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  1. They were social distancing - I used a 70-200 so it's compressed.
  2. Sunday Times 5th 2BAENJT Andy Gibson 😁 Ballynacarriga, West Cork, Ireland. 27th Mar, 2020. A healthcare worker talks to the driver of a car who has travelled to the COVID-19 Swab/Testing Centre in Randal Og GAA Club for the occupants to be tested for the Coronavirus. The testing station was originally in Dunmanway Community Hospital but was moved yesterday in the interests of the health of elderly patients. The centre is the only such facility in West Cork. Credit: Andy Gibson/Alamy Live News
  3. I never did! I doubt I will now as kissing it has been banned due to a little known virus which is apparently rife at the moment...
  4. Ian, are you NUJ? I have no press card but whenever I happen upon a checkpoint I just tell the Gardai who I am, what I'm doing and point to the cameras. Then I ask if I can get 'a couple of shots' of the checkpoint and I've not had a refusal or any further questions yet. I guess I've the gift of the gab!
  5. 19 for $337 gross, happy with amount of sales but revenue is poor. Some good $$ sales but lots of $ tiddlers. On a negative note, no payout for me this time - first time this has happened since early last year. April had better improve!
  6. 2BB47GR Michael Grubka Celbridge, Kildare, Ireland. 30th May, 2020. Covid-19 - Coronovirius Pandemic lockdown in Ireland - deserted streets of Celbridge, empty constructions sites and people practicing social distancing restrictions while shopping and exercising. Credit: Michael Grubka/Alamy Live News
  7. Yeah, shot it and one pic was used in the Irish Sun last night. Been trying to call you.
  8. No, Ed, I just pointed to my cameras and all was good. I don't have a press card, but always carry tear sheets in the car in case I'm questioned.
  9. I was stopped at a Garda (Irish Police) checkpoint on Saturday and asked what the purpose of my journey was. I told the Garda I'm a press photographer and he waved me on and said 'stay safe'. Accoring to the Irish Government's 'essential' job list, I'm an essential worker, which disturbs me a little as it reminds me of the movie 'Schindler's List'...
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