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  2. An IQ magazine use for mid $$. I suspect my last sale of the month.
  3. The kits been sat on a pallet in my garden for weeks before the lock down. Polycarbonate covering instead of glass, 4hrs to put up.
  4. As a 'dabbler', sold two so far as I'm aware.
  5. Are you calling Ed and I Doddery. I've been called many things in the past, but this is taking a bit too far 😡. Just joking John
  6. Interesting principle...reminds me of the principle of 'innocent until proven otherwise' which I think has lost some of its power with the media often helping to taint or tarnish someone's image before they've even been questioned. Anyway, that's one for another time!... Re: my images, the reason I was saying that I had a release for my football images was simply that I did, in the sense that the photos showed an unbranded football together with football kit (unbranded) and my legs (!) which I own and am happy to provide a release for! Was it the fact that you think there's copyright on the equipment even when the brand is not visible? Is that what you mean by 'design will tell'? Thanks Chris
  7. John, micros are swamped with all kinds of COVID-19 photos. This is one of reasons I said somewhere on top of this thread I'd never take COVID photo, but here is one. Actually I still don't think its COVID photo, rather very nice shot Rx100 long exposure shot of Canmore Nordic Centre entrance; main reason I took it was for info purposes at local outdoors hiking forum I participate on, and then since it was ok technically I put it up on Alamy as well: Canmore Nordic Centre is Alberta Provincial Park, and provincial government, following National Parks, last week closed vehicle access, but recreation is still allowed.
  8. Don't know any of the plants, but I would've taken the sticks off the violets. Would make a better picture.
  9. All being well I shall be in Liverpool in September covering the Labour Party Annual Conference. I shall have to reshoot The Terrific Three sorry, The Fab Four.
  10. Yesterday I dropped into a Sainsbury's on the way home from where I've been contracting. Yes, loo rolls, tissues, anti bacterial hand wash, bread, and at last cat litter. My wife saw similar today in Morrisons when she shopped for eggs, the only item I could't get yesterday. If it continues no need now to travel between supermarkets searching for unobtanium, still far from normal life though.
  11. Pity the police do not seem to understand that very basic and undeniably correct proposition. At least Jonathon Sumption is prepared to restate and reinforce this basic right. Graham
  12. This is a very interesting read and deserves some serious discussion.
  13. Today
  14. Excellent, thank you for posting this link Russell.
  15. Wow, that is close to home indeed. Hopefully, your daughter's hospital is now receiving all the personal protection equipment that it needs. Wiser heads appear to be finally getting their messages through to the WH.
  16. I just moved into a new flat before coronavirus took over and I'm hugely appreciative of having a big panoramic view, even if it's a bit high risey. Gives me something to look at because my tv's in a foreign country. Rear window anyone? 😛
  17. Two cold blooded beauties… Bothriechis schlegelii, known as the eyelash viper, a highly venomous pit viper native to Central and South America Bitis gabonica rhinoceros, known as West African Gaboon viper or rhinoceros viper, endemic to West Africa
  18. Just been to Waitrose today and there were copious amounts of toilet paper AND handwash. Yay, partial resumption of 'normal life' (highlight of my week 😅)
  19. Betty, considering the existential nature of our plight, I think the forum debates may actually be more reasonable than usual...
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