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  1. Now that I have more time to find long lost photographs, I found this one from an ex agency.
  2. Welcome to Alamy! I looked at your photos and they seem to me to be very well thought out and composed and the colours are rich without being over saturated. You probably know that you need a lot of photos on this site to make any sort of income. Good luck on your photographic journey. There is a lot to experience and learn through this craft All the best.
  3. With all of the turmoil happening outside my doorstep, I decided to go back to scanning film again.
  4. I've had the exact same experience with AGE. At the start I had very good returns, then they dwindled down to zero so I got out about three years ago Checking by keyword, I have found some of my images there. A lot of the rodeo photos there seem to be very "aged" I don't expect much from them.
  5. Whoa! This is turning into a real surge. After nada all month, two sales in two days. Country: Worldwide ; Usage: iQ sale: Single company - multiple use editorial only ; Industry Sector: Education ; Start: 28-February-2020 ; Duration: Unlimited.
  6. It was a beautiful jet fighter. Too bad the Canadian government scrapped it in 1959.
  7. Talking to the people there, it's actually going to fly someday. It's not just a model
  8. It looks like my surge (of one) has started. Magazine and book usage. Worldwide. Avro Arrow jet fighter, 2/3 sized replica is being built at the Avro Museum in Springbank near Calgary Alberta. Canopy side view.
  9. Now that I'm finished with scanning for now, it's back to digital (thankfully). At the Calgary Winter Festival.
  10. I continue to lose money on every photo I take but I plan to make it back with more volume. Let's see how that works out. 😀
  11. While I like to shoot diverse subjects, my main interest and challenge is in people photography. I enjoy the interaction with other photographers and I get a lot of questions about my equipment because not everybody carries a full frame DSLR around anymore. Definitely an extrovert. I am constantly trying to challenge myself...like can I eat that whole pizza by myself? 🤔
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