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  1. 9 sales for $138 gross. Best month in 2021 so far, but the bar was set pretty low from Jan/Feb!
  2. Just 215 images uploaded, which is well down on my uploads for previous years.
  3. 106 sales, 26% higher than 2019. Gross revenue down 20%. Lowest gross revenue since 2013, but I've only uploaded about 200 images this year so it's what I expected.
  4. 9 sales for $234 gross. One $$$ sale on 30 Dec made up half the total.
  5. 2020 has been better than I feared, but I think we're fighting against some headwinds that have been there for a while, and will continue into 2021. My predictions are that 5 i) My sales volume will increase 5 ii) My sales revenue will decrease 5 iii) For me, alternative revenue streams outside stock photography will look increasingly attractive, when I account for the true cost of making images available.
  6. My CTR has been between 0.4 and 0.8 this year and I can't see any obvious correlation between the higher CTR months and subsequent sales. Even less obvious is what to do to increase my CTR, other than cutting out keywords to reduce Views. For example I have about 400 images with the tag "godmanchester", because that's where I used to live. Some are "of" Godmanchester, but many are "In" Godmanchester. If someone searches for "godmanchester" and then just scrolls through hundreds or thousands of images without zooming on any (including mine) then it has a negative impact on my CTR. I've seen thi
  7. 12 sales for $247 gross. Boosted by some Calendar sales which crop up at this time of year. My sales volume has already exceeded last year, but revenue is lagging quite a way behind.
  8. Sunday Times, Print Edition, 29 November 2020, p4 5 small images used to illustrate places. "Quarter of the country pays price for high cases next door" "Rough Justice? Low Infection areas in Tier 3" Leicestershire: Narrow Boats moored up along the Market Harborough Arm of the Grand Union canal at Foxton Leicestershire England. Image ID: 2D8203T, Chris Radburn, cropped. Greater Manchester: can't find it. Large pink heart with red and pink stripes, may not be Alamy Lancashire: The Water Witch canal side pub by the Lancaster Canal in Lancaster,
  9. Nice images, well taken. I think you need more pictures that tell a story, because image users very often want the image to enhance their own story. You need to include people in your images if possible as well. Hope that helps. Keith
  10. My best month in the last year. 14 sales for $317 gross, including one $$$ sale. YTD sales volume now exceeds that for 2019, but $ still a long way short.
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