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  1. I'm going to mark every single pic as editorial only, despite selling some commercial licences. Anything else is simply not worth the risk.
  2. A few faves from the weekend: 2G310BC 2G2NG74 2G2NG81
  3. A few years ago I asked Alamy to tick all my pics as exclusive, which it duly did, so it is possible to blanket tick all your pics as editorial. Whether Alamy can be bothered to do it is an entirely different matter.
  4. That's because there is no change. What Alamy/PA have done is made noises about changing the contract, thinking we've 'idiot' tattooed across our foreheads, and have actually simply reworded it. Deceit, plain and simple.
  5. Very true. I'm a coffee purist so my view on coffee is, shall we say, extreme.
  6. You're missing my point - they're a crime against humanity because they taste like camel dung. The worst tasting coffee ever.
  7. How does she think we can trust anything that comes out of her mouth after she’s lied through her back teeth before? As for sorry - don’t make me laugh.
  8. These scammers truly are brain dead. As if anyone would fall for that 🤣
  9. My captions are changed all the time, relax, don’t worry lol.
  10. It's comforting to know I'm not the only one having this problem at the moment. I find when there's nothing to shoot, my motivation to go out looking for stories diminishes to the point where I get a serious case of the CBA's. With all that said, now the country is opening back up I'm going to dust off my event printer and start shooting at events again. There's a big horsey show on Bank Holiday Monday with loads of kids so I should make more on that day than I do on here in a month!
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