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  1. I don't think that it's a term but an actual website. Maybe this one. https://www.prospectmagazine.co.uk/ I could be wrong.
  2. I don't remember saying I was perfect anywhere in this forum. As for the child begging photo, it was taken in Myanmar where the mother was standing next to her giving implied consent. That's how some people make a living in third world countries. Inappropriate maybe, that's what this discussion is about. You're probably right, some of my images are inappropriate. Edit: How long did you scour through my portfolio before you found that one?
  3. Naw, reading it one time is enough for me thanks. Whether or not I understood any of your post is irrelevant. When I posted the original link to the CBC article, it was to start a dialogue concerning sensitivity issues when photographing people during private moments in public. Apparently, that went over most people's heads as it quickly turned into a thread about the right to photograph as long a dollar is being made and that is more important in the long run. Loretta John being hurt and confused is of no concern to anyone here. It's all about us after all. If that's what's where photog
  4. Chuck, This thread has taken on a life of it own hasn't it. There are too many responses here for me to reply to but I will respond to this one. First: I never did News Photos for "The Money." Then you go on about making 4000.00 a day. How is that not a contradiction? Second: The image that this thread is about has little to do with "Stock Photography" The image in question is on a stock agency website, therefore it has a lot to do with stock photography.
  5. The article states that Loretta John, the woman in question, gave CBC permission to use the photo in context
  6. I think we can presume that like all stock photographers, it was to get it published and make a buck or two.
  7. Chuck, I think you may have contradicted yourself here. You said "a buck to be made has nothing to with this" but then go on about how little money is being made on these images. Respectfully, it is all about money. To BobD, any news article, by it's very nature is biased.
  8. So then, I take it that you be OK with someone photographing you crying at a public memorial, just as long as there was a buck to be made? Yes, there are far more distressing news photos being taken every day, but those are hard news. (Think riots, wars, catastrophes etc). This is a photo of a woman in a private moment. I find it disgusting for anyone to be insensitive, even a little.
  9. I found this interesting article regarding the photograph of a First Nation woman mourning at a memorial for residential school survivors. Disclosure: I have four images on this subject on Alamy, no one is identifiable. Personally, I find this is disgusting. Here is the link. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/mourning-photo-getty-images-1.6120168
  10. Women harvesting taro root (Colocasia esculenta) in Shan State, Myanmar. Presentation or newsletter.
  11. Just in time for the Calgary Stampede (happening now). Editorial book, inside.
  12. I agree, fake rainbows are probably used too aggressively most of the time but that's where the opacity slider comes in. The YouTube guy did a nice job of showing how it can be done gracefully and with a lot of control on how to arrive at the final result. I don't shoot a heck of a lot of landscapes and haven't used this method (yet or ever), but I did learn about the default feature in the gradient tool. That was news to me.
  13. I found this very interesting tutorial on how to create a rainbow not using the sky replacement tool. It's a bit more involved, but I think the results look a lot more natural. I also found out that there is a default feature using the gradient tool. Photoshop's built-in "Russell's Rainbow", who knew? Not me. Anyway, here it is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DfWw9ycoMY&list=LL&index=2
  14. We could be talking about two different things. In the right of personality, the plaintiff is required to show that she suffered damage through the appropriation of her personality rights. I don't think that she suffered any damage to her reputation in this case ( I could be wrong). I am not a lawyer either, but I think that the copyright path would be the way to go. Anyway, The Bay was very unlucky to have used an unauthorized photo of a lawyer.
  15. Copyright laws are governed by Federal not Provincial jurisdictions in Canada. From the Wikipedia, "The copyright law of Canada governs the legally enforceable rights to creative and artistic works under the laws of Canada. Canada passed its first colonial copyright statute in 1832 but was subject to imperial copyright law established by Britain until 1921." I am guessing that both parties will come to some sort of agreement out of court.
  16. I found this interesting article regarding The Hudson's Bay using an unauthorized photo in an ad campaign. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/the-bay-hudson-hadiya-roderique-black-lawyer-1.6091025 The company says the image was used "by mistake." It came "from a photographer's website used as inspiration when developing the campaign," spokesperson Tiffany Bourre said in a statement.
  17. Only one sale, but it went for $155. So that's cool.
  18. I always loved the way the Nikon F3 fit into the palms of my hands. I still have it. Now I am using a D5, anything else would be alien to me. Ergonomics is just about everything when shooting sports or editorial. Anything smaller would be like using a toy camera.
  19. Oh great, now I'm too nervous to check my sales report in case it's my turn to be "adjusted"
  20. A niche sale from my Indian Relay Race project of two years ago. Marketing package, world wide large business. 2021-2026 This is why I don't mark my photos as editorial, for the most part.
  21. Back in the day, they put a gun in your face to take your money and lunch. Now they use a keyboard. I'm going to email them again on Monday for clarification. If they can get away with this, who knows what they will try next week. Other fees, my butt
  22. If they deducted 91 cents from just about everyone, Alamy just scored thousands of $$ at the stroke of a keyboard.
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