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  1. Thanks Michael. Yes, Alamy is a good incentive to become perfectionist because you can see all the great photos that the competition have done compared to yours... (or mine at least!) I think the mistake here was photographing with mixed lighting - it's just a pain to shoot in natural light at the moment because it's so dull. I guess I should get some daylight bulbs.... Black and white is a whole other minefield because then you get into things like how many light sources, and angles of lights and high key low key etc. But it's good fun! Thanks for the additional tips. Steve
  2. Springtime at Saint Michael's Church, Basingstoke. $ Country: United Kingdom Usage: Consumer goods Media: Calendar Print run: up to 1,000 Placement: Inside Start: 01 January 2020 End: 01 January 2021 Any placement; For use in a Digital Regional Calendar, for distribution only within its titled region. Print run 150.
  3. Hi Karl, The position of your images is mostly a function of your CTR rank (zooms of your images by particular clients of Alamy divided by the number of your images that show up on searches but are not zoomed (views)), but also we believe, partly a function of your sales as well. You will make sales here, but it takes time. Sales are often reported by Alamy a few months after they've actually been made. The best way to improve your position is to have really good keywording and good quality photos and subjects. I haven't had a look at your portfolio, but I suggest you have a look on the forum for Keywording, there's lots of useful information. I would also have a look at "Portfolio Critique" on the forum too. Good luck, Steve
  4. Pretty much! At least you got a refund....
  5. I'm glad you're having some success. Lots of people don't on F.A.A. I think. I've just been having fun trying to work out which are original watercolours and which are manipulated photos. I'm very impressed nonetheless, I think they look amazing. Yeah, I used oils for a year (wait 2 weeks for a layer to dry) and then discovered acrylics and never looked back. Thanks for the compliments. I'm not patient for some things, but I am for art and photography. Architect was my second career choice and you can see this in the paintings. Steve
  6. Thanks a lot MDM! Here are the updated pictures. How did you come across these corrections? Just practice, or was it experimentation too? Steve
  7. Looking into the void (emptiness!) The rabbit was long gone:
  8. Appearances can be deceptive... That photo was another example of bad lighting - an office environment. I'm afraid to disappoint, I'm a very pale skinned Englishman! Not particularly red either!! Here's a more realistic profile picture then, I guess I better show myself
  9. That's why I was so bothered about the final images because it's actually quite warm in here and I'm not that red. Ok, will stop trying quick fixes and have a proper look into this. Will repost photos when done.
  10. Siberia and central Greenland look promising...!
  11. Thanks, I prefer these tones after using the eye dropper - I normally do WB by eye, but the dropper was better here. Going to re-upload. Steve
  12. You were quire right, it did look horrendous! Hmmmm... Maybe I should learn to use those bits of Lightroom I don't normally use...!! Thanks, I'll try this. I didn't know this! Here they are:
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