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  1. [Panamanian White Headed Capuchin Monkey (Cebus Imitator) Family resting on Tree in Costarica Manuel Antonio National Park] [Welcoming Scarecrow Family Stuffed Figures Autumn Decoration on Residential Lawn] [Mother and Young Child enjoying view of fish swimming in manta ray underwater exhibit in San Diego Seaworld Theme Park]
  2. Agreed with above, start of the month is the most volatile period. Mine had large jump last week This was because this image was zoomed twice on same day. I tried to establish correlation between sales and CTR; i.e. if you have a sale, does this bump your overall rank and as result your images are shown higher in customer searches, thus potentially resulting in higher CTR. But there are just too many factors and results are inconclusive. I am fairly sure though if image was sold before this will rank that individual image higher when compared to others that had no sal
  3. Anyone that visited Banff National Park probably went to see Moraine Lake; at one time it was on back of Canadian $20 dollar bill. Lake is beautiful, but it is tourist zoo. 14km winding road ends at fairly small parking lot that simply can't accommodate swarms of tourist cars, tour buses etc. For that reason I don't go there, although there is some world class hiking above. But as the road is not plowed, it is closed off-season. May 31 was last day before re-opening and I went for a bike ride. It is awesome, angle is not too steep and on return you can coast almost all the way back!
  4. You are absolutely right. This is why one of key bear-safety tips is to make noise while hiking. Not the bear bells which are absolutely useless, but human voice. Many time hikers will pass by the bear without even knowing, because beast moved away out of sight alerted in advance to human presence. Speaking of tracks, here are some I found while hiking last yr: [Wolf] [Bear] [Cougar] And finally, site of grizzly murder. They tell me it was probably grizzly bear killing and eating black bear
  5. Betty: If you ever see bear in wilderness, DO NOT RUN. He will run after you and these things are awful fast. Best thing is to stay calm, talk to him calmly and slowly move back. Give him space, show him you are not threat. If they charge lots of time it will be bluff charge; come halfway, then stop. But in extremely rare case they do attack: 1) Use your bear spray if you have it 2) If it is black bear, fight back. With whatever you have, fight for your life 3) If it is grizzly bear, don't fight. Roll on your stomach and cover your neck with your arms. Sometimes they wil
  6. Yes. Most wildlife incidents can be traced back to human behavior unfortunately. Last year Parks Canada fined some idiot that got out of the car, stripped off his shirt, took boxer stand and started provoking bear he spotted by the highway. Can you believe that. btw watch this - this was an Australian couple, visitors, couple of years ago. I can't believe they had cool to actually film this https://dailyhive.com/calgary/alberta-hikers-grizzly-video-july-2018 This is btw right where I live (and where I am going for a walk shortly, lol). Look at the size
  7. That is usual reaction to unknown. I've seen bears many times in the back-country and while accidents happen, they are really not interested in you - unless 1) Sow is trying to protect the cub 2) Bear is accustomed to human food (for which we are to blame). On the other side I've always been terrified of snakes - before spending time in California where I got used to rattlesnakes. This was on a hike to Iron Mountain in Poway, San Diego; just let him pass and continue I am more afraid of cougars because they are sneaky & will follow you for long time before they at
  8. I have not uploaded much this month... pretty much everything around here I've captured to death. This is one pic from the other day, there is lots of spring snowmelt going on and waterfalls are quite nice. These are lower Spray Falls near Canmore, AB It was actually not easy to get down, had to clamber down some rocks carrying tripod and everything. But then it was nice, had it all to myself & took ~10 shots, different angles; this one I like the best. Its 2 sec exposure, ISO 100, F8, Canon EOS 6D with 24-105L lens at 30mm. That patch of frozen snow still
  9. I would speculate that first confirmation was computer mistake. Who-knows-what triggered an e-mail before actual human QA happened, which then in turn rejected the submission & thus nothing shows in IM. Dumb AI is so prevalent everywhere today.
  10. +1 Genuinely nice person too. I'd be happy to buy Steve a beer if I ever meet him in person
  11. I use Zenfolio too. As Sally said, there are as few or as many bells and whistles as you'd like. It is geared towards photography & ability to organize port via "galleries" is very good. My interest is also hiking trip reports & I was able to incorporate this relatively easily with custom pages, where you have ability to insert your own javascript, css styling etc. For instance this is recent hike I was on & it is custom page. If you scroll into gallery to second last image, it will have "click to zoom" in caption & then mouse click will zoom image (like flickr) & y
  12. Brief answer IMHO is yes. I've been in stock only ~4 yrs but race to the bottom is evident, everywhere. Why is that so is different topic that has been discussed ad nauseam. So as I enjoy photography, I treat stock as hobby that pays for photo gear. Having personal site can be very enjoyable indeed. Mine is mix of photography and hiking/travel & from occasional direct sales I can cover web hosting costs. So it's all good. But for single individual to make living from stock is super difficult now, maybe impossible.
  13. How is this fair? I get 25 cents, you get $$$ 😃 (Congrats, great bird shot)
  14. I am with you; I also worked for major int'l company where main motto was "our biggest asset are our employees". Flex hrs, facilities, open door management and interesting assignments - going to work was chosen lifestyle, not a chore. Too many companies even today don't understand this. Stock is difficult because industry is oversaturated and overall on downward trend, but core principle should still apply. Alamy is IMHO still better than others; look at how some MS agencies treat their contributors, senseless AI reviews, hard reset on Jan 1 to level 0 for everyone, downloads for frac
  15. Wim, this is first thought that came to my mind as well. Primary reason might be simple cost-cutting, and it's designed in such way to minimize # of contributors that might end pissed off & closing ports. Big cats (>25K, studios, I don't know who they are, they don't come to the Forum, are essential to the business) - so don't touch them. Then majority of "average" contributors (i.e most of us on the forum) will stay the same, and even blog says something along these lines. Largest impact is to "average", but exclusive contributors <25K as they take cut from 50% to 40%. Those
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