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  1. Portfolio updates

    Hi Chris, you could try emailing the Alamy team, but in principle, no. That's why the delete box asks if you're really sure Other images not appearing either means they're still in QC or you've added them for sale in the last 24 hours and Alamy hasn't updated its search engine yet. Steve p.s. or it could be Alamy having problems, there's an 'images not being added thread in 'ask the forum'
  2. Camera insurance with a twist - Brit in Europe

    Hi everyone, thanks for the useful replies. I will try and get quotes from UK companies. @wiskerke: good tip about making sure they let you make money from photography. Re. cost of equipment - I just got the new Sony A7iii. It's a full frame mirrorless with 2 memory card slots and £2000. So yes, significantly cheaper than full frame offerings from Nikon and Canon. Sony lenses do tend to be a bit more expensive though. It's a great camera; apparently a lot of people are switching over from the other brands and using their lenses with adapters. Indeed, Nikon and Canon have just announced that they're bringing out their own full frame mirrorless cameras. They're a number of years behind Sony in mirrorless terms though so I'm curious how they'll compare. @spacecadetRe. UK being a third country. I'm a Brit living in Austria married to an Austrian, I'm trying really hard not to think about Brexit!! And the possible complications about potentially moving back to the UK in the future....
  3. Camera insurance with a twist - Brit in Europe

    Thanks, I was pretty sure the UK would be considerably cheaper. Hmmmm... No I can't afford to replace it all and my wife would kill me!
  4. Hey everyone, I've just spent (what for me is) a small fortune on a new camera and lenses. I thought it would be prudent to insure them because I've, ahem, kind of thrown a camera across a football pitch in the past! And this is where the fun begins. I'm mostly living in Austria these days and insurance companies here just generally don't want to know. They're not really into speciality insurance - small market and all that. I did get one quote for €470 per year for an insured value of €6,000. Includes theft, accidental damage and replacement with the new cost, not used. It seems somewhat extortionate to me, but then I've never bought camera insurance before. I don't think I can use UK insurance companies because I'm not resident there. So.... Is this expensive? Is anyone in the same boat. How many people insure and how many risk it? Cheers, Steve
  5. First sale of the month, and in keeping with the Australian theme, also to an Australian newspaper. First time to I've sold to an Australian newspaper (or anything else to the Aussies come to that). Has Alamy just opened an office down under?! An American M41 Walker Bulldog at the Four-à-Chaux site of the Maginot Line at Lembach, Alsace
  6. Introduction Hello

    Hi Bear, Welcome! The Alamy database normally takes 24 hours to update so your photos should show as being on sale from tomorrow. Steve
  7. Lens is on order (still out of stock!) That's right, keep giving me positive confirmation once I've already ordered
  8. Thanks for the tip, it would be a cheaper setup. I do use sigma and tamron lenses with my current sony. I'm stacked about going full frame though and I'm going to try and stick to native glass so I don't worry about potential focus problems.
  9. Looking forwards to shooting with the new kit! Except the 24-105 is so popular it's out of stock so need to pre-order! Maybe the 70-200 will be a birthday or anniversary present... Subtle hint Steve
  10. Thanks guys, good advice both. I think that probably decides it in favour of the 24-105. It does look like a great walkaround lens. I love the effects I can get with my 70-200, but it's a pain to lug around and I don't use it so much. I'm getting the FE90 macro too. Should cover portraits. Steve
  11. Hey guys, I'm upgrading to the full frame mirrorless Sony A7iii. I've been debating what lenses to get. I currently mainly use a 16-80mm and 70-200mm on an aps-c camera. I shoot a variety of subjects, mainly landscapes and cityscapes, but also some events and some portrait shots. So here's my thinking. The Sony 24-70mm f2.8 G Master is a great lens, but £2,100 and 950g so really expensive and the camera would be front heavy. So Tamron has just bought out a 28-75mm f2.8 for £800. It's not as wide as the Sony, but considerably cheaper and lighter at 550g. So I thought I'd go for this and the Sony F4 70-200mm. Anyway..... I was just talking to a fellow photographer (btw a lot more professional than me) and he says his go to lens is the Nikon 24-120mm. Ok. So I looked at the Sony equivalent: 24-105mm F4 £1,200 650g. I thought the image quality wouldn't be so good for such a zoom range, but apparently it is and the bokeh is ok. The ISO is so good on the latest cameras that you can boost it to compensate for slower lenses without noticeable noise. So..... Do I get the 28-75 and 70-200, or just the 24-105mm (which would mean I probably don't change lens so often)???? Decisions decisions!!! Has anyone got any thoughts? Maybe an entirely different suggestion even! Stephen
  12. Hey guys, So I've got this picture with a smart looking tree in the background. Taken in springtime in Austria. And I don't have the faintest idea what kind it is so I can keyword it!! Has anyone got any ideas what it is? Steve p.s. I took some closeups with my mobile but can't seem to add them here because they're not online. Leaves are oval shaped, but then taper to have pointy ends.
  13. uk spam

    Come to Austria. They made it illegal to send unsolicited emails from companies. Except... They can still send spam by post - we get a LOT of paper! Ermmm, doesn't your email provider filter out spam?
  14. "Tourists relaxing on steps in front of the facade of the Tolentini on Campo dei Tolentini, Venice". Germany, advertising brochure. Summer is coming! Bulk discount, but still a pretty decent price (>$30)
  15. Formatting

    Hi Liam, Easiest thing to try next is to do a factory reset. There should be an option for this in your camera menus somewhere. If that doesn't work, you could try going on the Sony website and seeing if there is a firmware update for your camera. Steve