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  3. Covid, climate change, and Brexit -- strange? Ouch! 🤪 Allan is right. John Lewis is a great store. I bought my Sony RX100-7 there as well as most of my household items. I love shopping in M&S Foodhall too.
  4. 28/09/2021, Guardian, p31, Patisserie Valerie, PW167P, James Copeland 28/09/2021, Guardian, p32, shopper in Aldi, DTFC8R, Mark Waugh [Cropped to vertical. No credit - poss not via Alamy] 28/09/2021, Guardian, p33, F-15 fighter aircraft, 2EGFY8E, US Air Force Photo/Planetpix 28/09/2021, Guardian G2, p8, Nigel Kennedy and Mike Stern, W5GNGP, Wieslaw Jarek [Alamy credit only]
  5. Uploaded a few images about 5pm yesterday, email stating they passed just now.... Carol
  6. You are welcome Doc. Best Nigel Guardian Online https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/sep/28/the-invisible-migrant-workers-propping-up-irelands-4bn-meat-industry Pulsar Imagens https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2021/sep/28/coal-mining-heritage-walking-app-st-helens-merseyside PSC-Photography Trinity Mirror / Mirrorpix Premos https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2021/sep/26/top-10-teen-travel-destinations-in-britain Keith Morris Greg Balfour Evans https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2021/sep/26/sailing-holiday-norfolk-br
  7. Email today We’re delighted to let you know that later this week, we will begin distributing the annual royalty payments for this year’s Payback campaign. Your payment should reach you on or around Monday 4 October. From Monday onwards, your royalty statement will also be available in your online Payback account.
  8. Thanks everyone. It was kind of like that Mr Ben moment. As if by magic the email from DACS appears! Going to be interested to see what it is this year. Last year was the first time it had increased for me so I'll be curious to see what this year's is.
  9. My son has come to visit from Calgary and great to see him. Both of my sons have moved there, so been lonely here in the east. Look forward next year to driving out for a visit. Jill
  10. It’s early morning here, and I just watched a piece on television saying it was the shortage of truck drivers causing your (UK) shortages at the pump. We have some of that. I don’t see it at the gasoline pumps, but sometimes at the grocery store. It’s a strange world out there, and most likely will get stranger.
  11. Just got an email from DACS saying payment will be 4th Oct. (Not quite quick enoughin posting 🙂)
  12. Just received an email from DACS saying pay out will be on or around 4th October
  13. Thanks for letting us know Dave, good luck with it all, I imagine that in time you may be tempted by the subscription version as there are a lot of new features over LR5, though I'm still holding off for reasons which I've bored people with already.
  14. No Carol, well it is and it isn't. Dave has LR 5 Perpetual so the only upgrade route is to subscribe to CC, you can no longer upgrade the Perpetual non-subscription version and in any case that stopped at 6.14., which wouldn't work with those files either. I use 6.14 because I bought it when it was still on sale, having gone through the versions from LR1 so I have to stick with older cameras, however they're still pretty excellent in my eyes.
  15. Afternoon all Has anyone received their DACS payment yet? I know t's due sometime around now but I personally have't seen anything as of yet.
  16. Oh no🙃 I don't use Lightroom but wonder if it's possible to upgrade your existing one. No doubt others can advise also. Good luck with the DNG converter, hopefully it will all be sorted soon.... Carol
  17. Thanks Carol. Upgraded to Mohave but the Mac can upgrade one step further to Catalina. Just hit another snag though because my version of Lightroom (5) doesn't recognise the raw files from the Z6 ll. I'll try to get the DNG converter to see if I can live with that, or maybe bite the bullet and get a new editing suite. Better hurry up with that 'cos I'm not stopping shooting and a lot of pics are building up that will need to be processed.
  18. Not so yipee! after all. Seems my version of Lightroom doesn't recognise the raw files from the Z6 ll.
  19. Roads are still gridlocked around here which is very frustrating. I do have fuel but am put off driving anywhere as the routes I take are just choc a block with cars queuing for fuel. Apparently there were queues from 4.30 am this morning at my local BP, quite possibly even before that. I did walk down there yesterday as it's literally a 2 minute walk and took a few pictures which are now in QC. Also very handy if we run out of anything we can get in the M & S there. Carol
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