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  1. Images sold in April (Max. 1 per day)

    Thanks. I think there is going to be a lot of attention paid to this building in the near future. Rick
  2. Images sold in April (Max. 1 per day)

    One of two that just dropped in. Both are of the new Calgary library, so probably the same magazine article.
  3. Very disappointing

    The prefix is the first 2 letters of the image number (MBXXXX) AA would be very early alamy images, MB will be the latest Rick
  4. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    That's pretty good for someone who just joined a couple of months ago! Very nice photos, you should do well in the future. Rick
  5. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    Hmm... After complaining about not being able to get into this thread , the powwow drum photo that sold a month ago just sold again for about the same price! So that's cool Rick
  6. Quiet out there

    I'm starting to resent the Positive Results thread Rick
  7. Failed QC

    I'm not sure how they give out the three stars. I only got mine after I hit the one thousand mark (after 7 yrs). So maybe it's got something to do with that. RIck
  8. Big images on Zoom page.

    Good, then I'm not going insane like I previously thought.
  9. Big images on Zoom page.

    This is what it looks like on my monitor. Even bigger when zoomed
  10. Big images on Zoom page.

    Are you going to the Alamy website and then clicking on a preview? They are huge on both Chrome and Edge for me.
  11. Big images on Zoom page.

    You're right, they are huuuge! This is a recent change. I wonder why they did this? It almost knocked my monitor over when I hit the preview button Rick
  12. Churches and Historical Sites in Italy

    You know.... just the way you type
  13. Churches and Historical Sites in Italy

    Yeah, I kind of assumed that
  14. Churches and Historical Sites in Italy

    Looks like someone is worried about encroachment in their territory Rick
  15. How was your March 2018?

    How was my March? It was.
  16. sales communication

    Thanks for the compliment! Yeah, I like to shoot tight. edit(I didn't mean drunk) My western themed photos seem to sell the best (for me anyways) Rick
  17. sales communication

    I am getting ready for it now! Start the countdown. Rick
  18. Images Sold in March (Max. 1 per day

    Time to get out there and start shooting again, Spring is almost here. I've also learned a few things here as well. Thanks to you I've started going through my old HDs and saw some photos that should be uploaded. Rick
  19. I uploaded a bunch of photos recently and would like to keyword them if possible this weekend, assuming they passed. Thanks in advance. Rick
  20. Does QC work on weekends?

    Thanks everyone. I guess I'll find something else to do on this gray day Rick
  21. What formats do you shoot in Raw Or JPEG

    Always raw, unless I'm doing a small project. Rick
  22. Images Sold in March (Max. 1 per day

    Finally, after a two month drought this came in.
  23. Novel Use revisited 2018

    When I first signed up with Alamy, I had a couple of NU sales. Like your experience, the prices were laughable so I opted out. Never looked back since. Rick
  24. Hello fellow Alamysts

    Let me be the first to welcome you to Alamania land. You have some really nice photos here and you should do well. That Roadrunner photo reminds me of my first car, the '71 Roadrunner. I had it for 29 years and I still miss it to this day! Rick
  25. Hello from California!!

    He's right you know (said in Morgan Freeman"s voice). Rick