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  1. A niche sale from my Indian Relay Race project of two years ago. Marketing package, world wide large business. 2021-2026 This is why I don't mark my photos as editorial, for the most part.
  2. Back in the day, they put a gun in your face to take your money and lunch. Now they use a keyboard. I'm going to email them again on Monday for clarification. If they can get away with this, who knows what they will try next week. Other fees, my butt
  3. If they deducted 91 cents from just about everyone, Alamy just scored thousands of $$ at the stroke of a keyboard.
  4. I had the same deduction <.91 so I emailed Alamy and got a quick response. The deductions you are seeing are related to a previous affiliate sale where the affiliate commission was not paid correctly and therefore, we are having to make an adjustment now. You should not have been paid for this sale yet so you won’t be out of pocket. Also The Affiliate scheme is where a business or person displays an Alamy affiliate link on their website which directs customers to our site. Anyone can be an affiliate and you can find more information about the scheme here. I am not in the
  5. Good point. I have had sales@alamy contact me a number of times regarding the status of certain photographs, as in if it had been used as a book cover before, any sister images and to be sure if it is exclusive to Alamy. Also they inquired if I was OK with the price and terms they negotiated with the potential buyer. So yes, they do act as agents.
  6. Hi John I will also stay with Alamy, it's editorial and documentary focus suits the way I prefer to photograph. While it's great to have the occasional sale here and there, I find it more satisfactory to be "out there" doing what I was meant to do.
  7. Yup, change a few words on the contract...instant more profit! How (not) cool is that.
  8. Hmm.. I was just wondering if someone over at PA Media is going to *(get) an extra bonus in their pay packet at Christmas for increasing profits this fiscal year? 🤔 Need coffee
  9. This whole thing reminds me of two of my favorite quotes.. "And the man in the suit has just bought a new car From the profit he's made on your dreams" and "A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?"
  10. I predicted that this was going to happen when PA Media bought Alamy over a year ago. The only thing that surprises me is that it took so long to take a bigger piece of the pie. Let's see how long it's going to be before the next one happens. The rich gotta get richer, that's how it goes. Carry on.
  11. Thanks, I'm kind of disappointed that it hasn't sold, but these days I mainly do this kind of thing for myself. Great topic BTW.
  12. OK, I have to chime in here. This is my version of abstract realism. No fancy filters or anything, just blurred motion.
  13. I took another deep dive into the hard drive with my unedited Myanmar photographs and found this one. Taro root harvest in Shan State
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