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  1. If I have no sales by April, I'll stay in Distro 'til next year.
  2. Update: I've just opted in to Distro and will see how it goes until April when I'll decide whether to stay in or opt out.
  3. That's happened to 21 of my Live News pics which should have gone to stock but haven't. They're even more relevant now, not happy. Alamy, please sort this out!
  4. Isn't it?! I took it from a stairwell of an adjacent car park, through a window. H&S clearly isn't a 'thing' in that place lol.
  5. That's a good number, still not quite convinced, though.
  6. OK, now you've really got me thinking - grrrrrrrr.
  7. Before I opted out of Distro I received some insulting fees - just over a dollar gross etc, but then anything's better than nothing, right? I'm opted out of PU, too. PU is simply a way for companies to take the pi$$, in my humble opinion.
  8. I’m opted out of distro but after reading this thread I’m reconsidering. Hmmmmm...
  9. Folks, just don't bother, I think we have a troll amongst us. The profile pic of this troll really indicates what we're dealing with.
  10. The only film camera I have is an Olympus Trip, bought purely to look at because it’s pretty. I won’t be getting rid of it any time soon.
  11. I wouldn’t bother, you’re better off working on quality editorial pics.
  12. By not captioning properly, you're wasting your time. This may not be your main job, but at least treat Alamy with respect. Er, no. If a picture editor is looking for a certain pic and something else turns up in results, he/she will become extremely annoyed, so saying 'it offers a little extra for clients' is ridiculous and just plain wrong.
  13. Three from me: 2D21PRF 2C6EP1J 2BDYY1R
  14. My first ever sale was after 4 months and 400 pics - you've a long way to go yet. However, your pics are good and once you've mastered the art of captioning and tagging and have uploaded more images, you should do well. Patience is the key here. Good luck!
  15. Approximately 2,700 in 2020, most of which were news.
  16. Best year ever for me in terms of sales and revenue. Here's the skinny ($ all gross): 2016 - 5 sales for $346 2017 - 39 sales for $1,368 2018 - 82 sales for $3,680 2019 - 156 sales for $4,511 2020 - 292 sales for $6,538 For 2021 I'm aiming for 10,000 in my port and an increase in sales and a big increase in revenue. Onwards!
  17. Utter rubbish - 17 for $215 gross. Not a great end to the year. Onwards!
  18. 13 dropped in overnight, all for pittance. Alamy continues to sell for pennies, not happy. Here's one of the rascals - editorial for $.
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