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  1. Image used on 3rd August in Daily Mirror, reported today. Editorial (OFC), low $$
  2. Daily Mirror, 3 AUG 2020! Man seriously injured in attack after row about social distancing in KFC queue G170YN by D. Callcut
  3. Yup. Just trying to guide those who might have images there so that they can check easily first.
  4. NIce. Always pleased to see contributors note successes here - very well done.
  5. Ah, whoops! No, I only see your credit in YM, no images. None of your pics here for Glandore match those in the mag.
  6. OK, my bad. Didn't see the wood for the trees from way up here on my high horse. Apologies to all for the rant.
  7. Yup. I tweeted her about it last Monday. Her posts are private, so didn't expect to get a reply (plus I imagine she was snowed under with notifications about it). I had hoped that perhaps all the furore would make her think twice about submitting to such a platform. I hadn't bothered to watch the video till now, as I suspected that it would just be the pretentious b******s/b******t it is: I find the whole damned thing sickening. She's full of fine words, that in no way whatsoever align with her actual actions. She appears to be playing the saint (poor Desiree - I support all artists in the creative community - etc. etc.) yet she does not seem to recognise the (primary) part that she has played in this. She does not show remorse for using the platform, does not say that she will never use it again. She is the one responsible for the abuse of Desiree's image, she is the one who is denigrating the artistic community that she claims to love so much. Ironically, of the many Tweets I read, the vast majority were supportive of her and condemned the UK Govt for their use (and manipulation) of the image. I wonder how many of these same people would freely use such images from the same source? Personally, I believe that, yes, the image and the whole idea was crass, but the primary fault lies with the photographer who chose to release the image in this way. And..from the video: Q. "What are you going to do from here?" A. "We're [sic - who's "we"?] exploring all our options and we're talking and consulting with different professionals to figure out the best way to protect our rights in this situation" Code, I imagine, for 'Hey, this could be big. I hadn't considered it before, but maybe I could sue U******h/The UK Gov't here? A long shot, but it might just work: my lawyers are on to it.'
  8. Does Alamy use it? Not sure I understand the question. Do I? No. All the papers you have mentioned (and many more) have used/continue to use images from Alamy. I have a basic list with ISSN/ISBNs here, where I have also provided pre-filled Google search links and links to ISSNs, where known.
  9. Maskinregisteret, 15. oktober 2020 Skala Robotech med samarbeidende sveiserobot T16E5Y by Thossaphol Somsri (cropped)
  10. Investigate Europe, 15 October 2020 The Gas Trap: how Europe is investing €100bn in fossil fuel infrastructure RPAM4X by ZUMA Press, Inc.
  11. London Theatre » News & Features » West End Features, Tuesday, 13 October, 2020 Everything you need to know about Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ ENW0Y7 by Trinity Mirror / Mirrorpix (cropped)
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