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  1. Is this the subliminal reason I never take selfies? Because I don't trust myself to respect the copyright? 🙄
  2. This might well be unorthodox on my part, but I don't do the caps or tags until the images have passed QC. So I do them in the AIM system and not in LR as I suspect most others do. My main reason for this that I don't do well dealing with PP visual editing and text at the same time.
  3. . . . or just deposit the money and forget it. 🙂
  4. Oh, Betty, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. Condolences don't seem enough. Edo
  5. In Alamy's recently added portfolio critique section, the things that get mentioned over and over are captions and tags. What do you think to be the best approach to this difficult chore? I went through a phase recently of writing very long captions that may well have included irrelevant data. With tags, I remain a minimalist. If I could come up with 50 relevant tags I would surely include them. I'm lucky to think of 12 to 20. I'm asking about Stock here, not Live News. If you plan to check my port, please ignore the first page. I'm still working on some of those tags. Edo
  6. For an assortment of reasons, I don't participate in the Monthly Challange, but I always enjoy and feel that I benefit from looking at the outstanding images that are entered. And there are so very many great ones this month. I agree that Michael's firefighter shot is totally stunning. Totally. It brought a tear to my eye, remembering being safely guided through the dense, black smoke from the fire in my NYC building. Firefighters are the Special Forces of our peacetime world. They risk their health and lives for us . . . be they male or female. Edo
  7. A telling shot, Bill. I saw many ash trees with the problem in Montreal. A national tragedy.
  8. I have no objections if Alamy wants to do that -- just curious. Thanks for the information.
  9. Does Alamy allow or perhaps encourage Google to use our images? Edo
  10. Do you shoot these subjects for stock? And do you find that they pay off? Crazy questions? But I don't chase after either of these subjects. Why? I think you would agree that Christmas is a major annual event, right? I have lots of pictures related to Christmas in NYC, yet I've not had a sale or even a zoom on any of them. ??? Rome is full of major landmarks, and St. Peter's Basilica is as major as landmarks get. I have about 25 snaps of the basilica that I feel should work well as stock. Yet I have never had a sale or a zoom on any of them. ??? What do you think, gang? Edo
  11. Oh, thanks, Mark. It's not helpful when I can't ask strangers questions.
  12. Yikes! I just checked layouts on a few ports and the layouts have changed again! LOL I wanted to see if my latest images had gone live, so I clicked the blue number, and there I see that we are back to a layout with no spaces. ???
  13. My goodness, Betty. You are having more than your share of hard times. Echo looks like a sweet-natured bird to me. Be extra careful on the drive. Edo
  14. You guys mean if you click on a blue number here in the forum or look up a subject on the Alamy homepage you don't see a newly designed layout? Really?
  15. I really like Alamy's new layout. What do you think? Edo
  16. I was gonna say, I counted my sales in the past year. There was twice the number of images without people sold as those with. I like to include people but only if they add value to the subject. I only shoot editorial stock.
  17. Four graphs just disappeared! Am I the only one having this problem???
  18. Betty, I have 5 major issues, any of which could sink my ship. The 6th issue is language. I have a little travel Spanish from my many South American shoots, but I don't seem to be retaining new vocabulary. And yes, it's not an easy language. I keep slipping into Italian.
  19. I have a frustration with the modern world that I'm sure many of you share. We want to capture images of people doing things . . . but 999 people out of 1,000 are just looking at their cellphone screens.
  20. Isacco, I'm sorry if my comment was harsh, but please understand -- challenge yourself as much as you want in your shooting. Just don't upload all the results as stock.
  21. You have to shoot in brighter light, Isacco. If you show up at a church, and the lighting is terrible, why are you taking pictures? And why are you submitting them to Alamy for sale? ???
  22. You have put a new box for "image sourced from public domain" in options. Fine, but please don't put it next to Exclusive. Thanks, Edo
  23. For a full year (2015?) I had all my tabletop food as RF. That produced one small sale. All my images are RM now.
  24. I see a very good selection, Stephen, but as I just said to another contributor, they could be brighter.
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