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  2. Not exactly nature but nice all the same. Allan
  3. Two things good. The gardeners started work on tearing out all the greenery in my back garden today. They are back tomorrow to remove the grass and some soil. I left my iMac computer running for some time while I did something else. When I came back the screen was showing a lovely hypnotic psychedelic light show with different merging patterns and colours so I sat and watched it for a while until I nearly went to sleep. Useful if you want to calm down after a stressful day. Allan
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  5. Thank you for your comments. Somebody used the search term ‘red squirrels’ - I don’t know if they used quotes or not. It showed up in my ‘Alamy Measures’ and the images that appeared in the search were of grey squirrels. But thank you Chris, I had forgotten that with some of my older grey squirrel images I used the phrase ‘displace red squirrels’. My keywording has improved since then! On a positive note, I have had some good sales of grey squirrel images. My last one was for $***. Another appeared in the New Scientist. I now need to look at old images and the keywords I used, and do a bit of deleting.
  6. Thanks Bryan. That is 2CNED8W which was Live News until yesterday but is now in stock, however it seems to be taking longer for images to show up in stock than it normally does.
  7. Two photographs done on the same evening: That is one of the reasons I like the little Fuji X100, it is a very light and easy camera to carry around for a walk in the evening after work.
  8. Understood. The OP did say he hadn't used "red" and I took him at his word. Can I suggest you look up Boolean logic. You can include and exclude by use of AND and NOT (in capitals), for example. I have found it helpful in checking my own tags here. For example, if I don't see as many results as I think there should be in a search in Measures, I can check if I've missed a tag out of any of my images.
  9. John, I have found a good phone ap - "Google Lens" that I use to identify flowers, Animals, bugs etc that I use before I take a photo, if I don't know the name of it. It works well most of the time. Nigel
  10. Going through some files, i realised i had skipped these because i wasn't able to get identifications through quick searches, and i left town the next day so wasn't able to ask around Can anyone help identify these 2 creatures from a Parade in Oaxaca. This was in mid February, but before start of Lent, didn't find any special occasion. I seemed to be school age based.
  11. Test part 2. Now did "red squirrels grey" and the images of Grey squirrel in search I looked at had some form of word Red in KW or description. Some were fair, mainly Squirrel eating from Red Matus, but most are extremely KW spammed, which to me is the big problem for customers, and should be addressed, so curious to see examples from OP
  12. Guardian Online 21/09/2020 https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/sep/21/robots-gear-up-to-march-to-the-fields-and-harvest-cauliflowers Dinodia Photos Cauliflower vegetable at Ojhar , Murbad , Maharashtra , India , Asia - Image ID: ET0H87 https://www.theguardian.com/money/2020/sep/21/nsi-savings-rates-premium-bonds-prizes-direct-saver-investment-account-isas Chris Dorney The homepage of the official website for National Savings and Investments - the state-owned savings bank in the UK - Image ID: KJMRC1 https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/sep/21/uk-households-recycle-regularly-study picturesbyrob recycle recycling kerbside kerb side green box bin trash rubbish bin reusable taking out the bins boxes - Image ID: B3BA7H
  13. i just did a couple of tests, took a search with only 4 results, added "red' no quotes, and got 0 match. so now i did "displace red squirrels" as suggested, not quotes, all 12 images are of Grey squirrels, but they all have "displace red squirrels" in the keywords, so search works. How many results are you getting? do you have an example of one that doesn't have "red" in KW?
  14. Displace was not the word was not referring to and to be honest I have no idea what a Booleans is. The OP queried why " a search ‘red squirrel’ brings up photos of grey squirrels where the word ‘red’ has never been used in the keywords." I was pointing out that the phrase "displace red squirrels" which appears in several of the OP's pictures of grey squirrels includes the word red. EDIT From Alamy advice on tagging "Our tagging system does not exclude constituent words of a tag from being searched for e.g. “Banff National Park” will still show up for “banff”,”national park” and “park” searches
  15. 2 Presentations just dropped in. Camp oven festival, near Toowoomba, Queensland.
