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  1. What's wrong with my portfolio ?

    Include the location in the caption as it will help with sales, as buyer may require an image of a scene shot at a specific location. Parm
  2. How many did you upload in 2018?

    2482 from me. Parm
  3. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and Good Health to you all. Parm
  4. Another tree ID?

    looks like some kind of Hemlock to me. Parm
  5. Uncleared sales from July?

    Yes thanks, I did report this to Alamy 7 weeks ago and yet six of my 2017 sales still remain uncleared and of course the worst offender as usual is the right wing tightwad "Daily Mail", they still have my image of the Pimlico Plumbers Van on the online edition. It's just frustrating when you haven't had an alamy payout this month whilst my balance carried forward (uncleared sales) is $650.71 , and only $32.51 cleared. Parm
  6. Uncleared sales from July?

    22 months uncleared that a record.
  7. Classic car identification help

    other tags ....vintage rally car or touring car. .... I remember I once called this a rich mans canoe
  8. Classic car identification help

    looks like a 1936 Riley Merlin Special Parm
  9. "Your Alamy portfolio page"

    Here's mine: Parm
  10. Uncleared sales from July?

    I have 6 uncleared sales from 2017 27-02-2017 UK Newspaper 2 Million print run 31-10-2017 Worldwide Editorial website (4 images purchased for same use) 22-12-2017 UK Newspaper 2 Million print run My uncleared sales from 2018 are all after 30th July, so not stressing about those yet. Parm
  11. Cleared sales

    I have sales from as far back as Feb 2017 that still haven't cleared, asked alamy a month ago and got the usual "working on it" reply. I hope they clear before Christmas ....maybe I should write to Santa?
  12. extreme humidity and photography

    How about placing a battery powered heat blanket in the bottom of your camera bag. These heat blankets/ bands (dew shields) are normally used by astronomers to keep dew drops forming on their optics. Here's a link to it: Also you'll require a sutable power supply/controller for it: I often use an old fashioned pocket warmer to keep my equipment warm ( equipment ), when I go into say a warm tropical butterfly house, this method works great for me but is not practical for travel as don't think the airlines would allow you to travel with the fuel sticks it requires.
  13. Greetings from Northumberland

    Well done Gordon and welcome to alamy. Your first four look very saleable to me, so keep uploading and sales are sure to come.
  14. Alamy News.. Weather Shots

    Talk to any community on this planet for long enough, and the subject that will always pop up is the weather. The weather influences all our lives (economy, agriculture, travel, happiness,etc, etc,,,) These weather shots have all sold on alamy, and all taken on the same day too:
  15. Hello from a Canadian in North Carolina

    Welcome & Good Luck Diana