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  1. Hopefully, I won't be going back to the Apple Store in a state of anger. At least not for now, not today. I continue to move ahead with the setting-up work on the M1 Air, step by slow, painful step. I was able to edit in Adobe CC LR Classic and PS this morning on my troublesome MacBook Pro -- a major breakthrough. I submitted two small groups of images to Alamy. I'm still guessing—still looking for the source of the problem—but it seems to be in either the Apple cloud or the Adobe cloud. I'm working on it.
  2. I've had that happen. But with 255 million images in Alamy, there might be a hiccup now and then, eh?
  3. Betty, when I cool down from temper and confusion, I don't like to try to cause people to lose their jobs, but with a nurse in your situation, it might be wise to do that. The young Apple girl was trying to be helpful. She was just out of her depth. She'll improve. I'm typing this on the M1 Air, so it's step by step down the path. I plan to try to solve all problems myself in order to learn and improve. But please, folks: don't address me using therms like 'easy' or 'simple.' With me, they are not. My biggest worry about the Air is, even though they had to wipe and re
  4. I know, Michael. I've calmed down and I have the Air up and running. Now to repeat a whole weeks work. Things went wrong because they gave me a young girl who knew as little as I do.
  5. I'm not sure where I should post this piece of bad computer news. There are several places it would fit. And please understand that I am not asking for advise on this. After the QC fail of the 12 images I had last submitted, I got 12 more ready to go this morning. I woke early, and after breakfast, I woke up my week-old M1 MackBook Air, ready to sign in. But the Air wouldn't let me sign in. I couldn't use the finger tap, and the Mac would not accept my password. I took it over to the Apple Store. They took notes about my problem (outside and masked). I made an appoint
  6. Mine is working, Nick. In captions and tags, you mean?
  7. To be human is to be imperfect. There was a time, with Alamy and in general, when I was part of the 1%, The Perfect People. I was part of that elite group for maybe 20 minutes. I'll test my uploading in the morning.
  8. I don't see any, Betty. But I welcome criticism. We all make mistakes. Since that Image is unimportant and those buildings sit right outside my door, I may delete the shot. Thanks for looking. Maybe it needs a Sky Replacement? teehee
  9. They were right; I made a mistake. I have (had?) a 5-star rating. How long these days before I submit more images?
  10. Thanks, Terry. I didn't realise I'd taken and uploaded that picture in 2015 in NYC. Still don't recall the pud.
  11. I must have eaten this at some point, but I have no memory of having done so. Can anyone tell me what it is?
  12. You are right on all those points, Michael. The new sky saved this and a few other Rome snaps.
  13. The trouble with updating subjects and deleting older versions is that we are all moving forward on guess work; we don’t know what might sell. We only know what has sold. But we must have a plan to move forward, right? Unless there’s a specific reason for me to delete a specific image, I no longer delete any. I’ve been trying to be more selective with what I upload. I upload too many pasta pics. I’d like to stop doing that, but it’s become an obsession. I have over 250 pasta images on Alamy. Basta with the pasta! Signs are not exactly a photo art subject, and there’s no
  14. It's almost 2AM as I write this, and we've just had the 4th false alarm go off tonight. There are 6 firetrucks outside, and I can't count the firemen. These false alarms just won't stop. There was one Eastern Sunday morning, another when I was in the shower, another when I was fixing lunch.
  15. Okay, folks, — here it is, what you all have been waiting for: The Edo Report on the new M1 MacBook Air! What? You haven't been waiting for this report? Hmm. Tasty tech details? Nah. Try YouTube. Just a bit of random stuff from me. But I may be the only regular in the forum who owns this new laptop, so read it anyway. It's very fast. Uploading images to Alamy, the line goes across the image in a second or two. All those nightmare problems I was (and still am) having with Adobe CC editing on my 2017 Pro? None of it is happening on the M1 Air. I have a few smaller issues to work out
  16. I had 2 sales come in today too, Alex. And I've had sales on the weekend before.
  17. I was living in Woodstock, Oxfordshire in '85. I didn't see you, Gen. And I've been on a Cairns chopper coming and going from Barrier Riff islands on my PanAm shoot.
  18. It's a hopeful sign that there are twice as many posts in 'good thing' as in 'bad thing.' Got my second jab yesterday and no side effects. I'm learning to navigate my new M1 MacBook Air and Big Sur, slowly putting up my needed apps and moving forward with only moments of confusion.
  19. That's the main reason I dont live in the suburbs and ride a bus into town. With the unpredictable, ever-changing weather in the UK, the bus ride going in and coming back might be sunny but who knows what I'll find in the centre. I need to walk out and snap away in interesting light for the next half hour or so.
  20. Wait a minute, Norm. There's no need for you to wait for an answer to your question. I'll answer right now: I don't know.
  21. Ohhhh, I've got too many posts running. Let's see. Norm, I'll get back to you with a succinct and colourful answer. Are you free to listen in February 2023? And Micheal and Micheal: I don't need a heart monitor 'cause I'm a heartless bastard. And I've never had eye or neck issues working on a MacBook. But as you know, I've had a few other issues. I was using an iMac 21" before I got the MacBook Pro to take with me to Mexico. I left the iMac with the amazingly helpful lady in Dumbo. She insisted on buying me the MacBook Pro and my ticket to San Miguel. I'l
  22. My god, we've moved from monitors to heart problem! 🤔
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