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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2021/jun/19/pay-the-rent-and-the-rest-tenants-hit-back-at-the-rise-in-third-party-processing Guardian, Australia. 2 licenses x $ Illuminated flats at night in Skyline Plaza, a refurbished high-rise office building - concept: rental market, vertical living, property investment - Image ID: 2B8J7F8 Editorial website use for $. Fastest sale ever, keyworded on Sat morning, zoomed on Saturday, sold on Sunday:
  2. I thought about this and it is subjective. The landscape exposed correctly, the tigers hiding in shadow, which is realistic... But the tigers are the main subject, I thought they looked a bit flat...
  3. Hi Nilanjan, Some very nice photos and subject matter. Just to add to some comments by others: https://www.alamy.com/contributor/how-to-sell-images/captions-and-keywords-for-images/?section=8 "Before you start, think about the potential use of the image and what it’s likely to be sold for, the more accurately you describe your image, the more visibility it will have in customer searches, which will significantly increase your chance of making a sale." My main comment however, is that some of your images are a bit underexposed: Seems exposed for background
  4. Blimey, just checked... and... tumbleweeds 😛 But it's about 10 degrees cooler in the office than at home, so an incentive to get back into the office I guess!
  5. Earlier in the morning yes, but it's not working now. Probably a temporary glitch
  6. I forgot to mention, photographing people in public - that's specific to the UK, other countries may have different rules (which you can Google if you're on holiday somewhere). Photographing people, there is such a thing a street photography, which works best when the subject is unaware they're being photographed. Which you could try by photographing with your camera at waist height or surreptitiously - I think a lot of people aren't keen on doing that kind of photography these days because of the reaction you can get when people realise they're being photographed. Just
  7. No, you don't need model releases. Think of all the crowd pictures or pictures of people queuing that you see in newspapers for example. The photographer didn't ask them all for a release. You can photograph anyone from public property, although I wouldn't go sticking your lens in someone's face. So if you're taking a picture of a high street, for example, you would expect to see a few people in it. All you need to do is mark under the optional info tab in Alamy Image Manager (AIM) that you don't have a model release (and that you don't have a property release if you're photographing identifia
  8. Shooting for stock, and particularly editorial for Alamy, is different, yes. It helps to have a clear theme or concept when shooting and to have a clear subject. If you're out and about, pictures with people in tend to sell better (the number of years I used to wait for people to get out of the frame when I was shooting for myself!) Well done, couldn't tell the garden size!
  9. Maybe Alamy's trying to reward the 'old hands' who know(???) what they're doing... 🙃
  10. Christine, upload as much as you want. But until you get a pass or fail notification, it's all in as a single batch awaiting a QC result.
  11. Hi Patsy, No need to share your portfolio, we can click on the blue number under your name to see your pictures. I haven't sold a lot of flower pictures, so you can take some of this with a pinch of salt, although I do like photographing flowers when I get the chance 🙃 1. A lot of the images seem to be quite underexposed, at least one stop to my naked eye: Brighter / more normally exposed stock images tend to sell better. 2. You've got a couple of images with a mix of bright sunshine and shadows across the flowers and plants. Seeing as most
  12. Chris: https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/14386-contract-change-2021-official-thread/?do=findComment&comment=291423 As long as you haven't marked that you have releases when you don't, or you've left whether or not you have releases blank, you don't need to put editorial only.
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