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  1. No problem with submitting images from M43 cameras. I have uploaded and sold images from: Olympus ePL5, EM5, EM10 Mk2, EM1 Mk1 and EM1Mk2. I've had no issues in low light (my go to lens is the 12-40 PRO) and only minor problems in poor light with the relatively basic kit lenses. Unless you are a bokeh fanatic M43 makes a lovely light and portable kit.
  2. Volume down again but overall best year for income thanks to one very good sale back in the Spring.
  3. Just 2 for $22 gross. At least CTR went up significantly for the month so some hope for next year.
  4. 7 sales for $225 gross bringing total revenue above last year though sales down. Not good to see RM images being sold 'in perpetuity' for $ though.
  5. 5 sales for $141 gross but zooms and views down after a good August.
  6. 3 for £300 gross. One was $$$. Zooms and CTR improved which may or may not be as a result of starting to upload again.
  7. 4 sales for $119 gross. Two were PU uses but for $19.99 so quite reasonable in the current world. Not so happy with a very low $ for a significant web use. Zooms and views now show a downward trend over the last 4 months.
  8. Slow! Two sales for $106 gross though views and zooms improved a bit in the last week.
  9. This month really demonstrates the crazy world that is Alamy! Nothing for the first two weeks, then a couple of $$ sales. Then my biggest sale ever drops in, a book cover for $$$ (as in high - three quarters of the way to $$$$)! This was then followed by an NU which appears to be for a large print on an office wall for low $. Sublime to the ridiculous in the space of two days. Ended the month on 4 for $868 gross, zooms up and views holding.
  10. Worst month for a long time. A mere 2 sales for a grand total of $25.84 gross. Views and zooms on a long term downward trend. Good to see that others are doing a lot better though as it means that the market is not yet dead and things may get better,
  11. Not good! 3 sales for $33 gross. The Telegraph used the same image twice (web and print) and actually paid for both. Like others I also had a Chinese distributor sale for microstock fee. While views are down at least zooms began to pick up in the last 10 days
  12. December was OK - 6 sales for $211 gross though 2 were dubious PU and 1 a distributor. Views and zooms well down though. For the year overall 50 for $1714 gross - both sales and revenue down on last year. For contrast I looked back over the years and realised that my second best year for revenue was actually way back in 2007 when a mere 12 sales generated $1946 gross. Demonstrates just how far prices have fallen!
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