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  2. The Nik Collection

    For me its not about avoiding paying for the CC package, its just that DxO's RAW conversions are so good. Instant eradication of CA, fringing, distortions, etc.
  3. distributor sales

    Yes and no. Not sure about now but in the past, the price of the sale was also taken into account for ranking. So it could be a double-edge sword. BTW, I am IN. Gen
  4. Newbie asking about rejects

    John I'll be honest and tell you I have not calibrated my monitor. I bought an Apple last year and I'm still getting the hang of it. Its a great computer but I'm not as quick as I used to be to catch on to things. I knew about calibration, I just had not thought of it.
  5. Search not working

    I couldn't get search to work today using Mac Safari. When I switched to Firefox it worked fine. Something to do with Safari?? Rick
  6. Hi, I had tested Imatch last year, mixed results, looked promising but alas some issues... text copied in from my notes:- Thumbs failure....YES, _MG_5D_4340.CR2 _MG_5D_4341.CR2 _MG_5D_4341(2).CR2 Yet other progs thumbed these, and these are 3 of a total of 8 cr2 files in the test folder. Added more, prog not seeing 5 cr2 images, very slow, then showed 1, now 3 not showing. BIG PROBLEM HERE !!! DAMN ! Thumbs creation speed slow, compared to others tested. also couldnt see a way of creating Keyword sets such as Cities or Animals or vehicles. search on keyword by selecting from list, couldnt see a way at the time. colours same as pshop...No, cant find colour profile setting to make AdobeRGB though very ‘busy’ preferences area ! also a tad softer as well. However I would love to overcome these issues as they spoilt an otherwise promising prog. BoBman
  7. distributor sales

    Thanks for all the "votes" it would appear that the vast majority feel opt in is more advantageous. Andy.
  8. How best to keyword age ranges

    and see if you said Asian to me, I would assume Korean, Japanese, Chinese or Philipino
  9. How best to keyword age ranges

    I have a similar kind of problem when keywording images of my wife and children. I am white Caucasian.. so that's easy. But my wife is Filipino which makes her Asian.. but 'Asian' seems to be more synonymous with people from the likes of India/Pakistan/Bangladesh which she isn't. I sometimes use 'oriental' but that doesn't really seem to fit in my mind either. And as for my children...
  10. How best to keyword age ranges

    I have fun with this one (as in head go boom)...our clients use aboriginal, our dumbass (fired as of Monday) Marketing manager refused too, so indigenous to her, and the bands/contractors use First Nations? Welcome to the oil industry.
  11. Trade in or sell privately?

    Having some good luck with Kijiji this time.
  12. How best to keyword age ranges

    Even more tags in Canada. How about a 70's senior adult First Nations, aboriginal, indigenous, native, Canadian Indian (now politically incorrect) person from the Kwakawaka'waka nation.
  13. Favourite images uploaded - April 2018

    Female Yellow-bellied Sunbird (Nectarinia jugularis) at her pendulous nest in my garden Australian Brush-turkey (Alectura lathami) preening
  14. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    While Alamy was always a low earner for me with less than 5% of my stock sales last year, I have already exceeded my total of 2017 in 2018 with quite a few nice over 100 USD licence, all sold as RF. Happy.
  15. Have you found any Alamy images in April 2018

