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  1. I was going through a HD with unedited images from a trip to Myanmar when I found this one. It's a similar image to a previous upload but different enough to include this one too.
  2. I photographed this last year but only uploaded it recently. Hopefully the rodeo season will start up again soon. Barrel Racer at the Piikani Nation Rodeo, Brocket Alberta Canada
  3. Whoops, forgot about the chuckwagon race. Yes it is.
  4. You're welcome. Those photos brought back memories of a simpler time
  5. Expert here. That is definitely The Calgary Exhibition and Stampede (full name) with Scotsman's Hill in the background. It's difficult to tell the date but it could also be the 1970s judging by the houses The other one is the Stampede Grandstand
  6. I wasn't too pleased with the original edit of this photo so it went back to Photoshop for a makeover.
  7. IQ sale, duration unlimited. Since you asked 😏. It's a Haldane safety cage in a coal mine used to revive a canary by closing the door, opening the oxygen supply and then filling the cage with oxygen. A sort of ventilator for birds in the 1920's.
  8. First sale of the month, in at the last minute. Tsuut'ina Annual Rodeo & Powwow Bragg Creek Alberta. Presentation or newsletter.
  9. Great! I'll give you a ride🤣
  10. I'm putting all of my future stock income into a separate account to save up for this 1954 Kaiser Darren beauty. Wish me luck!
  11. Hah! I found one of my own doing an google image search of recent zooms. Not surprisingly, it's a photo I shot of a ventilator less than a year ago. I am getting a lot of views on that one image. Looks like it's going to be a Turkish distributor type sale when it shows up😑 Anyway, #3 on the page https://www.milliyet.com.tr/pembenar/galeri/corona-virus-ile-savasta-en-kritik-cihaz-solunum-cihazi-neden-onemli-6175465/3 I'd give myself a green arrow but that function is not working for me at the moment🤣 Yes I am bored. Time to finish cleaning the windows
  12. I'm cleaning the windows. Nothing like clean windows for a brighter outlook on life.
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