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  1. This is good topic. I won't talk about obvious flagrant thefts, but some borderline issues which is what John probably had in mind. Here's personal example, just now: I am going over some travel images from last winter & found nice photo of some cathedral in Panama City. Except for vague recollection where it was taken (not Casco Viejo) I remembered nothing about it. So I did search on Alamy for "Panama City Cathedral" and right away several images of "my" cathedral came up. Here's one (not my photo obviously, putting it here as example of search result): It was identified as "Minor Basilica of Don Bosco". Further google search revealed some other details, that were sufficient to come up Description and Keywords. For keywording I also used AI suggestions from micros. After coma separated list was compiled, I peeked into keywords on this photo & found 1 or 2 that were also relevant but not in the list, so I included these as well. So my question is: Is the above workflow acceptable, or was there at least some minor intellectual "theft" involved?
  2. Thank you -- I see it that way too. This was quite a hike, you sweat for 3 hrs & gain almost vertical kilometer to get to a pass. But once on the pass you start descending & this opens up. Took Canon SLR out of backpack and spent an hour soaking it all up, experimenting, trying to catch details etc. Anyone interested I have detail write-up on personal site (work in progress) https://autumnsky.zenfolio.com/rockie/banff-louise/cory---edith-pass-loop (Most pics are with little Sony Rx and quite bad from photography perspective, but they were quick HDR snapshots to capture trail, not make commercial material).
  3. Totally. I am getting (slowly!) what Alamy is all about. I am an amateur though that first and foremost enjoys photography & learning various aspects of it, including stock industry. I did sell few landscapes, pure landscapes, in Alamy though. Pays for gear ;=)
  4. This image is sick!!! What a terrific movie poster it would make!
  5. Yes I know. Alamy still has highest single sale potential by a margin. Recently I had an email from Alamy customer service; some customer inquired about this image of mine: This is mix of architecture and landscape, but still in the "niche" I like to shoot. They wanted it as book cover, and price was $999 (*gasp* -- if I ever sell pic for that kind of money I'll stop thinking of myself as amateur hobbyist). I haven't heard anything since so deal is most likely off, but it does in my view illustrate this whole niche discussion: Shoot what you enjoy don't force yourself into something else just for the sake of selling. I am modifying strategy though & stopped uploading high-end photos (regardless of content) to other sites. This image was downloaded on a micro several times & this was probably what prevented the sale as this was what they inquired about.
  6. Gargoyle Valley in Banff National Park. Big mountain is Mt. Louis, one of big prizes in Mountain Climber community. First climb in 1916 by legendary Conrad Kain and Albert MacCarthy was a landmark achievement Stitched vertical pano of 4 frames, ISO 160 , F8 1/100 sec exposure, handheld, B&W polarizer. Canon EOS 6D and 24-105L lens. Postprocessed in CS6; used HDR tonning and it actually worked quite well. It will never sell because Alamy doesn't like mountain landscapes, but I like it. So there 😉
  7. Yes. And why photographers like me who have nature landscape as primary niche can't sell squat on Alamy ;=) Very cool Aladdin Sane graffiti btw Kristin; very curious if it will sell
  8. Yes. Or even serve it to someone without telling what it is. "Just an ordinary beef burger. Tell me what you think"
  9. Really??? They advertise them all over the media here in Canada. My instinct reaction (without even trying) was "that is crap. Give me some real meat". But your photo make it look really delicious. Maybe I should give it a go
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dahlia_'Bishop_of_Llandaff'
  11. "The Moss Lady", Beacon Hill Park Victoria BC on Vancouver Island. Conceived and created by gardener Dale Doebert with help from other city employees, it portrays a sleeping, moss-covered woman who appears partly submerged in the earth. Panoramic stitch of 3 frames. Canon EOS 6D, F8, 1.3 sec exposure, ISO 100. Tripod, post-processed in CS6 Single frame. Canon EOS 6D, F8, 0.5 sec exposure, ISO 100. Tripod, post-processed in CS6 If you are in Victoria BC, make sure you go to see this. It is sublime. Fairly new addition to Beacon Hill Park. Go to Goodacre Lake, then just south (towards waterfront) in a very cool grove. There is park bench. It is always shady, so tripod will definitely help even in mid-day.
  12. ISO issue is something I am quite interested in. Reason being I hike/travel a lot & often don't have a tripod. So alternate techniques at borderline exposure times are important. Nothing but tripod will help you if you have 5 sec+ exposure, but anything between 1/30 to 1 sec can potentially be dealt with. I think part of my problem is also that I am overly critical of my own images; it might pass Alamy QA but if I am not happy I won't submit it. Maybe I should do bit more serious research on technical side of grain caused by higher ISO. Probably way off topic now so I'll stop (but thanks for input!)
  13. Right. It's probably separate discussion, but I read all the time about "improved ISO, blah-blah" and then Canon 6D is not exactly low end camera but I notice grain even in such relatively low ISO. Polarizer generally screws things up as well, although this was not an issue in Japanese pic. You can fix things in PS but I like it coming out of camera as good as possible.
  14. Kits Pool!! Used to live nearby! Did you take this from little platform above the pool near that amateur theater stage?
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