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  1. I wouldn't worry about it. My CTR is finally a bit more stable with over 3000 images, but it still yoyo's between months. For a smaller collectection, I would expect it to be all over the place anyway, even without the maintenance being carried out. And as other contributors have said, CTR often doesn't tie in with actual sales.
  2. People that have gone to the expense of purchasing a DSLR, but who don't have a clue how to use it...
  3. https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/14386-contract-change-2021-official-thread/ You missed all the 'fun'.....
  4. Hi Jason. Just keep uploading and you'll see results. I've added steadily to my port since 2015 and I've had increasing license numbers each year. This year is also going to be my highest ever for fees.
  5. Hi Arvydas, there's loads of technical talk on here. We've even got a main section devoted to it: https://discussion.alamy.com/forum/5-alamy-quality-control-and-technical-talk/ Steve p.s. I have an A7iii and I use an V860ii. I use mostly Sony native glass, but I think that third party flashes that are cheaper than Sony and are fully functional are fine. To be honest though, I'm trying to use flash less these days, because the sensors are so much better with higher ISO.
  6. +1 I'd like to see 'net' as a minimum/preferred, but would also like to continue seeing the gross too.
  7. Hi Paul, Go to the Alamy Dashboard, Near the bottom click on 'Your Alamy portfolio page' to open the dropdown. Click on 'Go to your Alamy Portfolio Page' Then click on 'Share this portfolio' However.... Unless you've got a massive Flikr following, you're unlikely to get gain much traction doing it. Almost all stock clients will be searching for photos directly on stock websites. Steve p.s. I'm assuming you're not putting your stock photos on Flikr as they'd be unwatermarked and easier to steal.
  8. Edo, join the club, steam trains and Lloyds at night!
  9. I know we're not supposed to boast, but with the lack of positive news recently...!! Best ever month for licenses and revenue. 🍾 15 sales for $301 gross, $115 net. CTR 0.59 Steve Edit 23:46. Meanderingemu inspired me to look at my sales late at night. A $93 dollar sale!! Taking me to 16 for $394 gross and $152 net 😲
  10. Sales seem to be generally declining in value, but I'm not so interested in individual sales, the average is more important. Mine is holding out at around $20 and it's been there for a long time. So low ball licenses still seem to balance out with higher ones. Note that Alamy stated average is $30 per image, so I'm a bit lower than average (average is probably higher in the US).
  11. It seems their use is on the rise here, people like the nostalgia and 'romanticism'. Thinking of taking a trip myself!!
  12. A blue hour shot from when I was out and about with a tripod last Sunday night The restored Mayflower originally built in 1948
  13. Also Jealous lol. Do you also do this full time like Andy?
  14. Wow!!! So I was doing better than you this month until the newspapers reported. Impressive.
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