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  1. Ate another bunch of my blight ruined potato crop last night. Tasted perfect, although the spuds were a little small.
  2. We use used coffee grounds instead of slug pellets. Works a treat
  3. Although the whole of my potato crop was hit with blight, the spuds taste great, they're just small.
  4. A flat white typically uses a 60gm double shot of coffee with the same amount of lightly frothed milk. (I'm a qualified barista)
  5. AFP has more chance of winning that than I have of hiring King Herod to babysit for my friend...
  6. Same here - $95 was cleared, which has now dropped down to $2 cleared. No doubt A***y will lock this topic very soon...
  7. If ever there was a post to prove A***y doesn't care about its contributors, this is it. The price gained doesn't seem 'negotiated' at all, rather A***y pandered to its customer. Additionally, refusing to tell us who licences our images because of 'confidentiality agreements' is pretty poor. Absolutely scandalous behaviour from A***y to the hands that feed it...
  8. A couple of Upday sales for low $. 2G7WNP9. 2G72B33.
  9. Third sale of the month. Editorial for $2xx gross - 2FH5MR6
  10. Nope - every single parcel I’ve had delivered since Feb last year has been dumped at the door, whether I’m in or not. An Post, DPD, DHL, Nightline etc.
  11. Drives me mad. In Ireland, the driver knocks on the door, dumps the parcel and just drives away, whether you're in or not! OK if it's only €50 worth of coffee, but not great if it's a €4,000 camera!
  12. Cool - there's nothing better than Irish soil, and I'm an Englishman saying that!
  13. I waited in all day for my new lens and it didn't arrive. To say I'm angry is an understatement. DO NOT USE DHL - worst company ever!
  14. This was taken whilst on a short break last week. I absent-mindedly took some pics whilst on hols and to my surprise it was used by an Irish national on Monday. Win! 2G6XMP1
  15. First sale of the month - presentation for extremely low $$
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