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  1. One of two calendar sales reported today. This one is for a paltry amount, but v limited print run (150) for UK town calendars, so fair enough. If you have a similar one reported this week, you might want to check out your local shopping mall for a calendar stall or seasonal calendar shop, as you are extremely unlikely to find it online. This one is in a calendar for Reading (Berkshire, UK) which I spotted a couple of weeks back in the mall in the town and recognised as mine.
  2. Don't know if this has been mentioned before, apologies if it has. Many Alamy images in a whole range of 2020 UK town, county and area calendars from Carousel Calendars. You'll have to go here, then click on the calendar where you may have an image, select the thumbnail page of the particular calendar, then double-clicking will make the image full screen, so you can see the credits! Phew! Sorry that this is so long -winded and that I haven't mentioned any individual contributors, but I'm still looking for mine right now! Good luck everyone. (Ian Dagnall's got a load!) OK, here's an example. A page from the Thames & Chilterns Slim Calendar 2020 with one of mine and 5 other Alamy contributors: Many others - happy hunting!
  3. 1 for $179 Zooms in September were an all time low, which flipped around in October and they're now healthy again. Last six months sales volumes: 6 5 4 3 2 1 I think I spot a trend! 🤣 I have seen one or two of my images in 2020 calendars tho' (unsure if via here) so things may be picking up?
  4. After a few months of declining sales volume and values, had a sale just shy of $180 gross pop in today (big biz; marketing). First of the month. Takes my 2019 avg gross/img to $42.17, which currently beats the last two years.
  5. I'm late to this, having only just taken a look at the forum in the first time in a little while. My God, what a terrible shock. Like many, I only knew Keith via these forums, but it feels personal, all the same. So very sorry and condolences to all his friends and family.
  6. Dreadful. 2 for 22 @ 40% One presentation and one for web, print, Uncle Tom Cobley & all, which licensed for less than the presentation! Sales seem to be mimicking last year - started well, then declined rapidly. Zooms at an all-time low. Outlook poor! Started uploading again, which may or may not help.
  7. Google, as they say, is your friend! Anyhow, here you go: https://www.dacs.org.uk/for-artists/payback
  8. Knew I'd a similar view of the same subject here before - I'm guessing that it was you that reported it as a sale previously, John?
  9. 3 for 45 gross (inc. two 'presentation' licences) Really in a quandary. Making pennies in other places and considering putting everything here if only to recover the 20% lost a few months back, but is it all worth the hassle anymore? Decisions, decisions...
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