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  1. I have my parrot to think about when I’m out of the house. I don’t want to freeze her little beak off! 😄
  2. Mine is plunging also, and yes, I do believe it is partly if not completely attributed to Alamy telling us all of our zooms wouldn’t show up. That is only my opinion, for whatever it’s worth. Just ride it out until the fix is complete, then maybe we’ll know more. Right now, I don’t know if the zooms we’re not seeing will be put back in place or if they will be lost forever to us.
  3. Sent my last butterfly on its way yesterday. I had a nice dinner out with my daughter to cap the day off. It is chilly outdoors and I have my central heat on. I dug out some long pants and a colorful sweatshirt. Summer is over, not just on the calendar, but heralded with a few shivers. Michael, I’ll pass on the honeybees. Talk about work and special protection! My son-in-law would never come over again since he doesn’t get on with stinging insects. If there were an easier way to save the bees, I’d do it. And I’d supersonic them for Allan. ☺️
  4. Last weekend, we hit 96F here and set records all over the state and some places were even hotter. Then a cold front came in, stirred up a few tornadoes (not my town) and now it’s in the 70s. Tomorrow, 60s. I’m absolutely loving the beautiful fall weather. Our trees, though, are 95% green, yet. I released my last Monarch butterfly this afternoon. Now I’ll deal with empty nest syndrome. Or should I call it Empty cage syndrome? We call them hot water tanks here, not cylinders. And I have hot water 24/7.
  5. Allan, there was a woman in Oklahoma City that didn’t busk, she just begged while holding up a sign about needing food, etc. She set up on a heavily travel road divide, and was there forever, every day in her old, shabby clothes, looking desperate. This one man had handed her money every time he passed that way. One day, he came just as she was leaving, so while he sat in his car through a long traffic light, he saw her get into a late model upscale car. She drove away. He followed at a discreet distance until she pulled into the garage of a nice house. He was furious. She was making
  6. Again I posted a technical problem, and again my wonderful forum friends came through. I don’t know what I’d do without y’all. Probably buying a wig from pulling my hair out.
  7. I don’t much like Adobe people sitting around and discussing how they can throw Betty for a loop. Again. And again. I discovered if I clicked on the three lines top right, I could get the missing fields. But the minute I went away from the image, they went away again and I couldn’t see a place to put a check mark to keep it visible. I’ll try some of the suggestions tomorrow. I got a looong phone call that took up my editing time. I can sit here all day and no one calls. The second I turn on the computer, I get calls I have to take. Well…I’m too polite not to take them.
  8. Oh, darn. I occasionally have done that myself. 🥺
  9. Oh, thank you. I absolutely hate when Adobe changes things that don’t need changed. Updates that are useful? I’m good with that. Updates just because the developers are bored? Not so much.
  10. I just updated PS, Bridge and LR Classic. I want to keyword images in Bridge as I always do, and the Keyword and Caption fields in metadata are gone. Even if I highlight images I’ve already tagged and uploaded, I can’t see those fields. I Googled the problem and there is nothing about it. I realize I can do it in Image Manager, but that won’t allow me to use all the templates I have set up.
  11. Shake it off, Andy. Come back. Don’t allow them to win, please.
  12. There must be a thousand stories about wedding photography, some hilarious, some tragic. There comes to mind my nephew’s second marriage. He asked my husband to take the pictures. It was a budget wedding. Expectations were not high, they just wanted some simple images of the ceremony. I was very nervous about it because at the time, my husband had no experience with anything formal, portraits, even. He was using a Nikon with mounted flash, (argggh) and somehow had the sync wrong. All of the pictures except a couple of them (probably when the flash didn’t fire), we’re half black.
  13. There should be an announcement by the pastor before the wedding party enters for vows. “Please allow the assigned photographer to take the photos without competition. Once he announces he’s finished, have at it.” I do feel sorry for wedding photographers who face this. It didn’t happen much before the modern mobile phones.
  14. I use the hood unless it’s a overcast day. But I always have a lens cap on when not in use. I have never banged or dropped a camera. Ever. I just invited Murphy’s law into my life. One of the things that bother me is when I am trying to take portrait pictures of family, others notice I’ve gathered an adult couple or several children and jump beside me with their phones. So I get eyes looking at me, and other eyes looking at the person(s)who horned in. Drives me crazy. I should speak up, but I never do. I guess I don’t want to lose my “everyone loves Mimi” status by being testy, however nicel
  15. The brand new neighbor across the street walking over to ask “what are you taking pictures of?” And scaring away the butterflies I was shooting. The other neighbor asking how the guitar playing was coming along just as I released a new Monarch onto some flowers and was getting ready to photograph it. I answered the neighbor, looked down and my Monarch was gone. Maybe I should quickly aim the camera toward them and watch them run back into their houses! 😁
  16. Why do people ask me to hold their camera while they fetch a soda? Don’t they know I’ve stolen 39 cameras so far? 😉
  17. Oh, that is just too precious for words. Coy head tilt is a bonus.
  18. I have two chrysalises left of the summer’s 47. I’ve scrubbed one cage up, ready to store. You’d be surprised how much work there is raising Monarchs. Rewarding, though. I expect the last two will emerge in the next day or two. Rain is imminent and we need it.
  19. There’s always a few that refuse to follow the rules, isn’t there? I know what you mean about twitchy…back during our boating/fishing days, I refused to back our boat down the ramp. The sun would’ve set before I could have managed it. My husband asked me to do it once. When he saw me start to sweat blood, he said, “Never mind.” A boat is much easier than a caravan.
  20. Mine not only beat fast, a recorded 280 beats per minute, (tachycardia) but was very irregular. I had a cardiac ablation around 2001. The doctor went in an artery through the groin, threaded a device through to my heart and burned a circuit or two that sent bad impulses to my heart. It took care of 85-90% of it, but I still take one heart med for the leftovers. I got that heart condition after the streptococcus infection at age 24 that I had for 5 weeks before finally being properly diagnosed. It damaged my heart. It was the same infection that I was hospitalized for 2 weeks and nearly died fr
  21. Boil order has been canceled. I had to allow the water to run from a tap for 10 minutes. Yippee!
  22. We’ve been having gorgeous autumn weather here, too. Except yesterday and today hitting some hot notes ahead of a cold front. Tomorrow will be comfortable again. Today will set new heat records for our area…96F. All of my life every cold, flu, strep infection went straight to my lungs. The streptococcus nearly killed me with a respiratory arrest. These last years, because of the stress caring for my husband, my immune system was wrecked (chemotherapy didn’t help) and I started getting systemic Candida infections that attacked my whole respiratory system. My oxygen level fell to the 80s al
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