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  1. Yes, it could have something to do with eyesight. However, I just looked at the preview image as it is, and it appears fine on my monitor. If I downloaded the comp and viewed it at 1:1 as you suggest, I would expect to see blobby sky and other compression problems. My guess is that most clients wouldn't bother to do this, though.
  2. The deletion criteria seem inconsistent to me, but in Alamy we must trust.
  3. I wonder how good most customers' monitors are. If they are anything like mine, then there is nothing to worry about. I can't even see the problem(s) with the first image that Blinking Eye posted. Oh dear, it might be time to spend more money that I don't have. 🙄
  4. ... and have sufficient "context", although I've had some deleted that I thought had plenty of context.
  5. Personally, I never worry much about a little banding and/or "chunkiness" in dark blue skies. Apparently QC doesn't either. Sometimes it's unavoidable.
  6. Uh-oh. I hadn't realized that the vote is tomorrow. It sounds like the gods might be trying to tell us something. Best of luck.
  7. For reasons unknown, I've had that happen with FTP as well. QC always allows me to delete the dupes later, so they must be aware of the problem. Last few FTP uploads have been OK. Gave up on the online uploader a long time ago. 😞
  8. Bummer. Hope you managed to grab a camera or two as well.
  9. Three from a recent visit to Old Montreal, Quebec. These are heavily photographed subjects, but I like them anyway. All captured with my Sony a6000 and Sony lenses. Place d'Armes Main alter in the Notre Dame Basilica Dome of the Bonsecours Market with La Grand Roue de Montréal ferris wheel in background
  10. Hmmm... let's see ... if my math is correct that's over 138 IPM (Images Per Minute).
  11. There is an Alamy photo on the cover of the current edition of ARCHAEOLOGY magazine: Roman Sigaev, Petra, RAA03N There are a number of other Alamy images in both the online and print editions of this issue (Nov./Dec, 2019)
  12. Some stock photo agencies have ineffective keywording as well. I have experience with a big stock photo agency similar to Alamy that keywords your images for you, and they do a terrible job. My guess is that they aren't the only agency with lackadaisical tagging.
  13. Alamy has some great bargains. We should see a spike in PU Sales because of this thread. 😛
  14. Hope your dodgy shoulder is on the mend, Bryan. I used to develop back and shoulder pain from carrying around a heavy bag with two SLR bodies, lenses, flash, etc. Switching to the lightweight mirrorless Sony's certainly has improved matters. Even so, my back still starts to bug me after doing a lot of walking with a camera bag slung over my shoulder. If your camera bag accepts a waist strap/belt, using one can make a big difference, at least that's what I've found. I have a fairly compact old Tamrac bag that has a built-in waist strap. Glad I held onto it.
  15. This is the second time this image has licensed through a Brazilian distributor for book use, low $$ Montreal Biosphere, captured with Sony NEX-6 and Sony 16mm lens with fisheye converter attached
  16. I draw a lot from my experience in education and freelance writing (travel and culture mainly). Having these backgrounds has helped me a lot on Alamy. I think another way to stem the flood waters is to keep as many images as possible exclusive to Alamy. I've been noticing more multiple sales to the same clients lately, which could be (?) due to Alamy supplying buyers with selections of images available here only. Photo-buyers must be getting sick and tired of seeing the same images plastered across different agencies.
  17. My recent sales suggest the same thing for the most part -- specific/obscure subjects are doing the best. I don't think that the flood of images will ever stop. Alamy will just get increasingly bottom heavy with more an more images sinking into the depths of no return. Keeping one's leaky boat afloat is everything now. 🥴
  18. My guess is that many images -- perhaps most -- are coming from other stock agencies, so they probably bypass Alamy's QC. There are also lots of pseudo agencies out there that never make a sale themselves but exist solely to spread images around to as many "partners" as possible. Unfortunately, I've had experience with a couple of those outfits. It really is a jungle out there now...
  19. One of five sales of Vancouver images that popped up today to the same client, retail book, probably a travel guide of some kind, so perhaps others had sales as well. Same price for each image, decent mid $$. All images were exclusive to Alamy. Nice to see multiple sales like these.
  20. I've had pretty good luck with eyebrows as well. 🤓
  21. Thanks mucho. I hope some more permanent walls materialize for you soon...
  22. Thanks. I've always been intrigued by infrared photography. There's another world out there that we can't see. Unfortunately, golden light doesn't always translate into real gold. Oh well...
  23. A few that I like. Has never sold (no manipulation) Has never sold (no manipulation) This one actually did sell, but I used a faux infrared effect, so maybe I was cheating. I like the lighting on this one (an isolated beach in Nicaragua), and it has sold as well P.S. I think that content is more important than lighting on Alamy, but "good lighting" is obviously worth chasing. I've got lots of dreary images that have sold multiple times.
  24. A rare Sunday sale (marketing, small business, travel and tourism, low $$) of a railway museum in Mexico. Appears to be direct.
  25. I wouldn't say that RM is dying, it's just changing / evolving with the times. Alamy has done a pretty good job adapting its licenses to the changing marketplace IMO. Not sure how you define "under-performing", but I'd say that earning $0.25 a sale on micro sites is definitely under-performance. P.S. I've been doing some experimenting with microstock. If that's the future, then we might as well pack it in now.
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