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  1. I don't know why your new images do not show up in the new search. It may be something you need to raise with contributor relations. They are doing some system upgades at the moment, so that might be affecting things - only Alamy can tell you.
  2. Alamy are acting as a distributor for Pond5 so any video here will only come from contributors to Pond5. There is a lengthy thread here dating from the intoduction of this arangement some months ago.
  3. I've searched for your three images and I can confirm they are available for sale. You might have trouble finding them in a normal search with only one or two keywords because there are so many other similar vector images, so it may be a case of having to look very carefully amongst the crowd.
  4. I thought at first it was only finding part of my portfolio, but then I searched by each pseudo and the total was about right.
  5. Whenever I see something new which I find baffling or unappealling nowadays, I assume its because I'm a OOTBOF (out of touch, boring old fart). I'm assuming this is the case with the Alamy redesign and the uneadable fonts and hideous green are a bold and imaginative innovation which will be at the cutting edge of Alamy's launch into a brave new world of selling ever more creative and illustrative media.
  6. First of all, don't worry about getting 50 keywords, search for 'discoveability' on the forum to find why it isn't important. Then describe the subject as fully as possible without including words which will bring the photo up in searches incorrectly, but including any words which someone looking for a picture like yours might use. For example: Image 2H01WWG - make sure the caption fully describes 'Red Squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) eating (what?) on Brownsea Island in Dorset' Sciurus vulgaris (latin names always useful, but make sure they are correct), Eura
  7. That is not at all good news. The Alamy forum had already become a less vibrant and informative place with the departure of so many seasoned contibutors following the changes to the Alamy contract and commission rates. We can't afford to lose the input of experienced, knowledgeable people who are daily working news and stock photographers. Such input through the forum helps the wider Alamy community to learn and grow, to the ultimate benefit of PA/Alamy as well as the contributors. ColBlimp had made a comment elsewhere about have received a naughty mark, which I pesume is what has precipitated
  8. Goodness only knows. The linked video seems to visually suggest that Alamy will explode on Tuesay 19th Oct 2021. If it's a marketing teaser it's over my head.
  9. Three months to do an IT backend systems upgrade? Surely they could replace the entire system in three months? What is going on?
  10. Just got an email from DACS saying payment will be 4th Oct. (Not quite quick enoughin posting 🙂)
  11. For reasons best known to themselves, Alamy forbid discussion of Stockimo on this forum. I don't do the 'S' word myself, but I think they usually direct users to their social media pages (Facebook or Twitter?). This thread will likely be deleted tomorrow morning (UK time).
  12. Plus One on NYCat's advice. There is a mass of useful advice on the forums on how to caption and keyword to best advantage. This thread is a starting point
  13. In AIM, the filters include the option of Discoverability/Not on Sale. Does this not isolate the ones Alamy have highlighted?
  14. The afternoon is wearing on and there has been no further word from Alamy on this situation. I am genuinely disappointed and dismayed. What has happened to a perhaps small number of esteemed contributors is bad enough in itself. What is worse is the potential for it to take place again, affecting possibly any contributor. It seems we are all vulnerable to sales being refunded at 50% and resold at 40%. Alamy, have you really nothing further to say?
  15. I couldn't quite believe what I was reading here! It's so obviously an injustice to refund an old sale then immediately repost the sale on terms which then favour Alamy and disadvantage the contributor, that I couldn't believe Alamy would knowlingly do it. I've been confidently expecting that Alamy would make an appearance here to say, Our hands are up we made a boo boo and overlooked the fact that rectifying it it would leave contributors worse off. Sorry folks, we'll set things to rights with haste. That is what has happened and will happen, isn't it Alamy? Surely? I've never ha
  16. Thank you for pointing us back to Mark's original work. I couldn't find the initial discussion thread, through I had a vague memory it was Mark who had done the legwork.
  17. This is absolutly fascinating, Mark. Thank you for posting it. I had no idea that it might be possible to apply for a patent for such a generic operation as searching a database and applying a ranking order to the results. The 2011 document describes in brief outline how picture metadata is used to select images from a database from search critera. The 2007 documents(s), 'Assignment of a display order to images selected by a search engine' seems to describe very much the way we have believed the search to operate, assinging each 'supplier with a handicap (presumably the individua
  18. It's hard to feel motivated by lower sales, lower income and when your agency makes you feel unloved by cutting your income from whatever sales you do make. I have about two thousand images stretching back nearly three years waiting to be processed and uploaded to Alamy. I think they will have to wait a while as my motivation to work on video clips which are homed elsewhere is just slightly greater.
  19. Good grief, I'm losing my mind.. it's pr7dbp. This one. It's time I went back to bed, I think. 🙃
  20. Sorry Guido, that reference was a late -night bleary eyed typo. It should have read PR7DPB. It's always difficult to know what keywords to include when some things are minor elements in the picture, or if something is implied in the picture but not explicit. I lean towards keywording literally as much as possible. I set up an experiment for myself three or four years ago where I created an extra pseudo which I strictly keyword as tightly as possible, trying to eliminate the possibility of false positives as much as I can. That pseudo now has an above average CTR and has produced p
  21. What you are describing is an aspect of Alamy's search results which we know a little about because of research done by other contributors. Your first image appear in position 3 of a search for Majella. This is quite good. The succeeding photos belonging to you then appear every 19 images in the search results. This pattern is imposed to prevent the top search results being dominated by one or two contributors. This pattern will continue as long as there are photographs from other contributors to fill the intervening spaces. You have 338 pictures of Majella, nearly one-sixth of al
  22. My Alamy measures is now accessible. However, it's showing many more views over the weekend than I would normally expect but no zooms at all. As a result my current CTR has plunged compared to what it was last week. My guess is that they have been catching up with some of the views which had not been included in previous weeks when they also had strange behaviour on measures. It would be nice if everything was sorted now and we can proceed with a degree of certainty from here on in.
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