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  1. Hey Jody, I've been thinking on and off about getting a monopod. Just need to convince my wife, hah! Thanks for the link, useful stuff! I have the same feelings about macro photography, it's just getting the time isn't it..... Steve
  2. Just for some variety, I'm 38, been doing stock since I was 34. I don't know if that makes me a youngster, my definition of "young" and "old" keeps changing as I get older!
  3. Hey Jody, Hmmmm... You've given me food for thought. I will look into this further. Your images definitely have a lot of impact and its interesting you can achieve that with a clip on lens. By the way, I YouTubed the Raynox clip-on lens, and the guy insisted that you needed a tripod and couldn't hand hold because of the magnification! I don't know how skittish dragonflies are, presumably you hand held? You must have a really shallow depth of field. I'm using the Sony E-mount F2.8 90mm macro so I am 1:1 and its great for flowers and portraits, but I can't achieve your results with this lens on its own.... Steve
  4. Hi Jan, nice to see you're still here, I thought you might have taken your bat and ball home with all the negative likes! There are a few characters on the forum, but I think overall it's quite a good one and generally positive. It is difficult giving and receiving advice - I experience the same sometimes as a badminton player, where the local town "A team" players sometimes think they're god's gift. Taking pictures of objects in the house has worked out quite well for me, but as you have already said, you photograph what you like. Steve
  5. Thanks TaBAN, I've labelled them up as best I can. Yes, it is pretty confusing! I'm even wondering if I should go around a garden centre here #facepalm Steve
  6. Hey, thanks for replying to my off topic macro question! My lens can focus at a minimum of 280mm. So you can focus a lot closer with your setup (150mm mim focal distance). And I'm using 90mm which isn't as much zoom as 150mm, and I'm using a full frame camera. This bee below is about as close as I can get with my lens. So is it just a question of my setup then....?? Great dragonfly shots by the way!! Steve p.s. beach looks pretty nice too
  7. Country: Worldwide. Usage: Marketing package - Small business, Use in marketing materials, worldwide for 5 years (excludes advertising). A house of cards about to collapse - a metaphor for a complicated organisation or plan that can easily go wrong. I tried building it from scratch.... Had to cheat and use Blu Tack!
  8. Hi, more than half of my sales are pictures that I uploaded over a year ago, and often from 2 or 3 years ago. As J Morrison/Standfast have said, I wouldn't worry about it, and just keep uploading. Steve
  9. Hi Joachim, some nice pictures and a nice variety! +1 to Mr Standfast, you have a lot of pictures with converging verticals (lines that should be vertical are not so a lot of your buildings look like they're leaning). This is an easy fix in Lightroom or Photoshop. I guess English is not your first language? There is the odd spelling mistake, but probably not enough to worry about. Good luck, Steve
  10. Hi, welcome! You've uploaded a lot in 6 months. You're into your trains I see! Might work well as a niche. Good luck, Steve
  11. Hi John, That's a good tip, thanks. I can see there's a lot of funny names for hybrids - Echinacea Kismet® Red and Echinacea – hybrid ‘Sombrero Salsa Red’. "Hybrids" it is then I think, none of these are natural colours....
  12. I think there might be something to that Matt. I am still making sales this year, but I've been uploading a lot less regularly, and there's definitely been a sales dip compared to last year.
  13. Hey Jan, Thanks for the moral support at least! Yes, I did start to wonder if they're just variations on the same species. ALthough there was quite a diversity of colours and they were all quite close to each other. They are really photogenic to photograph with a macro lens, it's true! Just on a different theme, I'm starting to wonder if I should crop my macro shots more to make them more 'spectacular'.... I think a lot of the bug images that you see in, e.g. magazines, must be heavily cropped. I mean, I'm already using a 90mm macro lens, you don't get much bigger than that, but my bugs look tiny!
  14. I am worried about the dibond prints getting damaged, because they're so fragile. Maybe I should look for a new supplier. Or bite the bullet and double the price of my prints (yikes!!) I'll have a look at One Vision Imaging though, thanks
  15. Jan, Some people sell better than others, depending on what they have in their portfolio. There are discussion threads on the forum on when people got their first sale. I got mine with about 200 images after 6 months. It does take a few months normally for a sold image to be reported. I sold just over 50 images last year with circa 2000 pictures. I think that might be a bit better than average, but I think anyone doing a lot of live news images, for example, is making a lot more sales than me.
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