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  1. Whether it’s a good thing or not. A department store opened up this week. My daughter & I went in the same car (gasp!) shopping two days ago. Dressing room closed, sanitizer in the store, face masks... What was good was a taste of normal activity. What was bad is the risk of getting out. What was good is there were few shoppers, very easy to stay apart. What was bad is I had to return and exchange two pieces of clothing that didn’t fit, necessitating two excursions instead of one, because of not being able to try them on in the store. But I have some new clothes, yay!! Hope I’m alive to wear them! Betty
  2. Congratulations! It’s always nice to have new kit validated, and a sale sure does it. I hope you are enjoying it. Betty
  3. Threw me for a loop for a bit, then decided I like it.
  4. Took a peek, and like what I see! You’re doing just fine finding subjects. Particularly love the flowers. Funny how spelling mistakes can slip in. I typed “peak”. Looked at it and realized it should be peek. If I hadn’t stopped and looked at it again, it would have embarrassingly slipped by me. It’s not that we all don’t know the difference...peek, peak, your, you’re, they’re, their, and all the other words that sound alike, but sometimes inattention lets one down. So..if you see me make mistakes in the future, it’s not that I don’t know better, but that I had a disconnect from my brain. 😊 Betty
  5. Hang your self on a coat hook at night Allan. Does wonders for stretching out the ole spine. It’ll also make that bed feel extra good when it comes. 😉 Then start sorting, see if there are things you never use that you can sell and make a bit of money. Those momentos you never look at and any of your family would toss? You toss. I’ve done some of that. Things like the ticket stubs to the Oklahoma football games that meant so much to me...it’s the memory of the games, not the stub I want. I never missed them once I tossed them. Decide what you really use and get rid of the rest. If I can ever have the garage sale I’m planning on having, you’d be shocked at what I’ll get rid of. I was planning it for last month, but.... So happy you are moved, don’t envy you the unpacking. Pace yourself and think about the suggested air bed (other thread) to get you by. Betty
  6. I use the Sony RX mk3. It’s easier for a woman because we can have them just inside of the top of our purse. Out, snap, in. 10 seconds. If someone’s back is to me....snap snap snap. Vegetables don’t seem to care, nor goods on a shelf or clothing rack. I just about drove an eye doctor crazy, once. She was examining my sister’s eyes in a dim room. I took pictures of it with my Sony. But the little red focus light reflected off things. She’d glance around puzzled. She never saw me with a camera. It was all I could do to keep from giggling. Those images took a lot of selective noise reduction and careful handling, but they passed. I think those were with the original Sony, perhaps. It was dimmer in here than it looks.
  7. Asking a chain store would be hopeless. They’d have to get corporate permission...you’d get your hair cut twice before getting your answer of NO. RM. No release. If you don’t ask, you can’t be told no. Mom and pop stores, (Privately owned) you could ask. I once asked in a grocery store and was told no. So I just take pictures and nobody seems to care. Small camera, stealth.
  8. Hey indeed! Finding face masks at any price is an accomplishment.
  9. That’s true, Pauline. I had a 13 megapixel Android phone a few years back. It took very good pictures and that was when iPhones were only 8mp. How many companies make androids? Half a dozen? More? Each company has its own proprietary operating system. Each one would have to be treated technologically different from each other. An app for Samsung. A different app for Nokia. And so on. An iPhone is an iPhone. Same operating system no matter which model you have. So the app for the iPhone and not the androids is a no-brainer. It has nothing to do with what phone takes the best pictures. The Android I had 6-7 years ago was the best I owned for years, but I think the iPhone has better dynamic range now.
  10. That also brings up another related thing. Oftentimes, when I have shot storefronts with my X-T2, I’ve seen customers eyeball me in the parking lot then dismiss me. I think (could be wrong) they assume I’m doing it for store business. As long as I’m pointing at a shop it’s ok. Once they turn their head, they are fair game. 😊
  11. Marvin, I take my Sony RX100 mk3 inside stores. It’s so tiny. I do not ask permission, although many times the help have seen me taking pictures. Maybe because the camera is so small, I’m a woman, and a senior, they are ambivalent about me. I do practice stealth when I can! I’d say probably 70% of the time nobody sees me take them, and the other 30% I’m unchallenged. I never allow a customer to see me take their picture, though. I figure if anyone objects, it would be them. I have sold some of these, especially the Walmart images. I think I sold a checkout stand image two weeks after uploading it. I'm sure a lot of people here might take issue with what I do. My answer is to mind your images (business) and I’ll mind mine. I do believe, though, because I’m female and very respectable looking I’m cut some slack. Betty
  12. Good news! There will be another baby in my family around Dec. 1. My birthday is Dec. 2, so the little one might come on mine.
