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DACS Payback 2019?

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If I recall correctly, this year there was an additional one-off payout for German uses after a court ruling. That could explain the second amount : I received it, and had an image used by German TV during the qualifying period. The other possibility is that it is the conditional element of DACS, which I didn't think Alamy intended to claim. Perhaps they changed their minds, and listed it separately. If anyone received two amounts without any German sales, that would clarify the situation.

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2 hours ago, Avpics said:

Likewise, an additional low $$ as 'DACS additional German Payment 2019'



Edit: strange its not showing on the dashboard cleared balance.

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13 minutes ago, Colblimp said:

I received a 'other income' notification today for low $$.  Is that TV or DACS?  Not received anything DACS yet.  Sometimes life is just arsewiping bad.

The DACS payment has come through as 'other income'. I don't remember ever seeing any kind of breakdown of what the amount covers, other than an additional German figure on this occasion.

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3 hours ago, Bryan said:

Assume it's DACS, if so disappointing at about half of last year's total.


Not good. Perhaps it's time to start filing on your own. Mine was up (I file myself) this year, and I'm sure you get a lot more UK sales than I do. Her Majesty now withholds a portion from Canadians, but I guess I shouldn't begrudge her a tip. She's a nice lady and she could be needing the cash soon. 😀


A small amount of "other income" popped up in my sales report today. Guess it was for TV claims, which I ask Alamy to do.

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