  16. I was just outside a bar, Mark, with the 28-70 on a tripod. 🙂 Allan, I've bought and sold and traded with MPB, a good company. 😀 John, I was too quick in buying. I won't be so quick in selling, if I do sell. A notice in my lobby yesterday says packages can no longer be left. What next? 🤔
  17. I don't quite get your point, but if you're suggesting that having "displace" is causing results to be somehow "displaced", I'm sure you're wrong about that. The only way you can influence search with words that are not searched on is with Booleans, as I suggested.
  18. Sun Online 21/09/2020 https://www.thesun.co.uk/money/12719031/butlins-jobs-risk-furlough-ends-october/ Roger Bamber Butlins logo at Bognor Regis camp, Sussex. - Image ID: ATY803 https://www.thesun.co.uk/money/12713965/universal-credit-payments-docked-coronavirus-crisis-repay-debts/ Russell Hart A piece of stationery featuring the Universal Credit logo, rests on a table along with some £1 coins. - Image ID: PXEK8K https://www.thesun.co.uk/travel/12707412/hotel-holiday-parks-uk-staycation-autumn-winter/ PjrTravel St James's Park in Autumn (November 2018) London, England, UK. - Image ID: R64R4E https://www.thesun.co.uk/travel/12696542/post-brexit-travel-warning-passports-driving-mobile-roaming-pets/ Lightworks Media Vehicles waiting to board a ferry at Calais, France - Image ID: R4KJ4X Peter Jordan EU United Kingdom Passport with form downloaded as part of the on-line renewal process - Image ID: H52M4P wronaphoto.com Immigration and passport control, Terminal 2, Heathrow Airport, London, United Kingdom - Image ID: EA838T
  19. Rights grabbing has been going on for a very long time. A publisher or packager would have a person who's job was contracts as long as I can remember. Not to be left to photographers and picture researchers over a tipple in the pub. They were never push-overs! For the most part, they took the view that I was only doing my job by holding out for best terms and it was vital to not get in any sort of temper. Terms like "in perpetuity" and "through-out the universe" started appearing twenty years ago. I'm afraid it will get worse, not better.
  20. You have the search term "displace red squirrels" in the keywords for some of the pictures. My knowledge of keywords and how phrases are searched is limited, I gave up trying to understand alamy's keyword changes years ago, but I think this is what is causing them to come up in searches for red squirrels.
  21. Better than mine, jealous jealous! Problem is by golden hour I'm usually in a bar. So it only works if the view is from the bar, and IIRC that one isn't. Fortunately this one was.
  22. Agreed. They should be treated fairly and not have to worry about such things. Allan
  23. That's not the point- of course they will be rejected. There will be plenty who will accept, but decent journalists should not be put in the position of having to choose between a rights grab and no work.
  24. SH prices to buy that lens are around £900 - £1000 depending on condition. That would mean Edo would get about £600 if he resold it to a dealer or one of the dedicated SH photographic dealers. He may get a bit more from mpb as it is in new condition. (As new). but not a lot more. That reminds me I have sold equipment to mpb at times and one time they emailed me to say that one of the items i had submitted was in better condition than I had listed it at and said they were paying me more for it. At least it sort of proves that mpb are an honest reputable organisation. Allan
  25. Sign the contract but cross out those explicit terms and initial them. It will be up to the group to either accept or reject the altered contract. Maybe make them think again. Allan
  26. How far do you have to go down a search for red squirrel before you start seeing grey squirrel pictures returned? I skimmed through at the first 30 pages of the search and saw only red squirels. There were 45000+ matches, so there may be grey squirrels further down the search, but certainly not in the first pages. On subjects where the search finds only a small number of matches to the search term, it will look for something close. So if there were only a few hundred red squirrel pictures in the collection, it might then start to return pictures of grey squirrels as that matches at least one of the search words. As far as I can see though, from my quick experiment, the search looks to be working as one would expect. ETA I didn't use quotes in my search, just the two word term
  27. You did put "red squirrel" in quotes and not just apostrophes, didn't you? I didn't get any greys in my search. Anyway you could try a Boolean- NOT grey. That does something odd to the numbers.
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