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  1. The Observer, 23 September 2018 News > Society > Allergies Pret a Manger and BA face questions over girl’s allergy death on plane FNR5CB by Newscast Online Limited
  2. BBC News, published 23rd September, but publication date given as 24th September! The bridge that crossed an ocean Alamy listed among photo suppliers
  3. Given up. This ruddy editor just lost all my content from a bunch of Observer/Guardian searches - - bar this image - which is available on a whole host of stock sites, but is credited by the Guardian as Alamy-licensed. Sorry, spent half my Sunday morning on this lost content and others - handing over the baton! Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
  4. The Guardian, 23rd Sept 2018 Opinion Women, not politicians, should control their bodies G4W72Y by Dr Dhiraj (crop) US News Land of the free? How Trump has put America’s identity in peril E8TF33 by KEVIN ELSBY Travel Going for gold: 20 autumn getaways in the UK and Europe AK345P by A ROOM WITH VIEWS EE7F2M by eye35 E1B2MG by mark ferguson F7PTJN by The National Trust Photolibrary AR8HA6 by Chris Howes/Wild Places Photography F167NH by JOHN KELLERMAN (GIS only finds this on g, but the guardian credit Alamy)
  5. MTDP2A by Richard Wayman
  6. Full Fact September 2018 EA838T by wronaphoto.com HGPYND by Oluwadamilola Ogunsina H6A4NX by Stephen Hyde DW4JF2 by Jeff Gilbert ERRGG5 by Radharc Images KH628N by Dinendra Haria BYFA38 by Prixnews AECT8X by WideWorld C42ANJ by Ange (heavily cropped to portrait) BGD41M by Charles Polidano / Touch The Skies
  7. Alamy update

    Nor me!
  8. You're younger than I thought!
  9. Alamy update

    I know. I thought that "as soon as possible" meant today, but I didn't realise the time - later than I thought. I guess that "as soon as possible" now means Monday.
  10. Alamy update

    Whoo-hoo! Thank you, Alamy - don't know how I'd have got through the weekend!
  11. https://www.dacs.org.uk/for-artists/payback + do a search of the forum - plenty of info. EDIT: actually ignore the forum search - it's rubbish! Use Google: https://www.google.com/search?q=dacs+alamy
  12. Alamy update

    You can't!
  13. So how is your 2018 going, eh?

    That's true - you certainly do make a lot of Live News sales, (and good on you - that's where the steady, decent money seems to be these days), however.... ...despite my recent 70-day dry spell (which admittedly had me worried - and moaning - for a while), and only having 2723 images online and submitting very sparsely, I am still averaging 4 sales/month here this year. I think that there are quite a number of factors which come into play. In my case, I believe that a wide variety of editorial shots and constant drip-feeding the system helps.