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  1. When you say the drive may have been too full, what drive are you speaking of? The hard drive? I have 3 TB on my old Mac. I had 2 plus free. Now I have 2 1/2 TB free! 😄 Now the RAM...see I don’t fully understand what it does. I know it’s important for PS & LR, working on photos, layers, etc. What I’m not sure of is when I have a lot of folders full of images on my desktop, does the RAM load those behind the scenes? Does having those folders there slow up the RAM operation in PS/LR? Sometimes I have PS, Bridge, LR and the Internet (for research) open at once. And yes, I save as an 8
  2. It seem we, the forum, spend an inordinate amount of time helping new contributors. I’m not griping, but I think it would be nice if Alamy would do what I suggest below. Every single new contributor should be sent links on the how-tos. First off, making those how-tos clear and easy to understand as others have suggested above. Tell each new contributor that after they read the information, they will be sent a Q&A in whatever amount of days. The contributor must answer these questions on a form before being allowed to send their first images. If nothing else, the Q&A it w
  3. Jenny, let me give you some constructive advice. I took a look at your images. You have some that have sales potential. But your captions are lacking and you don’t have the subjects identified. On your white flowers, don’t caption them “white flowers”. Caption them with the common name and also the scientific name. For instance, if I have a picture of creeping phlox, I caption it “Blooming purple (or blue) creeping phlox (then the scientific name here) growing in a neighborhood flower garden. Kansas, USA. The white flower with the bug (insect) on it....do your research. There a
  4. Really nice images, guys! Jenny, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen that particular damselfly. Pretty!
  5. I’m extremely comfortable with my decision. I’ll have a machine way better than what I’m using now, and the one I’m using now does the job. The only thing I’d noticed happening with it before I had it cleaned was when I’d save a Tiff, the save bar crept, and if I tried to close the file, I’d get a message it was still saving. Up until recently, it never behaved like that. Before, I could save and close out immediately. You know I’m not technical, but what I think may have caused that is that I had so many folders on my desktop, it may have been taxing my RAM. Before I took it to be clea
  6. 1 TB, Mark. I tend to have way more folders of “work in Progress” on my desktop, along with Texture folders for my artwork and some apps and software. I’m one person sleeping in a Queen size bed, and I like my computer roomy, also. It doesn’t get bogged down.
  7. I’ve had 6 RF licenses in the last 12 months and one was for $240. 48 in total, but I only began offering RF the past few years, and they are a small percent of my whole. There a a handful of $200 plus sales and quite a few high $$.
  8. Very easy to do, Mark. I do it from time to time, and if I say it’s easy, you can bank on it. says the non-technical gal Edited to add: Although I realize that depends on room. My computer is in the middle of a quite large desk, so I can easily stick my head around to see what I’m doing. If it were squeezed into tight quarters, yeah, that wouldn’t be fun. Point taken. If doing it blind...ergo...scratches.
  9. That’s where I am, too, Allan. That's why I’m getting the mid-2020 Intel iMac. It comes with 8GB RAM but I’ve ordered two 16 GB to insert in it. I’ll hang onto the 8s but not use them. I’ve read mixing doesn’t give the best performance. The reason for hanging onto them? It’s said if you need to send the machine in under warranty, they’ll request the original RAM. I think I’ll be more than happy with 32 GB. Can you imagine what it would cost to replace the integrated chip if something were to go wrong?
  10. Horrifying. Somehow the wolf attacks are the scariest.
  11. I agree. As a mother, I always projected “what could happen” when it came to my children. No matter how remote a bad result could be, I took measures so the worst couldn’t happen. It led to a few disagreements with my husband. This mother didn’t see the movie in her head that I would’ve seen. The one featuring her child being killed by a gator right before her eyes from her neglect. I really do see movies of a possibility in my head...usually lasting seconds, but nevertheless horrifying.
  12. I agree. Bird is dark. Beautiful images, though! 😁
  13. April 21 and I just got my first licenses. Two of them. I was beginning to give up on April. And after two nights of freezing lows, I think winter is in the rear-view mirror. I hope.
  14. This seems to support MDM. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/252451822
  15. Cecile, thanks. Your image....I don’t think I realized gaters sunned themselves on shore! I knew they got on land, or logs, but thought it was to go after someone’s pet or kid for a meal! At one of the preserves, a mom allowed her little girl, about 5 yrs, to taunt and scream at a gater just a few feet down a bank. Right by the edge. A wildlife officer tried to tell the mother to not allow it because it was dangerous, and to stay back, and the mom screamed at him that her kid could behave however she wanted and to leave them alone! I was so furious, I walked away before I was tempte
  16. Apparently, there aren’t enough of us who love Cajun, or it’s that people haven’t ever tried it and don’t know what they’re missing.
  17. Arggh! I feel your pain. My doctor’s new nurse dropped the ball with me. When I had the CT scan, she called me with the results and said she was sending, that day, a copy of the scan and written results straight over to the specialist I was to see. So I go to the specialist, which took me 3 weeks to get in to see, and he says, “CT scan? You had a CT scan? I know nothing about it.” Sometimes we are just at the mercy of people who are supposed to know what they are doing, and we are helpless to do anything other than raise a little %@$#. I plan on raising some. Good luck with your Mac
  18. Yes the food was very good and I finally got to taste a Po’Boy sandwich. It was a shrimp one. I love Cajun food. It’s probably my favorite over Mexican, Chinese and Italian. Although I do love my tacos and pizza! I had tacos yesterday. I’ve not found a good Cajun restaurant in Wichita, yet. I hear one is opening, but I believe the offerings will be very limited. There was one in Oklahoma City I loved until it closed. Cajun’s Wharf. I always got the blackened Redfish. I did have crawfish once! Salty.
  19. An American alligator, Alligator mississippiensis, sunning on a log in a lake in the Atchafalaya swamp of Louisiana. Some years back, I drove a long day from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to Houston, Texas and met up with a friend. After negotiating the 8 lanes of psychotic Houston traffic to get to her house, she opened her door and shoved a glass of wine at me, so I could slowly release the clench of my white knuckles and relax my bulging eyeballs. Yeah, the traffic was that bad. Louise arranged our trips, driving my car, to birding areas along the coast of Texas and then on to
  20. Lol, walking the thin line between truth and not hurting feelings! I never want to hurt someone’s feelings. I like your nature pictures. I suggest on the man photographing the bird using the phrase “man photographing bird”, “man photographing birds” “person photographing bird” “person photographing birds” in your tags. That only counts as 4 tags.
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