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  1. A couple of sales for pennies. When is advertising editorial? I'm sorry, but I just don't understand this. Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Editorial website ; Industry Sector: Media, design & publishing ; Start: 06-September-2021 ; End: 06-September-2026 ; Additional Details: Single use in online platforms, social channels and DOOH when used in an editorial context and in owned media. DOOH stands for 'Digital Out Of Home' (I had to look it up) and is just a fancy term for electronic billboard advertising. I'm afraid that I don't grasp the conc
  2. Given the current state of play here, that's a somewhat ironic photo to licence!
  3. Similar. 3 licences for $19 gross minus $3.39 for an affiliate sale that apparently hadn't been taken off, leaves me with about £4.35 net. I'd send you that postcard, but I don't think I can afford the stamp till next month.
  4. 🤣 You've gotta watch your step: it's a minefield out there! Well, quite a bit more, apparently! 🤣
  5. That's a little contradictory, isn't it? "You should not have been paid for this sale yet so you won’t be out of pocket." So, we haven't been paid for the sale, but have been deducted the affiliate commission? What?! I, likewise have had a deduction, yet cannot see what the relevant sale was because...below (the image ID is not listed) Does this mean that Alamy are now deducting affiliate fees before the licence fee appears?! Surely not?
  6. Perhaps a new thread should be started ('less pathetic results 2021')?
  7. I can't say, but I had a news sales last month and one in March which were initially unfindable ('scuse the poor English I'm, er, English!). Both gave a print run of 750,000. The one from last month (K14HNX) is still a mystery, but the one from March (2BDE6PT) tuned up in a live news feed on the Daily Telegraph website. They had given me a name credit, so Google (alone!) found it by a psuedo search. Although it showed a bunch of other images from the feed, it didn't show mine, so I had to get a subscription (free for 30? days) to confirm the usage. I've done a quick search for your
  8. Just checked. Yes, tonight's programme did include Alamy in the 'Archive' credits.
  9. Thanks. If my images are still there tomorrow, I shall contact Alamy.
  10. My pictures are on the site. My previous settings were such that I'd only opted in to Croatia. I have now opted out of distribution altogether, so hopefully all my images will disappear from there soon.
  11. This post is terribly constructed: random thoughts thrown at the page - apologies in advance! I've only just completed page 27 of this thread (currently at 70 pages). I shall plough on, though it may be one of Hercules' tasks and I may never reach the end! Seems to me that, besides the obvious increase in commission that Alamy is taking ('core', my rear end!), the most concerning aspect is summarised well in riccarbi's post (below). It may be that Alamy have already replied to some concerns, I don't know. However, I do know that, given these (proposed) chang
  12. Maybe, given the new contract, we should all should remove our current portfolios and replace them with the same?
  13. But will it last? https://www.shutterstock.com/press/19766
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