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  2. It opens correctly for me on my Samsung tablet. I can see the Merseyside blog. And I like it. Look forward to reading more Edo.
  3. As I said, Phil, I'm trying to work things out. I've stopped editing now. I just clicked on it and it opened. ??? I could do a blog on the tech I don't know.
  4. When I click on the link you provided (using my Samsung tablet) it says: Sorry, the page you were looking for on this blog does not exist. A page headed Stranger In A Strange Land is displayed, with a photo and profile of you on the right hand side, but no blog about Merseyside.
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  6. Thank you for the tool to remove duplicates. I have lots of those from the days of three different boxes for keywords. I found the instructions for dealing with commas didn't work but I used TextEdit to replace them with spaces and that worked. I don't think I have the patience to go through all my old images but I may do some. Paulette
  7. You guys are a hoot! You wonā€™t find me in a tree over your bushes or Iā€™d be tempted to drop a D800 on your heads!
  8. Okay, I started the new blog. Posted an introduction. I'm having some trouble with the formatting but I hope to get that sorted out. My WiFi is screwed up more than usual and I have a virus. I hope you all are feeling fine. https://edostrange.blogspot.com/2020/01/merseyside.html
  9. Daily Telegraph 27/1/20 Hastings fishing boat Pioneer among the nets on Hastings Stade Fishermen's Beach, at Rock-a-Nore, East Sussex, England, United Kingdom, UK - Image ID: K8W2YY - Carolyn Clarke / Alamy Stock Photo
  10. You are forgiven šŸ™‚. It wasn't clear what you meant at all though. Taking it literally you seemed to be saying that you see noise in images shot indoors at ISOs greater than 100 when you meant that you don't shoot indoors at any higher ISO than 100. Forgive me for not understanding. šŸ¤£
  11. Not so easy. Maybe a bit bigger but can't see font size numerals.
  12. Righto, that's my next mission. I could be some time.....
  13. Yes, they are darker. I'd use a larger font if possible, though.
  14. Right oh, yes, no problem with it not on the home page, it would probaby be a distraction.
  15. Yes I know ~ I did point out it was when had first started I know better now All I do know is I have an APS-C and if I shot at ISO 4000 I'd end up with a pile of unusable rubbish. I guess your gear/technique is superior to mine probably so I'm very happy that you have been able to get usable images from ISO 4000 šŸ¤— All I can add is that is how I shoot and I work within the usable limits of my equipment
  16. Recently I came across a couple of additional interesting keyword tools that could be helpful. IMS Keyworder https://imstocker.com/en/keyworder Duplicate/repeated keyword tool https://www.tracemyip.org/tools/remove-duplicate-words-in-text/ Also - I use Photo Mechanic to enter Captions and keywords into my image's metadata. I recently discovered that Photo Mechanic's "Edit Keywords" tool will remove duplicate keywords that might occur from pasting keywords from different sources into PM's keyword field.
  17. i.e. indoors I shoot using a tripod at ISO 100 in natural light does that help? I did not imply that the type of light source had any bearing on ISO ~ hey I was just answering the question posed so forgive me for not getting the answer right šŸ¤£
  18. USA, The New York Times (online) Jan 27th 2020 For an article on stress and grey hair Mouse and cheese, Halina Koktysh
  19. Hi Mark, Thank you so much for your reply. Yes, indeed, I plan to enhance my tech skills before really trying to submit... I just wanted to make sure I was doing it with a camera that would eventually be good enough I will also try to submit a jpg here for feedback. Thank you! Aimee
  20. I recently rejuvenated my mid-2011 vintage Apple iMac in a effort to extend it's life as well as my LR6/PS5 perpetual licenses. The iMac's internal boot HDD was the original and showing it's age - frequent system crashes. I wanted a path forward different from buying a newer MacOS system or having Apple or an independent repair shop remove & replace the iMac's display panel and the old internal HDD. So I purchased an external 2-bay Thunderbolt dock and a 1TB SSD. Plugged the SSD into one dock bay alongside my 1TB external HDD in the 2nd dock bay that contained my userdata. Installed bootable MacOs on the SSD and migrated all applications and data off the old internal HDD to the new bootable SSD. System is much faster now with more storage capacity. The old iMac even runs cooler now with the internal HDD's volume unmounted. Should be good for several more years hopefully.
  21. I'm in the bush to your right. Shhh... here they come. šŸ¤
  22. The links to the left of your homepage picture are difficult to see/read on my monitor, which might just say something about my eyesight.
  23. The Canon G9 X Mk II is certainly capable of producing images suitable for Alamy. There are many possible reasons for SoLD failure, especially if you're "not great with the technical aspects", so it's hard to give specific advice. However, if you post one of your failed submitted jpegs online (e.g. here) and provide a link to it in this forum, then you are likely to get some advice. I would suggest that if you're not great with the technical aspects you might want enhance those skills before using Alamy QC as a "test bed". Mark
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