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  1. Paulette, the Jefferson is one of the notable landmark buildings of Greenwich Village. Lucky you to have it as your local library. I used the one on the North end of Mulberry Street. I watched a free film on YouTube this evening, The November Man with Pierce Brosnan. It wasn't bad and I had no problem with the streaming. I suppose most of you would hate watching a film on a 13" MacBook screen but I've gotten used to accepting the limits of my new life; I'm reading a novel on my iPhone. (teehee) Edo
  2. Ask Chuck, the Original about getting film out of a war zone to an agency. By the way, who's the other Chuck, the not so original one?
  3. Took a walk over to the main library on this busy, pre-Christmas Saturday. They have everything I might want to borrow -- DVD films and games; CDs; virtual, paper, and spoken books; computers for me to use, and work spaces to use my own MacBook. All I have to do is join. I will need to buy a CD player. First I'll try some trial runs on Amazon Prime, Hulu and such.
  4. Wim, I had a $$ sale come into today on that Delft tile you were so kind in helping me with the proper tags. Thanks again.
  5. Allan, if Paulette's way is working, you're good. I use drag and drop on Safari and it works.
  6. I just drag and drop from another screen, as Bill explained.
  7. 35 years of shooting film was enough. I have no nostalgia for traveling with 500 to 600 rolls of color film. I have maybe two dozen images at Alamy that were shot on film.
  8. I had a tripod with me a few nights ago . . . I didn't use it. And I found it heavier than I thought. Hmmm. Or hmm, if you prefer. (In the future, I will be using hmm.) A tripod takes more planning and limits the number of subjects we can cover during the brief twilight hour. Using a flexible, higher ISO and LR noise reduction with the 3 to 4 stops help Image Stabilisation provides, allows me to move faster. Yes yes, there are effects that can be only achieved with a tripod -- we all know that. Edo
  9. Yes, that was taken handheld with my Sony RX100-6. If you click on your images in the Alamy Image Manager after they pass QC, you'll find two pages. One is Mandatory, the second is Optional. In Optional, I click the boxes that say I do not have model releases or property release. I do NOT click the box for "sell editorial only."
  10. Matt, I would assume QC does an occasional spot check on us 5-star wonders. Enjoy Madrid.
  11. "I think the performance of Daniel Day-Lewis in Gangs of New York made the movie into something special - a truly scary guy - otherwise yes I agree." I had the pleasure of talking with Daniel Day-Lewis at Il Fornaio, my regular trattoria on Mulberry Street, after he finish Lincoln in 2012. He was having a late lunch with an Italian shoemaker. And we all ended up all speaking Italian. DL's Italian was better than mine!
  12. What would life on Planet Earth be without a functioning public library system, Paulette? The modern Central Library of Liverpool is no more than 10 minutes away on foot. They have most of what I've asked about -- wifi use, with or without my own computer, books to take out on paper or for my iPad. I've not asked about DVDs yet. I'll need to get a reader. I have as many loose ends as Brexit will have. (Well no, not that many.)
  13. The Irishman was showing just around the corner. It's gone now. Scorsese is probably the best living film director, and I'm sure his latest flick is fine, but it would have to be very fine indeed to outshine many of his past works. The only film of his that I've seen and did not like at all was Gangs of New York. It had a glossy Hollywood look to it with little of Jacob Riis's still images feel of The Five Points, where I lived. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Five_Points,_Manhattan Poco a poco with my video system.
  14. I should have said Internet, not Mac. Apple, Windows, or whatnot, it was the connections I was asking about. When I lived in Oxfordshire, thirty years ago, I had a TV and a TV licence. And I did a weekly spot on BBC Radio Oxford. But that was in the last century. Hmmm. Asking about which of the various steaming services to get, I instead got your tastes in content (teehee). Understandable. I had Amazon Prime in NYC and several of the others before that. I will be doing a trial run to see if whichever system I try works okay on the super-slow WiFi. Charlie Parker, the jazz alto player, liked country music. "Listen to the words, man, the story," he told a young bebopper. I like country, but then I like most types of music. I listen most to classical, from Baroque to Modern. Alan, I think the last time I ironed anything was in 1951. I burned a finger.
  15. I felt I had to open a thread to get away from the 3 or 4 pages of ferries. 😉 A simple domestic life is filled with so much stuff to do. I'd almost forgotten. I've eaten both breakfast and lunch in my new studio flat for the past 7 days. I still fast at night, so no dinner. I had missed my own Italian cooking and very much missed washing dishes by hand. Two things that can produce original creative thoughts, I found, are riding on a slow-moving city bus and washing dishes. I went to the Apple Store today and updated all my Adobe CC apps. They have powerful WiFi there, so it took no time at all. They have no problem with my being there. I'm wondering what to do about watching videos. I don't think I've seen a film in the last year. Crazy, eh? I don't think I'm going to buy a TV, so I have to figure out what I can watch on a Mac. I feel like a visitor from the Planet Zim. What is this wet stuff that keeps falling out of the sky? All you Brits -- please vote tomorrow . . . for something. Edo
  16. And asking permission changes the dynamic. We no longer have a candid image of someone doing something. We have instead a snapshot of someone posing for a picture. No thanks.
  17. So, Pekka -- you were held for questioning, not arrested? They didn't take your finger prints and book you? Scary though. Cops have a tough job. And sometimes it's dangerous. I've been told I could not take photos in the NYC Subway several times by police, which is not true, not the law. I just tanked them and moved on . . . to shoot at another station. I don't argue the law with people who carry guns. Congratulations on your new very young PM -- the pretty lady who just took office.
  18. "Over 200 People Die From Snakebites Every Day. Snakebites, a hidden health crisis that kills up to 200 people around the world every day, is finally getting more widespread attention." Why would anyone NOT have a fear of snakes? Paulette's furry friends? "Stephen Herrero, a Canadian biologist, reports that during the 1990s bears killed around three people a year in the U.S. and Canada, as compared to the 15 people killed every year by dogs."
  19. . . . or run a bit faster than the people you're with.
  20. If you're asking me, Norm, I have the ISO set at Auto with the range at 125 to 1250 . . . or sometimes a top of ISO 800. Malcolm, I have a very light but steady Slik Pro 804 Carbon Fiber tripod with a Leitz ball socket head that fits into a rifle sling and hangs almost weightless over a shoulder. I would have liked it to unwrap to a few inches taller. I abandoned several heavier tripods and other supports at my flat on Mulberry Street. Marianne, coyotes have really made themselves at home on the East Coast. Dogs and cats cannot be left on their own. Let me tell you what a woman who lived on Kodiak Island did when taking a walk near those giant brown bears: she carried a small can filled with tiny stones, which she would shake. Bears don't like that sound. My guess is that coyotes wouldn't either. Maybe Paulette has an opinion? This post has turned into a photo exhibit of people's night work. Very impressive. 😀 Edo
  21. Another Level C sale . . . but for $$$. The take-away food is great here. Just a 10-minutes walk from my old apartment on Mulberry Street.
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