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  1. Hey guys and girls, I just had a couple of my paintings printed professionally from high quality photos that I took (tif format), as a test for a larger scale print run. The quality was very good, but both came out quite dark. I'm using a HD screen and it is colour calibrated. But I'm wondering, is the darkness due to the printer settings (for which I have no info), or could it be because I have the screen set too bright when I'm editing photos? I normally set it one level below max. brightness. Has anyone got any thoughts? Does my portfolio look a bit dark for example??? Thanks, Steve
  2. Hi Young, no worries. Here are some off your first two pages: RN6EEB and RN6EE3 leaning backwards. RGT0M3 leaning forwards. RGT15F leaning backwards. RGD8PJ leaning backwards and slightly to the right. RGT0N1 Leaning backwards RFKJDH leaning forwards. RFKJE7 leaning backwards RFKJDK leaning forwards RF9GA6 leaning forwards RF9GA4 leaning backwards I like the Paris snow pics by the way! Steve
  3. Hi Young, This might not necessarily have too much to do with your photos selling or not, but you have a lot of photos of buildings where you have converging verticals (it looks like the building is leaning forwards or backwards). The vertical lines of the building are not vertical in a lot of your photos. This is a really easy fix - under 'transform' in Lightroom you can use the 'auto' command' or 'vertical' command. I assume other software can do it just as easily. Have a good weekend too. Steve
  4. Hmmmm.... I suspected as much. I did wonder how everyone was getting so much time to sell with different agencies!!
  5. Zooms abysmal, but 7 sales for $126 gross. Doesn't seem too bad (or amazing) to me, but then I haven't been around long enough to remember the good old days (prices)! I'm wondering what people are selling to get 3 figure sums....?
  6. It is the buyer's responsibility to use the image in the correct manner, but Alamy also relies on their contributors to label their images correctly as needing releases or not. As to why do they allow this, well, I guess this goes along with the QC checking process for when you upload photos. Contributors are expected to carry out the QC checks themselves and label the images correctly; Alamy doesn't have the resources to check every single image. It is correct that images that need model releases, but don't have them, can only be used editorially. But I think the tick box for editorial use on Alamy Image manager is a bit of a red herring. If you mark an image as having property/people and that you don't have releases, it will automatically be a rights managed license and you don't need to tick editorial only. But I'm open to correction if anyone has a clearer understanding of this!
  7. Hi Harry, If you mark an image as having property or people in, but without having the corresponding releases, then the photo is automatically set as rights managed in the license type on Alamy Image manager. My understanding is that there is then no particular need to mark an image as editorial use only (not for commercial use) as this should be taken as a given by the purchaser. You can mark an image as editorial use only if you think it might be ambiguous. I've personally never done it. This might help: https://www.alamy.com/blog/understanding-editorial-and-commercial-usage It should also be noted that it is no longer possible to upload new releases to Alamy as they no longer wish to store them due to privacy reasons. If you mark an image as having releases, a client can request them from you if they need to, via Alamy. See thread below: https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/11078-model-release/?tab=comments#comment-201200 Steve
  8. Hi there, this should answer all your questions: https://www.alamy.com/contributor/how-to-sell-images/captions-and-keywords-for-images/?section=8 Steve
  9. That's great, thanks a lot everyone!! Special thanks to J Richmond
  10. Hi, I'm having some trouble identifying some flowers in a botanical garden that weren't labelled. Any advice on species or common name would be much appreciated! The next one is presumably some sort of hybrid of the red one above:
  11. "A yellow bauble with a glitter star on a Christmas tree" For those of you feeling nostalgic for the festive season. Wow, you too can sell Christmas baubles for $.......... One month license from 2019 to 2024?? Country: Worldwide. Usage: Editorial. Media: Editorial website. Industry sector: General business services. Image Size: Any size. Start: 01 January 2019. End: 01 January 2024. Germany, Web,One month, Bulk Discount, Flat Rate
  12. The Sun used 20 of your images without permission??! Is that "normal"? Maybe that makes up for declining print sales..... Steve
  13. Asian street life photos must sell well! Austria must be too quaint for clients....
  14. Hurrah! And doh! Kind of wish I was still living in ignorant bliss, only 2 zooms registered in the interval it's not been working!!
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