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  2. Guardian online.... https://www.theguardian.com/education/2019/dec/11/spiralling-rents-consume-increasing-portion-of-student-loans University of East London halls of residence at Royal Docks, Beckton, London. Photograph: Julian Castle/Alamy https://www.theguardian.com/education/2019/dec/02/from-dog-petting-to-desk-yoga-do-wellbeing-weeks-make-university-less-stressful University wellbeing weeks can include dog-petting, knitting groups and garden sessions. Photograph: Matej Kastelic/Alamy
  3. Excellent topical subject, my three! 😀 Christmas lights Saxy Santa Boxing Day swim in Sidmouth
  4. USA, The New York Times newspaper, Dec 15th 2019 issie Book Review section Pg. 14, The Soong Sisters 1917 in Shanghai, China, Historic Collection (Alamy credit only)
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  6. Sometimes my computer puts in "contributors@alamy.com-updates.com" and then I don't get a response. I assume it is picking up that address from emails from them. I have to be careful that it is just "contributors@alamy.com". Paulette
  7. "I can read one-handed, and the backlit screen is very easy on the eyes..." You have that right, John.
  8. As a rule artists do sign their work but don't make a declaration about copyright. I don't think even the Big commercial galleries point it out. If they all pointed their buyers towards the issue it would be good, but would you want to be the first to put your head above the parapet? It would be a good idea to add a clause about it on web sites. I think Jane has a close to 100% digital record of her works. I've helped her keep the files sizes down so her hard drive doesn't fill up. Perhaps a few of the tidlers have been overlooked.
  9. I uploaded these before the penny dropped about copyright and I removed them from sale. Three of the 'Fab Four' are top left on their Magical Mystery Tour.
  10. The ones I know don't produce any documents, but they do sign the artwork somewhere to indicate they created it, and by implication, own the original copyright. Relatively easy with paintings and sculptures, but doesn't really work with 35mm transparencies and prints. Mark
  11. You should have had an automated response almost immediately. Have you checked your spam folder? Mark
  12. Kindle Paperwhite for me too. I bought it when I was living in my camper-van... to avoid turning the van into a mobile library. Books are heavy! I can read one-handed, and the backlit screen is very easy on the eyes...
  13. Not getting a reply from "contributor relations "? Never heard that before. Try info@alamy.com, which is the front desk, they work office hours during the week, but I have never not had a reply from them or contributor relations.
  14. It reminds me of that programme "Fake or fortune" where sometimes the search for the provenance of an unsigned sketch or painting is considerably aided by a photograph of it propped up in the background of a contemporary photograph of the artist's studio. These days I would have thought it very sensible for an artist to take copies of their works.
  15. Thanks for that link Thomas. That's a really interesting project. It's a bit like the idea mentioned above of having a website where low res Orphan Worked images can be viewed and shared - but I am not even sure of the legality of doing that.
  16. Just out of interest. When the original is sold does your wife, or any of her friends, create any documentation to state that they retain copyright so that the buyer fully understands the situation and avoids any potential embarrassment in the future should they decide to reproduce the original themselves? Does this ever happen I wonder? I do understand that there is absolutely no obligation to do so.
  17. Yes, I have bought some of those, especially tricky when they have fallen out of their original cardboard frame. I looked to see if some of the companies still exist but had no luck. One in South Africa is/was called 'Rainbow'. Just too broad a search term now that S. Africa is called the Rainbow nation. But even so, isn't there a way that people can share and view these images? It seems such a loss to me.
  18. My wife is an accomplished artist and many of her friends are artists. Many of them are aware of their copyright position. Ownership of a work of art does not include copyright although the buying public are mostly unaware. The digital camera is their friend and often they produce pretty good shots which they can have well printed pretty cheaply. Serious collectors know the score.
  19. Did you get an automated response when you used that address? Usually you get the automated email first, then a real response. Maria
  20. I once looked through the slides in my aunt's collection and thought the ones taken in Rome were pretty good. That was until I realised that these slides were taken by professional photographers that were regularly sold on to tourists as souvenirs.
  21. I assume the same rules apply to moving images. There's quite a lot of digitized orphaned small gauge film footage on archive.org – though, of course, not for sale. One of the libraries there, which is something of a goldmine if you're interested in stuff like this, is IICADOM – The International Institute for the Conservation, Archiving and Distribution of Other People's Memories.
  22. Thanks for the clarification Mark. The artists I know are not exactly tech savvy!
  23. Thanks for the link, a very good idea to carry that. A bit of Sunday morning googling also came up with this link establishing under the Freedom of Information whether this advice still stands after ACPO was replaced by the National Police Chief's Council in 2015. It seems that it does: https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/278142/response/685795/attach/4/124 15 NPCC Response 28072015.pdf?cookie_passthrough=1
  24. That maybe true of some artists, but the ones I deal with will sell the original artwork, but they also have a digital copy and prints and will continue to sell prints and cards etc. The artists I deal with know that the copyright is still theirs even though the original has been sold and they may loose track of it. Mark
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