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  1. I used my new Sigma 56mm to do this portrait of Queen Victoria. I asked Her Majesty's permission, of course. She didn't say no, go away, or off with his head, so I took it as an okay. Sharp, eh?
  2. Bill Brooks posted, "I always shoot a vertical and a horizontal of the same shot whenever possible." I see "whenever possible" as the key part of that statement. Often, one of the compositions is forced. Betty, I've liked all the places I've passed through in the last two years — Brooklyn, San Miguel de Allende, Montreal, Lisbon, Seville, Galway, Sligo, and now Liverpool. Healthcare and legal residency have been the important issues. It's about to be winter in all parts of the Northern Hemisphere. Winter in Montreal is harsh; summer is Seville is also harsh. It rains a lot here in Liverpool but the climate is mild, never really cold or hot. I'd be more content if I could understand Scouse.
  3. I started a count of my horizontal and vertical sales, but so few were verticals that I gave it up as pointless. I did take note that in the past year far and away most sales are still of NYC. The good news is that my second best selling location is . . . Liverpool.
  4. Like you, Ian, James was a big help to me when I needed help. He's a good guy, and he has a growing family now.
  5. This casual snap of guacamole is one of two food pics from the same lunch in San Miguel de Allende. Both sold today for high $$. The amount is enough to pay for my bistro bills in that lovely Mexican town for about two weeks.
  6. And, Nailya—captions are even more important than tags.
  7. Good going on the sale, John. But to see things from an editor point of view . . . well, there are many editors with many points of view. I actually like to shoot signs because they have all the basic subject elements: lighting, composition, colour, and a message.
  8. That's pretty much what I was trying to say with my list of 5 "imperfections," Betty. With food, I aim for the spot between studio perfect and casual (real). But I don't like sloppy. And, as I've said before, I only upload images I like. (Everyone knows what has sold, but nobody knows what might sell.)
  9. I would agree with both those thoughts, John. (Blueberry muffins are my current favourite.)
  10. . . . and not just banks, zxzoomy. Signs of most anything sell. Once in a while, they are even attractive images. Of my last 100 sales, 35 were of various signs.
  11. It's funny, I see 5 things wrong with my shot, yet it's earned over $500 in sales. I think what I did right with that shot is: I have a simply effective caption and some good tags. Do you see what's wrong? 1. The heart on the cappuccino is poorly shaped, 2. There's a chip out of the saucer, 3. The croissant needs more butter, 4. We should loose the sugars and, 5. Loose the paper napkin. 😎
  12. As a food photographer, It's helpful to know the difference between a meal and a photography subject. On assignment, I've sometimes captured a restaurant's entire menu.
  13. This repeat seller has a story. On my farewell trip to Rome in 2008, I was on my way to my old piazza in Trastevere to have lunch at Augusto's. I passed this bar in Santa Maria and noticed the ornate table. So I order a cappuccino and croissant. Normally in bars in Italy, they serve a cornetto, which means horn and is not bent. But this one had the French twist. I didn't eat it or drink the coffee. I asked for the bill. My waiter was upset that I hadn't touch the food. I explained that I was about to have lunch and I just wanted to take a picture on the nice table. "Crazy American," I heard him mumble as I was leaving.
  14. Not without her permission, and we are not in contact.
  15. I hear you, Bryan. Back in the '80s my mate was from Northumbria. She normally spoke with a soft Oxbridge accent, but I heard the local dialect when she talked to her uncle just north of Newcastle. She was awarded the Queen's highest sword tap for work she did. She was a great person.
  16. Ah, simple pleasures. That's what makes a day worthwhile. 🙂
  17. And it's a lovely phrase in Korean, Indonesian, Swahili, and all the Romance languages. 🙂
  18. Do folks 'gan canny' when they 'gan on the hoy?' Me oh my. I was hoping not to have to learn another language. I can say hello and thank you in 47 tongues but little else in most of them.
  19. Nope. Just bitching like everyone else. It's the new normal.
  20. That's what happened on Mulberry Street—fumes and then a spark. Boom. 😲 Everyday in my Liverpool building something new goes wrong. That's everyday. Today there's was no hot water, the elevators are out of order, and they have added a second entrance. The hot water is back. I've stopped trying to call and inquire or complain. I just roll with things and hope not to pick up the virus. Meanwhile, back in America. . . . 🥵
  21. Betty is tough. But she's not invincible.
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