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  1. Anyone know this Spanish coastal city? I'm still looking for a place to live. Thanks, Edo
  2. Valencia, Spain?

    No, this is the kind of information I need. If I can get my Irish passport up and ready, I will enter Europe and then try to work out the rest. That will end up being the path I take. I can't work out all details in advance. A couple of those Trappist pints and I will need immediate medical attention. Edo
  3. Today I made $1

    Drinks for a dollar? Could you give me the name of the pub?
  4. Valencia, Spain?

    I wasn't employed by anyone in the UK in the '80s, and I never paid or used the healthcare system. I did see a Harley Street doc twice, but paid him cash. I don't think it would be a great idea for me to explain all the details of my stay in this open forum. Edo
  5. Valencia, Spain?

    Wow, as we say in Brooklyn, yous guys knows a bunch a stuff. Thanks
  6. Valencia, Spain?

    Thanks for the information, people -- most helpful. I know it's hot in Southern Europe in summer, having lived in Rome for 7 years. And it is not getting any cooler anywhere. It's been hitting 30-32 C here in Montreal since I arrived. And NYC? Don't ask. If I can sort out getting a new Irish passport (I have the expired one and my Irish citizenship papers), I know I can enter and live anywhere in the EU. What is not clear . . . can I get Healthcare? Yes, I'm legally Irish and legally a Yank. But I've never paid into the Irish or any other EU health system. I lived in Oxfordshire in the '80s, but that was before the EU. Regarding language: I have the skills of a musician and an actor, and I pride myself on accurate pronunciation in all tongues. Great, eh? But I don't seem to be able to learn any new vocabulary. Hmm. Not so great. Edwardo
  7. Valencia, Spain?

    And thanks for send those nice pictures, Phil. It's a marriage of the old and ultra modern, I see. So far no one has said anything but good things about Valencia. Hmm. Are you living in Spain on an Irish passport? (And am I being nosy asking that?) Edo
  8. Valencia, Spain?

    I sold my rent-stabilized lease to the landlord, Bryan. The building is still closed, and New York is now in the past for me. Hopefully, Martin, the Irish passport is in the future. I've been locked out of Alamy for the past week. Edo
  9. It's oh so quiet...

    Yes, I've tried Firefox. That doesn't work either.
  10. Upload Trouble?

    I'm posting this comment twice: I've not been ignoring the forum. I've been locked out for almost a week. Locked out from my account and from the forum. At first, when I reached Montreal, I just could not upload new images -- then nothing worked. CR has said that the problem is not on their end. On my end, Safari is working on everything except Alamy. And Chrome is the same.
  11. Has anyone else been have trouble today and over the weekend with uploading on Safari?
  12. It's oh so quiet...

    What was that??? Oh, I thought I heard a sale pop in, but it was just a bus passing. I've not been ignoring the forum. I've been locked out for almost a week. Locked out from my account and from the forum. At first, when I reached Montreal, I just could not upload new images -- then nothing worked. CR has said that the problem is not on their end. On my end, Safari is working on everything except Alamy. And Chrome is the same.
  13. There is no hope left.

    It was PayPal, and the donations were sent by way of my email address. It worked, but I'm still not sure how. Cancer is a rough road. I hate to say it, but stock photography in the digital era is just not a way to earn a lot of money, Gennady. Edo
  14. Upload Trouble?

    Up here, north of the border, my son is a savvy digital dude, and when he stops running around fixing this and that and rehearsing his fusion band, he will try to sort things out. (I hope.) I must say, after spending another 35 mins of total frustration, that I still can't get anything but "upload error" in red using Safari, and Crome won't let me on Alamy. Firefox? Don't ask.
  15. Upload Trouble?

    It's all Greek to me, Jay.
  16. Upload Trouble?

    I'm dead in the water here. Alamy has not found a fix on their end. They told me to clean the cache on Safari. The last time I did that (with an earlier OS) it caused endless problems. Apple told me NOT to clean the cache. Anyway, everything else works fine on Safari, so I don't believe that's the problem. I've been unable to activate either Chrome or Firefox. What a mess. Edo
  17. Cleaning up litter etc?

    I think of the editorial street shooting I do as 'romantic realism.' As Reimar says, I get rid of things that pull the eye away from the subject. I work on my images in LR, PS and the Nik collection. I aim for something between studio perfect and street. I don't do News. If I did, I would shoot jpegs only and not touch them in an edit. Edo
  18. Valencia, Spain?

    Excusez moi. Je ne parle pas français. Hmm, that's 7 words -- almost fluent. Everyone speak English up there too. Too true, Bob. Not boring, but so stressful.
  19. Name that cow?

    That's either a cow, a pony or a large dog. Did it say ruff ruff or moo?
  20. Valencia, Spain?

    The late Spanish dinner hour won't bother me, Mark, since I don't eat dinner anymore; I've been doing the 16/8 daily intermittent fasting for the last 4 years. And I'm not a vegetarian. I love rabbit and tolerate the tasteless chicken we get now. But I favor simple grilled fresh fish. If I could afford it, I'd move the Seattle or Portland for the wild Pacific salmon. Valencia looks very inviting, but the Algarve is still on the top of my list. I speak neither Portuguese nor Spanish, but I know how to point and say, "this please" in several languages. I'll be in Montreal tomorrow . . . with my 6 words of French. Edo, the Reluctant Nomad
  21. Valencia, Spain?

    Thank you, European lovers of Spain. Paella and grilled fish, that covers cuisine nicely for me. Looks walkable too, not all dramatic levels like Porto. Rents seems low, but availability is unknown. That was the catch in San Miguel de Allende.
  22. Looking through stuff in my vacated apartment the other day, I found my old Lasiapassare, my Italian press card. Could not find my MACV or Tai Bo Chi cards from Vietnam or my old NY Press Card. Ah, the bravery of youth! I don't even cover soft news anymore. I might miss my nap. Edo
  23. Images Sold in July (one per day per contributor)

    This one has sold before.
  24. Down here in Mexico, I am using a new MacBook Pro with MacOS High Sierra. With me, I also have a plugin Apple mouse from my old iMac. It's been behaving oddly. I'm wondering if should get a newer mouse? Will that solve what might be a compatibility problem? Thanks, Edo
  25. Apple Mouse Problem

    Sounds good, Rebecca. I shall try that. Right now I'm back to using the pull-in mouse or the MacBook pad. OK, I did what you suggested, and it's better . . . I think. No, not better. Just more complicated. Where I used to be able to do something with a click, I now get a window that opens with 22 options, none of which I understand. I connected my WD My Book to the MacBook this morning. I want to store the images I've produced in the last 4 months, but can't. I wish I had the luxury of being relaxed enough to deal with these tech issues, but I do not. Thanks