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  1. You're competing with yourself, which is madness.
  2. Agreed - the new 'look' is terrible, can't understand what was wrong with the forum as it was.
  3. Ah bugger it. I did wonder... 😪
  4. I've just been out shooting weather and surface water and I've wet feet. Ugggggh.
  5. I've had my first this morning - 4 word search resulting in only 2 pics, both mine!
  6. This is Alamy's way of saying 'we can do what we like and we don't care what the contributors think' The whole 'confusing search experience' thing is utter BS. I'm opted in anyway, but I'm disgusted Alamy is removing the opt out, er, option.
  7. Just off the phone to the retailer - it's being returned for repair FOC, courier collecting tomorrow. Thanks for all the advice!👍
  8. Hmmmm, you all seem to suggest the same thing, interesting. With what shall I wipe it, dear Liza, dear Liza?
  9. I bought a Nikon D5 which arrived yesterday. Pics without flash are perfect but every time I take a pic it over-exposes on TTL. Exp comp and flash comp are set to zero, flashguns work on my other cameras, I've looked at the D5 menus and everything seems normal. Anyone any ideas?
  10. That's 2D6YCXY AG News Cork, Ireland. 20th Oct, 2020. Cork city flooded this morning, with South Mall and the low lying quays bearing the brunt of the flood water. This lady used bin bags to protect her shoes. Credit: AG News/Alamy Live News Thanks for the spot 👍
  11. Same for me, and that exchange rate is appalling! However, every penny counts. Onwards!
  12. Don't rethink anything, just keep shooting and uploading and I guarantee things will improve. Don't forget, you've a small port at the moment, as it grows, so will the sales and prices. Good luck!
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