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  1. 27 dropped in this evening, with 3 editorial for $$$. Here's the 'big 3'. 2E1BPTX 2E1PRFC 2E1PRFT
  2. Thanks, Andy, it makes all the work worthwhile. Onwards!
  3. An event printer is essentially a scaled down version of a printer you see in photo shops. Quality is outstanding, media is very cheap and printing speed is fast. I can print a 6x4 in 8 seconds and bigger sizes in around 12 seconds. Here in Ireland, before COVID, I was doing tractor runs, vintage car runs, horse trots, agricultural shows, sailing events, etc, etc. That's exactly it, although in my experience the longevity is good. I usually do events on my own, apart from the occasional big event. The mark-up on prints is eye wateringly good! 🤑
  4. I have an event printer which, as well as being a massive money maker at events, is also used for printing pics off for people who see their pics in various newspapers. I also, reluctantly, print off pics for my GF - reluctantly because she doesn't pay. Bah. Media is very cheap, as are mounts and bags, which are needed for a professional 'look'.
  5. I use a Mitsubishi D70DW event printer. Expensive, but media is cheap and it can print a 6x4 in 8 seconds. As the name suggests, it's great for events too and it earns me a shed load of money. Win!
  6. My 3rd sale this month for good $$$ dropped in this morning - editorial 2DWP15R
  7. Those figures just confirm I need to stay the hell away from SS. Thanks. 👍
  8. Thanks Edo, I have to do that otherwise I don't eat lol. Both Andy and myself are lucky in that our local rags pay for pics, which is rare these days. I'm not putting in as many miles as I did last year, but I'm still out and about pretty much every day. I'm at an advantage now as I live a lot closer to the city, but am still only 45 mins away from my old haunts.
  9. It has indeed, hopefully I'll get good prices for the two pics. Thanks for the kind words.
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