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  1. Those types of straps are really only any good when attached to the tripod collar of big heavy lenses like the Canon 100-400, so the weight of the lens does not damage the camera's lens mount. I tend to just cradle my canon 100-400 on my left forearm with the camera body sat in the palm of my left hand, my right hand on the camera grip. that way I'm ready to quickly put the lens to use, and no camera/lens strap fatigue. Parm
  2. Camelia, maybe C. Japonica? Parm
  3. ( 8 Sales totalling $436.45 ) helped by one $195.56 & one $112.50 sale. Parm
  4. The bottom two are Canna. Used to grow the orange flowered one in my garden. Parm
  5. The Ricoh GRii 16mp APS-C version is a real little gem, the lens is tack sharp corner to corner, though I would say pics can get a bit too noisey over iso 1600. Stupidly, I sold my ricoh to help pay for a big heavy stonking lens I hardly use. These shots below were taken with my Ricoh GRii. . Parm
  6. The Royal Exchange in the City of London, catching the last rays of the sun. Parm
  7. Thank you for taking the time to post all this Doc, hope you all had a swell time. Parm
  8. A total of six sales for $368.58, one was a nice $257.92 RF sale. Also got a sneaky $14.99 PU refund Parm
  9. Include the location in the caption as it will help with sales, as buyer may require an image of a scene shot at a specific location. Parm
  10. Merry Christmas and Good Health to you all. Parm
  11. looks like some kind of Hemlock to me. Parm
  12. Yes thanks, I did report this to Alamy 7 weeks ago and yet six of my 2017 sales still remain uncleared and of course the worst offender as usual is the right wing tightwad "Daily Mail", they still have my image of the Pimlico Plumbers Van on the online edition. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3456022/Tory-backing-plumbing-firm-rich-famous-avoided-paying-tax-used-case-Stringfellow-s-lapdancer-defence-employment-tribunal.html It's just frustrating when you haven't had an alamy payout this month whilst my balance carried forward (uncleared sales) is $650.71 , and only $32.51 cleared. Parm
  13. other tags ....vintage rally car or touring car. .... I remember I once called this a rich mans canoe
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