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  1. Reminds me of some pictures I took. All I had to do is step out my front door and photograph what I saw across the street. A bunch of 12-15 year old boys playing pickup basketball in a driveway and street. Tags, boys playing basketball, youth, teens, juveniles, street basketball, pickup basketball, companionship, sport, fun, competition, etc. It was only later, developing them, I noticed mixed races. Diversity was the farthest thing from my mind at the time.
  2. So true, John. I forgot about that. Because we think an image says what we wants it to say doesn’t mean a buyer won’t use it to say what they want it to say. Good point.
  3. I grew up in a small town in Oklahoma, maybe 9,000 people. Less, now. There was one Mexican family, one native Indian family. They were just people, nice people, to me. I didn’t know until I was an adult and living away, that my small town was known for letting any black people who wandered through know that they had to be gone by sundown. I’m deeply ashamed of this. It’s not like that now. One of the air bases my husband was stationed at in deepTexas, we had a garage apartment and a new baby. I was 17. My husband’s best friend on the base was black and we invited him to dinner. Though I had to scrape every penny, I fixed what Mom fixed for Sunday dinner when I was growing up. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn and homemade biscuits. (Not UK biscuits!) And a pie. We had a great time. When he left, he thanked us profusely, then said, “Don’t ask me back, I won’t come. If I did, you’d pay.” Neither of us understood. He left us scratching our heads. The next morning, our landlady let us know in no uncertain terms we couldn’t have blacks in our home. She saw everyone who came and went. Even though we both grew up in that bigoted small town, prejudice was never talked about, I never heard it from my parents, so we just knew people as people when we left. I have no idea who it was that shut the town down at sundown. Mayor? Police? The odd thing was after we left town, we then saw constant prejudice wherever we went (Indiana, Texas and California)and was left astounded. I guess that’s where I’m coming from in my previous remark about diversity in images. I thought those pictures would show us as only people who intermingle, live, love and bleed like each other, and have different colored skin. Those pictures make me feel good because they reflect my values. But maybe not everyone feels that way. Maybe if I were a different color, those images would make me feel like I was being patronized. These days it seems to be damned if you do, damned if you don’t. People are afraid to open their mouths about anything for fear of being told how wrong they are. How dare someone to think differently from someone else? Makes me feel like jumping in a hole and pulling it over me. Pretty soon we’ll all be robots. Betty
  4. 😱 I’d have said, “Guess what? You don’t know where I am, either,” Then taken a powder. Edited to add: I just now pictured you unable to concentrate on tutoring and nervously and constantly looking around. If only I were there to touch the back of your neck with a feather. Bwa-ha-ha! The fence guy yesterday was nailing the last board on my fence. The compressor was making racket and he had earbuds in. I needed to ask him something but didn’t want to shout. So I tapped him lightly on the back. You’d have thought I stabbed him with a switchblade the way he reacted. Hee hee. Back on subject: I only have 8 zooms showing for the rolling month and my CTR has fallen below 20. It’s horrible.
  5. I know a tarantula bite isn’t poisonous. Neither is a Wolf spider bite. I was bitten on the top of my big toe by a wolf spider and it felt like a cigarette had been ground out on my skin. It turned dead white and bled. A spider bite bled!! Spiders are evil little creatures and I hate them. They hide in your shoes, your clothes, and of course when you put your stuff on, they don’t like it and bite. The wolf spider was in one of my gardening shoes and when I slipped the shoe on, I paid for it. There are at least 500 less wolf spiders in my part of the country. You’ve heard about a woman scorned, that’s nothing to a woman spider-bitten. Where’s my bazooka? Betty
  6. My husband captured a tarantula crossing the road once. I don’t care for spiders, but I tolerated this one kept in a large jar with holes poked in the lid. I even helped catch crickets for it to eat. One day it appeared dead. I picked up the jar turning it this way and that. The tarantula, with legs curled, slid lifelessly around. If you know what the game of fiddlesticks is, (otherwise known as pickup sticks) you know there are long, slender pointed pieces kind of like a king-sized toothpicks. I got one from the kids’ room, thread it through an air hole and gently nudged the spider for a minute or so. All of a sudden it came to life, jumped on the stick and bit it. The shock of the bite traveled up the stick to my fingers. And my body...my brain...I might has well been bitten for how my body reacted. I nearly threw the jar across the room. I stopped myself just before my fingers loosened. Imagine me with a tarantula loose in the house. I would have had to move out. Post haste. We turned it loose across town soon after. Betty https://www.wikihow.com/Play-Pick-up-Sticks
  7. I think the point somehow might be lost. When a buyer wants an image consisting of people of different races, hopefully those images are used to further race relations. So to me, I really don’t see the wrong in labeling. Yes, all races are people. But anyone thinking there isn’t prejudice in the world has their head stuck firmly in the sand. Images of different races playing, working, living together seems a wonderful thing to me. In this context, what’s wrong with labeling so these images can be found? Or should we not label, but only use the tag diversity? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I doubt it will change my thinking. Betty
  8. If a thread can stay on point for more than two or three pages, that means breaking news, big time news. Those just take a few pages longer, but it will happen. That’s kind of what makes this forum family. I’m pretty guilty of going off-topic. 🙄
