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  1. So sad, but a good pic.
  2. Slow/disappointing month

    I'm not giving up, Ian, I've too much time invested into Alamy for that, but something has to change soon. We're not the only ones in this situation, so keep your chin up and keep uploading!
  3. They're on sale now. You have to wait for the database to update, which happens the next day.
  4. Ooh, well done! Lucky bugger!
  5. Who Are We?

    Full time here, stock is a small (at the moment) part of my business, with commercial bringing in 50% of my income, events (with my printer around 25% and press, tuition etc making up the rest. My goal is to increase the amount I earn from Alamy and reduce the commercial, although if and when that'll happen is a mystery...
  6. Live News workflow

    One should always linger over coffee, Martin! On topic - I shoot in RAW, have headlines and captions ready-ish, do a quick edit, add the caption and upload via AIM. Always works for me and I never shoot in JPEG.
  7. Slow/disappointing month

    No sales for me since 30th April, I'm not happy! Talk about demotivating...
  8. The 'Infringement Team'

    Alamy's attitude to infringements really pi$$es me off! It doesn't seem to give a hoot - many times I've received the 'We can't chase it but you're more than welcome to follow it up yourself' line. It really makes one wonder...
  9. Show your newest image

    Beach in Malaga
  10. Backup camera body?

    For my Malaga trip, from which I arrived home in the early hours of this morning , I took a D3, D700, 24-70, 85 1.8 and an SB900. I usually use my D3s but took the D3 this time and it performed brilliantly.
  11. News photographic ethics

    Well that is what they do it for, isn't it?!
  12. Going to Malaga - what to shoot?

    Well my first Malaga picture was a bit unexpected! r
  13. Ha, they ask when I'm in the office. When I'm not around, they just take!
  14. It drives me mad - they come into my home office with the 'Puss-in-Boots' look and ask in an oh so quiet voice if they can borrow some batteries, promising they'll put them back when they're finished with them. A few hours later I have to go and retrieve said batteries.