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  1. Thomas, with just 14 images of general landscapes that you like, you can't expect sales. To earn licensing fees on Alamy you have to keep producing images; it's a long game. And you'll need. a better understanding of stock photography.
  2. We can all get through the winter better if we have some pizza. This Margareta was made with bufala mozzarella, the best.
  3. Focus on moving deliberately in slow motion. And now . . . Echo awaits.
  4. If so, good for you, Gary. For most of us (and me), sales are up prices/fees down.
  5. May can be lovely in NYC. Here in Liverpool the winter days are also shorter than I'm used to. The Fins I've met in NYC and in Seville speak better English than I do. You must have a great school system up there.
  6. Trying to get away from the Helsinki winter, were you, Jani? (teehee)
  7. Ohmygod, Betty — what an ordeal You might have been in better shape after stepping on a landmine. And what a terrible picture of healthcare in America. I've had good luck with nurses but not with my money-loving NYC doctors. It's good that you're an Okie, one of America's toughest folks. I hope you're headed for a full recovery; poco a poco. Edo
  8. The first hours of a snow fall in NYC is nice . . . but by the second day you can have this!
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_English_Pug_and_the_French_Poodle
  10. Allan, in the centre of the French Canadian city of Montreal, there are two statues that face across the square at one and other, one being very French, the other English. Above is the French one:
  11. Thanks, Mark. For some strange dyslexia reason I am not ever sure which dining/dinning to use. I'll fix it. I don't have the trouble with to/too/two. And thank you, winter man, for the compliment.
  12. Taking my own advice the last two afternoons, I added another 50 sign captures to my Alamy port. Dusk allows for the best sign snaps, I feel. Boring? Yeah, but doing the caps and tags . . . that's really boring.
  13. I did another review and signs are my biggest earner. I went out late at dusk today and captured 20 more. 🙂 Of course shooting signs is not highly creative, but I make sure the composition and design is on the money. Go get 'em, Marianne!
  14. Robert, I spent July, August, and September at my son's in Montreal in 2019. A perfect mild summer. Statues, like signs, also sell.
  15. I gotta stop! They'll call a cop, I won't know what to do.
  16. Joke and yoke and foreign folk from way way out of town? Sorry 'bout this rhyming thing--I'm acting like a clown. 🤪
  17. The leaves are off the trees, it's cold and there's a breeze. Winter has settled in, and. we take it on the chine. Besides this awful rhyme, what's up in winter time? I've been shooting a lot of signs. Signs outside of restaurants and shops. Sale signs. Street signs. Do they sell? They do! I've had 47 sign snaps licenced in the past year. And some have sold for $$$. I shoot a lot of tabletop food, too. But I've only had 12 sales on those.
  18. Have a great retirement, Steve. And thank you for your service. Edo
  19. As a self-appointed, out-of-town expert on all things Scouse, I've discovered that Scouse has 4 levels. Here's the tasty one: The other 3 Scouse levels are 1. Hardcore Scouse, understood only by natives of Liverpool's inner city, if even by them; 2. Midlevel Scouse, which to my shock and disbelieve I am starting to understand; and 3. Beatles Scouse, understood by most English speakers and some older Germans in Hamburg.
  20. Yes, foolish. I agree. There would be no way to save a number dogs from a tsunami. But it was her decision to make. We lost a good person. And her dogs.
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