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  2. If you do not see JPG as an option, it means that your file does not meet the requirements. So it will only show the file extensions that fit your image at that point. Wrong bit depth? Some (most) people start out with 16 bit images and convert them to 8 bit before saving as JPG. Easy to forget. More than one layer? Photoshop now automatically makes a new layer after using some features, but doesn't show it unless you have the Layers menu open. Content aware fill (new) comes to mind. The old one didn't do this. Ordinary cropping same thing. Again easy to miss. In case of
  3. I've just checked and can't see anything has changed in Photoshop, Jpeg should be just above jpeg 2000, maybe you clicked the wrong button, easily done. I have an action to do mine, it works for me... Carol
  4. As indicated on Alamy I have processed if TIFF, saved them and copied in JPG after processing. They always went in to Alamy smoothly. A few days a go I followed that procedure and instead of the JPG that I normally got, Photoshop showed a JPRG 2000 option. I chose that and Alamy says that it does not recognize that designation. How can I now submit my images?
  5. The nice thing about the window wells, Allan, is the windows wash themselves. All that water, you know. 😉 As far as the basement goes, I have a fully furnished living area with a large screen TV down there, plus a bedroom, bathroom and large storage area. The window wells are necessary not just for light, but in case of fire, one can escape through the windows. When it storms and threatens tornadoes, I can go down there for safety and be comfortable. That’s also where I have my inversion table and another table where I cut my watercolor paper. That’s where I hang my artwork. Whe
  6. Bing wallpaper Dec. 7 Vancouver Christmas Market, Jack Poole Plaza, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Michael Wheatley Image ID: HE2G58
  7. Hi Paulette - thanks for your help - all now OK ! Alan.
  8. So, Common Wrigley's stickysporium it is then. Mark
  9. Congrats Richard! Wonderful - hope to see you featured in the blog soon! Looking through your portfolio it is a testament to how well you can do with well thought out and well captioned editorial images. Great job!
  10. You don't do it from the image manager. Just go to your images and hover over thumbnails. You'll see plus sign below. Paulette
  11. Thank you both very much Alexander and Wiskerke for your replies. I have managed to create a Lightbox and named it, and it appears in the Lightbox dropdown as my active Lightbox. I then go to my image manager to view images I want to get into the lightbox. Hovering over a wanted image thumbnail and clicking the + sign gives me an enlarged version of the image, but it does not transfer or copy itself to the Lightbox. What am I missing ? Regards, Alan.
  12. Sticking chewing gum to trees - who would have thought... Mark
  13. Some great articles including the most striking images. So sorry too realize I missed the New Women exhibit at the Met. Never read the BBC culture articles before Bookmarking it now - thanks for sharing @Tony ALS! (I've become a regular Guardian reader thanks to Alamy too. Glad to add BBC Culture to my reading list).
  14. The quickest way is to create a lightbox. If you click on the number next to your post, in your case 719, you'll go to pages with just your images (there are other ways of course). On top there's a button + Lightboxes. In the fly-out on the left click on Create a lightbox. On the page that opens, click again op +Create. In the pop-up box Create Lightbox, name your lightbox. If you want to add a Project name, like a book or an article or a shoot, click on the pencil to edit. The same for Client or the Title of the lightbox. This is now your current and active light
  15. In the Alamy Manager go to Your Alamy Portfolio Page and underneath says Go to your Alamy portfolio page in blue and I think that is how to create a link to link in a website Not sure if there is an option for creating a URL( if needed ) There is other contributors might explain it better than I can
  16. To be honest, that was my first thought when I saw it, the spacing is too regular!
  17. Wells? Windows? Whatnot? If I could just get my hands around the neck of the owner of this building, I could solve all those problems. 🤨
  18. Also, once you've uploaded, you can rename the submission reference number in the left hand column of the Image Manager. You can't search this column but you can list the submissions by name which helps to narrow down a search (assuming you can remember what you called it..!). The original submission reference is retained in the main panel above the image thumbnails.
  19. Update: Thanks for your responses @Allan Bell, @wiskerke, @Jose Decio Molaro and @R De Marigny. I approached the Ranger's office over at Wimbledon Common and they in turn sought the opinion of a local expert. The definitive conclusion is that the unusual fungal growth is in fact.... chewing gum! Hilarious!
  20. Yes Kumar, the $$$ ones were live news sales. Most from one event too, so well worth going to.
  21. For anyone considering IMatch there is a special offer at the moment - 25% off until December 31st. See here. Note - I have no affiliation with IMatch, just a very satisfied user.
  22. UK bank transfers are invariably working day 4, all the other methods take much longer apparently.
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