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  1. Instagram

    Let's exchange our Instagram accounts. What do you think? Mine is Stefano Travel photographer
  2. Going back to PC

    When I purchased the (new) macbook on Amazon about 4 years ago it was absolutely a real bargain as it was 30% off the regular price. I didn't think twice at that time. Honestly, I never had problems working with 8GB RAM. I forgot to say I use the Macbook for editing when I'm travelling, which means most of the time actually. At home I have a 27" iMac to complete my editing once I come back from my travels or when I work at home for different kind of photography. I agree with you about the D810. It's a great camera and I am not in desperate need for a D850. In the future, maybe I would love to have something much lighter than a 810/850 or similar cameras and it's this the reason I am starting to get excited about the upcoming new Nikon mirrorless. One thing is for sure, by the way, as said earlier. Next cameras will be all over 40 mp and this means I have to change my Macbook.
  3. Going back to PC

    I can change the SSD but not upgrade the RAM in my dated 2014 Macbook. I heard the new ones are even worse as you can not change anything once you have purchased it. Just shameful considering all the money you spend to get a Macbook. At the moment, my 8 RAM macbook still does a good job in managing the RAW files of my 36mp Nikon D810 camera but the day I will upgrade my camera with a D850 or similar ones then I will have to say goodbye to my 8 RAM Macbook. I don't want to move to Windows honestly but if I opt to remain at Apple and looking for a 16 RAM Macbook with at least 512 Gb disk and a good Intel processor, then I will have to spend well over 2,000 euros. The competitive Microsoft Surface which has an equivalent Retina display and similar Macbook's features costs 30% less, at least.
  4. Going back to PC

    I own a late 2014 macbook with 8gb RAM I am happy with so far as long I don't upgrade my Nikon D810. Considering future top class Nikon cameras will be 40mb+ (like the D850) and the outrageous prices of the latest Apple macbooks, I think I don't have other choice if not go back to PC and Windows. Something I don't like at all but... Now, I'm not updated at all about best portable pcs for professional photographers. Basically, I would like something similar to my current macbook which means a 13", with retina display or PC equivalent, SSD disk and 1 TB disk. My macbook still have a SD card slot which helps me to increase the disk storage with a helpful 200 GB micro sd. Apple removed SD card slot from its macbooks 2 years ago. I wonder if PCs went all to the same direction or not. Anyway, which notebook are you using for editing/retouch when you are travelling and which one you can recommend if I decide soon to go back to PC? Stefano Travel photographer
  5. Today, I got a refunded image sold last January. Never happened such a long period between sale and refund to me so far. Any clue what paper is? Washington Post? Country: United States Usage: Editorial Media: Newspaper - national Print run: up to 750,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: 1/4 page Start: 18 September 2017 End: 25 September 2017 In-context digital rights included. Stefano Travel photographer
  6. So how is your 2018 going, eh?

    Interesting. I lost this thing. Where's the post about it? Stefano Barcelona photographer
  7. Have you found any Alamy images in June 2018?

    Thank you Clare for having found this image of mine. Stefano Photographer in Barcelona
  8. "Personal Use" Licence Refunds

    As it happened to me the same last year, finally, I decided to opt for removing Personal use sales from my account simply by asking Alamy. They did for me immediately. Nobody can guarantee a photographer that a refunded sale for personal use is not then used by the private purchaser which means is really difficult to track the abuse by Alamy (and ourselves). Last week, I had a Presentation or newsletters refunded sale for the first time. Also in this case it's quite difficult to be sure the refunded image is not used then by the private purchaser. If I get another similar refund in the future, definitely I will ask Alamy for removing also this kind of sales from my account. Stefano Barcelona photographer
  9. Changing RF to RM as license type

    Thank you Mandy! Never paid attention to the settings in the image manager so far! Stefano
  10. I found quite annoying every image is set on RF by default in AIM. Is there a way to change it to RM by default or do I have to ask Alamy for it? Stefano Vacation photographer in Barcelona
  11. Slow/disappointing month

    Well, too much optimism here! For me is more a SLOW/DISAPPOINTING year! Stefano Vacation Photographer Barcelona
  12. Have you found any Alamy images in May 2018

    Thank you Iain for having found this one of mine! Stefano Vacation Photographer Barcelona
  13. Have you found any Alamy images in May 2018

    Thank you Michael for having found this one of mine Stefano Vacation photographer in Barcelona
  14. That's it?!

    So, I wonder why you're still here
  15. Best examples of tags and captions

    Till Alamy will change completely its search engine once again in a few years and everybody will have once again to adjust all the keywords/tag/supertags and whatever to the new Alamy's parameters. This is simply absurd!!