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  1. And they will. It’s like being back at school. Pathetic…
  2. Good old Wally the Walrus just keeps on giving! Live news for $$$
  3. Pics taken today - love shooting farm stuff.
  4. I had a filling at the dentist today and was told I need another, which is scheduled for 1st December. 😥
  5. I’m very wet - all the time. In fact, you could say I’m a drip 🤣
  6. That statement would seem to apply to everyone apart from the very people who keep this company in business - us! That's just laughable.
  7. Cool topic. Here's my three: Birmingham Market. Market in Rincon de la Victoria, Malaga. Bantry Market, Ireland.
  8. Taken yesterday whilst travelling between two shoots. Made me giggle. 2GYW36K
  9. The best thing I ever did was give up weddings. I hated the build up to the day, dressing up for the day, shooting the day, the editing for oodles of hours afterwards, the wedding fairs - just everything was awful. I was ALWAYS fed with the guests and ate what they ate, because I had the intelligence to make that part of the contract.
  10. We have a winner - well done Abiyoyo! Over to you, Jorge, for this month’s challenge. 👍
  11. A quick bump - this is the last day for voting and it's close between the top 3. Make your vote count!
  12. That must be such a difficult car journey! If the windows in the car aren't down because of rain, I put the air con on the freezer setting and blast it out. Luckily, my car has dual heat so she can have it hot her side.
  13. My missus turns on the heating at the drop of a hat, but I just put a jumper on...
  14. I rely on A***y to process my DACS thing, Ian - I know I wouldn't be able to find any of my usages.
  15. Thanks, Andy. I'm smiling again! 😁 BTW, I've a commission for the Farmers Journal tomorrow morning near Bantry, coffee in Skibb afterwards?
  16. Two dropped in today - this one for low $$, magazine - 2GNC082
  17. It’s certainly louder than your telly, but it wasn’t TOO loud last night. The biggest thing that annoys me is other people talking. 😡
  18. Fair enough. In terms of quality, I’ve had pics pass which were shot at ISO 10,000 so I wouldn’t really worry about that side of things. My pics pass instantly, anyway.
  19. No, this HAS to be watched on the big screen. Some of the photography is really rather amazing. Any landscape photographer would drool.
  20. I saw the new Bond film tonight - No Time To Die. It’s ok, but half an hour too long and the whole story is a bit silly. I’m glad I saw it but I wouldn’t watch it again.
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