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  1. Edo, I think we all want updates - we all want to know when you've found somewhere. 👍
  2. Beef Plan Movement protest in Dublin. Pic sold once - so far! I arranged this pic with some classical musicians who were swimming earlier in the day. Pic sold a couple of times to local papers. Nothing special but it made the front page of the local paper so I love it lol!
  3. The Times Online 16th July Ireland M0KR4M Andy Gibson 😁 Crookhaven, a picturesque village popular with tourists in West Cork, Ireland.
  4. I'm opted out of NU and PU. I've had $$$ prices regularly month on month, so the good fees are still there. Keep the faith, my friend! 😁
  5. As a pro, I shoot whatever pays money so I can put food on the table, fuel in the car and keep herself happy, whether it bores me senseless or not. That's the reality.
  6. Woah, be careful, big boy! One should NEVER encourage legal action against one of the photographic community...
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