    Evening Standard, 25/04/18, print Simon Dack EM9EDR View looking down Lewes High Street, Lewes, East Sussex UK Monica Wells CXHNC2 The trendy Maltby Saturday morning artisan food market under the railway arches of Bermondsey, SE London, England, UK
  16. Hi, I am trialling DAM softwares trying to find one that will catalog all my files, Msoft Office, CAD, Photographs, pdf etc etc, and enable me to continue allocating Keywords that I can search on in the software to find the images, and also embed those keywords into the image such that Alamy picks up on them and creates tags, just as I used to do with Extensis Portfolio until Extensis killed the prog off. (very angry with them indeed as finding an alternative is hell !) ACDSee has Categories which are confusing the life out of me, as a category in my mind is a sort of folder or case in which Keywords are contained, so one might have AircraftType and within that have Spitfire Hurricane Mustang B17 Lancaster etc etc. Instead I am told by Tech support at ACDSee to right click the Category I have created of AircraftType and choose NewCategory and type Lancaster. or Spitfire etc. Lets call this a sub category. I would end up with 500 sub categories, if there are 500 aircraft types I need to allocate to photos. One then selects a photo of a Lancaster, and ticks the box next to the sub-category of Lancaster, that photo is now with a Category of Lancaster. ACDSee also has Keywords but I am at a loss to know why can't Lancaster be a keyword. Getting my pic of a Lancaster into Alamy. ACDSee help says :- You can add information to your images using IPTC and ACDSee Metadata. IPTC information is automatically embedded into your image, while ACDSee Metadata can be embedded into your file, or stored in the database. You can add this information to one or multiple files at a time. We recommend entering and editing metadata prior to processing your images. To Add Metadata to One or More Files: In Manage mode, select one or more files in the File List pane. In the Properties pane, select the Metadata tab. Enter information into the metadata fields. Click Apply or press Enter to apply your changes. I get the feeling I will have to enter all my categories or as I still call them keywords, all over again, unlike Portfolio when the allocated Keywords could be told to be embedded into Metadata. Does anyone know of the steps involved with ACDSee and clarify this process for me as well as enlighten me on what is a keyword and what is not, why is Lancaster or Spitfire not a keyword ? Why Spitfire as a keyword cant be held within a collective set called AircraftType. I am still mentally in Portfolio mode where their CustomField would have been AircraftType and when the dropdown arrow was clicked on one would see Spitfire, Lancaster, Mustang etc etc. Furthermore if I can have Spitfire or Lancaster as a keyword, as well as other specifics in the picture such as wheel chocks, starter trolley etc and I have allocated such to a photo, is that then termed as ACDSee metadata, such that then when I go tools>embed ACDSee Metadata>to selected files they get embedded and become the keywords in IPTC, I hope so as that saves me typing it all out again in the metadata entry window tech support navigated me to :-( Any help appreciated as I think tech support have messed up in advice here a bit. update...A tricky to follow video seems to show creation of keywords and an option to create a keyword set though no explanation of how though. For Alamy I would need to have all spellings options for example of Spitfire 1 Spitfire Mk1 Spitfire mark1 Spitfire mark 1 allocated to ACDSee metadata for the photo, when I just select a single keyword Spitfire Mk1 , so how would I get ACDSee to do that ? BobMan
  17. Installed the latest updates to Photoshop CC and Camera Raw but now find my ACR presets are greyed out. I can still get to them via the 'Load Settings' option but it defaults to the last folder where I saved something, so I then have to navigate to the obscure folder where Adobe saves the presets. Anyone else had this problem and know how to fix it? Can't find anything on the net.
  18. distributor sales

    Opted out earlier this month. Small US portfolio with no distributor sales so far. Image prices are already too low and distributor sales take too large a percentage cut. If portfolio was larger and/or diversified with non-US images I might consider it in future. Otherwise Alamy's web site is available world-wide.
  19. Have you found any Alamy images in April 2018

    Found in the South China Morning Post 25-4-18 by Adie Photograph of the road to Guoliang village, China Photographer: View Stock / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: H9MWRX Photo of road to Montenegro Photographer: Mykola Sinkevych / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: M7KYER Picture of the road to Montenegro Photographer: Mykola Sinkevych / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: M7KYER Pic of North Yungas Road, near La Cumbre Pass, Yungas road between La Paz and Coroico, Bolivia Photographer: imageBROKER / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: FDAGAB Image of Xinxiang, China, Guoliang wall road, one of the world's most peculiar road which built up in the cliff in Xinxiang, Henan, China on 26th February 2018.(Photo by TPG/CNS) Credit: TopPhoto/Alamy Live News Photographer: Top Photo Corporation / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: M5X6E3
  20. Interesting that there are differences. The website is coded to diplay prices of the country you are in. But since you've been here for a long time and received payments, I gues you would have noticed by now if this glitch creates problems in the calculation of amounts due - which is my only concern.
  21. Then try to use your influence to convince her to skip one generation so that we get a fresh face on or money. The prince of whales offspring would look much better on our coins and give a fresh look to monarchy.
  22. Maybe, her photo appears on every single piece of money. I've been wondering how much we pay for copyrights.
  23. distributor sales

    IN, because I like to see what I might be missing. Cheers and gone Shergar
  24. New Tesco

    Must be used to loonies with camera's in Aldi and Lidl, never had an issue in their car parks
  25. New Tesco

    I work downtown so now that I have that little Sony, I have experienced this 4 times this week...
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