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  1. My sales are up, my earnings down. My zooms have lessened but not significantly. A true understanding as to why would require a crystal ball.
  2. Allan -- 😉 This being an open forum, I try not to be specific about numbers and other hard facts. But I will say that the Pullman here is the best hotel I've been in since arriving in Europe. And they serve the best buffet breakfast I've ever had.
  3. "I cleaned the sensors on all three cameras yesterday, lots of crud. Simply used a blower and now there are only two or three spots left on each. I can live with that. Allan" I priced a simple blower at Jessops yesterday. They had it in a kit with little else for . . . 25 pounds. That's nuts!
  4. Bello, Alberto -- no, bellísimo! It's best to put the location in both the caption and the tags. The location box is not searchable. And for stock, you might consider adding more subjects. (I like it here in Liverpool but I've not found a single decent Italian restaurant.) Edo
  5. I've had two this month, Mark. But they do text me with reminders too. I am so pro NHS. But I'm comparing the office I go to here in Liverpool with Medicare in the States and NHS in Oxfordshire back in the '80s. I've not spent time in hospital or had any major fixing down . . . as yet. 😯
  6. I'm back at the Tune after one night around the corner at the Z. The electric system etcetera seem to be functioning again. The Tune is my address listed with the NHS, so until I get a lease on a flat, I want to stay here. As native Europeans know, making changes in these old, historic buildings is very difficult and under special controls. They are called the Belle Arti laws in Italy. 😫
  7. I have both Sonys. Forgot the conversion plug for my Mac. I have no idea what tomorrow will bring. Maybe they can include this problem with the Brexit vote tomorrow.
  8. I didn't want to add my compliant to yours, Bryan, regarding the anti-pain gels. My shoulder only bothers me when I sleep on that side. I've been bitching about things too much in the past year. But . . . My hotel has had a total failure of the electricity. The staff, whom I love, has been moving everyone to other hotels. I don't even have my toothbrush or a change of clothes with me for tonight, just my meds and my MacBook. Edo
  9. Right, Allan --- that's what I've decided to do. 😉
  10. Nope. I have that EarthCam, Nigel. It doesn't show Angelo's. It's on the same side of the street just south of the restaurant and my front door.
  11. Thanks, people. I know about the six-months thing. I try not to bother Alamy with small matters. I see now that I either have to do that or just leave up both versions. I'm leaning towards the later. If a buyer prefers a dull looking bowl of soup, so be it. On a deletion yesterday, the system would not let me delete all the tags; I had to leave one up. Anyway, I'm just being persnickety. Another thing I'm trying to make myself do, is less detailed PP. Edo
  12. What is the best way to delete an Alamy image? I've been reediting some images lately and resubmitting them. I delete all the tags and the caption on the old image and then click Delete on the Option page. This should mean the image won't come up in a buyer's search. Fine. But I continue to see these deleted images in my port when I click on the blue number. I'm wondering if any of you can see two pictures of a bowl of leek soup on my Page One? Thanks, Edo
  13. A relaxed moment at one of several nice pubs here in Liverpool centre. This is the Railway Pub.
  14. Robert, I wonder if, when you were recently on Mulberry Street in NYC, you noticed if Angelo's restaurant was open? I lived on the 4th floor above it.
  15. Sorry, Bryan -- we seem to be pouring beer on your post. Maybe we're saying your shoulder might feel better if you have a pint? Hmmm.
  16. John, that sounds like a very good deal. The only warning I must give about the 100-3 is that the autofocus doesn't work 100% of the time. As long as you snap a few extra frames you'll be fine. These little Sonys are amazing machines. I favor Aperture Priority, golden auto, and the Twilight Scene that Mark just explained. Edo
  17. They have two strengths of Voltaren here too, Don. I find it odd that your daughter can't get it in the States. I drink relatively little, Mark, about 10 to 14 drinks a week, that's one or two a day. I've taken to having a brandy after lunch on some days now with the weather has turned colder. There's a nice traditional pub around the corner -- the Cornmarket. Real pubs have a positive ambiance. I drink Guinness twice a week now too.
  18. Thanks for the advice. And thanks for not telling me to stop drinking beer. 😜
  19. Are Volarol and ibuprofen gel the same thing? My guess is they're not. I wandered into Tesco to see the price on each. They were out of their ibuprofen gel. Later I came across a Home Bargains store. They were out of the Votarol. But they had a good size tube of ibuprofen gel for just .99 pence. Low dose asprin was only .59 and Liserine cost me 1.00. Wooooo, serious bargains!
  20. I've never seen anything useful about dividing ones collection into various pseudos.
  21. Senior section? I want an over-80 section. I'll be the only one in it so I'll have to talk to myself. Hmmm.
  22. Bryan, ouch! The medical advice sounds mostly good, except for the green peas. Best to prepare those with a little salt and pepper and French butter. I have not been carrying my Domke with the Upstrap on one shoulder anymore, not since I left Seville. I bought a smaller bag that holds the a6000 with 10-18 and the 100-6 and I put the strap over my head as seen below in this Alamy image. I have wrist straps on both cameras. If I have the RX100-6 alone, it goes into a jacket pocket. When you are feeling fit -- and not until -- try doing some French curls with a 2-pound weight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmRRAY19gBs
  23. Marianne, I almost bought that zoom for my Sony a6000. I was in Montreal at the time, about to leave, and none of the shops had it yet. So I got the Sony RX100-6 with its 24-200 and the cheap-but-good Sony 28-70 to augment the 10-18 on the a6000. I used Nikon primes all though the film era but for what I do know the lighter, smaller mirrorless Sonys and zooms are the answer. If you look at the first page of my port, you'll see that I've been shooting at night recently. Everything is handheld using the two Sonys mentioned above. Night snaps are best done at dusk of course.
  24. We're not so far apart on all points, Wim. I use my thumb on vertical snaps. And I agree about having a soft-but-firm grip. The camera sits over my body with my head tilted back a little. If I reach out, the trembling begins. (I can't reach out and pick up a glass of wine with my right hand.) If I look at the screen instead of through the viewfinder, I get no visual intimacy. I began as a portrait photographer for actors, watching the level of expression in the subject's eyes. I can't see that on a back screen. What you are attempting, Allan, is hard to do. If I were to have an assignment like that, I would insist on using bounce or defused flash. Otherwise, you'll be getting a lot of failed frames. Edo
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