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  1. These maple trees grow just a couple of blocks from my house. This year the colors are nowhere near as brilliant as when I took this image three years ago. No two falls are the same.
  2. I'm not as diligent about shooting verticals as I used to be in film days because I figure that end-users can now crop horizontals to their liking. I now tend to take a vertical only if I think the subject especially suits or warrants it -- e.g if there is lots of a nice blue sky that could be used for copy space on a magazine or book cover. I find that the best time to take verticals is when I'm standing up. πŸ€ͺ
  3. That's an exceptionally nice image of the Pike Place market sign. The ferry really makes it. Pike Place signs must be the most photographed ones in Seattle. I have a couple of shots myself, but they don't get any attention, which doesn't surprise me really.
  4. I tend to hang on to similars if I think they are OK. Some of them end up on my website. I used send similars to different stock agencies, but now I can't find any other outfits that I want to contribute to. Keeping image folders tidy? I gave up on that pipe dream a long time ago. πŸ™ƒ
  5. Perhaps those minor "imperfections" made the image more appealing to Alamy customers. After all, the image has done well. I actually reacted more to the composition, shapes and textures than to the subject matter. But then I'm more of a muffin guy. 🀠
  6. Glad I held onto this old album from the early 60's. Yusef Lateef was one of my favourites. TV editorial use, mid $$
  7. For many years, I contributed to a small photo library in the US that specialized in Latin America, and I'd say that eventually at least half of my income from them was for reuse of images in textbooks. Many of the images that I produced for them have become resellers on Alamy. Now, of course, even making images RM doesn't guarantee that they will be re-ordered by scholastic publishers as so many Alamy sales have very long durations or are licensed "in perpetuity".
  8. It is gratifying when you can combine the two, though.
  9. I'd venture to say that creating a straightforward -- and probably boring -- eye level documentary image suitable for editorial use can be an art in itself. That said, I know that I take too many eye-level shots. I'm going to blame it on ageing. Kneeling isn't as comfortable as it used to be, plus if I lie down for too long I might never get up. 😬
  10. That's true. Mind you, I'm too much of a hoarder to do a serious cull, plus every once in awhile I'm surprised by the sale of an image that I thought I should delete.
  11. My images aren't particularly newsworthy, at least not when it comes to UK newspapers. I find that most of my multiple repeat sales are based on scarcity more than anything else -- i.e. they are subjects for which Alamy has very little or even no coverage. I wish I could say it was my outstanding photographic talent behind repeat sales, but that would be a bit of a stretch. 🀩
  12. Thanks for the reply. Better late than never. I generally ignore watermarked images as well. However, it bothers me more when they are being used commercially -- i.e. to sell something -- then on a blog or tacky editorial website. But I guess it's not worth losing sleep over this kind of thing.
  13. That's encouraging to hear, but I can't help remembering when sales in the $150-$250 range were commonplace. I'll be quiet now. 🀐
  14. Yes, statistics like these -- number of times zoomed, licensed, even viewed -- for each image would be really helpful.
  15. Thanks for the link. I only just got around to switching from a "classic" template, which I liked better than the new one in some respects. Hopefully, the latest new toys will be as "amazing" as they say. Encouraging to hear that someone is still at the helm. Still tumbleweeds over at my PS website...
  16. I know these questions have been discussed before, but I don't recall the answers. If you move images to a newly created pseudo and then delete the old pseudo, what happens to the Alamy ranking of the moved images? I believe that new pseudos are assigned an "average" rank, so would all the moved images lose the rank (high or low) that they had in the old pseudo? I get a headache thinking about this stuff...πŸ€•
  17. It seems that people's experience with repeat-sellers varies a lot. I've noticed an uptick in the number of older images re-selling during the pandemic, which seems to coincide with my big drop in zooms. This is a bit of a double-edged sword. Having a stable of dependable repeat-sales has been really important for me when it comes to generating consistent income. However, a higher proportion of them licensing relative to newer images doesn't seem like a positive trend. It's not a good a idea to become too dependent on old work. Hmmm...
  18. When I look at my monthly sales reports, I see that typically at least 50% of the images that have licensed are repeat-sellers? How about you? P.S. I average about 14 sales per month -- 9 sales so far this month, and 6 of them are repeat-sellers.
  19. Mine showed up in my PayPal account on Oct. 7th.
  20. I'm sure you miss NYC, but you're on the right side of the Atlantic.😧
  21. I downloaded a mushroom ID app called Shroomify from Google Play, and it looks good so far. There appear to be Canada, US, and UK versions (android and iPhone)
  22. COVID fatigue is going to be an increasingly serious problem. There was an anti-mask rally in downtown Vancouver recently -- only about 1000 Covidiots but still disturbing. That said, the majority of people here tend to be doing all the right things (as I'm sure Betty is). Still, it promises to be a long winter...
  23. Thanks for the tip. I'll give it a try.
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