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  1. Lovely! One of personal fav places on the planet. Spent many happy days hiking there, including rim-to-rim (north to south) crossing in single push few yrs back. Started at 6pm from North Rim, steady descent on North Kaibab with headlamp past Roaring Springs. 2 am at Phantom Ranch, continued down Colorado River and waited for dawn on little beach, then up on Bright Angel reaching South Rim around noon. Minor note: Horizon appears a bit crooked on top photo
  2. Sale is a sale! Goes slow for awhile, then one day *bang* You can never tell. On a micro agency I had slowest start in a year, then yesterday some extended licenses. Keep swimming 😀
  3. Thank you -- hopefully customers will share your opinion!
  4. I haven't been long with Alamy, but in my experience zooms are NOT potential sale indicator. All my images that sold never had a zoom. Happy about your success, and yes sales are more important ;=)
  5. Google search by image is very useful for things like this. There are also several useful flower id sites around, for instance: http://mywildflowers.com/identify.asp You specify color, # of petals, leaf shape and very often it is bang on.
  6. Famous Santa Catalina Arch with backdrop of Agua Volcano in Antigua, Guatemala: Got up at 6am for this one, wanting to catch sunrise. Was probably 10 min late but still ok. Morning is only reasonable time for this shot as there are simply too many people later on.
  7. I did not spend too much time online, but several sites were not accessible. Some outdoor hiking forums and also several micro-stock sites (DT both app and web didn't work, SS and IS only web but not app; AS Web not, Alamy web was ok). This was due to security configuration of Cuban DNS servers I suspect. Lots of Cubans don't even use Internet. It really is country from the past. I traveled from Mexico to Panama overland visiting 8 countries along the way before going to Cuba, and Internet was everywhere pretty much integrated into the fabric of society, just like in the west. Not in Cuba.
  8. No. Interesting. Not in title, not in keywords. Just re-did the search and that pic still comes back. Would like to understand how that happened? One interesting detail. On these cards, both user name and password are long strings of random numbers. User Name is visible but password is hidden beneath thin layer you need to scratch off (like in instant lottery games). On top it says "Raspe con Ciudado", which translates from Spanish "Carefully Scrape". When I first got 1 of these cards, I entered "Raspe con Ciudado" for password on my phone, then wondered why it doesn't work until it dawned to me lol (my spanish is bad).
  9. Not mine, I just got back from the trip & barely uploaded 1 or 2 pics. This is card photo I had in mind -- someone already did it. Only 1 page on "ETECSA" search though - and some spammed with keywords , as expected (i.e. last few with che murals which should never be returned in ETECSA search)
  10. Another good point John. Things there are still very "static", i.e. 50 yrs ago. Re Internet, there are are wi-fi spots (few and far in between), but you need to buy ETECSA cards -- government telecommunication company, 1 CUC (~ 1USD) for 60 mins. So I got shots of of people lined up in front of ETECSA store. Or shots of cuban schools etc. But I was not sure about museum archival, which is why I started this thread. Maybe I should upload a pic of ETECSA internet card :=)
  11. That is very good analysis. Thank you. But it also describes wider issue of general market condition and image saturation. It is very hard to photograph something that already doesn't have 100s or 1000s of images online. I.e. I have couple of good shots of Columbus statue taken in Baracoa Cuba, but quick search on Alamy reveals 27 images that all look very similar. One shot I am not able to find is this Mexican aerospace memorial taken in Cozumel, all part of same recent trip (question is still does anyone need it, but it is a nice shot) Re Cuba Museum - I will upload a few that look unique enough. I think photo uniqueness is still good selling point. I.e there are many photos of Cuban guard change next to Castro grave in Santiago, but I got fairly unique shot of row of tourists watching it.
  12. Yes, most of images have context but this is besides the point. I took this one as example for question: Is there a market on Alamy for archival photos of Cuban revolution, mainly taken in various museums across the country.
  13. Last month I spent 3 weeks in Cuba; not in resorts, but traveling the country. Cuba is still quite a bit about revolution, and some of images I have are of this type: This is archive photo taken in Playa Giron museum, depicting scenes from famous Bay of Pigs battle. Micro-stock rejected it even as editorial, but I expected that; this is more Alamy type of image anyways. So my question is: Is there a market for this kind of photo? In other words, should I bother processing & uploading them (then making exclusive to Alamy), or is it basically waste of time as it would never sell? I have quite a few along the similar line, i.e Che Guevara mausoleum, various images of Castro incl. his tomb in Santiago etc. Second question is about licensing: Photography in all these places was obviously allowed, and I'd tick "Sell for editorial only" but can there still be any licensing issues I could get into trouble should image sell? Thanks for your response in advance
  14. Aerial view of beautiful Lago Atitlan in Guatemala Highlands. Photo taken from summit of Indian Nose in mid-January 2019
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