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  2. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/apr/17/covid-pandemic-made-2020-the-year-of-the-quiet-ocean-say-scientists Cultura Creative Ltd https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2021/apr/17/15-uk-market-towns-to-discover-day-trips-short-breaks James King-Holmes John Davidson Photos Greg Balfour Evans (X2) Efrain Padro Matthew Taylor Tony Boydon Chris Howes Alan Oliver Keith Fergus JoeFoxBerlin Westmacott https://www.theguardian.com/money/2021/apr/17/spring-gardening-tips-covid-lockdown-rules Eric Farrelly
  3. I think licenses per month per 1000 images is a very useful statistics, along with $ per image per year. Not so much to compare to other people, but to assess and, if necessary, change where one's efforts go. Case in point is our own statistics and how it affects what we do. Our Alamy portfolio is mostly documentary, aka shooting stock-worthy scenes in front of the lens on our walks, drives and travels. 28 sales over the last 12 months from 2.5K images -> 0.9 sales per month per 1000 images Our "elsewhere" (not microstock) collection of market-focuse
  4. Foreign Office's Gurkha staircase: Magazines and books, Use in a magazine article (print, digital, electronic), 2,500 circulation, worldwide for 5 years (excludes advertising) $xx
  5. I used the dehazed filter first, then Nik Color Efex Pro to get tonal contrast and more punchy colours, combined with details extractor sometimes. You would not believe the raw files. It was quite disheartening. I toyed with the idea of the sky replacement tool but I do not feel it's right to use it in that context. That's the way it was, get on with it I said to myself.
  6. Hmmmm.... water still looks amazing. Sky is quite flat and hard to liven up with that light, you're right... But if we had a 'blue' theme competition, they'd totally win!!
  7. OK Marianne, just quick and dirty edits for FB. https://www.facebook.com/gen.froggie/posts/10222743697974702
  8. Thanks Steve. OK, after looooots of editing, here are the results. https://www.facebook.com/gen.froggie/posts/10222743697974702
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  10. Telegraph Digital 17th April Shops on Pershore high street, an historic market town in worcestershire, UK. Contributor: Ashley Cooper pics / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: CRCTAB Ludlow Castle above the River Teme, Ludlow, Shropshire, England, United Kingdom, Europe Contributor: Stuart Black / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: E7FMMP Traditional English old housing in the village of Liphook, Hampshire, England Contributor: mark benford / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: HC7MJF The village of Pittenweem in the East Neuk of Fife, Sc
  11. Red wine bottles on display on shelves for sale with country of origin labels at Waitrose supermarket, UK. Theme - alcohol, alcoholism, addiction - Image ID: 2BD6F2W Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial newspaper any editorial digital use, one time use only Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Start: 16 April 2021 End: 16 April 2023 Low $$
  12. Sorry to hear that Gen, the photography gods were not smiling down on you. Hopefully you get some moody shots....
  13. I'm tempted to make the analogy of virtual particles popping in and out of existence to PU sales that subsequently get refunded..... 😝
  14. Cheers Radim and Iain ! Times online 17th Travel Helen Hotson The lighthouse on Llanddwyn Island near Newborough on the Anglesey coast in Wales - HW4FBF Mike Kipling Photography The Harbour Lerwick, Shetland Islands, Scotland - H91GMN Katherine Young L'Ancresse tower in Guernsey, Channel Islands, United Kingdom - K30MB2 Ian Dagnall Burgh Island Hotel with sea tractor used to cross at high tide in foreground, Bigbury-on-Sea, Devon, England, UK EYF53X Warren Kovach Lighthouse on Bardsey Island, North Wales - Image ID: BMWPBN Jon
  15. Sadly Marianne, see the Bad News thread 😭😭
  16. %!$#😤💩 ☠️ Grrr... I did mention in another thread that we won a $200 voucher to spend on a tourist attraction in Cairns. We chose the helicopter scenic flight over Arlington Reef and Green Island. From previous experience, I wore black clothes to avoid reflections on the heli wind screen and windows. 3 choppers were to leave at the same time. One got a check warning light and had to return to base. Ours left on time. While we were waiting, I had been anxiously watching the weather deteriorate. While it was sunny with a perfect blue sky and white fluffy clouds half
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  18. Last year was my worst year here ever. This year I am also underperforming with just 1 sale per 1,000 but average price despite a $ sale this month is $129. As sales hopefully pick up I know that average will drop, but before last year I averaged over 2 sales per month per 1,000. Ultimately it is how much you net, not the ratio, though it is helpful to compare how your collection is doing year over year.
  19. Thanks everyone. Appreciate your kind word. I agree @John Mitchell Black and white to me is the purest form of photography. It's what got me excited about photography as a high school senior the first time I watched one of my images come to life in the darkroom. It's a different practice with digital, but I still love the feeling of discovery. I'm one of those people who has a hard time being quiet and slowing down, except when I'm out in nature with my camera. Suddenly my mind quiets down and I'm in the zone. I can get lost for hours.
  20. Funny you should say that. In about an hour's time, I'll be hopping in a helicopter for a 30mn scenic flight over the reef and rainforest. The Queensland government came up with a tourism incentive in the form of $200 vouchers for certain tourist attractions, to be won in a lottery. We won one! The rain seems to be holding off, fingers crossed.
  21. A number of $$ sales recently including this one today. Always have your camera ready when flying. Not that I’ll be doing much of that soon.
  22. Got out yesterday and shot blooming things.
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