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  2. Yes Spacecadet that would be my worry - though having said that it would be a pr disaster for Ms Shelley and her team to even contemplate/announce any such scheme within days of the new contract. I would guess some form of testing/measurement may have got out of the bag - just how much more can we squeeze out of loyal contributors? Let's run a programme in the background - or some data system rehash in the background has gone wrong, Alamy has a bad track record I feel in introducing features and software changes. Perhaps Ms Shelley could state that we (PA/Alamy) have no plans to char
  3. I joined Alamy about 2 years ago. After having over 50 sales and seeing I was only making usually $1 or maybe $2 for each download. I waited until I reached $50 and asked for my payment. Then said I wanted my pictures removed for sale. Fast forward to March, 2021 when I get an email from Alamy asking if one of my images a client was interested in was of a captive or wild animal. I had no idea they were still selling my images. So opened up my account and see they made one large sale and a few smaller ones. I did find somehow my bank info disappeared from my account so I fixed that.
  4. Best post I've ever seen! 👍 Now, start uploading more pics!
  5. Not sure if this is allowed - apologies Alamy if not allowed. My Sony RX100 M6 which is practically as new in for sale on Ebay at over £300 below my purchased price. SONY M6 It's a great camera but I have not used the extra reach of the zoom so will continue with my RX100 M3 cameras. Nearly every image in my Alamy port was taken on Sony RX100 cameras. John
  6. This is getting a bit old. "Storage Fee" NO WAY. Second time this month I have woken up to an "Unpleasant Surprise" from Alamy. We all make mistakes, but this is too much. Chuck
  7. Today
  8. ..and I only logged in today to say had a surprisingly good month on sales, that was my first mistake
  9. 😀nice idea, I only moved on because I scragged my CPU socket! No, I meant Alamy using the XP version of the acounting system.
  10. So you think it may be because I'm still using Window XP?
  11. Well if it was getting better you'd better take a couple more paracetamol. Or a large gin which I'm about to do. Nothing to do with the glitch, just having a gin.
  12. Oh it's not anything normal. Either someone has fired up the Windows XP version, or it's a test that's got out of its cage and gone VERY wrong.
  13. 14 sales for $ 114 gross, $ 39 net. CTR 0.53 with 7 zooms.
  14. My Balance is as it should be. I joined in late 2008 and I am sure I was under Blue commission. Allan
  15. Rearrange these words .. in lid coffin nail another the has to be a monumental c*ck up, mine has 4 digits in it
  16. If this is true we'l be lucky to get paid any month!
  17. I'm seeing some other threads now. I scrolled down and missed them. Sigh. My headache this morning isn't helping my brain work right. Argh!
  18. It's clearly an error, but I wonder if they have let the cat out of the bag and are testing something. I smell a big fat commie rat. If we're told that there are no plans for storage fees then it will be hard to conclude that it's anything but an outright lie. This didn't come out of nowhere. It can be a mistake that it appeared now, but that's all. I haven't had the "fee", but I'm going to take a lot of convincing not to leave before this comes in. No way is even 10c/ image/ year economic.
  19. Mine is $-202~! I am not paying them for them to make money off my work!
  20. See the other threads.. It's clearly an error, there haven't been fees since 2003.
  21. They are trying to charge me money. What is going on? How do I get all my photos down?!
  22. My balance says -207 and I was charged $250 for storage fees???? What is going on right now? If I am being charged for storage fee to put photos online then I'm done. How do I get my photos off of here?!
  23. Well done Marb - I think I should frame this post - good news.
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