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  1. This morning DACS payment for 2019 popped up into my sales account as a welcome relief in this dramatic year. I remember last year, separately and just a few hours later in the same day, I received the DACS additional German payment for 2019 also. Not this year. At least, so far. Is the German payment already included under the voice DACS payment I had in my account this morning or it will arrive later? Anyone who received it already (the German DACS I mean). Stefano
  2. which is not absolutely true as I have often double digit sales on Shutterstock.
  3. Honestly, I don't see the point about complaining for such kind of sales. If you don't like them because you are justifiably suspicious, you can simply ask Alamy for getting PU sales removed from your future sales. I did it three years ago. I wish Alamy could do the same also for other suspicious sales as presentation/newsletter use.
  4. You mean report covid and similar tags in the description of the photo, like for example "People wearing surgical masks walking on Rambla street in Barcelona, Spain during covid 19 pandemic in 2019"?
  5. Thank you guys for your useful suggestions and ideas about my question. I thought it would be nice nice to have a talk here before proceeding with my decision. I am afraid pandemic will be next to us for some time in the near future, enough to be part of the photo stock market unfortunately.
  6. I have been shooting photos of iconic streets and places of Barcelona in the last couple of weeks and obviously you can't help seeing things that remind you of pandemic and covid-19 outbreak like famous places empty or people wearing surgical masks while walking in the street or seated at cafes. Sometimes they are in the foreground, sometimes distant but yet you can see these are images belonging to the new "normality". Now, I uploaded already a few pictures of this kind by reporting the new keywords like covid, emergency, pandemic, outbreak along with the usual ones. I have more similar pictures ready for upload and I would like any helpful suggestion from you if it's worth including these new keywords in pictures with famous places empty of without tourists. Do you think clients will buy images with people wearing surgical masks in the next few weeks/months or next year or they prefer this is over and forgotten and buy images of places like they were before pandemic? What would you do? Would you upload images of the new reality with these new keywords or look for shooting places or locations that not necessarily the views may bring to think of pandemic or covid 19 outbreak? Stefano
  7. Differently from Alamy, where they start from giving your pics away fro free ( see those clients who buy your pic for newsletter use and the day after they ask for refund so that they have your photo for free for any use they want. Something it happens frequently in my case), Shutterstock starts from 0,25USD but I got several double digit sales, including an interesting one for a calendar cover.
  8. How are doing your monthly zooms this month, guys? Mine are very low at single digit since several weeks unfortunately. Normally, for me this is a good period where I average also three-digit zooms for many days (sometimes even weeks) in a row. I guess this bad result is due to covid 19 outbreak but I wonder if you too are experiencing low zooms lately. Stefano
  9. Thanks for let me know that Steve. Now, the site works normally.
  10. Image EG2F5G Country: German Speaking CountriesUsage: EditorialMedia: Book, print and/or e-bookPrint run: up to 25,000Placement: WraparoundImage Size: 2 page spreadStart: 29 April 2020End: 29 April 2030Front and Back cover Stefano Politi Markovina Travel Photographer
  11. Country: German Speaking CountriesUsage: EditorialMedia: Book, print and/or e-bookPrint run: up to 25,000Placement: WraparoundImage Size: 2 page spreadStart: 29 April 2020End: 29 April 2030Front and Back cover $$$
  12. I really would love to see this quick Alamy's intervention also every time I send them an email asking why a sale reported many months ago is still unpaid or why I discovered a photo of mine published in a book and the photo is not reported as a sale yet!
  13. If Alamy stopped chasing money owed how does it think to survive financially in the future? 🙄
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