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  1. Agreed - Ed would no doubt qualify for a medical card here in Ireland and if he decided to live in Galway or Cork (which I think would be a better bet than Galway), he'd never stop shooting stock!
  2. I get hay fever and this year is especially bad for me, anyway. However, don't let that put you off coming to Ireland - it's an amazing place.
  3. A car is pretty much a necessity if you want to live anywhere in the slightest bit rural in Ireland. The national bus and coach service is OK, but not outstanding.
  4. Galway is a great place, but expensive to live, as indicated by MDM. With that said, I find the whole of Ireland an expensive place to live, but I'd never leave. If you move to Galway, prepare to have a visitor! Alternatively, get yourself to West Cork!
  5. Live News is feasible for everyone. Shoot for a time period, then upload. You should be able to edit and caption pics in minutes. You want results, you have to put in the effort.
  6. Nothing for me so far, either, but I know sales will come later in the month so no need to panic. Stay positive!
  7. Of course there's hope, bit of a silly post. Many contribs are achieving $$$ sales regularly, be positive!
  8. No, bad idea. I guarantee no one would look at the 'soft news' section. Leave it as is, anyway, we can discuss this 'til the cows come home - it won't make the slightest bit of difference. Right, I'm going to take some pics...
  9. Alamy doesn't care whether soft or hard news is on the feed. Alamy only cares about sales, as Keith Douglas alluded to a couple of posts above. I'm still a news contributor because I make news sales - making the sales is what it's all about, not whether you have a cracking news story. Did pics sell? Yes - great, you're in! No - sorry, we only need contribs whose pics sell. Simple as that.
  10. Times print edition today. T7DWE6 Andy Gibson Bantry, West Cork, Ireland. 6th May, 2019. The sun sets behind cruise ship 'Serenissima' as she lies at anchor in Bantry Bay, having arrived early this morning. She sails later on this evening. Credit: Andy Gibson/Alamy Live News. 😁
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