shot, but I guess they just drop down the searches a bit as they get older. I have also tried to diversify a bit more to improve sales. It's working to some extent - I'm getting more sales, but as my photos are mainly in the UK, the prices are often very low. I think I need to travel more. I know Haslemere - it's only about half an hour away from me. Gillian
  9. It's interesting that you say that. I also do a lot of wildlife photography, and my experience is that insect photos sell well, especially butterflies, but other wildlife particularly birds rarely sell. I think there are so many great bird photographers in the UK that it's very hard to compete.
  10. I try to wait for a day with at least some sunny spells in the forecast if I am visiting a particular place to take photographs. I seem to spend quite a lot of time waiting for clouds to pass over though. If there's no choice about when to photograph something, I just do my best whatever the weather, and try to improve the photos in Lightroom.
  11. I've had an unusual week with 7 personal use licences (UK) all of butterflies in the "blues" family dropping in over the last four days. I won't be getting rich, but the buyer ( I assume it's one person) has also been zooming on several images of each species, so my CTR is much higher than usual. I'll be keeping a look out to check they don't turn up in a book or magazine though. Hopefully they will continue with the other butterfly families next week! I'm glad this one has licensed at last even at a low price, as it is unusual to capture several butterflies all in a row - just a pity about that blade of grass.
  12. An emperor dragonfly laying her eggs - $ distributor sale to Germany.
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