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  1. Thanks! I also had it Bryce area like spacecadet. This is why I enjoy this "show and tell" thread; you see what sells, learn something and last but not least enjoy some terrific photography.
  2. Nothing for first 3 weeks, then 2 sales on a same day - go figure. Nothing to get excited about though. This one of panda bear in world famous San Diego Zoo for high $ and this one of iconic summit post on Mt. Kilimanjaro, taken in 2010, for low-mid $$
  3. I have similar experience. Way more downloads, incl. some very decent prices, with Rx100 than Canon full frame. My theory is it is combination of availability and creativity. Rx100 is in your pocket, always there, carried effortlessly while heavier and bulkier SLR takes bit of effort, mental and otherwise, to lug around. Then Rx is small, you can push it through the fence, easier to capture unusual angle, etc -----> creativity.
  4. Congrats on 1st sale of the year John! I am still waiting for mine... Re deletion elsewhere: I am seriously considering the same for bunch of high end pics. The other day, zoom on Alamy (only one of 100+ views for that search term), no sale but micro penny download the same day. Coincidence?
  5. Lol! Time flies. May I offer alternate point of view? I am in my late 50s and still a backpacker. It's a lifestyle. I don't give a damn. In December crossed 5430m Thorang La on Annapurna Circuit in Himalaya without a hitch (while bunch of 20/30 yr old had to be evac by helicopter because they didn't acclimatize properly). The other day snorkeling boat full of hotbods stops in front of Maya bay, and this old-timer just flips overboard first with everyone looking. Age is number; it's all in your head. Just live full as long as you can (and don't forget the camera!)
  6. It's really good view from 2nd viewpoint (much more than coconut trees). Was there 9 am & still very good light & sun in the right position. Later it gets too bright. Best time is sunset, but I didn't know & now it's too late. Still quite pleased with what ended on memory stick. Maya bay is closed indefinitely, they will re-evaluate in 2021. Was there yesterday on a snorkel boat trip. Sign said '1000 Baht fine for crossing'. It is amazingly beautiful place, even from afar.
  7. Very nice. Motivated me to hike to Phi-Phi viewpoint (Thailand) and snap couple of Panos after seeing this in my hotel. Maybe I'll get lucky too.
  8. 1) Practically learn astrophotography 2) Keep contributing only to stock agencies that value and adequately compensate their contributors Happy 2020 everyone!
  9. (Pardon if this was asked before, could not find) This is infamous error code on Sony Rx cameras when something is wrong with flash. Internet is full of various posts on the topic, with no satisfactory solution. Basically flaky on-board software keeps flashing above error code -- even if flash is back to normal! It is extremely annoying. There appears to be no firmware upgrade that will address the problem. What I am looking for is some third party or maybe even Sony undocumented tool that will simply 'dip the switch' and tell software to be silent. I never use flash so I couldn't care less about it, but constant error flashing in the middle of the screen drives me crazy. And I don't want to send camera to Sony and pay $$ just to have error display silenced, as everything else works just fine. Thanks in advance!
  10. LOL! Yes, criteria change fast. One thing that IS bad in Van is higher humidity; so say -5 occasionally feels more like -15 or so I spent December in Nepal and after deep freeze on elevations 5000m+ in Annapurnas heading to Thailand for +30 C or so weather. Speaking of contrasts. Hope pics will be interesting though
  11. Right on. 15 percent swamp is best example how low (in more ways than one) micros can get. I know there are ppl out there uploading, and publicly saying so, horrible photos from technical perspective that wouldn't pass even rudimentary QA, and they all get accepted. Only thing QA in these micros cares about is legal (property released). That is big reason why things are as they are. I was somewhat encouraged by AS as they have at least some QA, and compensation is bit better than average micros subscription. If all micros would adopt even basic technical QA, and clean existing ports of say all images older than 12 months with 0 sales, things would be much better. But instead they are now all switching to AI based QA, which makes things even more ridiculous.
  12. SS and Getty (and DT and ...) are not likely to implode. Because there are so many 'smartphone photographers' happy to license snapshots for pennies. Nor will contributors 'unite' to influence market; they might complain endlessly in various forums about things like IS royalty disrespectful 15 percent and licenses sometimes fraction of a penny, but that is extent of it. These 2 things are between main reasons for overall decline of stock photo industry. I agree with concept of min price on Alamy, for rare images in particular. But it is not likely to happen IMHO. Only thing that is realistic in this time and age is to do stock photography because it is something you enjoy, not for financial reward.
  13. That is rather convoluted, but will work. I have no problems with Shift+Right mouse click (Safari + Mac). But try to reference image using mobile. AIM won't even show it because interface was not made to be mobile friendly. Couldn't even do it through main portal (ie customer) because can't/don't know how to emulate Shift+Right mouse click. Only way it worked was by going to my sales history, then long press on the icon of sold image which did bring context menu - copy image address. Albeit small only (icon). Alamy doesn't like mobile, for a good reason maybe.
  14. Scattered Driftwood on Dallas Road beach, Vancouver Island BC. Low $$ Country: WorldwideUsage: Personal use, Personal prints, cards and gifts. Non-commercial use only, not for resale.Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home use56 MB5411 x 3607 pixels3 MB compressedStart: 09 December 2019End: 09 December 2024
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