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  2. So I was lucky you never heard about angel sharks! 😃 They are so beautiful and strange at the same time. And you can get very close to them if you are careful and don’t bother them. As I did 🙂
  3. Here in Spain in the Public National Television we have got similar territorial broadcast news after the national news. And they actual archive every program, included news, in their website, so you can watch it again in the future. I have asked the agency and will wait for a response before claiming. Hope to get the information. Thank you.
  4. Yes, it seems more an internet news than from TV. But who knows…as you say, only the agency?! I have asked them…let’s see what they have to say. As you pointed out, this secondary rights would leave a bigger earn than the actual license. Unbelievable and discouraging 🙄
  5. I had problems with Conde Nast in the past it took 2 months to get it reported as a sale and it hadn't cleared after 7 months being used it needed chasing up with Alamy
  6. I haven't reach the bottom limit on sizes but it all depends on how you scan/photograph the image. If I'm scanning I tend to work on 900 to 1200 DPI and it gives a reasonable pixel size to work with I've submitted 1340 x 1500 pixels and its been accepted.
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  8. 5 sales so far including one in the high $$s and 3 in the mid $$s, but those were counteracted by a .10 cent payout, so things appear pretty normal so far.
  9. Re news and stockimo - in case anyone else was interested, I found this on stockimo.com FAQ:
  10. One thing I hadn't realised until I did it just now is that because I have Lightroom Perpetual I can log into my Adobe account and download the latest version of Adobe Bridge for free, actually I'm on Windows 7 so Bridge 2020 is the latest for me but otherwise I could have had Bridge 2021. There may be other ways of getting hold of it, that is also good for captioning and keywording of course.
  11. There used to be a choice to upload as news but I think that is gone. You need to ask at support@stockimo.com Paulette
  12. Thank you. I had actually seen that clip when it came out so the mention of angel sharks ( never heard of them before) triggered something for me.
  13. Harry This is a good summary of what you are missing. 😀 I could live without many of the new features but for me the speed enhancements during import and development are the absolute deal breaker. The database has not changed a lot though. It remains outstandingly fast.
  14. Probably can't go wrong claiming for BBC News, I guess. However, it's likely that a news video like that would have been used on 'BBC1 Wales'. So, a claim for BBC1 is very likely valid. Here in the UK, we automatically get localised news programmes, generally broadcast directly after the main national news, depending on our physical location. So, for example, I get BBC 'South Today' on BBC1 after the national/international news, those in Wales will get localised news for them, and so on. Unfortunately, it's difficult to search for specific news items as - as far as I'm aware - BBC
  15. It might just be on the internet rather than TV. Maybe find a reason to contact BBC Wales to find out if it was in an actual TV programme? Doesn't this just illustrate the madness of the system we are working in when the agencies have the information and also the self-interest not to share to with contributors! And also that tracing these uses could be better paid than the original use!!
  16. Ah, yes this is one of the reasons (before lockdown) I considered getting a s/h iPhone after I was chucked off Live News. So does s****i** have an option to submit as news - or how does it work? (it's still on my list of things to consider post-covid). TIA
  17. Salvo, di dove vieni in italia?
  18. Eyyy! You have found it! 👏 Mine is the image appearing at 1:45. So, do you think Is this a valid TV broadcast for DACS claim? BBC News channel? Thank you very much, Ian. P.D. I better don't comment about license price...you would cry loudly 😢
  19. As I've probably said Ad Nauseum on the forum, I'm a huge Lightroom fan but still use Lightroom Perpetual 6.14. I'm totally happy with the image processing side (though I know I'm missing some good new features in the latest version - fortunately I don't know what I'm missing!) and unlike some others I love the cataloguing/database side of it and rely on it in many ways. I'd have to say that there is nothing to compare with it and I don't think there is likely to be. If you don't use the cataloguing then there are many good alternatives for captioning/keywording, at the front of the queue woul
  20. Have a look at Darktable. Its Linux opensource stuff so you can't beat it for value and it can be installed on Windows and MacOS.
  21. From the FAQ: Leaving Alamy Q. How do I close my account?A. You can close your Alamy account at any time by emailing contributors@alamy.com. Once you’ve emailed us, we’ll start the process. Your account will be closed and images will no longer be available for sale on our site 45 days after you asked for your account to be closed.
  22. After only one sale on Jan 1st, there was nothing until the 15th. But now I am almost back to normal for sales, with 10 so far this month. Zooms have been great all month but no sales have come from any of them yet.
  23. Might be a clue here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-55193335
  24. I am chasing one from Spanish edition of Conde Nast from April 2020 - makes me wonder if there are others of that vintage. Is the Spanish distributor know for being a little slow to report and collect payments?
  25. Slow for Views, sales are ok'ish, 4 that were published last June finally reported(Spanish distro sales!), + 3 others... So I'm kind of on target for an average month. Phil
  26. Explained in section 20 of your contract. Cheerio.
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