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  1. In a word -lousy! 4 sales for under £38 gross and then hit by a $15 reduction for some affiilate fee for an image sold 2 months ago (and still not cleared) so actually a loss on the month. When supposed "personal use" sales are making far more (actually $$) than perpetual web and magazine use it's hardly worth the effort anymore.
  2. Much better month than expected with 8 sales for $384 gross. Vy variable prices though from low $ to a fair $$$.
  3. Worst month for a long time - just two sales for $11 gross, both web uses. On the bright side Zooms are up.
  4. Just 2 for $84 gross. Views still lower than long term average but CTR hoilding steady overall.
  5. Poor! 3 sales for $78 gross only one of which was in double figures and lowest views and zooms for many months. Probably the ongoing Covid impact so will hopefully improve.
  6. 5 for £63 gross. Only one good price with three in low single $.
  7. 4 sales for $85 gross of which 2 were PU. Views and zooms down.
  8. Sales and revenues both down 20% on 2019. Given the problems last year not surprising and looking forward perhaps in 2022 things will be looking a lot better.
  9. Mixed! 7 sales for $200 gross with one high $$ (textbook) and a couple of low $$ but the rest all low single $ personal and web use. Views and zooms well down but then the last 2 weeks of December can be written of in UK.
  10. 3 sales for $26 gross. Views well down on last year but zooms rose significantly in the last week of November.
  11. Uploading of images has been impossible since yesterday evening. Tried again this morning via two different browsers and still not working.
  12. Well, 4 sales but for a lousy $40 gross (3 in low single figures). Views and CTR dropped to their worst for over a year.
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