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  2. Just a note of caution (no intention to discourage): Alamy will already have millions of pics of wild flowers and herbs so make sure your captions are accurate and as detailed as possible. You may have better fortunes with the campervanning, although you will probably face stiff competition from our resident nomad in Australia! Spot the (entirely logical) oxymoron 😀 Alan
  3. Probably the answer Edo, but a bit rich for me. I take the view that kit has to earn its keep, and with current fees, that's not looking likely. Also, despite trying a number of them (not the 15-27), I've yet to find a Sony zoom for the axxx series that has impressed, but maybe I've been unlucky ? I have the Rokinon 12 mm, and that's very good, (more than paid for itself after one sale) and am considering the 16, but some of the reviews aren't too glowing. Probably comes down to quality control.
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  5. Less promising here - so far only about one third of last year’s volume, and revenue. Graham
  6. It more likely to be like the recent flurry of $16 refunds that appeared in the last week. I had a manual credit for $16 in May only have it reversed in June.
  7. I always loved the way the Nikon F3 fit into the palms of my hands. I still have it. Now I am using a D5, anything else would be alien to me. Ergonomics is just about everything when shooting sports or editorial. Anything smaller would be like using a toy camera.
  8. I don't think that you read what I wrote as well, or you did not understand what I wrote. The bottom line is there is always something new with new bells and whistles. I remember the good old days of CANON F-1s, LEICA M's and HASSELBLADs. I do not like SONY, the company and that is my choice. Many of the images that I have on Alamy were done with the help of NIKON, some with assistance from LEICA and CANON. I do not have much good to say about the current NIKON Corp. but I do Love my D800s and some of my ED glass is older than a lot of the the current Alamy contributors.
  9. I've found one new 50/50 horse to back (no micros). Hoping to slowly expand my stable. Should be interesting...
  10. i would say it's more that it is under appreciated.
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  12. I don't think we ever got as far as describing how to do it although with a new machine it is simply a matter of installing the apps. There is very good advice on the Apple website for doing it on an existing install. Best of luck with the heatwave. I read it is unbelievably hot in Nevada and parts of California.
  13. I do get things wrong unfortunately but I have learnt so much from making mistakes - so far nothing fatal thankfully. I wasn't aware that this password thing is a widespread problem in fact. When it happened to me I did not read anything - I simply tried a few things, somehow managed to reset the password but then reinstalled clean because I was thinking I might have had malware on the computer. I do keep very little on the internal drive so it was not a big deal to wipe it and clean install. It is not usually necessary with macOS (or MacOS at least) but I used to do it regularly
  14. According to the graph my revenue has just surpassed last year's, but I only got properly going about this time last year. With the 150+ deletions in order and the contract changes I suspect next year won't be as thrilling, but it will be earnings for work already done so that's something I suppose.
  15. I don’t know, The picture sold recently, (21st May 2021) although it was taken in June 2019. The usage has only just shown up in my search algorithm on that website. Perhaps a relaunch/rebranding? I got paid (a pittance) so I not really bothered….
  16. Good you found it. Yeah, yours has the white streak on the side of its head like the purple finches have.
  17. It is a female purple finch. Both you and Rebecca were close.
  18. I only have two sales and the first was the middle of the month. But I’ve uploaded twice recently, and my zooms for the last week are at 10. If I’m going to stay, I’m going to try to optimize my staying, otherwise I should just quit stock. If I do something, I don’t do it half way, but that’s just me, and not necessarily others’ preferences.
  19. Yes, I know you suggested a clean install until I went into a panic mode, then you told me to use the Migration Assistant, which was good advice at the time. That’s a great idea of trying it on my old Mac. I’ll think about it when I have time. Right now, my in ground sprinkler system is out. Inversion been hauling a hose and sprinkler around for 10 days because we’re having a heat wave, temps around 100F. Fescue needs watered. My retired electrician neighbor got back from his Alaskan vacation and is looking into it. He’s found some fried wiring, probably from a storm we had with cons
  20. Also, females can have a touch of a yellowish color. Maybe Purple finches do too?
  21. You are probably right as usual 😄 the more I read, the more I see that many have this problem. 🙃 Carol
  22. I did suggest a clean install but you decided on the Migration Assistant 😀 . Next time maybe? It's really not difficult. The only way to learn this stuff is to do it. In fact if you still have your old Mac, why not take that on a clean install journey?
  23. Looks like a female house Finch. I don’t know what the female Rosy finches look like, but I have a bunch of female house finches in my port. It’s not a sparrow.
  24. Yeah, tell me about it. No clean install=problems.
  25. On the last day of last year, I noticed a new licensing fee / sale for one of my images. The image is under a rights managed license but the sale was for a measly $5.11 USD. I don't see the value in adding more photos to Alamy when they lowball me and I get ripped off like this, just because a buyer is making many other purchases. This is the main reason I have decided to stop uploading images to Alamy. It isn't worth uploading nice photos only to see it get licensed for $0.50 a year. Is there any way to opt-out of these bulk purchase prices? Country: Worldwide Usage: Comme
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