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  1. Edo in Sevilla . . .

    Today, February 17th is the first anniversary of the fire on Mulberry Street in NYC that made me homeless. I don't know if the building is open yet or if Angelo's has reopened. If any of you happen to walk by 146 Mulberry, please let me know. I would like to take a minute and again thank the forum and Alamy and Ian and the others who stepped up to help me in those scary first months. Thank you so much. For the moment I've landed on my feet, if on a rather slippery surface here in Seville. Poco a poco. Gracias, amigos Edo
  2. Edo in Sevilla . . .

    People have been asking me for my impressions on this wonderful, historic Spanish city. I feel it is too early for me to have real opinions. After I find a place to live and settle in for a few weeks, I'll be ready to say what I think. There is an generous amount of general information on Seville, with its many layers of history, available to all on the Net. Right now I'm forced to deal with another wall that I must get past: it seems that nothing in the way of furnished apartments are available right now. Nothing. Very scary this. And even the hotels, where I'm hemorrhaging money at the moment, are all booked up. I'm going to have to get lucky, and it will have to be soon. Here's a few of my first snaps of Seville to go live on Alamy:
  3. No sales, no zooms, no views

    That was aimed at TLK, not you, Lorenzo. A third of my zooms end up as sales.
  4. No sales, no zooms, no views

    Ciao, Lorenzo That sounds very strange. If the situation does not improve in a day or two, you should contact contributors@alamy.com Bite your lip, TLK! Zooms were down for a few months but they have climbed back up recently. My sales are consistent with what can be expected. Most of my collection is of NYC, but I shoot only editorial stock. Most of what I see of yours is News. Could this be your problem? Edo
  5. I'm sorry too, Bryan. I don't have that problem on my 28/70, but I did have it on two Nikon zooms I owned back at the start of digital. On one, the problem was not there on every shot. Try covering yourself with a few extra frames.
  6. Second Camera

    If cost is not the most important thing, you might consider getting one of the later models in the RX100 line. I have a 100/6 and the autofocus is much faster and more accurate than my 100/3.
  7. People?

    Looking at the search terms for my images, I'm wondering if we should be including shorthands like WP and WOP in our tags?
  8. People?

    Before digital and the Web took the place of books and magazine, vertical was king.
  9. People?

    Oh boy . . . I've got just 166 popping up under "people." Mind you, I have thousands of images with people in them, but my tagging is obviously terrible on this word. Betty, you may be good about shooting verticals, and when I asked in the past, forum folks said they always shoot both. However, all we have to do is spot check collections and we'll see that verticals are not happening. Edo
  10. Let me add my voice to Wim wise warning: do not open the flap on the USB slot if you can avoid doing so. Get yourself a plugin card reader and use that for transfers. The cover on my 100/3 is broken from use. Edo
  11. How was your January?

    I had the lowest number of sales in the past two years. But the prices were strong, so I'm not complaining. February has started strong. I don't get the end-of-the month sales many Brits do. Edo
  12. I've had some mixed messages about what's best for my MacBook: just close the lid and put it to sleep or shut it down sometimes. And the story may well be different with Windows PCs. I'm not talking about a battery issue. What do you guys do? Edo
  13. Edo in Sevilla . . .

    Ah, yes! I discovered Estella recently. Better than Cruzcampo but still so inexpensive.
  14. Edo in Sevilla . . .

    Me too. If I were to go again, it would be to capture images, and that might be pointless. I've been to less than 10 bullfights. Several were just awful. The last one I went to was in Malaga in the 1970s when I saw the great matador, Luis Miguel Dominguin fight three bulls. It was an entirely different experience, and as Mark says, I have no need to go again. I like Hemingway's writing, but I don't share his interests. Bullfighting is not a part of my American or Irish culture. It's Spanish. I went to a cockfight in Indonesia once too. It was very unpleasant. In the States, we have our own traditions, like buying a AR 15 and killing strangers. I'm not going to voice an opinion or have a debate on any of these things in the Alamy forum. I'm sorry I mentioned it, Roma. Edo
  15. MAC built - in FTP server

    I used a few FTPs back in Montreal or tried to when I was having a special problem uploading. Eventually, it worked well. I will try FTP again. You stay warm in NYC, Paulette.
  16. Eric, be careful with the autofocus on the M3. Sony fixed that problem in their more recent models. There is no reason at all to fail Alamy QC with these great little cameras. Edo
  17. Edo in Sevilla . . .

    Mark, are you telling me that soccer tickets are expensive now? As a kid in Brooklyn, I used to be able to go to a baseball game. Corporations buy up all those tickets now. Wow! I just looked up the football tickets!
  18. Edo in Sevilla . . .

    Hi, Jenny! I'm not settled in Spain yet. Portugal is still a possibility. Edo
  19. Edo in Sevilla . . .

    I covered the Vietnam War as a photo journalist, Roma. I was not there to encourage the war or war in general. Have you ever been to a slaughterhouse? I did a story on one. That would be something to protest against. Wim, in Spain, sometimes the bull is given a pass from slaughter. It's rare, but if the animal is seen as exceptionally brave, he can get a reprieve. I've never seen it happen, and yet I've seen no bulls who were not exceptionally brave. They are magnificent creatures, and they enter the ring with Dylan Thomas's thought, "Do not go gentle into that good night."
  20. Edo in Sevilla . . .

    Good tip, Wim. I’ve been a senior so long I forget that I am. The fight begin here in April.
  21. Edo in Sevilla . . .

    Of the many reasons I decided to pick Spain as the place to try to restart my life, the low cost of things here is a major factor. It seems that low cost does not include attending a bullfight. I am not an aficionado, but I do go sometimes and I want to go here in Seville to take pictures. I just checked the price of tickets. Wow! To sit in sombra, the shade, it will cost me 150 euros. Back in the '70s, when I did a guide to the Costa del Sol, it seemed that seeing the fights cost me less than lunch. Again . . . wow. Edo
  22. No no, this is a tech matter, John, not a matter of preference. And what we should do varies with Macs or PCs. But . . . these computers are not going to explode if we exercise a bit of flexibility.
  23. Well . . . as you all can see, the ways of dealing with this question are all over the place. I haven't found anything to believe in on my WWW research either. ???
  24. Okay, thanks. I'm on a Mac.