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  2. I'm currently using a Canon 7d Mk2, and interested in upgrading to a full-size sensor, for better low-light performance and larger field of view. Finding I need to pull up shadows frequently,--more than is sometimes possible with current setup-- or get a large architectural feature in the frame without backing up to Shanghai. There are lots of shots I would like to take but don't, because of the need for high ISO or shooting underexposed and fixing later. Am looking at the Sony a7R3 with their 24-105 f4 lens. That, and the Nikon D850 are being reported as being at the top of the list for dynamic range and high ISO performance. My question for those who are using large MP cameras and LR is: will processing speed in LR slow significantly when I move from a 20MP sensor to a 42MP sensor? Do you find it problematic? Logical comeback question is--what computer am I using? 1) LR Classic CC, latest update. 2)Dell Inspiron 15 7000 gaming laptop, with Intel i7 processor at 2.8GHz, 16GB ram, Nividia GTX 1060 graphics card, Windows 10. 3)Monitor is a Dell 4K, 3840 x 2160, 24", 30Htz. Will be grateful for your comments. --Michael
  3. Hi Mark That's a very impressive return, I am getting nowhere near that figure! Could you please confirm that you are using your total gross income since starting with Alamy, and not your annual gross income?
  4. Thanks for picking that up Mark. I've been out of action today. Allan
  5. Your highest sale

    August 2012 $650.00 Book Cover
  6. Today
  7. I purchased the one below just over a week ago, a tad larger than i thought but ok and does the job, only £20.49 and free posting.
  8. Your highest sale

    Just checked my record. The highest single sale was a $571 distributor sale, $450 was the highest direct sale. No 4-digit sale over 10 years with Alamy. On the other hand, my single best seller was sold again this morning. In all, it was sold 27 times for a total gross of $3640.
  9. Rugby players ID

    Thanks - they appear in a You Tube video here too
  10. Private use

    I had another one of PU this morning, with a subject not exactly a "wall hanger". So someone paid $19.99 for a full res download. I have suggested Alamy to restrict the download resolution for PU, but I'm not sure it will ever happen.
  11. Rugby players ID

    Sally, I've asked a friend, I'm hoping he comes up trumps. Will let you know. David
  12. Private use

    This one made me laugh out loud...........Ticket Personal use, Personal prints, cards and gifts. Yeah whatever
  13. Private use

    As Mirco and Jill say above there could be valid personal use reasons. However as we can probably never know about such usage or not my belief is that there should be a no refund policy for PU images.
  14. A bit of a throwaway image, so I'll bite my tongue at the value. The translation of the caption made me smile through the tears. Significantly: Meghan Markle with a dark-skinned mother in a car, chosen by blue noble blood (with a reason?). PHOTO: Profimedia
  15. So how is your 2018 going, eh?

    I've had one too, from the Harry and Meghan wedding. EU editorial website
  16. So how is your 2018 going, eh?

    Sales dismal for a second month. 4 sales came today. Distributor $3.31 gross netting $1 net each! Well at least zooms looking up at 83 now for rolling month.
  17. Private use

    Personal Use licence or PU is a well rehearsed subject on these forums and one sure to raise the hackles of many contributors. Take the time to browse previous threads on the subject...Alamy have repeatedly said they will investigate any such usage if the contributor thinks the licence is not appropriate. Do raise it with them if you have a concern.
  18. Question about out of focus dancers

    This thread has reminded me of an image I decided against uploading previously for fear of failing QC, which similarly was a long exposure purely because of lack of light. I've had a stiff drink and decided to give it a go. Fingers crossed.
  19. Have you Found any Alamy Photographs October

    Can I say a general big thank you to all those who continue to patiently search out Alamy images and report them here, and a specific thank you to those who have reported my images in the last 3 weeks while I have been away? Thank you!! Kumar
  20. Private use

    People also use these for university projects, no just for hanging on the wall. I believe that falls under personal use as well. Jill
  21. Private use

    Trust me.... some people can have some special obsessions......
  22. Processing failed

    Ah. Now I’ve posted I can see that there’s no EXIF info attached to the file. Must be that. Need to work out how to solve that now!!
  23. Processing failed

    I’m trying to upload some live news images and keep getting a ‘processing failed’ message - is anyone else having problems? I’m uploading using web upload and my phones hotspot but signal seems strong and I’ve not had an issue before Thanks
  24. Enhancing Photo Images

    I do sometimes wonder... I have been doing a number of cycle trips through this fair country I call home and I have spent some time assessing the competition. Which is less in this so-called "saturated market" than I had anticipated. What is saturated are many of the images I do come across, especially on a couple of the other sales channels. And I think to myself, crikey that looks more like Tellytubbyland or Hobbiton than any place I have seen... then again I look at threads people post of what they are selling and I see the same uber-saturated colours. Maybe I should be getting a bit more zealous with my sliders. There is also a trend here for "gritty" style portraits. Not really my taste, but then again... those are the ones which are selling...
  25. Private use

    Report it. I did with an image of the interior of a Pret a Manger licenced for PU. Alma says it will pass it on to 'the infringement team' - I don't hold out much hope but you never know, pigs may fly.
  26. Private use

    Do you ever "wonder" about some of the images bought for "private" use? ???
  27. Have you Found any Alamy Photographs October

    Guardian Online 23/10/18 Dennis Gilbert-VIEW HOLLINGDEAN SURE START CENTRE NURSERY - Image ID: CCDNHR david a eastley calf of man on the south west coast of the isle of man - Image ID: E6FFH2
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