  13. I agree about the eyes. But I have blue-green eyes and I’m virtually blind outside in bright sunlight. Then take the sun bouncing off the sand...forget it. When a newlywed, my AF husband was stationed on the Mohave desert. We were so poor I couldn’t afford sunglasses. One day I drove 5 miles into town to pick up general delivery mail. The old water mirage was shimmering on the two-lane road, very bright midday sun. I got ocular spasms so bad that tears gushed and the pain was incredible. I was basically blind and barely saw well enough to pull off the road. It took about 10 minutes for the spasms to relax enough for me to drive again. I had our baby in the car so it was scary. If I’d pulled my glasses off long enough for the beach picture, the squint and frown would have ruined it. My husband was blue-eyed and he seldom wore sunglasses. My girls are sensitive like I am, also my son. i developed this high key on purpose for the sun-drenched look.
  14. This one is different. This shows my daughter (left) and me (right) enjoying beautiful nature about 4 years ago. And yes, my ears aren’t level with each other so my sunglasses are always crooked!!! Don’t mind my sloppy pink large pink tee coverup. So..I’m sloppy. Be thankful you don’t see the swimsuit underneath. GAH! I had the camera on a near post. Y’all are welcome, if you’d like, to post something in nature with you included.
  15. Weather here usually says “Polar air”. Not often do I hear Canadian cold front. Possibly because I’m a weather nut. If I hear “Canadian cold front, then I’m very aware it swept across Canada from the north. These fronts move southerly. I know they don’t originate in Canada. As far as Canadian weather goes, I never hear about it. Our weather people have a couple of minutes to tell ours and can’t even cover it as thoroughly as they should as far as I’m concerned, let alone another country’s. They tend to quickly tell what’s happening or going to happen in our state, and many times if we want to take a trip to another state, we have to go to the “weather channel” to get a broader outlook. One thing I’ve discovered...Kansas weather coverage stinks compared to Oklahoma where I used to live. Oklahoma is home to the prestigious National Weather Service. Then each television broadcasting station competes with each other to have the latest greatest Doppler radar. I think Kansas gets the rejects from Oklahoma’s 10 year-old radar systems, then keep them around another 10 years. (Seems like) In tornado alley, it makes a difference. Here, it takes 8 minutes for the radar to make a sweep. Oklahoma’s is instantaneous. Sometimes a difference of life and death if a tornado suddenly drops from the sky a few miles away. Your house and you with it could be gone in 8 minutes. Rant over. 😊 Betty
  16. Ya talkin’ to me? Who has the ant? (I had a swarm of them in my kitchen a couple of days ago.) They are not doing well. I held a lot of funerals.
  17. There is more to it than the weight, Michael. Trust me. It’s the whole experience, from retro dials, Fuji fantastic color, What You See is What You Get and something indefinable. At least for me, it was. From a Die-hard Nikoner who finally developed an open mind about camera systems. (New word...😁)
  18. I had lobster tail here in middle USA a few times and loved it. Then we went to Bar Harbor, Maine and I had one maybe an hour off the boat. The restaurant actually jutted out over the sea and there were lobster pots I could see. When I asked our hotel manager where was a good restaurant to have lobster, she looked at her husband puzzled, and asked him. They said, “I don’t know...we just walk down to the dock and buy ours right off the boats.” They finally gave us a suggestion, and that’s when I discovered fresh-caught lobster is a world apart from those flown in and kept in tanks, which stresses the lobsters and make them tougher. So I know what you mean, Allan. I also had the best clam chowder and blueberry pie I’ve ever eaten in Bar Harbor, also. Their blueberries are local, probably the clams, too. Betty
  19. Mine is light silver around my face, but a shade or two darker elsewhere. I don’t think I have any of my natural color left, but I’ll find out, I guess. Right now, the line of demarcation is driving me crazy. I may go to a beautician to blend in a few thin blond strands to help soften the grow-out on my crown. I like what’s around my face. Cecile, I’m sure you did just fine. It’s been three years since I had my hair professionally cut and I’ve done just fine cutting my own. Usually I’m not happy with pro cuts because they don’t give me the cut or style I ask for, or don’t understand how to work with my curly hair. I’ve only had two through the years who really did me proud. Each time, after a year with them, I moved away. 🙁 B
  20. Yours doesn’t come with a red hook in its mouth, either! I was at a nearby lake shooting. 5 miles from my house at the time. These two old guys were fishing, and I asked if I could take pictures of them. They said yes. The turtle was caught by one of them and I got the shot. This isn’t the turtle catch, though. They had quite the operation going.
  21. I agree with your wife about sometimes long-term health issues from the virus. It’s frightening. Just coming out of it alive doesn’t necessarily mean one is out of the woods. Happy your images passed.
  22. I’m about two thirds or three fourths RM, the rest RF. So of course in keeping with the ratio, most sales are of my RMs. Yet I just made a very nice sale of one of my RFs for $240. I generally list some common subjects like a flower or tree and other things as RF. But I’ll also have some of the same subject, different shoot as RM. That gives the buyer choices. For instance, I may have several House Finch birds listed RM, and several RF. But I don’t mix license types from the same shoot, Alamy doesn’t like that, or didn’t used to. Anything I feel is exceptionally nice, or is of something not easily duplicated by someone else, or the subject is rare, or there is nothing else like it, is listed RM, no matter the subject. Betty
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