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  1. Aussie newspaper; print and digital use; low price. Reported on July 1st. May be behind a paywall, but if anyone does spot it, I'd be grateful to know where - thanks!
  2. New Scientist, Environment, 22 May 2019 Plastic straws will be banned in England from April 2020 DY2CJ8 by D. Callcut (cropped)
  3. Cleared total = $51 on the last day of the month! I'll take what I can get right now. 😂
  4. An old 'Live News' photo never used till now. RM: multiple use/unlimited duration 🙄 Aldermaston-Burghfield, Berkshire, England, GB, UK.. 9th August 2014. A 7 mile (11km) long hand-knitted 'scarf' was unrolled along the route from the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston to AWE Burghfield today, as Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) knitters called for Nuclear weapons system, Trident, and any possible replacement to be scrapped. This ahead of an expected Parliamentary vote in 2016 on whether the government should spend over £100 billion on a new nuclear weapons system. Credit: Danny Callcut / Alamy Live News Country: Worldwide Usage: Single company - multiple use editorial only. Editorial print + digital use. Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Start: 27 June 2019 Duration: Unlimited
  5. Likewise: Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire I, too, thought of estate agents. Do the licence terms contradict themselves? A little ambiguous. Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Internal newsletter ; Print run: Unlimited ; Start: 25-June-2019 ; End: 25-June-2024 ; Additional Details: Use in a location guide for a home owner. Archival rights. Includes repeat use. Mine was RM (as are all my images). So little difference these days.
  6. Country Life, May 26, 2019 - ISSN 0045-8856 How four of the greatest writers in history thrived in their garden sheds https://www.countrylife.co.uk/interiors/four-greatest-writers-history-thrived-garden-sheds-196599 The first is most likely... E0KPTN by Keystone Press ...but could even be a mistaken credit from G**** F4TCEP by parkerphotography GW5G7J by D. Callcut (mine) EDIT: Whoops, missed one: F7R5NG by The National Trust Photolibrary (no comment)
  7. I feel your pain, but I'm afraid that you're absolutely wasting your time in either regard: you will have great difficulty in pursuing any legal action against the owner of the site and Alamy will not take up the case unless they are able to contact the owner via an email address. They will likely inform you that they are happy for you to pursue the case, if you so wish. You could contact MS, but I would suggest that they are also unlikely to view this as worth their while at all. You will find dozens if not hundreds of these types of sites worldwide. It really is not worth the stress you will cause yourself worrying about them - believe me, I know. Confine your energies to pursuing cases in 'western' countries where you have a chance of success.
  8. Well done. We're all different, but generally the $ referred to are the gross sale figures, yes. As you might expect: $ = $0.01 - $9.99 $$ = $10 - $99.99 $$$ = $100 - $999.99
  9. 6 for 246, including one (my first) affiliate sale for presentation use.
  10. So...what's the point of the article at this moment in time? Are the Mail just trying to actively encourage readers to sign up for S*o in order to get more images at an even cheaper rate (£2,780, my ass)?!
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