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  1. Beachfront Bar and Grill on Playa Sirena Tropical Paradise, Cayo Largo Del Sur Cuba
  2. for what it's worth, I noticed upload time considerably slows down sometimes. Image(s) seem to be stuck & progress bar moves very slowly - but it eventually goes through if you wait long enough. It might be related to some change in upload checksum algorithm, or how busy server is i.e. how many people uploading at the same time. I never experience this on other agencies so it can't be on my side.
  3. Thank you so much LSP This is what I concluded by examining various Internet photos -- early stage so it hasn't "bloomed" yet. It is a pretty flower though and your shot is fantastic. Out of curiosity - did it ever sell?
  4. Good to hear you get some regular sales from Copan. I wondered around the place 3-4 hours, but didn't have particularly good light. Uploaded a few, still have 10-15 photos I plan to upload. This one is probably favorite Reminds me of H.R. Giger alien art ;=) Re Travel experiences, this is separate topic throughout Central America, isn't it. I took a tour, wishing to eliminate logistics, but still had experiences similar to yours. In addition to being hot and humid throughout. It is fascinating world though.
  5. I got 3 views for "Maya Site of Copan" search term, but no zooms. It says 100 views, 2 zooms total. Now we know who got the zooms ;=) Hope it translates to a sale, but in my limited Alamy experience it doesn't happen very often.
  6. First image I uploaded exclusively to Alamy Doubt it will sell because world is full of mtn climber butt shots, but just for the fun curious if exclusivity will have any impact. This was at climbing wall above Grassi Lakes in Canmore, mid-May 2019. F5.6, 1/80 exposure, ISO 160, handheld. Canon EF 70-300mm F/4-5.6L IS USM Lens, Canon 6D Mk 1 body.
  7. Love this composition. La Vie en Rose and 2 seniors on the bench. And the pigeon. If anything could make it better, it would be the bikini girl in the middle for symmetry, now she is closer to woman in red cap. Wish you many sales on this one ;=)
  8. It is, isn't it. Everyone comes for Copan Ruinas, but Macaw Mountain is just as worth visiting. I'll leave it as Red Ginger; spent >30 mins looking on Internet & couldn't find anything better. Unless someone eventually responds, I'm sure there are flower specialists here. Here's nice parrot shot taken at Macaw; that place is paradise for bird lovers
  9. I don't shoot many flowers, upload even less -- reasons being 1) flowers don't really sell and 2) I have hell of the time identifying them! Image was taken at Macaw Mountain Nature Park near Copan Ruinas, Honduras. I think it is Red Ginger Lily Flower (Etlingera Elatior), but I am not sure. Could someone help please?
  10. There are people out there like Backyard Silver that claim to be making >35K/year from stock. My perception is that gold age of stock photography is behind, mainly because of proliferation of smart phones with cameras. For anyone starting today it would be very hard, if not impossible to make full time living from stock. IMHO better approach is 2-fold: Have fun with photography. Learn and polish your skills. Alamy is good because emphasis is still on quality, and you can learn things from their blog (and forum) Use stock as stepping stone towards other channels to monetize your photography. What are these channels is separate discussion. Treating stock as means to finance your gear is probably realistic though.
  11. Mark, yes. Also in pano mode ("sweep shooting") you can't chose ISO; minimum camera does is 125. For rest I always shoot in Program Auto with ISO 80. Bottom line is that small sensor is small sensor, and the less light the more performance degradation. But given enough light and some post-processing Rx100 panos can still be acceptable for Alamy. But of course from technical standpoint bigger sensor will always give better result. Here are 2 almost identical shots Rx100 Canon 6D Even like this, it is clear second pano is better; things become more obvious at 100%. My Rx100 is first gen; I understand sensor is now different (improved) in later generations. But of course that comes with the price. Bottom line is that for under 500$ Rx100 Mk 1 is fantastic overall
  12. One more vote for little Sony Rx100. I got it mainly for hiking/backpacking (big SLR too bulky - save space for food!). Yes, you can't compare small sensor with full-frame, but it is still satisfactory. I like the best 2 features: 1) Auto pano stitching. In Canon 6D I can't do it. 4 directions, tick-tick-tick and voila 2) In camera HDR. 6D has this in too, but for me Sony beats it hands down. Examples this evening. I go for my usual walk, not photo shoot, but put Sony in pocket. Just in case. And then I get this unreal light: I was kicking myself for not having 6D, but this is good too, no? Not much postprocessing too, and no grain at all. Small sensor and all. Then the pano; no effort at all: And in-camera HDR toning: Thank you Rx. Cost me 499 CAD few yrs back. Paid for itself in stock manyfold by now.
  13. I'd also add fair amount of grain in the sky. This is easily remedied in PS with blur tool. Agreed with softness/lack of focus & also with bit of chromatic aberration at couple of places. If automatic check-box in Camera Raw doesn't do the trick, there is nice and quick process in PS: 1) Duplicate background layer (Cmd+J) 2) Set the type to "Color" 3) Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur (6-8 pixel is usually good) 4) Add layer mask, Invert 5) Paint with white brush along the edges affected by chromatic aberration (blow image to 100%, small brush size i.e 20-30 pixel)
  14. Beautiful. It works. Thank you!
  15. I have a question about that. If I just do the above, inserted image is smaller version. I.e: Referenced URL (from Copy Image Location in AIM) was: https://n1.alamy.com/zooms/f427e7aa-081c-4007-98ca-9d94bba1f287/T48HGM.jpg However if I want to display full blown image, i.e: Referenced URL to get full size was: https://n1.alamy.com/comp/T48HGM/nuestra-senora-de-la-caridad-spanish-colonial-style-catholic-church-building-exterior-in-city-of-camaguey-cuba-T48HGM.jpg But I had to construct it manually by finding my own image (as a customer would), then parse URL as right mouse click -> copy image location does not work for obvious reasons, and then construct above URL from page itself. This is rather convoluted process & I am sure there is easier way?
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