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  1. First of the month for me - Newspaper sale at high $$ with a weird bit at the end: Inside & Online and in-context promotion, In-Context Digital, Online and Social Media rights included in perpetuity
  2. Thanks. I’ve taken full advantage of C19 and photographed everything from face mask wearers to COVID test centres to Garda check points. I’ve worked really hard, shooting almost every day from before dawn to after dusk. I’ve done very well with Irish nationals and Cork based papers too. News is where it’s at, seemingly...
  3. Approx. 90% Live News. I don't sell much stock, but then I don't upload much stock any more. I'll do some stock pics if I can't be bothered to go looking for news stories, but that's quite rare.
  4. I'll save everyone some money - people doing things - that's all you need to know. A lot of information for free - don't make me laugh 🀣
  5. That'll be because this idiot deleted the pic as I wasn't happy with it. I'm such a plonker. Thanks for the spot, Bryan!
  6. Seeing as I'm up at Stupid 'O' Clock for a sunrise which never happened, I'll start this off. July was OK, but not as good as June. I managed 28 sales for $1,036 Gross. Of those, 3 were good $$$ and 4 were high $$. Onwards!
  7. Four years is NOT a short time span! A refund like this is not a mistake!
  8. This is absolutely scandalous! Alamy needs to explain itself, it's not acceptable! 😑😑😑
  9. I only want to use it as a way to trigger my camera remotely, so thanks - I'll check it out.
  10. The last thing I want to do is start an argument. I can't remember ever having a full price PU sale. You know as well as I do most PU sales are nowhere near the $19.99 mark...
  11. I haven't had a $2 sale since I opted out of PU. I've had a load of $2.40 (net) sales, but they're my lowest now I'm pretty much completely news. Every penny does help, but a $2 gross sale is taking the piss - you knew exactly what I was driving at so don't act the arse, please...
  12. I opted out of PU around 3-4 years ago. I was sick of the crap prices.
  13. What a shame - I guess you can only do what you can do.
  14. I live in what is, essentially, the middle of nowhere. I do a lot of travelling and press is 95% of what I do. I'm guessing it's very difficult in Oz, unless you live in one of the big cities where news stories happen more often than in the sticks?
  15. I can picture it now lol πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
  16. This morning I passed last year's number of sales (156). I'm now on 172 for this year, with gross revenue about $250 short on last year's total. Life is good!
  17. Ooh, I've never had a tent blow down, hopefully my GF won't be a bad omen! Our relationship will survive anything! 😍
  18. Thanks Sheralee! Last month I had 44 sales, 42 of which dropped in near the end of the month.
  19. After much persuasion my GF has agreed to go camping with me. Result!
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