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  1. I'm not trying to do a commercial for Apple, in fact I don't even like several aspects of company as a whole, but as end consumer all it matters is bang for your buck, right? I have MacBook Pro 15 inch bought in 2009 (!!!) and it still runs. It was hammered, abused, had wine spilled over the keyboard, battery is now gone as consequence, keyboard gets non-responsive at times, etc etc -- but it still runs. Yes price tag was higher but at the end for the same $$$ I'd probably have gone through 2 or 3 win based machines (I use computers a lot for variety of tasks) so money would even out but I have better end user experience like this. I like to say "you can get 1 pair of Levis or 3 pairs of brand name jeans in Walmart for same amount of money. At the end all 3 Walmart ones will rip faster than single Levis". That being said, latest MacBook Pro 15 inch model is insanely priced -- 3500 CAD for a laptop?? I chatted with employee at Mac Store & was told they are now primarily purchased by corporate, while "small operators" have been priced out. But there are other options. iMac 21 inch with Retina goes for ~1700 CAD and this is solid, albeit stationary, investment that will go for many years. Then add MacBook Air 13 inch for another 1700 CAD and you have 2 for 1; sync is not a big issue, but you are mobile & can travel with it too. Big deal for photographers being able to process & maybe upload photos while trekking far away from home. One can also go refurbished way; they still have Apple warranty. I'd never buy refurbished but it is an option.
  2. John: My honest suggestion is to stay away from Windoze as far as you can. Linux, if this is your alternative, is far better -- but if you can I'd bite the bullet and switch to Mac OS. It is vastly superior. As someone said, you can get bit more time from old PC/Win 7 while making the transition. It will be like driving BMW after riding a horse for along time.
  3. Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park on Vancouver Island, BC. Panoramic stitch of 4 frames, Canon EOS 6D with 24-105L lens, 24mm focal length. Pic taken mid-June '19. This is looking across Strait of Georgia towards Sunshine Coast. This was taken couple of hours before sunset; I should have waited as sky simply burned couple of hours later, but this is not bad either.
  4. LOL Thank you! You made my day. It was worth posting this just to get a good laugh ;=) Seriously, some people do. If you peek into that "post your positive results" thread --and assuming that posts are truthful-- some people make triple digit sales on Alamy. Takes right type of content and time/established customer base I believe. Its all good though.
  5. That is a good point. Not always feasible, long hikes are not photo shoots; you take photo and move. Of course I can always do photoshop "transplants" after (as I am now replacing sky when I am not happy --- and I have plenty of marmots too ;=)). Above Shadow Lake pic was taken during 10 min food/energy break; I did plan though to be by the lake when sun is on that 45 degree angle in mid-morning, which works best with polarizers. I am making progress in a sense I have clear picture now what makes sales material on this agency. And yes, whole idea behind "stock adventure" for me is to finance photo gear - that goal is already achieved with fairly good return on micros. I admit I don't have clear Alamy strategy & playing with several different ideas. It's all fun though.
  6. Bill, I know. My landscapes are mainly made in effort to capture beauty of natural world; life for me 'ruins' it, even if it enhances sale potential. This is why I am amateur btw Parker Ridge shot above. That is Saskatchewan glacier. I did many hikes in that valley. Mtn. above is Castleguard Mountain, relatively straightforward ascent (but you travel up glacier and is thus mountaineering). This is how it looks up there on glacier:
  7. To finish the month with another one of my Banff National Park landscapes that will never sell 😁 This was taken just last week, on a 3 days/ 2 nights back-country backpack trip; to which I lugged Canon EOS 6D & 24-105L lens. ISO 160, F8, 24mm focal length, 1/100 sec exposure, B&W polarizer, handheld I think 80% on this board are UK/Euro folks that might not be familiar with this area, so here is bit more info in case you are interested. This is Shadow Lake, and in background is Mount Ball (3311m elevation, major peak by Rockies standards). There is about 12-13km (1 way) trail from Trans-Canada Highway that gets you here, following Redearth Creek. First 9km or so can be cycled, and are also open to horse travel. 1km before the lake is Brewster Shadow Lake lodge, with solar power and cabins; this is high-end accommodation, but there is also primitive back-country campground nearby. On that day I did 33km loop hike visiting some of most scenic back-country of Banff National Park; in case there are any hikers interested, I have online page on personal website here
  8. Brothel was "Jennie's Place", built in 1898 by Madam Jennie Bauters & was in this place shown on picture. You can see "Jennie's Place" table on picture above.
  9. That is good to know. Yes, I am very careful with purple fringing too. I know excellent trick in CS6 if you ever need.
  10. Interesting photo John. I'm also not big fan of fisheye lens, in fact I don't even own one. I'd probably be afraid to upload that pic from QA failure fear, not knowing about the policy in case of unnaturally 'skewed' sides. Here is (very bad) pano with my old T3I from summit of Mt. Gardner; you can see Snug Cove low down center left. Love the Howe Sound and this part of the world in general.
  11. I made some nice pics there over the years, but I wasn't doing stock then & drive I kept them crashed ;=( This one is as ferry is docking at Snug Cove, looking over to HSCT. You can see snowcapped Mt. Harvey just right of center and further left Mt. Brunswick and Hat far left. Lions are just out of picture far right. I'd have uploaded it, but this is small resolution copy only I kept in google photo albums.
  12. That is a great photo. Has distinct atmospheric feel. Don't know if it will sell, but I really enjoyed seeing it.
  13. ... with great view of cloud covered HSCT (one of best hikes on this planet) Where is photo of Snug Cove??
  14. Well I got one too Street entrance to antiquities store in Jerome, Arizona where once Nellie Bly brothel stood. Country: Worldwide Usage: Presentation or newsletters, Use in a presentation/talk (eg,Powerpoint and Keynote) or in an editorial newsletter. Start: 23 July 2019 End: 23 July 2024 Low $$
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