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  1. HDR saves it as JPG so overall quality is not as good as ARW. But it is useful when there is considerable exposure difference across the frame. It is also quite handy. Set quality to "Extra Fine" and try; just remember to hold camera very steady as it takes 3 shots and there will be characteristic displacement along the edges if camera moves in between because of hand shake.
  2. John, you are of course right; but in this "exercise" I put myself in the mind of typical search person that does not know much about the subject and types whatever first comes into mind. I think lots of customers are searching that way! So I added "gate" now to metadata. Yes, Antigua is photographer candy store. I needed a week instead of 2 days. Just had relatively decent (for micros) downloads of old town "Chocomuseo" -- another must see as a tourist
  3. These couple of images were taken just last week & uploaded to Alamy over the weekend. I seriously doubt they will ever sell (just not the "right thing"), but I am putting them up as little Sony Rx100 showcase. I go for my afternoon walks & would never lug heavy Canon SLR, but Sony is so handy - just put it in the pocket and go. Then you end up seeing something & you are glad you had camera on you! It is still a small sensor, and it shows, but it is acceptable & would be downright shame to miss such a great sky. All images were taken using in-camera HDR feature I find quite useful (although you have to be sure you hold camera very steady if you don't have a tripod on you).
  4. Thank you John! Relating to discussion the other day re 'similars' -- I have ~20 shots taken from this spot that are all good, slightly different angle but nothing really new. This was the only one I uploaded. Maybe I should have upload couple more but I prefer this way. (btw re keywording -- I was trying to find this image on Alamy portal, as customer would, using first search term that came to my mind -- "Antigua Gate Sunrise". I couldn't find it! Because I never specified "gate" anywhere. This is one mental process I find very useful as I am still learning tools of the trade, so to speak.
  5. Oh no, I didn't see your post as criticism; hope Michael didn't either. One of good things about Alamy in my experience is that people are genuinely friendly and willing to share/help. We all get better that way
  6. Every time you go traveling, on just on a simple shoot, you end up with tons of images; most end up as throwaways, but there is always that handful you like and immediately think "now we are talking!". This pic was taken during last winter Central America cross-country trip in old town Antigua, Guatemala. It shows famous Santa Catalina arch with backdrop of Antigua volcano. I got up early wanting to catch sunrise & streets with no people (very busy during the day). I was probably 10 min late as sunrise colors already started fading away, but it is still nice image and one of top 3 from the journey. It had considerable amount of downloads in micros, but this is first time on Alamy, albeit for low $$ only. Still pleased!
  7. I am the same Betty, I even start thinking it is something about my posture. One of first thing I end up doing in post-processing is use that straighten tool in CS6 -- just "draw" the line with pencil across what is supposed to be horizontal, and software does the rest. (And yes, I also thought that image above horizon was downsloping to the right)
  8. I licensed a few aquabus shots but never on Alamy. Used to live directly above Granville Island & would take aquabus when I was too lazy to walk across Burrard bridge over to downtown.
  9. So true. This is recurring occurrence with new contributors. In most cases I don't think it is intentional, but simply inexperience. I recall when I started I'd include "nostalgia" "lifestyle" and "heritage" to every landscape I submit. Cool keywords I thought, they should be there. Now I think newcomers should use absolute minimum that accurately describe image content and later expand towards composites or not immediately obvious ones. In that sense Alamy discoverable criteria does not help as one is tempted to start inventing things. One other thought: One could argue keywording can be regarded as game to get into customer head. In Alamy measures I often notice "Great Trail" or "Great Trail Canada" search term. What is "Great Trail"???? Could apply to just about anything outdoors / hiking related. Does customer have something specific in mind (i.e. "Legacy Trail" Banff - Canmore, which is quite famous) or some editor in Europe has vague idea Canada is known for great outdoors, so they want photo of some popular hiking trail? There are many similar examples. At the end I think predicting what customer might or might not think is not best approach either. Just stick to the facts that describe the asset and generally speaking simpler / generic is better.
  10. Think some people mentioned it was possible to opt out of Novel Use. But for me this is dilemma / part of larger strategy, how to manage your assets. I have a photo that has > 200 downloads across several micro sites I am contributing to with Net > 100 USD to me. Not a single download on Alamy. That is "quantity over quality" approach; just spread it out as wide as possible without restrictions. On the other side is approach is "don't undervalue your work and wait if needs be several years but eventually worthwhile sale will come". But this discussion is best left for different thread, think there is one about these NU sales going on right now.
  11. Microstock demon strikes again: 1.23 gross, -0.74 commission, 0.49 net It kinda hurts because this is quite nice image of very special area I am really fond of. The prominent rock tower upper center is called "Black Tusk" and is an icon of Coast Mountains of British Columbia. It is an old volcano, one of several scattered on perimeter of Garibaldi Lake. Image was taken in October couple of years ago on a hiking trail up Panorama Ridge, which offers breathtaking scenery throughout.
  12. This image was taken last November on a dull grey afternoon in Calgary, AB in a park near Market Mall. Not sure if it sales material, but it did reflect in me that classic empty "November" feeling:
  13. Taken just last week: North American Porcupine (Erethizon Dorsatum), also known as the Canadian Porcupine or common porcupine: He (or she -- how can you tell??) was willing to sit still and pose; luckily I had my 70-300L lens I don't usually take when hiking because it is heavy, so image is quite good technically. Focus is on the face and that part is the sharpest; little tree branch to the left was very close so that got focused too & looks bit out of place, otherwise I am quite happy with the image. Side story, porcupine related: Earlier this summer I was backpacking in the Rockies. I keep my Keen Sandals in tent fly in case I have to get up in the middle of the night for bathroom break. Around 3am some chomping sound woke me up; thought at first it was rain drops on tent fly, but skies were clear. Got up to take a look and -- no more than 20cm from my head porcupine feasting on my sandal! I backpack a lot but this was first time it happened. I managed to chase him out, but he came back determined to finish his meal. So eventually I had to get up and hang sandals off tree. In the morning -- this is what was left: Moral of the story -- it is really not enough to cache only food when backpacking in the wilderness. You need to hide just about everything accessible to critters and other beasts. Perhaps I will sell that porcupine photo and this will make it up for ruined sandal. It would seem like a fair thing
  14. Metadata applies to everything you specify to describe your image and thus make it searchable by prospective buyer. Caption, tags/supertags which are mandatory but also optional - location, date, # of people etc. Importance of this can not be overstated. You are competing with 1000s or more candidates for most subjects. It is a skill, and not easy to master initially specially if you are not native English speaker. Some fall into 'keyword spamming' trap and add keywords that are not accurate, just to generate views. Never do that! You are hurting both yourself and agency. Begin with simple but accurate descriptions (bird,pelican,etc) add Latin name, then think of some non immediately obvious - study keywords others used for the subject. Study Alamy measures which contain customer search words. With time you will develop ability to segregate properly between single and composite keywords. And also, at least for Alamy, upload only 'good stuff'. That zoo pic with half of animal head cut off is too dark, bad composition and likely can't be sold even on Microstock.
  15. You might have to wait longer than you think. Alamy is not microstock where you can usually get your first 25 cents sale within a week or so. Once again focus on unique, technically sound content with solid metadata, and don't think about sales just yet.
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