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  1. One Lightroom Catalog or Many?

    Thanks LawrensonPhoto and Sally, definitely something I will start doing from now on.......! Been to busy editing and uploading to check out how to curate properly, my bad!! I think whether or not to have multiple catalogues has been answered with a resounding no! So, to summarise, one LR catalogue, then save the photos in separate folders as you like.
  2. One Lightroom Catalog or Many?

    Hi Marianne, First off, I should admit that I'm not very au fait with organising photos or Lightroom. But, I have about 12 separate LR catalogues, organised by genre or geographically. I'm probably doing something wrong though, my photos only number up to 20,000 so I start getting some repeats (buying cameras too often!) and I need to create new LR folders. Do you rename your photos? Or probably some easy fix in LR I'm not doing
  3. Hmmm, time to slash my image collection

    I agree that it's best to have quality photos up in our collections and not so many duplicates. But... You never know what is going to sell. I culled about 50 images last year for being boring and extremely unlikely to sell, and d**n me, if one of them didn't go and sell on Alamy! I no longer even had a copy of the photo at that point. And my highest selling photo in terms of price is one of the ones that I debated whether it was even worth uploading....
  4. Images sold in December

    The Dreifaltigkeitssäule (holy trinity column) in Krems an der Donau in Lower Austria Country: Germany, Usage: Direct mail and brochures, Media: Catalog, Industry sector: General business services, Print run: up to 1,000 Placement: Inside, Image Size: 1 page, Start: 01 November 2018, End: 01 December 2018, Bulk Discount, Flat Rate Bulk discount, but good $$
  5. Images sold in December

    Clocks in the hotel lobby of Hotel Klettur in Reykjavik Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Travel guides -print and/or e-book I take all these nice pictures of Iceland and the one of my hotel lobby sells lol!
  6. Selling stock photos yourself

    Hi Pietrach, Just my own personal thoughts here, and to caveat, I don't have a lot of experience in this field at all! The problem would be trying to get traffic to your own website. Unless you manage to get repeat clients, why would any potential stock client waste time visiting the website of a single photographer and likely not finding what they need, when they can visit a website with 165 million pictures and are highly likely to find what they need? Maybe you could make it work if you photographed particularly niche subjects and did a lot of running around marketing yourself and trying to find clients.
  7. Is this too much noise?

    There is quite a lot of luminance noise... I would probably personally reject that if it were one of mine too, but yes, I don't have a feel for how much noise is too much. Maybe it would pass qc. Perhaps someone should test it! I'm especially unsure of how much noise is permissible for night shots. Is more noise permitted for night shots because you have to have a higher iso/slower shutter speed?? Steve
  8. Postal van, Strasbourg. PU. Going to make a strange Christmas card!
  9. I did a free online course with Shaw Academy last time this offer came around through Alamy. It was for web design (I'd agreed to do a website for someone when I was temporarily unemployed). The course was great, I was very impressed. I ended up signing up for their monthly subscription where you pay a fixed fee and can do any courses you want. Not so good - I decided to quit the pay as you go arrangement after a while. The understanding was that I could just write to them to do cancel my monthly debit. Well, I didn't get a reply to my messages, I just started getting bombarded by marketing emails. There is no email address for Shaw Academy on their website and the phone number doesn't get answered - the only way to contact them is via filling out an online form. I talked to my bank to get the money back and cancel the direct debit. Money kept coming out - my bank said the only way I could stop it was by cancelling my credit card which I duly did. So in summary; great course, atrocious customer service. Of course, maybe I've just been the unlucky one......
  10. Releases guidance please

    Hey Starsphinx, yes, that would be my understanding and is the basis I work on, but I stand ready to be corrected! Steve
  11. Releases guidance please

    Hi Colblimp, You're correct, no you don't have to list as royalty free. I wrote that you can list as royalty free. "Stop giving..." what on earth are you talking about??!
  12. No views

    Hi Liz, Welcome! Nice pictures. It really is a numbers game at Alamy. You will probably need hundreds of pictures up before you make your first sale, as compared to microstock. But the prices Alamy gets are generally a lot lot better than microstock. Don't worry about views so much. You're more interested in zooms by Alamy's larger clients - you can find this on Alamy measures at the bottom of your dashboard. Note that zooms by clients often don't translate into sales, it just helps your ranking. And lots of pictures sell without being 'zoomed'. I think I made my first sale after 6 months. Note that sales often take 3 months to be reported. My sales have been going up quite well now I have almost 2000 pictures. Good luck. Steve
  13. Releases guidance please

    Hi, There's a lot of threads on the forum about this. But briefly: If you have any people or property in your image and you don't have a release, then when you fill out the optional information for your photos, they will automatically be assigned as rights managed. If you have no people or identifiable property in your picture, you can list it as royalty free. Some people say it makes a difference to sales which one you label your pictures as. However, Alamy seem to often be doing licenses that combine aspects of both. Some people tend to list all their images as rights managed. Property: is anything with a logo, or identifiable as belonging to a particular company, or a particular make of something, or someone's house that is recognisable. Even a part of someone's hand in a photo that cannot identify the person counts as people being in the image under Alamy rules. Long story short, you can upload your pictures without releases, including crowds in the street or buildings, and they will automatically be listed as rights managed if you fill out the optional info. Steve
  14. Moving from Nikons to Sony A7III

    Hi, I've been using the A7iii for a couple of months now. I am very pleased with it. Very compact and unobtrusive. Silent shooting. I have the Sony F2.8 35mm (really small, great for street photography), Sony 90mm F2.8 macro and the Sony 24-105mm F4 as a general walkaround lens. The image quality is excellent with all of the lenses - I haven't noticed any of the image quality issues you mention above. Autofocus is very fast. Dual memory card slots. You don't need to get fast lenses (e.g. F1.8) with this camera either because the dynamic range and ISO quality of the sensor is so good. This can save a lot of weight and size with your lenses (although the lenses are often not too much smaller than DSLR lenses I have to admit). You get in-body stabilisation with the Sony and a lot of the lenses are also stabilised meaning it is great for handheld shooting. Some negatives - the screen doesn't flip out to the side or top to allow you to do selfie type shots or so you can see the screen from the front of the camera. Apparently the body is not too waterproof although the lenses are dust and weather sealed. I was shooting 4k video recently and the camera overheated and briefly switched off every 20mins to half an hour, although it was quite warm outside. Other than these things, I can highly recommend it. Nikon had just announced (and released?) two mirrorless cameras. One has specs similar to the A7iii although I haven't looked too much into it. I would assume they wouldn't have got everything right with their first generation mirrorless camera - Sony mirrorless are now 3rd generation. Also, the mirrorless lens selection for the Nikon is a lot smaller than for the Sony, although you could get an adapter for your existing lenses. I wouldn't want to use an adaptor though, it kind of defeats the purposes of going mirrorless for the compact size. I hope this helps. Stephen
  15. Portfolio updates

    Hi Chris, you could try emailing the Alamy team, but in principle, no. That's why the delete box asks if you're really sure Other images not appearing either means they're still in QC or you've added them for sale in the last 24 hours and Alamy hasn't updated its search engine yet. Steve p.s. or it could be Alamy having problems, there's an 'images not being added thread in 'ask the forum'