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  1. Hi Roger, sorry it's taking so long. I don't think you've mentioned your QC rank. Have you had any recent failures? I'm 3* and it's nearly always next working day for me. I have read from some contributors that they think QC might go faster if you regularly upload. Steve
  2. I keep all my boxes - very useful for selling used gear. I keep them all in a... box under the stairs. Steve
  3. Hi Jose, Welcome! The photos will be on display under: Tools, Alamy Image Manager. If the images are still being QC reviewed by Alamy, then it will say this. If they have passed QC, you will have a congratulations you've passed QC. You can send the photos in with the caption and keywords already filled in or do it afterwards (no they don't need to be sent with this information). Stephen
  4. Hello Hasan, I know English is not your first language, don't get frustrated, everyone is trying to help (more or less!). The 'Sales in 2020' figure will increase during the year, it is cumulative, it increases every time you get a sale. This is the money that Alamy have charged for the pictures sold. Alamy reports this figure before it has actually received the money. You could call it an invoice figure. The 'Current Cleared Balance' figure is what Alamy will pay you - once Alamy get paid for one of your photos, they deduct the commission, then put the rest in your 'current cleared balance'. Once the amount in 'current cleared balance' gets to $50 or more, you get paid and the 'current cleared balance' resets to $0. Steve
  5. Guardian online UK 6th July https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2020/jul/06/which-countries-can-uk-holidaymakers-visit-without-restrictions-on-arrival A family on the beach in Brittany. France is one of the countries UK nationals can go on holiday without facing restrictions. Photograph: Ben Ramos/Alamy https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/jul/06/country-diary-1920-gannet-steals-hooked-fish A northern gannet emerges from the sea with a fish in its beak. Photograph: Russell Watkins Wildlife Photography/Alamy https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/jul/06/why-we-need-sharks-the-true-nature-of-the-oceans-monstrous-villains Whale sharks, the largest fish in the sea, scoop up tiny plankton as they travel. Photograph: Nature Picture Library/Alamy Tasseled wobbegong shark among coral off the coast of West Papua, Indonesia. Photograph: Nature Picture Library/Alamy https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/jul/06/black-lives-matter-backlash-fake-culture-war ‘York Minster has clarified that it has not received a single complaint about the statue of the emperor Constantine.’ Photograph: Loop Images Ltd/Alamy Stock Photo https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/jul/06/boohoo-leicester-factory-conditions-covid-19 Boohoo also owns brands such as Pretty Little Thing and Nasty Gal. Photograph: Louisa Svensson/Alamy https://www.theguardian.com/money/2020/jul/06/can-i-buy-a-flat-in-my-name-only-and-exclude-my-husband Would a property solely in a wife’s name be included in any divorce settlement? Photograph: Tim Ayers / Alamy (Alamy credit only) I also found an Unsplash picture, uuggghhhh!!!
  6. Hello again Hasan, Understood about timelapse, but the photos look virtually identical, I'm not sure a client could tell the difference. Wouldn't a client normally purchase timelapse photos that have been put together in a video? I don't think they would be purchased separately. Having excessive similar photos may hurt your CTR rank - which affects how high up your images appear in searches.
