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  1. Ditto in Basingstoke. I walked through a park and everyone was keeping their distance, and if on a footpath, trying (and failing!) to surreptitiously move to the opposite side... I mean they moved, it was just blatantly obvious. Same in supermarkets. I assume it's not just my face 🤣
  2. Hi Alamy, To add to Roger's comment, pretty much every time I go on the Alamy Forum, smartphone or laptop, I get a cookies banner pop up asking me to either change the cookie settings for the website or accept all cookies. It's a bit annoying that it has to be clicked on every single time to remove it. It's very easy to programme a cookie banner to not reappear for e.g. 30 days or 90 days once a user has given consent. I'm pretty sure under GDPR you don't need to ask every single time someone accesses a website. In the meantime, you could provide a link on the forum to the cookie settings if someone really wanted to change them. Hope you're all keeping well, and in the hope of less cookie banners, Stephen
  3. Steve F


    Deleted, wrong location.
  4. At the risk of being unpopular (and assuming there is a customer discount being offered - I haven't checked), I suspect purchasing photos for business uses will often be deferred by companies during the Covid 19 crisis as will many other discretionary purchases. Alamy will also see a 25% hit and presumably wouldn't have offered the discount unless they thought it necessary during the current temporary(?!) climate. It's a bit like the case with building owners refusing to drop the rent for businesses (shops), the shop goes bust and then they get 100% of nothing. There is an argument for whether customers would defer buying the photos they wanted now until after the crisis so they pay the full rate, but then there's lots of ways to argue this... At any rate, we can expect to see a potentially big decline in photo purchases for now.
  5. Hi Chuck, Just to add to Sooth's reply above, you can't upload releases any more. Just tick in in Image Manager if you have a release or not. If a photo that you have marked as having a release is sold on the site and the client needs the release, Alamy will contact you to provide the release. Steve
  6. 4 sales, $30 gross, pretty meh. 3 for editorial websites, the highest was for a presentation!
  7. I just moved into a new flat before coronavirus took over and I'm hugely appreciative of having a big panoramic view, even if it's a bit high risey. Gives me something to look at because my tv's in a foreign country. Rear window anyone? 😛
  8. Just been to Waitrose today and there were copious amounts of toilet paper AND handwash. Yay, partial resumption of 'normal life' (highlight of my week 😅)
  9. No zooms either, but I've also got very few on offer. Plus I'm not live news either. I think the market's kinda saturated to be honest. But you never know... Here's me finding out I couldn't play squash or badminton anymore.
  10. Still Covid 19 free and haven't run out of toilet paper (yet).... (It's a Monday, slim pickings! 😆)
  11. Hi Paul, welcome. Yes, we all find keywording a pain I think! If by green light you're referring to optimum discoverability, then yes, you're right, we decided a while ago that getting images to green just hurt your ranking unless you really did need that many keywords for an image. There's a lot of threads about it in the forum. Keeping safe (and a bit stir crazy), just running the gauntlet of supermarket shops.... Steve
  12. Thanks Losdemas, Well... good blog, although it wasn't too complimentary about the stock market either. Yes, it's true, we all want to focus on the creative side and not the business side... I'm just not sure it's worth chasing infringers because the fees we get are so low these days (unless someone's pinched a photo for a major advertising campaign). At least I've got lots of time to think about it at the moment! Steve
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