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  1. Mark clarified this (see below). Yes, all the images I posted do have the Alamy banner, but none have the watermark across the images. So likelihood is that they have used comps from Alamy in error instead of using the licensed versions.
  2. Ah, apologies. My bad, no they are not watermarked. Will edit my posts so as not to confuse.
  3. This is odd. More than likely just an error, but there are images published on this page with the Alamy banner intact (not viewable directly when viewing the page). English Heritage The Origins of English Place Names Page last updated ==<lastmod>2020-09-23T16:17:14+01:00</lastmod> WE8G5C by eye35.pix G3PY39 by Chris Dorney FX3P84 by Slawek Staszczuk 2B24HC3 by Colin Waters EXAJR2 by robertharding BAPYEE by Rob Whitworth
  4. Oh, blimey! Sorry - cheap hosting, eh? Yes, it happens from time to time, very annoying. I'll try to remember to get onto the hosting company today. For now, just change https to http. That should work.
  5. A response from DACS (redacted! 😉) : "You can claim for URLs separately from books and magazines within the Part 1 claim. So yes, you can claim for your images in the physical copy of the magazine, and then also for the magazine website if the images also appear online. If you had 1 image published in 12 separate issues of xxxMagazine, you would claim for the physical magazine as above. If those images were also published on this website, then you would claim for these as well. The list you provide here is matched with the Copyright Licensing Agency’s
  6. I've published a basic list of non-news UK users here. Click on 'search' for each title, then substitute 'alamy' your own search term.
  7. Very true and - unless its my furtive imagination - they seem to be crediting less & less. Or have I just been locked down so long that my paranoia is creeping up into the red zone?! 😂 No, I got no results either, using various options.
  8. Google does its own thing! 😂 I have had many results that appear in Google one day, only to disappear the next. 🙃 Especially within paywalled sites. Had a couple in Murdoch Aussie titles (paywalled) from 2018, which I found purely by chance on Google and reported to Alamy as unreported and unpaid - finally settled this year. Would never have known had I not been randomly searching on the right day. Not to be found on Google anymore. Could be a whole host of reasons including the current fracas. Your example could be owing to the same, seemingly random changes that Googl
  9. Ditto! But the picture is definitely good, cos it made me want to make some rock cakes! The first thing I learned to bake as a kid. Got everything ready, then realised I'm out of dried fruit. Out hunting now! : )
  10. Svenska Dagbladet SvD (Swedish Daily newspaper), 22nd January 2021 ”Minisemlor är det dummaste som finns” (Subscription only area of site, so image not visible: Goggle image cache is here). C67JEN by Ian Dagnall
  11. Type this into Google: "geogphotos alamy" site:www.bbc.co.uk/ (exactly as shown including quotes) 6 pages & 20 image results (not 100% reliable)
  12. Hoping that they'll reply today. In my previous entries I am unable to enter any info in the URL field, so I'm guessing that I'll have to create a totally separate entry for URLs? I've asked. They did confirm that when URLs are entered, they have to be in a similar fashion to ISSNs (i.e. one ISSN == one magazine regardless of issue number/date) - so however many uses you have on any website, you only enter the top level of the URL. So, in your case, you would NOT enter http://www.bbc.co.uk/earth/story/20160323-the-terrifying-tsunami-that-devastated-britain, and all the other specif
  13. I'm waiting for a second reply from DACS to clarify this. Wasn't super-clear the first time. I'll update you with what they say in their email - hopefully tomorrow.
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