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  2. It certainly seems like the ruling could have been much more straightforward. But at least they got to the correct conclusion IMHO.
  3. Thanks once again Bryan for the spot! 😀
  4. What?!

    Most of my NU sales were for peanuts. I thought it was discontinued and then one day a few years back I got three of them - a couple for around 8-$10 each and one for $50 which was actually not a bad surprise. They usually make PU seem like a good deal. I still don't get how PU sales get's all a mystery.
  5. Zoom ratio cumulative scores

    1022/42 = 24
  6. Today
  7. Personal use - but for $14 instead of $19.99 - so even less overjoyed, especially as that would seem to signal that it's a client who gets a deal. It was also zoomed last month so I'll be checking it with tineye and google images regularly and the have you found any...thread. Per
  8. Cheers Doc! Times 16th CWWRNM David Chapman Pollack; Pollachius pollachus; in aquarium; UK C006HY Ashley Cooper People protesting in Grizedale Forest, Lake District, against the governments proposals to sell off Forestry Commission forests. FPR4ET Alchemy Organ donor card BXR377 david pearson Alcohol being consumed by someone on a plane Bee on purple flower - can't find it BDKGA0 Colin Palmer Photography letchworth the worlds first garden city hertfordshire england uk gb E8J2GC Ekaterina Minaeva Health and safety policy statement and hand with ballpoint pen. Police cordon around houses in Battersea - can't find it, lapsed live news? DC8DJH Tom King Sun shining through a window. GM06RF Lynne Sutherland Drone in the sky mother daughter selfie sunflowers - can't find it DPA PICTURE ALLIANCE/ALAMY LIVE NEWS Kochel am See - Lapsed live news? Scottish Edition AE4J6M robertharding Young people at the trendy Cube nightclub, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom, Europe Busy day ahead, that's all for now
  9. This one used again yesterday - nice. Cork, Ireland. 1st Aug, 2018. Shoppers in Patrick Street, Cork city rush to get out of the rain during one of the wettest days of the last few weeks. The rain will give way to hot, sunny weather this weekend with temperatures expected to hit 28° Celsius. Credit: Andy Gibson/Alamy Live News. Contributor: Andy Gibson / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: PC6DJH
  10. Images sold in August (One per day per contributor)

    Looks like I've just joined the club (mid-August sales club, that is). Presentation Use
  11. Sales for August seem to be resuming. Phew! My Bunnings sausage sizzle to .... Sector: Health, Medical and Pharmaceutical Says it all.
  12. Images sold in August (One per day per contributor)

    Finally some mid-month sales. This one from a super early submission A series, of Anguilla. Canadian magazine use.
  13. Declining distributor sales?

    Two dropped in things are looking up a bit. Yes, hopeful that the second half of August will make up for the first half!
  14. Yesterday
  15. Copying keywords

    I have emailed again and, fortunately, decided to check the address. My computer had somehow picked up an address for Alamy that was not the right one. So now I have corrected it and I got the automated response. Paulette
  16. Haha! You think Bezos would fancy Alamy? ;-) wim
  17. Copying keywords

    Thanks. I guess I need to write again. Paulette
  18. Favourite Photos in August

    Just sand patterns at low tide Allan. The danger was not sink holes but crocs in the river to the right. They do croc spotting cruises on that river as it goes through mangrove right where the pic stops. Where I stood was a vast expanse of sand at lowest tide. I was on my own on the beach, totally exposed. Running would not have been an option. These things we do for Alamy...
  19. Good placement of the watermark. "We Love Alamy". Of course it sold!! LOL! Gen
  20. Multiple use editorial only - Education. wim
  21. Zoom ratio cumulative scores

    9,156 images 210 zooms from Jan 1st until July 31st ratio: 43.6
  22. Copying keywords

    Paulette, I got a reply from CR Shelley on 10 August about this and my name still remains in the other contributors tags. I have written again this morning (aussie time) to ask this to be fixed asap. I did get the automated reply almost immediately.
  23. Declining distributor sales?

    John: See what happens when you combine "Declining" and "Sales" in the title of a thread?
  24. Declining distributor sales?

    I just noticed that sale #4 was invoiced today, so hopefully this will be one of those months where things heat up as we enter the final laps.
  25. Zoom ratio cumulative scores

    Tending to legless street beggars? ( something of an in-joke)
  26. What?!

    My latest bulk discount was $60.- not $-.60. wim edit: $60.24 to be precise.
  27. Downloading sales report

    You can export from Mac Numbers to Excel format. File>Export to>Excel... Mark
  28. Downloading sales report

    It may just be that the column width isn't wide enough, this happens to me. Open the CSV in Excel and if the date columns appear to be full of ##### just right click the column header and increase the width to 12. CSV files should be readable in pretty much any version of Excel. Mark
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