  9. Don’t forget Hitchcock’s “The Birds”. Almost changed me from being a bird lover. (Not really).
  10. I have my shields up around my brain.....Everything you you say about LR bounces off. Beam me up, Scotty.
  11. Good trick. I wrapped the bottom of the cage legs with Duck tape, sticky side out and that kept them out of the cage last year. I can’t use any toxic sprays, but can spray with vinegar for short term effects.
  12. Best story I’ve heard yet. I have an African Gray parrot. I cook Echo mixed vegetables, and cut up fruit for her. She eats well but enjoys tossing bits out of her cage and onto the tiled floor. Rather like a toddler does. If I want a life, I can’t stand by with a broom, dustpan or mop all day. I clean twice a day. Never had ants in Oklahoma City. Since moving to Kansas, during the warmer months, the ants find their way into her dedicated room (yes, she has her own room) to the bits of corn or grapes on the floor. They ignore the green beans for the sweet stuff. They also climb the legs of her large cage and swarm her food bowl. I’ve found one or two that have had watery deaths in her water dish. Sorry, but this means war. Spring is coming and I have to be ready. 🧨🐜 Betty
  13. I know that. You were trying to yank me into technology wisdom. I can learn some things. After all, I learned PS. But I only took it as far as needs be. The excited interest has to be burning in my gut, then I tackle it. That goes with art, or learning last summer how to make a 6 foot 8x8” piece of raw cedar look like a piece of beat up driftwood to use as my mantle. I used a half dozen tools to scar the wood, and 5 coats of various stains and whitewashes to get that silvery gray salt water and sun appearance. I flew by the seat of my pants with no instruction but instinct and was successful because it excited me. Cataloguing leaves me cold. 🧐 Sorry the mantle doesn’t show up well here, the decor was the subject.
  14. When John put sugar in his coffee, he spilled a small pile on the countertop. The pet ant found it and ate too much. It was bad for its diabetes, and it kicked the bucket...er...sugar pile. Poor 🐜
  15. I use Bridge. Always have. I have templates set up for subjects I may shoot repeatedly, apply them and delete or add relevant Tags to that particular image. I also have a basic template set up that applies the keywords relative to place, like town, state, country, etc. Any image that doesn’t have its own template (like American robin which has a template) I select all images in a folder after developing, and apply the basic template that adds all the things I add to every image. It’s a time saver. The birds, butterflies, etc that have scientific names, I don’t have to remember those scientific names or spend time looking them up because they are in their own template. Most here do it in Lightroom, not me. But then, much to MDM’s chagrin, I don’t use Lightroom for cataloguing. He gave me up as a lost cause, but I do recognize he was trying his best to help me. He still does. I march to my own drumbeat. 😄 I had my own system using ACR, PS and Bridge way before ever using Lightroom, so I am comfortable with it and have enough to do in my life without learning cataloguing. These days, I develop in LR, transfer to PS to do final work, keyword in Bridge. I’m happy with that. Betty
  16. I’ve only had one sale, it my cut is about what yours is, Paulette. It is a distributor sale. Zooms are very low.
  17. I agree, Bill. I did think they were floundering, but now that this acquisition has come about, I realize what they were doing. Now I wonder when the percentage we get of our sales changed, then the mutiny happened, if Alamy consulted with PA before they offered us the exclusive option. That is, of course, if the PA deal was already in the works. Also wondering if it was in the works, if PA were the entity that suggested a change in our share of the sales to begin with. Sometimes it would be fun to be a fly on the wall. Betty
  18. I would have never thought Monarchs were in Australia! That tickles me. Love the Wanderer name! I remember when, on my weekly 200 mile round trip to visit my mother, seeing hundreds of them migrating south in October. That route was like a Monarch highway. It was a beautiful sight. Then as the years wore on, I saw fewer and fewer. Also, “back then” during the warm months I could walk out to my flower garden and get pictures of them any time I wanted. I planted a butterfly bush last spring here at my new home in Kansas, and was lucky to see a few. But the bush attracted bunches of other kinds. My neighbor has milkweed and that’s where the chrysalis came from. She was fostering them, but had to go out of town and I got to babysit one, much to my glee! Every day there was a change. I’ve been trying to figure out what variety of milkweed I can plant without it spreading to my whole yard and taking over. Betty
  19. I appreciate that. That’s in my wheelhouse. I wish I still had the yellow & chrome mid-century dinette set back they my mother handed down to me. But I moved to a house that didn’t have an eat-in kitchen and had to sell it. I’m forum furniture now.
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