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  1. Lockdown fun with a tripod and a self timer: And fun with a macro lens:
  2. Hi Helen, Great, this is just what I need! Think I need to watch through again, he went through a lot of stuff. Steve
  3. I guess it depends on your perspective. I find stock encourages me to do more photography (I do do some commercial photography too sometimes) and to improve my technical skills. I would probably be doing most of my photography on my mobile these days without this incentive.....
  4. I'm building up thousands of images anyway - not sure I want an image sin bin as well! 😅 No I get rid of any 'poor' images - it would probably bug me every time I see the non-stock appropriate photo and notice all the errors. Not to say my images are perfect, but I try to cut out all obvious technical errors. Must be a personality thing - my work involves a lot of checking of other people's work and my own work also getting checked and corrected....
  5. Well, if it's family stuff, it rarely goes on Alamy. And I might allow the odd out of focus shot through of family stuff, but Alamy has made me quite 'exacting' about my photo standards these days. I generally find I use my mobile for family stuff these days. The professional camera only gets used occasionally, if I use it with family and friends it feels like I'm working....
  6. I try not to be sentimental at all. Any time I get home and find I missed focus or the whole image is too soft - bin. It's annoying, particularly if I can't go and re-shoot whatever I missed, but it's just one of those things and a reminder to shoot a few images of any particular subject, just in case....
  7. Hi Ed, It just means that Lightroom is looking for the files wherever they were when you imported them or worked on them. And you've subsequently moved them or renamed one of the folders they're saved in. There will be a little exclamation mark in each file that LR cannot find (e.g. on the Develop module there is a ribbon of photos at the bottom and the missing photos have this exclamation mark in the corner) - just click on this and you get the option to browse to the current location of the file. LR is clever and will do the same with all photos in the same folder that you've just brows
  8. Ha ha no worries, I've done it myself and it's all enlightening as MDM says. I'm now feeling like a noob for not using BBF before after all this feedback!
  9. Thanks everyone. I like being in control 😇 so I'll stick with BBF. Will try alternative too and see how I get on.
  10. It's almost always 24 hours for me or less (or the Monday after the weekend). No change that I've noticed recently. What's your QC rank?
  11. So I finally got around to changing my camera to back button focus and I felt all grown up. The benefit being that you can leave your camera on AF-C (autofocus-continuous) and if you want to do the equivalent of AF-S single shot focus and recompose, you just stop pressing the back button that controls the focusing and your focus is then fixed. Rather than going into camera menus to change your focus type. Then I watched a YouTube video (I know!) and the photographer was recommending instead to leave the shutter release as also controlling focus as normal, and to change the button o
  12. I've had a few $$$ sales, and maybe I'm lucky compared to other contributors, but out of 208 total sales, I've only ever had 1 refunded. I wouldn't worry about it. Plus, unlike some others, it's not like either of us are getting significant income in any case 🙃
  13. ...because there's so many criteria to judge a photo on: Skill (luck!) in capturing a specific moment in time Technical qualities such as sharpness and point of focus Use of colour Use of patterns / repetition Human interest Lighting - a whole subject on its own Meeting the brief Being unusual in viewpoint or subject or editing Composition - is your eye drawn through the photo to the subject? Non standard composition that isn't rule of thirds or subject not being in the centre of the image Etc.....
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