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  1. As this thread is in danger of getting political again, I'll post a couple of recent butterfly photos of mine. The first one is a purple emperor: This one is a dark green fritillary butterfly:
  2. 1) Fire and earth - burning linseed bale 2) Fire, air and water - Fiery sunset at Hatchet pond in the New Forest 3) Earth, water and air - Limestone scenery with rock pools in Cyprus
  3. OK, no problem. I often notice that distributor sales take longer to clear.
  4. I think his sales are through a distributor, not an affiliate, since he says he is owed 30% (you get 40% for affiliate sales). The OP still does not seem to understand that when a sale is reported, the buyer has not paid. When they do pay Alamy, the sale will show as cleared, and then you get paid at the start of the following month if you have $50 cleared.
  5. 15 for $1007 gross ($444 net), my best month ever by a long way, so a very pleasant surprise. Included 4 $$$ sales, 2 of those were direct exclusive, but 2 that came in last evening were distributer sales (Japan book licences for the same image - I wouldn't be surprised if one of these is refunded). Midway through the year, I'm at about 51% number of sales and 85% of revenue compared to last year.
  6. If you have an occasional batch of news images, it is worth emailing live news and asking them if they will give you temporary access to upload those photos. I am in the same position as you, and I have done this twice since being out of live news. Both time, I attached one example photo in my email with the IPTC data, etc, already included as required for live news, and both times they allowed me to upload as live news. Afterwards live news access is switched off again.
  7. Haha! Actually it's a slow worm - despite the name it's a type of reptile (legless lizard) not actually a worm. It was a natural shot - I was just lucky to find it on an attractive background of dead bracken.
  8. A couple of good wildlife image sales today continue a surprisingly good month for me. Thanks Alamy! Country: Worldwide ; Usage: iQ sale: Corporate client. Magazine Up to full Inside Internal and external marketing communications. Excludes advertising. One time use only. Industry Sector: General business services ; Start: 26-June-2020 ; End: 26-June-2030 Low $$$: Mid $$ for this one - same licence terms except up to quarter page:
  9. GQ Magazine online 24 June 2020 https://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/lifestyle/article/mick-fleetwood-car-collection Several classic car images in this article, including one of mine 🙂 which has already shown up as a sale. Keith J Smith, Image ID: GHXNBT, Austin 7, AEW Sport, 1933 Ian Bottle, Image ID: WPNCNG, Jaguar XK120 (1950), Concours of Elegance 2019, Hampton Court Palace, East Molesey, Surrey, England, Great Britain, UK, Europe Mr Standfast, Image ID: P7D7TA, A classic Bristol Motor car. A Bristol 401 Colin Rich, Image ID: CT6DYA, 1950s Black taxi Sam Oaksey, Image ID: T5YX0A, White MG TF-1500 vintage car (1955) on display in a UK Classic Motor Vehicle Show Stephanie Starr, Image ID: MN7GYA, Naples, Florida, USA – May 5, 2018: White 1962 Citroen 2CV Sahara Desert Utility Vehicle displayed at The Revs Institute in Naples, Florida. Editoria Matthew Richardson, Image ID: RG9FRY, 1966 Cadillac Eldorado convertible - classic American car godrick, Image ID: C6PAAC, Blue Jensen C-V8 Mk I lovethephoto, Image ID: MCAHB5, 1965 Alvis TE 21 Motoring Picture Library, Image ID: AK945J, 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB4 Dmitry Orlov, Image ID: W3HCRY?, FRIEDRICHSHAFEN - MAY 2019: black PORSCHE 911 996 TURBO coupe 2002 at Motorworld Classics Bodensee on May 11, 2019 in Friedrichshafen, Germany.
  10. British Wildlife magazine, Vol 31, No. 5, June 2020 ISSN: 0958-0956 Front cover, Close-up portrait of a preening Jackdaw (Corvus monedula) on white background, Image ID: J3A2DT, Paul Farnfield P321, Jackdaws Corvus monedula going to roost and gathering before dark in beech trees, Image ID: HAJEXW, Ernie Janes P323, Jackdaw (Corvus monedula) pair bringing sticks and leaves for lining their nest in a chimney, Wiltshire, UK, March.Taken during Coronavirus Lockdown, Image ID: 2BBXCYH, Nick Upton P324, Jackdaws stealing fur from Red Deer to build their nests, Image ID: D9EFA3, Elaine Robertson P328, Jackdaw (Corvus monedula) standing in field of buttercups, Oxfordshire, UK, Image ID: CEDMKX, Malcolm Schuyl P330, Common Lizard (Zootoca vivipara) found on a Nature reserve in the Herefordshire UK Countryside, Image ID: E1P9PH, Liam Bunce P351, Orange-tip butterfly (Anthocharis cardamines) flying towards meadow flowers, UK, Image ID: 2BKHJ7B, Rebecca Cole P354, Wild Snake's head fritillary flowers (Fritillaria meleagris) on Portholme Meadow, Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire, UK, covered in dewdrops, creating a sparkly scene in the morning sunlight. These unusual plants are rare in the wild, only being found on unploughed meadows, Image ID: G0EBX5, Keith Douglas P356, Black-tailed Godwit - Limosa limosa, Image ID: EEP519, PAUL R. STERRY/Nature Photographers Ltd P359, Mating North Atlantic Right Whales, (Eubalaena glacialis), Grand Manan Basin, Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick, Canada, Image ID: F95W5R, Barrett & MacKay/All Canada Photos P361, Wild Common Dolphin (Delphinus Capensis), or Long beaked common dolphins of the Shores of Cornwall, England, UK, Image ID: M42B7R, Philip Spavins P372, Tadpole Shrimp/triops - Apus cancriformis, Image ID: EJWR2P, PAUL R. STERRY/Nature Photographers Ltd P380, Male blackcap sitting on a branch, singing. Sylvia atricapilla, Image ID: PTHPHW, Lazydays Liz P387, Common cuckoo (Cuculus canorus) male perched in tree and calling in spring, Image ID: RYBB4W, Arndt Sven-Erik/Arterra Picture Library
  11. Well done, John. Yes, it sounds like the same book. Although it's a worldwide licence, it's a US region sale. I'll be looking out for the book when it's published.
  12. Really chuffed after my best sale yet dropped in today for $300. Just an everyday garden image of dwarf nasturtiums growing among squash plants for protection from aphids. Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Book, print and/or e-book ; Print run: up to 100,000 ; Placement: Front cover ; Start: 19-June-2020 ; End: 19-June-2030
  13. Here's my three. Green team on the bowling green: Emperor moth caterpillar with annoying ant: Chameleon artwork blending in with the green foliage:
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