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  1. Didn't know about NZ. Apparently it was triggered by pro-gun lobbyists (huge $$$ in gun sales down south). Regardless of pro-gun or anti-gun position I think such moves unnecessarily stimulate anxiety, which we already have more than enough. You start thinking "First they limit movement. Second, they cut non-essential services. Third, rationing starts. Fourth: People out of work. What is next? Shortages of food, looting, anarchy. Maybe I should prepare to defend myself and my property"
  2. I heard that!!! https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/52099267 It also depends when season resumes. The longer the wait, the bigger are chances he'd want to go to 'bigger' club because he is not getting younger. But I better stop, they will accuse us of monopolizing forum with football
  3. Guys: I think we are all on the edge. It is normal, lots of anxiety (and not enough toilet paper). Let's just stay friendly regardless what we talk about. It is one of great things about this forum
  4. John, I was about to ask you about that. I know what Granville Street looks like. On a related note -- read yesterday how US deemed gun sales essential business, and there was a photo of lineups in front of reopened LA gun stores. In my world guns should be outlawed even in normal times. This downright scares me.
  5. +1 There will be time for partisan politics once this is over. Down south media is not helping either (Fox vs CNN)
  6. Stretch of California Coastline between Del Mar and La Jolla Shores. San Diego beaches have been closed due to COVID-19 pandemic Uniform Stacked Row of Natural Soap Bars in Chiang Mai, Thailand Market
  7. I would disagree with this. It is true that number of tested people varies, but number of confirmed infections is very strong indicator IMHO about overall spread of the virus & effectiveness of social distancing rules.
  8. There was an article about democratic societies having much harder time with social distancing rules, as opposed to other regimes where obedience was enforced way of life even without pandemic. Other interesting example are Scandinavian countries, i.e. Sweden which are disciplined by nature as opposed to Mediterranean countries with more easy going mentality. Number of infections tends to support this observation.
  9. John, micros are swamped with all kinds of COVID-19 photos. This is one of reasons I said somewhere on top of this thread I'd never take COVID photo, but here is one. Actually I still don't think its COVID photo, rather very nice shot Rx100 long exposure shot of Canmore Nordic Centre entrance; main reason I took it was for info purposes at local outdoors hiking forum I participate on, and then since it was ok technically I put it up on Alamy as well: Canmore Nordic Centre is Alberta Provincial Park, and provincial government, following National Parks, last week closed vehicle access, but recreation is still allowed.
  10. Not surprised. There are such examples everywhere. I had serious doubts this social distancing strategy would work; not because it is wrong strategy, but because it requires discipline that human hordes simply don't have. I had lengthy chat with Alberta parks officer yesterday. AB Parks have followed Canada National Parks and banned vehicle access. And do you know why? Two weeks ago we had sunny weekend. Facilities were closed already, but vehicle access was still allowed. So hordes of COVIDIOTS flocked in; bathrooms were closed, so they peed, shitted, threw sanitary pads etc etc all round, creating hygienic disaster. Never mind social distancing. The only way this can work is stick. Hefty fines or worse. There is too much at stake.
  11. I don't know how reliable is this, but if true it would be horrible; No lesson learned https://video.foxnews.com/v/6145888115001/
  12. ^^^^^^^^^ Thumb up. I am dead since pandemic outbreak, at least somebody is getting sales
  13. John, this is one of bigger dangers. Misinformation, spreading of rumors, etc. I first heard this opinion about Chinese numbers accuracy on radio by Oilers Now radio host (!) Then we all heard about guy that died, in Arizona I think, by trying to self-treat by something that was not approved by health officials. We all need to pipe down and listen to the doctors. Period.
  14. Yes, and opinions of non-qualified people are the danger, specially if they are in power position. This needs to be handled by trained experts; end of story. Some people are questioning accuracy of numbers coming out of China though.
  15. Big factor is that Asians were used to wearing masks even before corona, because of horrible air pollution. I.e. I was in Tokyo before pandemic, and in a crowded train I was 1 of only 2 or 3 people without mask. And Japan is not even polluted. Masks are way of life when stepping out to public space in Asia. But mask won't stop you from getting infected, it will only reduce -- not completely eliminate -- risk of you infecting someone else.
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