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  1. This is great. But what is the criteria one goes about choosing winning batch? Is it most outrageous looking busker? (ie "La Rambla" above?) Is it something beautiful (ie "My Avatar" painting)? Is it photo that really tells the story, or is it what appears technically most polished? My fav so far is that Witch by Sally. Which doesn't necessarily mean I'll vote for it should it make the final cut. I also learned what "busker" stands for & enriched my metadata library
  2. Architects don't necessarily know much about photography. In addition to be underexposed, that sky likely has lot of noise as well. I also use polarizer a lot & have ruined way too many landscapes before I learned there are times when it is better to take it off. Besides underexposing, it also makes sky uneven at some cases, depending on sun position (several of your photos have that). Always take a look at image / histogram after you take a shot; it will tell you if polarizer was good idea or not
  3. 1) Find your image like customer would (not through AIM) 2) Enlarge image 3) Shift -> Right Mouse Click -> Copy Image Location 4) Here in Forum "Insert Image from URL" than paste
  4. Also easy with polarizer. This looks horrible
  5. Don't think I have a prayer this time, but to keep up with good spirit 1) "Plasterman" painted in white at Victoria, BC downtown Harbour 2) Elderly Cuban Man sitting and playing Guitar at Cobblestone Streets in Trinidad, Cuba 3) Unicycle Performer at Sydney Australia Harbour
  6. Congrats from my side as well. Winning photo first captured my attention too, it smells of vintage and bygone days, and I loved the story about how it was captured. I ended up voting for Violin Funambulist though, but it was obvious from beginning who is going to win This is fantastic contest you guys have here because one gets to really appreciate good photography, digital or film. Please keep it going!
  7. Foxytoul: 1. At Contributor Dashboard make sure Portfolio Visibility is "ON", then click on "Alamy Portofolio Page" link 2. At Portfolio Page click on "Share This Portfolio" 3. At Popup Box click on "Copy Link". This will be your public portfolio page link i.e. for me, it is https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/112496.html Reason for me it is number and for Gvallee her name is because she has setup her profile fully, and I have not. If you do, it will be something like https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/mohammedguerre Hope this helps. S
  8. Beginners inquiring about selling on Alamy in other thread should look here as this is what they are measuring against. Amazing quality throughout, not just selected 8, & very happy I made the final cut
  9. I remember asking very same question couple of yrs ago, with similar port size. Prob. still somewhere in Forum. Besides the obvious explained above (diversity, quality, metadata, port size, etc) one more thing to understand is: Stock photography is not "get rich quickly" scheme. There are people here that, judging by "Images Sold" thread, make regular sales for decent amounts. But these contributors have diverse ports measured in 1000s or even 10s of 1000s, and have been around for long time to build their Alamy ranks and master many other aspects of the industry. Someon
  10. I think every language and culture will have range of swear words centered around sex, or more specifically around F word. In more benign form, might not even be a swear word but part of everyday language, around 'merde' This thread is now definitely NOT going into intended direction
  11. I have a story to share on this one While spending summer in London, I'd also travel on weekends. Once in train, guy approaches me and asks "What's the time". But this was not usual pronunciation (american) I learned, it was like you pronounce first part of Thames (river); also with heavy accent. Maybe Scottish? I did not understand him and answered "I don't know"; he looked funny at me because I was in T-shirt with wrist watch clearly showing. LOL
  12. sorry, maybe I didn't use the right words. It was mostly the accent that was hard to understand. I find same to be true here (fair amount of French in Banff area) it is hilarious btw how this thread morphed into francophone & linguistic discussion. Hope you guys are selling photos in between, because I seem to be stuck here since mid-March
  13. I worked as tour guide in my 20s back on Adriatic Coast. Once I had buss full of Canadians; 80% English, 20% Quebec. Quebec people would sit together on back seat and keep mostly to themselves. When they spoke to each other it was hard, not to say impossible, to understand. If I'd talk to them, they would switch to "proper" French, and of course if talking to rest of the group they would talk English. I found this quite interesting.
  14. When I was 16 I spent summer in London attending International school of English, all different nationalities in classroom & only way to communicate was English. That did the trick. At least in terms of conversation abilities. Still remember the sequence, teacher had me and some Brazilian girl up front, she was acting like a customer in antiquities store, and I was supposed to be merchant trying to talk her into buying something, we'd haggle for price, etc. They filmed it and later whole class watched, with teacher pointing out various things ("Correct way to say this was ....") et
  15. I knew, I KNEW you were going to say that! Can't live with them, can't live without them
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