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  1. With 20-20 hindsight, I should have done that. Everything I've been snapping since the lockdown is News, not Stock. Edo
  2. Sally, dear—did you explain to that bird that its neck is way too long? It needs help. There's not much beautiful nature here in Liverpool, unless you count the colourful selection of antipasti in the M&S Foodhall.
  3. I have had an allergy condition and cough variant asthma every single day for the past 33 years. It comes and goes in the day. It's not a Liverpool thing, but now is tree and grass pollen time.
  4. Wops, my daughter in law informs me that I missed Québec Day in June.
  5. Tis the New York Irish lad. Joyeux jour du Canada, John! And to all Canadians.
  6. Scousers are hardy folks, John. Last winter I saw many sitting outside in T-shirts. Me? I had two layers on. Oh, and I was inside. I hope I have time to assess the latest changes before my Sunday blog time. The weekend forecast is rain. Poco a poco.
  7. I've been trying raw ginger in several ways this past week—eating it raw, shaving onto food, and making hot tea with a large piece. None of it worked. Thanks anyway, Edo
  8. I would be best to ask Alamy that question, sir. Good luck with Alamy and with Manchester. If your code name is supposed to be the NY Yankee baseball star, the hero of my youth, it would be two Gs: DiMaggio. Edo
  9. If my NHS doctor here tells me to cut back on my drinking, I'll make the change. That is I'll get a new doctor.
  10. Imagine, tomorrow is July 1st. In the UK, we've all been in some kind of isolation for three months. The natives are restless. Allan, if you avoid alcohol, that's probably a good thing. I used to drink only 4 things: coffee, beer, wine, and water. This past winter here in Liverpool, I added brandy to the mix. I practice 16/8 intermittent fasting. That is I eat breakfast and lunch only. That's nothing to eat or drink at night except water. I used to drink 10 to 14 drinks a week. With the brandy and the lockdown, I'm up to about 21 drinks a week. The American medical community says that 21 drinks a week is where alcoholism begins. Hmm.
  11. Yeah, the first RX100 went to 100mm. But the wide end was 28mm, not 24mm. I've never liked the 28mm look. In the film era, I always use primes, and I see a big personality difference between 24 and 28.
  12. It occurs to me: we're all strangers in a strange land now.
  13. Should I get the bottom half of my face printed on my mask? Smiling, of course. 😁
  14. Because the paper masks can break, I always have a second one with me. On the street, when I'm not close to anyone, I wear the mask on my chin. It's very easy and fast to pull it up over my mouth and nose when I get close to others or inside a shop. In Italy, a friend tells me, masks are becoming a fashion accessory.
  15. Betty, I recall you saying that you mostly had your RX100-3 set on Full Auto. I use Full Auto a lot now, but did not with the 100-3. Maybe you've seen the other post where I'm bitching about a difference in speed and accuracy between the A setting and Full Auto? As I told Wim, this could a figment of my imagination. I agree that the less expensive 100-3 might be a good answer for Sally, since it will function as a second (pocket) camera. I also have a Sony 24MP a6000 with the 10-18, 28-70, and a 50 prime. Edo
  16. Someone sent me a snap taken last night outside the White Horse Tavern that shows a bunch of people, shoulder to shoulder. No face masks. 🤪
  17. I don't know, Jill. The answer to all my app problems seems to involve getting yet another app problem.
  18. Kumar, I have an older version of Nik on my MacBook Air, but I've stopped using it. I've tried to buy Nik 3 and ran into a recurring problem: they won't let me open a new account and I have no idea what my old password was. Very frustrating. It should not be so, but my change of locale gives me many app and online problems. Edo
  19. https://edostrange.blogspot.com/2020/06/the-future-near-and-far.html Here we go again.
  20. Look at the comparison between the 6 and the 7 in the data MDM sent you. Maybe the less expensive 6 would work for you. The depth-of-field control in these little mirrorless cameras is not great. It will frustrate you. I suspect your brother is a bit younger than me. There's no way I could cover great distances on foot as I once did. I would love to have access to Village England. When I lived in Oxfordshire in the '80s, I had a car. In Western Australia, I would need a car, a small aeroplane, a helicopter, a van, and maybe a houseboat.
  21. I've been using full auto a lot lately. No matter what setting I've been using, I've not missed any shots. And I've been trying get some telling captures of Deliveroo bike people, which is trickier (more like sports photography) than snapping signs and buildings. The data on my three quick snaps is mostly that same. Wim, this could be my imagination. I am bored. ☹️
  22. I suspected that might be the case, but I saw no hint of you looking for an additional stock subject on your 4 pages. To sum up: I feel the lost of an f-stop or so is not going to be an important factor, but the 70mm max will occasionally be a problem. My RX100-6 is out of order at the moment. I would love to expand my subject choice. Without a car, that's hard. And the only thing I really know about birds is they can fly and I can't. 🙂
  23. Sally, I own both a RX100-V and a RX100-6. For 3 to 4 years now, I've been taking almost all of my pics with the small Sonys. I always use the wrist strap and have no interest in the grip. For the subjects you capture most—birds, flowers, wildlife, and landscapes—I believe the RX100-VII would be the better choice. Handheld shooting with either zoom has never been an issue for me. I agree with Steve Bell that the lens is best from 24 to about 120mm, but I've never failed Alamy QC at 200mm. For depth of field control, the longer lens is more useful. Sony IS and some menu options are also helpful with low-light handholding. Good luck, dear, whichever you decide on. Edo
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