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  2. Alamy search..... zero. I thought I might find Betty modeling a pair under a disco ball.
  3. Should be a limit of one week for a refund. Anyway, despite my BME last month, and the great amount of zooms have had over the previous few months, July is looking utterly dreadful. And not just here. Not even a single zoom this month, no sales here or anywhere else. Been a long time since things were this slow for me.
  4. Do I have a pair? I've never even seen a pair. 🤪
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  6. El País El Viajero 10.07.2020 (Print edition) Marcos Veiga C339FA Cathedral of Tui cloister. Tui, Pontevedra, Spain Luis Vilanova HC5TPB The tourist catamaran that sails the cannons of the River Sil, passes under the vineyards of the Ribeira Sacra, Galicia Alberto Paredes A7496Y Chavasqueira Thermal Spring by Miño river OURENSE Ourense province Galicia region Spain Luis Dafos 2AF7PKN Tuy, Pontevedra province, Galicia, Spain : Visitors walk on the medieval border town of Tui. M Ramírez HY92TB The village of Alájar seen from above. Alájar, Huelva, Andalusia, Spain, Europe Ekaterina Kolomeets KM2XAM The river and traditional houses in the ancient Spanish town. Northern Spain, Cantabria, summer day in Potes Edwin Remsberg 2AETBR9 Entrance to the Teatro Col—n also known as The Christopher Columbus Theatre , Bogot‡ , Colombia
  7. I think Betty is hinting at matching "mocha silk disco pants" Ed. Do you happen to have a pair?
  8. Windows 10 password screen, July 14th 2020 Great Bahamas Bank, BlueOrangeStudio
  9. My polar bear leaping is appearing on another editorial website for $. It is adding up. Polar Bear in the Svalbard Archipelago. Paulette
  10. After my shot of the blue-faced honeyeater on top of a termite mound taken from my chair, now this image was taken while in lockdown on the wall of our en-suite bathroom next to our motorhome. Soon I'll be called a lazy wildlife photographer. It looks like I'm getting that way. Thrilled about this license. I did notify the camp owner that under no circumstances should the nest be removed. The answer was 'things people do to keep busy....'. Mid $$.
  11. Ah yes, Bimini. I've done shoots on a few islands in the stream, but I've never been to Bimini. Hemingway spent a lot of time on Bimini between 1935 and 1937, but he never really lived (settled) there. He was living with his family in Key West. If he was by himself on Bimini, he usually stayed at the Compleat Angler Hotel. When he had his wife and boys with him he rented or stayed with friends like Michael Lerner. It was a very important, pivotal place to him and I will have to add it to the spots I did not have a proper Papa beverage. This Hemingway story recently published in The New Yorker seems to be set in Bimini: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2020/06/08/pursuit-as-happiness Edo
  12. Thanks again Sally. I could have invented any story, but it's not my style. Here how I did it. Hope this link works. You might have to click on Proceed to Site. https://tinyurl.com/ybfs85nm
  13. Thank you Sally! I've seen many many black kites but always in the air. After a while it gets boring to take flight shots because there are so many kites species flying low in Oz. Straight tail, forked tail, yes, it's exciting for a while to be able to identify them but not really a challenge to photograph. This individual was photographed in a campsite. He swooped over a site when campers were not there. He found something, took it to a branch overhead and ate it there. I have shots of that but it looks too much like bread to me, so pix will stay on my hard drive. I was pleased with this eye level shot.
  14. I didn't think of moving it! Thanks, John. I'm tempted by a Minolta 100mm. macro now, using the bellows is a bit slow and the focus on the process lens goes AWOL below about f11. There seem to be plenty in Japan, but £130 is £130 and it will never pay for itself. BTW is that focus stacked or straight? Mine was static enough. Wonder if he's still there.
  15. Thanks James for the clarification (and the refunds!) Kind regards to you and all at Alamy Kumar
  16. Singing in close harmony and now dancing the Texas two-step? What's next? Will I be expected to juggle?
  17. The Guardian Felix Vallotton’s La lecture abandonnée (1924). Photograph: Archivart/Alamy Stock Photo The Sun Fleetway Travel has gone bust Credit: Alamy
  18. Taken many moons ago (about 50 years) with a secondhand Rolleicord, costing all of £25. I revisited the site recently and there is hardly a trace of the old colliery, just a fenced in gas vent. Low $$
  19. Removing photos, why? If you’ve lost interest you could just leave your port as it is, giving you the chance to make sales down the line. Removing photos is a bit dramatic and quite ridiculous.
