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  1. agreed, looks like art. Also love symmetry, importance can't be overstated IMHO
  2. amen to words of wisdom by John Mitchell (as usual). But regardless of which side of fence one sits, you'd have to agree it is interesting and thoughtful take by one of best known and most successful contributors in micro industry today. This is primary reason why I shared it. There are others I read recently (PetaPixel, etc.) that are also quite interesting, but I don't want to spam Forum with to many outside links -- you can google if you want. To me it was also interesting BackyardSIlver obviously reads Alamy Forum & was, at least partially, influenced to write this arti
  3. Granville Island! Really nice image John And in advance happy 4th of July to our friends and neighbors south. It is sometimes hard to believe all that transpired there this year; honest hope things get back to some sort of normal soon.
  4. Amazingly enough, got a sale on 1st of the month: Maori Idol in Rotorua, NZ north island. low mid $$, direct. Didn't think this would sell ever but what do I know. Happy Canada Day!
  5. For what it's worth, here is my SS June breakdown: I am on level 3 (25%), expecting to cross into level 4 early August. Before new earnings schedule I was in second tier Number of DLs: Almost same in June as it was in May (1 more in May) Subs: all over the place, with majority in 10 cent range. Largest: 90 cents. ~55% compared with old formula (flat 0.33 per sub) ODD: largest 3.36, lowest 0.10. 80% compared with old formula (flat 2.48 per ODD) SOD: 0.25 - 0.56 range. I am leaving this as 100% as it is hard to know what it would be in old formu
  6. Playa Sirena Cayo Largo Del Sur, Cuba. Low $$, but 3rd sale this month Very casual Rx100 in-camera stitch, so yau over and over for that little camera
  7. I've seen that study too. I am not sure it made complete sense --- everybody does research online today when buying anything -- but he knows way more than I ever will about stock, so maybe it is true. I believe 'Alamy only' makes sense from financial perspective if your port is highly editorial only & thus tailored for specific market. Otherwise "if he was not willing to give his work for pennies on micros, he'd be making big bucks here" view if quite naive and simply incorrect.
  8. Will do. But I can probably tell you already it will be 3x less (same port size, similar # of downloads). Basically what was 33 cents in May is now 10 cents & this drives the whole thing The other day I got 10 cent on-demand (which were 2.46 before). I didn't think this was even possible. It's a lost cause, end of story
  9. I will always disagree with this view & believe it is downright wrong way of looking at things. You probably missed 66K part. But everyone is entitled to their opinion and what works for 1 person does not for someone else. It will be interesting to see what he does now though
  10. I had similar experience. Few months back some guy from Australia emailed me; he zoomed my landscape on Shuttertock, but watermark bothered him & he asked if I could send him photo directly (for free) so he doesn't have to buy it from SS. People expect digital content for free nowdays, music film so why not photos
  11. Huge thumbs up Alex for posting this, and this is in line with what most of us experience across the board. I will put up my own numbers for June at the end of the month. I also planned to reference another contributor personal website I follow. He publicly publishes his numbers across the board just like you, backyard silver etc. He made over 66K on SS over the years & will also be hit hard by this. Very little on Alamy despite being awesome photographer. Can't put up link here though as I noticed various comments there about boycott etc & it probably would not be
  12. Mount Yamnuska (Mount John Laurie) in Alberta Foothills of Canadian Rockies, pic taken few yrs ago Second sale this month, but distro and only $3.75 net after commission. Still way better than 10 cents
  13. Lol! No, I am sorry if I came too harsh. I am honestly trying to figure out the right way, this is why I am stuck on this thread. This bomb SS dropped sent ripples across the spectrum, and even if Alamy is not micro impact will be felt.I am relatively new, but all you guys that have been here for awhile keep saying how sales were way too much better in the past. I'll post tomorrow link to a port of awesome photographer, made over 50k on SS alone.
  14. No need for patronizing, and you are totally missing the point I was trying to make. Issue, not just for me, but for everyone here is how to best manage our assets, our intellectual property if you want, in light of never ending race to the bottom, caused by variety of factors. Milk or potatoes or whatever analogies are inappropriate. I wish things were so simple but they are not.
  15. Thank you for very good comment. I am not saying I chose the best path & am struggling about the best way to "manage my assets". This is largely why I post on this forum, because one can learn a lot from experienced Alamy contributors (compared to micro forums where it is largely pity quarreling that just makes you sick after awhile)
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