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  1. I'm fine with the photography side of things, preparing for a shot, getting the lighting right, shooting and reshooting till I like the composition etc. It's the keywording that sucks, and especially at the moment, going back a few years to my first photos and realising the keywording was pretty bad and redoing those. So re-keywording is the worst for me! Steve
  2. Hi Kibbet, ditto what John said. Can I kindly suggest that you take some time to read some threads in the Forum that will answer this question for you in detail. Try Portfolio critique. Steve
  3. 5 for $104. I've sold 63 so far this year vs. 51 total for last year, which is good although I've increased my portfolio size. I'm just short of last year's revenue so fees continue to drop; maybe it was a bit worse this year because of Covid. Steve
  4. Ed, don't apologise, these are cultural things that not everyone can know. My Austrian German teacher still gets worked up about why we call WWI the Great War. I keep telling her it doesn't mean great as in amazing....
  5. Hi Arthur, welcome! Greetings from Austria. Steve
  6. Hi Arthur, +1 to what gvallee says. Your captions are far too short. Anyway, this might help: https://www.alamy.com/contributors/alamy-how-to-pass-qc.pdf Steve
  7. Morning Cal, Thanks. Interesting that they pick the uncorrected versions.... I try to leave space around when I'm taking pictures of buildings like this. Boring/mundane. Hah, yes. Very true. I do take pretty pictures sometimes that I'm fairly sure won't sell, but generally you have to be quite commercial about what you shoot. If I don't think a picture could sell, then I generally don't bother to shoot these days. My wife is pleased, I'm becoming a lot more discerning about what I shoot so I don't make her wait so much for me to photograph when we're out and about! Steve
  8. Honoured... Hah, I don't know it's all that expert, but thanks 🙂 Good the rug shots are selling. Try some shots with and without people in. Buildings. Ah ok, it did occur to me that you might have been forced to do shots like this because of narrow streets. It's just that you have a lot of them! OK, you can't do anything about this. But there are some that look like they could have been corrected: No problem. Steve
  9. where's the facepalm 'like' emoji??
  10. Hi Stephen, A lot of images are cropped when published and used in composites. It doesn't matter, the user still needs to pay. Stephen
  11. Hi Mauro, I'm sorry you've seen such a downturn in sales. Your portfolio is very travel oriented so I suspect that's why. I agree with what Ed says, you should look at widening the subject matter that you shoot. I haven't seen much of a decline in sales at all this year, I actually have more sales than last year (which I'd expect because I've been uploading, although the Alamy library is growing too so I feel I'm just staying in the same place a bit). I can see that you have some concept shots: 'A blue cable and a yellow one connected to a multiple socket over a white woo
  12. Hi Jose, Just so you're aware, if one image in an uploaded batch fails Alamy's QC, the whole batch is failed. Alamy is quite hot on contributors doing their own QC because they only do random spot checks themselves. Unsuitable material - it's covered on this PDF: https://www.alamy.com/contributors/alamy-how-to-pass-qc.pdf Steve
  13. No, I haven't come across Alan Furst, just Graham Greene. I haven't even seen the Third Man. Obviously I'm culturally lacking!
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