  20. Guardian Online 13.07.20 https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/jul/13/andean-condor-fly-without-flapping-wings-flight-bird E1WEFE All Canada Photos/Wayne Lynch Adult male Andean condor (Vultur gryphus), Torres del Paine National Park, southern Patagonia
  21. Cheers Iain ! Times online 14th Business Iain Masterton View of Lagavulin Distillery on island of Islay in Inner Hebrides of Scotland, UK - Image ID: TTM6KN jeremy sutton-hibbert Making whisky at the Glasgow Distillery Company, in Hillington, in Glasgow, Scotland - Image ID: GX4PPF Luke MacGregor Component ingredients of the Primerdesign Coronavirus COVID-19 detection kit are labelled at the Primerdesign offices and labs at Chandler's Ford, Ham - Image ID: 2B1XYCJ London, Britain. 1st May, 2020. A passenger wearing a face mask is seen at Heathrow Airport in London, Britain, Tim Ireland/Xinhua/Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2BK56C1 Newscast Online Picture Shows a Clintons Cards Store in Holborn, London. - Image ID: C38TPF Stefan Kiefer Men at the cash dispenser of NatWest Bank, London, Great Britain - Image ID: RA46NK Steve Tulley Historic Giant Pepsi Cola neon sign at Ganty Plaza State Park, Long Island City ,Queens ,New York,USA - Image ID: M87409 Ireland T.M.O.Pets English Springer Spaniel puppies at 6 weeks old exploring the garden - Image ID: J48FGX Scotland Matthew Horwood An elderly old age pensioner sits with his hands on a walking stick in a care home. - Image ID: DF6XP0 cross dressing performer at Edinburgh fringe - can't find it Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. 13th Jul 2020. Well known Edinburgh Healthy eating institution Hendersons restaurant Credit: Craig Brown/Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2C70R81 Raúl Bachiller hairdresser cutting hair at barber shop to a client, both wear masks due to the corona virus pandemic. - Image ID: 2C5YYHK David Chapman Mountain Avens; Flower; Scotland; UK - Image ID: JGGNHY News Alicia Clarke Fried chicken and chips with coleslaw, dipped in mayonnaise with ketchup by man with tattoos. Hipster street food. - Image ID: M7XNWM london thank you NHS oxford street - can't find it Sergiy Chmara Girl typing on keyboard infront of the laptop, online meeting - Image ID: 2C52GF4 Chris Ratcliffe Pupils fill an exam hall to take a GCSE exam at Maidstone Grammar school in Maidstone, Kent, U.K. - Image ID: C0KKP8 JOHN BRACEGIRDLE ST ANDREWS FIFE SCOTLAND ST SALVATORS COLLEGE THE LAWN AND QUADRANGLE UNIVERSITY OF ST ANDREWS - Image ID: R27PBA Whitechapel, London, UK. 17th September 2019. Get Ready for Brexit electronic billboard in Whitechapel, East London, credit: Matthew Chattle/Alamy Live News - Image ID: WXPT3T Dawson Images Smart Motorway - Image ID: EMB27Y Marbella, Spain. 10th Jan, 2020. Football: Bundesliga, training camp Borussia Dortmund. View of the team hotel Gran Melia Don Pepe from Dortmund. Credit: Friso Gentsch/dpa -Image ID: 2AM4CRD David Gee Middle aged driver driving while telephoning and using a mobile telephone phone handset to send an SMS message text, which is an illegal offence and could lead to points on license, or death and injury to pedestrians and other road users. UK (103) - Image ID: R0154Y
  22. Wow, I can follow all that. Audacity is one of my favorite sound tools. I still work on rewinders to prepare 16mm for transfer to video. I rarely get on a Steenbeck anymore, though my friend does have one and lets me work on it if I want.
  23. I have no sales since mid February. I´m slowly removing photos from Alamy and not submitting any more. I lost my interest in this game.
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