  7. Hello Hasan, The picture above says that your Current Cleared Balance is $24. It also says that you will be paid once this figure is above $50. As other forum members have said, when Alamy gets paid, you get paid. The $173 has been invoiced by Alamy, they haven't received all of this money yet. Steve
  8. Those all sound like good reasons. I do like the effect of converging verticals in these pictures - it is subjective - just making sure you were trying to go for this. Yes, I try to leave more room around too. That's interesting about the darkened skylines, I'll keep a look out now. You could keep the dark shadows, but maybe increase the highlights...? Just a thought. No problem, have fun. Steve
  9. Bonjour Gareth, Comment va ton francais? I'm a bit dubious about the Alamy portfolio to be honest. I haven't seen any feedback on the Forum at all about how useful it's been to anyone, although maybe there's a hidden post somewhere I haven't seen. Maybe it's useful if you have a huge collection, or you photograph something very niche, or you have a very distinctive photographic style. Otherwise, I'm not sure how many clients are going to search anyone's portfolio when they can just do a new general search for a different image. But I stand ready to be corrected by someone else on the Forum!! It won't hurt to curate your images and I see you've already started. I like your La Defence photos a lot. There is a saying that photos with people in sell well. I don't know what the rules are in France for people in images in public spaces, is it the same as the UK? So have you thought about photographing people AND the buildings? Also, have you thought about doing some closeups on some of the buildings as some of them have quite cool geometric patterns - would be nice abstract photos although I'm not sure if that sort of thing sells much on Alamy. It's normal that you're going to get converging verticals in your pictures when you're pointing your camera up from horizontal so much and you're not using a tilt and shift lens. It's quite excessive in some photos though - are you editing to reduce this at all? Some photos look quite underexposed, are you trying to go for a dark look? The histogram for these pictures will be really skewed to the left side and your whites will not be actually be displaying as whites. Some pictures have shadow areas that are really dark and could do with them being lifted in editing: Also, my camera for example has a tendency to produce pictures that are quite blue, it's just the way the white balance works in the A7iii so I need to adjust the white balance in Lightroom. It looks like a lot of your pictures are quite blue - I think it's actually quite a good look for the skyscrapers, but maybe not for some other cityscapes: Captions - you are generally describing quite well what the photo is showing and where it is. But not always: Bordeaux August 2019 - Image ID: 2C2JA7W So good luck, I hope you enjoy your France trips, I'm very jealous! Steve
  10. Hi Charlotte, it seems to be hit and miss if you get credited, particularly in newspapers. It's not specific to Stockimo, same with Alamy.
  11. Guardian online 1st July https://www.theguardian.com/food/2020/jul/01/juicy-fruits-17-ways-to-cook-with-cherries-from-sorbet-to-vodka-to-black-forest-gateau Time to embrace the cherry season. Photograph: Nadiia Vinnikova/Alamy 2nd July https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/jul/02/scots-gaelic-could-die-out-within-a-decade-study-finds A border sign, including Gaelic, on the A1 north of Berwick on Tweed. Photograph: David Robertson/Alamy Stock Photo https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jul/01/jordan-bans-smoking-and-vaping-in-indoor-public-spaces A man smoking in Amman, Jordan. More than 82% of men smoke or consume nicotine according to government and World Health Organization data. Photograph: PHOTOBYTE / Alamy https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jul/02/frances-favourite-village-of-2020-braces-for-tourist-influx-hunspach At least half the inhabitants of Hunspach turned out in the centre of the village to celebrate the result. Photograph: STOCKFOLIO®/Alamy Stock Photo https://www.theguardian.com/money/2020/jul/02/still-perplexed-by-furlough-heres-how-to-play-by-the-rules Find the right direction to go in during lockdown. Photograph: Annie Eagle/Alamy https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/jul/02/paramedic-working-nhs-test-trace-yet-make-call NHS test and trace is too little, too late. Photograph: Aleksandr Davydov /Alamy Stock Photo https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/jul/02/first-details-emerge-of-system-for-checks-on-goods-crossing-irish-sea Cranes at the Port of Belfast. Photograph: Stephen Barnes/Transport/Alamy Stock Photo
  12. I try to limit the amount of editing I do. I occasionally use Photoshop to delete things too complicated for Lightroom to deal with, but at that point I'm practically ready to abandon the photo unless I really think it's a keeper. The worst ones for me are actually a lot of macro closeup shots of screens. You think they're clean, but then there's lots of microscopic bits of dust which suddenly look huge when photographed 1:1 and you end up using the spot removal tool over and over.
  13. True. You can mitigate this to an extent, depending on how much time you want to spend on a photo, by using a graduated filter for e.g a blown out sky, or an adjustment brush if you have highlights or shadows that are clipped locally somewhere in the image. I'm using them both more and more these days. I'm still learning editing too.
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