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  1. I didn't think of that at the time (because that sort of thing never happens to me (until it does!!)). Was too busy checking I had all my limbs and fingers and toes etc... Kind of wish I was traveling with someone I knew now... Guess they may have me on CCTV, my brother wants to see the clip for some reason....
  2. So I had my daytrip to London. 3 hours door to door, not bad from Basingstoke!! I kept walking past all these pubs with people sitting outside in the sunshine whilst I'm walking past hot and thirsty. And I kept seeing all these things I wanted to photograph - guess I'll treat it as a scouting trip! Thanks again for the tip. They're giving me a quote in 2 days, they were very professional.
  3. Geoff, Great advice, thanks for sharing your experience. Steve
  4. Congratulations Gen, very close run competition! Vyne Road / Chapel Hill railway bridge E1/135A on railway line BML1 in Basingstoke at night time. RBE steel girder and brick arch construction. - Image ID: 2B8CKGH An austrian tourist in her late twenties looking out across Neusiedler See, a popular tourist destination in Burgenland, Austria - Image ID: PAW06A Abstract view on rows of grape vines in the Waldviertel area of Lower Austria near Langenlois, a wine making town popular with tourists. Austria - Image ID: 2CTPRTH
  5. https://www.alamy.com/terms/contributor.aspx 20
  6. Betty, wow, so sorry to hear about your daughter. Now I'm nervous. I played squash yesterday and everything seems to be ok, can just feel a slight ache from the fall. Think I'll write to Reading station and complain, it's ridiculous.
  7. Great, my plan of having no backup camera has been vindicated!! 😅 I'll see how much they charge. Currently saving up for a house at the moment......
  8. https://www.blpawards.org/competition/photo-rights
  9. I think the Forum may need more info to answer you. Does your friend know what the rules of the re-enactment were in regards to photography? It sounds like a bit of a hustle to me. What damages does the photographed person think that they have incurred? Presumably there was press there too. I would be tempted to ask what law has been infringed and ignore it unless a solicitor gets involved.
  10. Fingers crossed for the damage. Hopefully the cracks were due to a poor batch of materials and not a design flaw, could be an expensive mistake! Except normally I'd 'document' my day trip to London, oh well...!
  11. Thanks a lot, I see they're listed on the Sony website as well. Sounds like I'm going to take a day trip! 👍
  12. Hi Michael, Thanks a lot for the tip, will check them out. Do you take your camera / lens in personally for repair or do you post it? Steve
  13. Hi Sally, thanks! No, I sold the shirt off my back to buy this camera and the lenses, my only other camera is a Minolta XG-1 that takes film and never sees the light of day anymore.... I might be relegated to keywording the images I've had in AIM for years that I've never got around to putting on sale... 😢 I appreciate the replies and perspectives from everyone, definitely better not to have a long term injury at the loss of a camera or lens.... I can imagine how it felt when you started falling, it's a bit like holding a baby! Glad your knee is better now.
  14. Wow Gen, Now I'm feeling REALLY lucky!! I do know people that have broken arms falling over backwards. I guess that is the right perspective to have. Even my wife is not annoyed I need to get the camera fixed as long as I'm alright..... I'm resigned to it now, just an extra expense I could do without. Trying not to contemplate that it might not be fixable or that I might have to get a new one.....
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