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  1. Two of mine in June (same customer) came up as affiliate sales, but the original zooms for what appears to be the sale were likely back in March 2018, so I'm not sure what that tells us?! Looking at the customer, I have some very cynical views about this (customer==affiliate?), but then I'm verging on the paranoiac these days! 😅😂
  2. Well done, John. Positive news and some encouraging sales from several contributors in the 'images sold' thread, too 8 for 233 gross 3 long-overdue from 2018/19 - which I now have to wait to clear, of course (more to come in the - long - pipeline). But a welcome rebound from two months of zero sales. CTR is so-so now, but some zooms from the last 3 mths look v promising.
  3. Wow! That's a heck of a list. I'm not on it - but thanks for your efforts, anyway! ...and while I'm at it, to you and all the other selfless contributors to this monthly thread: THANK YOU 💖 - Key Workers, the lot of you!
  4. That's a great quote! Never seen it before; had to look it up.
  5. Extrapolating for the year ahead (so doubling figures so far): currently at roughly 79% of 2018's sale volume and 71% of revenue. In turn, 2018 was lower than 2017 - which was my best year here. EDIT: Despite my default setting of 'cynical' (realistic?), the Tweet today by the Alamy Content Team sounds positive:
  6. Really? Is that confirmed? If this is so, then I s'pose it's because they are more likely to go in to stock with minimal keywords/tags and may (though less likely these days) be of lower tech quality? Presuming that to be the case, then is their ranking 'reviewed' once their captions/tags, etc. have been attended to for regular stock? I'm curious 'cos, though I now longer submit News (booted out unceremoniously with the changes!), I have changed quite a few images along the way , but left some with pretty much the original descriptions & tags. I shall have to go back and take a look now at which have tended to sell as stock and which never get viewed.
  7. Bet it won't pay for the damage tho'! The lengths some people will go to to get a stock photo - what a setup! 🤣 Seriously: good on you. Good to see all these $$$ sales coming through.
  8. Donorbox > Donorbox Nonprofit blog, May 21, 2020 Top 9 Food Bank Fundraising Ideas and Strategies M9PYK7 by D. Callcut
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